White Wife can’t resist a BBC Blacken


White Wife can’t resist a BBC BlackenTed came rushing up to me at the athletic club. “Follow me buddy, you have got to see this. You fucking won’t believe it,” he laughed. We stepped into the coffee shop at the club and Ted told me the lead up story to what he was about to show me. “So I stopped at the market the other day. You know the one close to where you guys live,” he added. “Yak, you mean the one where you accosted my wife in her car,” I snarled.”Yak, that’s the one,” he chuckled. “Well anyway, you remember I told you about the cute little chick who had come out of the store when I was, ah…” he paused clamoring for how to phrase his words.”When you were fucking my wife’s mouth,” I suggested snidely.”Yak, well ah yak… Anyway remember I told you haw she sat in her car staring at what we were doing the whole time and how when I had ah…” another how to phrase it moment. “When I had finished in Debbie’s mouth, I had fallen back against the block wall with my junk hanging out, and your wife drove off leaving me exposed, just leaning back against the wall with my wet dick hanging there?”He continued, “Well anyway, that chick just sat there with her mouth hanging open, staring at my wet cock for the longest time. So I kind of grabbed my dick and gave it a shake and started to move toward her car. I was like, ok you’re next,” he chuckled. Well she started her car and was gone like in a flash,” he laughed. “So anyway,” he continued excitedly, “I was at that same store just picking up a few items and who should I see, but this same chick. She spotted me about the same time I spotted her. The first thing she does is look at my crotch.” “No shit,” I said. “Well she may be looked at me for a second, but then her eyes dropped right to my dick man. And she got real red.” He laughed. “So of course, my cock kind of came alive when she looked at it. I was commando as I always am, and wearing sweats, so I know she could see my package.” He laughed. “Well she spins her cart and shoots off in a different direction,” he chuckled. “I keep shopping. I am looking at this and that, minding my own business, just pushing my cart,” he laughed.”And I spot her again, like she was peeking around a corner and ogling my cock again,” he chuckled. “I glance in her direction and she ducks back.” “I mean this shit went on for quite a while. Every time I looked around, it seemed like there she was peeking over this display or that corner and always looking at my cock. By this time man, it was hard for me to hide my hard on,” he laughed. “So I turn down this one aisle and who do I bump into head on?” he said.”Her?” I volunteered. “Almost a head on collision man,” he laughed. “Well she is totally beet red and stammering and stuttering some kind of apology for running into me, and I laughed,” he said. “I told her it was my fault for not looking before I came around the corner, and I gave her a big ass smile.” He said”Then I figured what the hell, and I grabbed my cock through my sweats and gave it a shake or two and said, I know what you want,” he laughed. “No shit!” I exclaimed. “Well I figured what the fuck, that was always where she was staring, so I went for it.” He chuckled. “Well her mouth dropped open and she stared right at my hard cock as I kept shaking canlı bahis şirketleri it in my sweat pants. Oh she tried to look away, but her eyes kept coming back to the big guy,” he laughed. “Suddenly it’s like she realized what she was doing and BOOM. She had her cart in reverse and was backing up lickedy split man, as soon as she realized what she was doing, staring and all,” he laughed. “I yelled to her to wait in her car for me, and that I would be right out,” he snorted in laughter. “Holy shit, no shit!” I laughed. “I’m not shitting you man, but the best is yet to come,” he chuckled. “Don’t tell me…” I paused. “Yup,” he continued. “I paid for my stuff and walked outside and tossed the bag in my car and what to you think I saw?” he smiled. “Her?” I offered. “Yup, and she had her car backed in just the way Debbie does and in the exact same spot with the block wall beside her car,” he laughed. I had a hard on as Ted continued. “There were no other cars near hers I noticed as I casually strutted over to pay the little babe a visit. Hell I had no idea where this was going, but figured what the fuck,” he said. Her window was down, so I leaned over and said, “You ready for some of this babe?” he laughed.”Really?” I laughed. “Well it was kind of a spur of the moment thing,” he bellowed. “Anyway, she was just sitting there staring straight ahead and breathing heavy man. I mean she was nearly to the gasping stage,” he laughed. “She had a button up blouse on and shorts. So I just reached in and latched on to the tit nearest to me,” he laughed. “Shit I thought she was going to launch through the roof when I did that,” he added. “But after nearly jumping out of her shorts she just sat there with her hands on her thighs and her fists clenched.””So I figured, fuck it, so far, so good. I reached down and slid my hand inside her shorts. I was lucky they had an elastic waistband and my hand slid in pretty easy. Fuck man, her pussy was drenched man. And she was fucking hairless. Fucking hot man.” He laughed. “NO SHIT!!” I said. “Ya, so I nudged her legs wider, which she did and I jammed a finger into her wet cunt. She literally groaned man. I mean fuck she may have had an orgasm, I couldn’t tell for sure, but my finger was sopping wet, I know that.” He said. “She still had not said a thing, other than the moaning I mean. So I reached up, cause I wanted to check out her tits and tried to unbutton her blouse. Finally I figured fuck it and I grabbed each side of her blouse and ripped man. All her buttons were flying everywhere.” He laughed. “She was wearing some kind of flimsy assed see through bra. She didn’t fucking need it. She is not much in the tit department. Her nipples don’t stick out anywhere near as much as your wife’s super suck-able ones, but they were hard and they looked good. I grabbed that bra and jerked it up to her neck,” He said.”So now I got her sitting in her car, her blouse hanging wide open and her tits are completely exposed, and her fucking cunt is a river. Her tits are nice, not quite as big as Debbie’s but nice. “”Still she is staring straight ahead and other than a moan here and there has not said a peep. Her tits are fucking heaving man, cause she is really breathing heavy.””So I pull out my cell canlı kaçak iddaa phone and this is what happens,” he laughed as he hands me his cell phone. Frozen on the screen is this cutie. She looks like she is in her mid twenties. She has dark hair kind of short, and she is staring straight ahead with her mouth open. Her nice tits are jutting naked, her button less blouse hangs open with her bra shoved up around her neck, and her nipples are rock hard and sticking out close to half an inch. I press the play icon and can see her gasping as she breathes heavily. Her tits are heaving and she is quivering. She is fucking hot and I wonder if she is having second thoughts about what she has gotten herself into. She continues to stare directly forward, never looking toward Ted. Then I see the parking lot. No cars near hers as the phone is bouncing around. Ted leans over and glancing at the screen says, “Oh this is where I am hauling my cock out. The really good part is coming,” he laughs. I can only imagine what is about to happen. The next thing I see is Ted’s black cock poking the side of her face on her cheek. Pre cum is smearing all over her cheek as Ted’s cock presses against the side of her face. She continues to stare forward and seems to be breathing even heavier. Her eyes shift towards Ted’s cock rubbing pre cum all over the side of her face, but she never turns her head.”Come on babe, either suck it or jack me off!” I hear Ted command. She closes her eyes and I see her small hand rise into the picture as she tentatively touches his cock, then her fingers circle the shaft and she grips it. All this time, she continues looking straight forward, except now, her eyes are closed. She starts jacking off Ted with his cock pressed against her cheek. She is squeezing Ted’s cock she slowly turns her head. Her mouth is wide open from her gasping and she takes the fat head of Ted’s black cock in her mouth. Her eyes are still closed as she sucks on the head of his cock. “That’s it babe,” I hear Ted moan, “Now jack me off in your mouth,” he adds. Her hand shakily begins to pump his cock in her mouth. The phone moves in and scans down and I can see her free hand buried in her shorts and it is moving as she is obviously finger fucking herself. Then the picture moves back up to her pumping his cock. Then suddenly, her mouth is thrust forward on his cock, driving it much deeper inside. Her eyes fly wide open and she gags almost violently.”ACKKKK, AUUCKKK,AKKKKK…” She very audibly chokes as both of her hands quickly abandon what they were doing so she can push at Ted’s groin. Ted laughs when he hears that. “I had reached in and pulled her head toward me, I was going to see if she was as good as your wife at doing the deep throat,” he chuckled. “As you see, she needs to work on that,” he bellowed in laughter. In the video, I hear Ted say, “You don’t like to take a cock deep eh babe. That’s ok, just keep jacking me off in your mouth,” he chuckled. She regained her composure after Ted tried to push his cock into her throat and finally resumed pumping his cock while keeping the head of his black locked in her lips. Her eyes closed once again as she pumped rapidly on his cock. Ted commented, “Here comes the good part, I didn’t warn her when canlı kaçak bahis I was about to shoot. This part is hot,” he added. Ted had reached back in with one hand just behind her head as he held the phone focused on her sucking him. Suddenly her eyes flew open and she jerked back only to be stopped by Ted’s strong hand. I don’t know how many pulses of cum shot into her mouth, but she eventually managed to get the head of his erupting cock out of her mouth. Just as his cock was coming out of her mouth, a solid rope of cum was shooting directly into it. This resulted in one of those prized shots of thick white cum going directly in between parted lips. She was convulsing and gagging on the glob of cum in her mouth and down her throat as Ted continued shooting cum across her face, into her hair and down across her heaving tits. Cum was literally going everywhere. With her thrashing and gagging and spitting what she failed to swallow, there was cum all over. Splattered on her windshield, her steering wheel, blouse, everywhere.”Good Grief Ted!” I exclaimed as I watched. “Did you have oysters for dinner?” I laughed. “This whole thing really turned me on man,” he laughed. During this time his cock was covering her with cum, she had opened her eyes and I could detect the look of shock register on her at seeing him with his phone recording what was taking place. As Ted fell back from her open window she was reaching for his phone as she gagged and struggled to get his phone. Her mouth hung open and cum poured over her lower lip as she leaned out of the car window. Her bare tits jiggling completely exposed. Her face had cum dripping from it and it looked like she could only see from one eye because the other one had cum in it. Ted continued holding the phone on her face. She was trying to reach for the phone as she was trying to wipe the cum from her eye. Finally she seemed to give up and retreated to start her car and peeling out, she drove off. “HOLY FUCK!” I finally exclaimed after a long time just staring at the blank screen on Ted’s phone. “You interested in knowing who she is?” Ted asked with a chuckle. “Well sure, but how did you find out?” I asked. “Oh I have a few friends at the licensing department who ran her plate for me. The rest was elementary and easy to track.” He declared.He told me her name, Sherri. He also had her address which turned out to be a private gated estate, and her phone number. “It seems she is married to a much older gentleman,” he said. “I am guessing she married her sugar daddy,” he laughed. He went on to tell me her hubby is some high mucky muck and has to travel a lot with his business. “I am guessing she is just plain sexually frustrated,” he added. “I figure she would be willing to do just about anything to make sure this video doesn’t get out,” he chuckled. “You’re not talking blackmail,” I said. “Shit no,” Ted replied. “This is not for money or anything like that. I just figure maybe we can come up with a way to help her out with her sexual frustration,” he laughed. “Boy I don’t know,” I said. “Things like this could get pretty dicey, and neither of us needs any trouble.” He handed me a thumb drive. “Here is a copy, give it some thought. I am thinking this could really be hot. Has your wife ever been with a girl?””No,” I replied. “Hell before she and I got together, I am not even sure if she had ever been with a guy.” “Might be fun to see if she would eat pussy,” Ted chuckled. The wheels began to turn. I would be giving this some thought.

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