White Sissies on Black Dicks


White Sissies on Black DicksSunni inhaled the marijuana, held it in for a few moments, and then released a puff of smoke in the air. The effeminate white man with a platinum blonde Mohawk pressed the number two button on his phone to listen to the message. He heard a deep-voiced Black man say he needed his dick sucked and would love to fuck some ass. Sunni replied saying they should do a live conference. Moments later they were connected.“Hello,” said the baritone.“Hi there,” beamed Sunni. “How are you?”“I’m good. You sound happy as shit.”“Of course. I’m talking to you.”“That’s wassup,” he laughed. “You said yo name is Passion, right?”“Yes sir. That’s me. What’s yours?”“Oh, they call me Stoop,” the horny bastard revealed.“Nice to meet you, Stoop,” answered Sunni.“Yeah. Nice to meet you too. So what you tryna get into.”“Just like I said on my greeting, I wanna suck some dick and get fucked.”“That’s wassup. Where you at?”“I’m at the Firefly Inn on BTW.”“I know exactly where that’s at.”“Cool.”“So what’s yo stats again,” Stoop asked.“I’m five-ten. Weigh a hundred and fifty pounds. I got a tight bubble booty. I’m white with blonde hair and brown eyes,” Sunni shared.“Yeah. That’s right.”“And you?”“Five-eleven. Bout two hunnit and thirty or two hunnit and thirty-five.”“That’s what’s up! When are you free?”“Now,” Stoop declared.“Me too,” Sunni gleamed.“Whatchu wearin’ again?”“Some booty short and some silver heels.”“What the room number is? I can be there in bout fifteen minutes.”“I’m in 110.”“Bet. I’ma get off here now and be on my way.”“Yes, daddy!”Sunni hung up the phone and took another swig of the vodka and pineapple juice. He knew he had a little bit of time since he had already douched and showered. He turned his attention back to his netbook computer. He saw a new friend request blinking on the adult social media site. He clicked to open it to see it was from ‘PhatAssSissy4BBC’. He accepted it and went on to view the profile. The sissy did have a big phat ass in the pictures that were posted. Sunni saw in the description that this faggot wanted messages from those that wanted to see him with black dicks. So, he sent one indicating just that. He closed the computer and placed it into his suitcase.Sunni sprayed a lot of rose scented body mist into the air and twirled through it. He ran one of his manicured fingers into a jar of petroleum jelly and then massaged it in his asshole. He wanted to be ready for Stoop when he stuck that black dick up his girly ass. He sat on the bed and responded to a text from a fellow sissy, who was African-American, that he would not be going out with them tonight.There was a knock at the door. Sunni rushed to look at the peep hole. He saw a nice looking man standing outside. He opened up and said, “Come on in.”“You in here alone, right,” Stoop asked still not moving.“Yes, sir!”Stoop walked across the threshold and quizzed, “Can I look around?”“Sure.”The husky-built brotha looked under the bed and then in the restroom. Once he was satisfied, he ordered, “Come on and suck this dick befoe my girl be blowin me up.”Sunni dropped to his knees and pulled the thick seven-and-a-half inch monster from the basketball shorts. He wobbled his head working along the full length of the meaty shaft.“Shit! You suck a mean ass dick. I wanna bust in dat ass though. Bend over,” commanded Stoop.Sunni hopped onto the bed and pulled his shorts down to his knees.“Look at the fuckin’ ass,” Stoop admired.“You like it,” Sunni asked wiggling his booty.“Hell yeah,” the sexy Black man confessed as he rammed his dick into the pink hole.“Owwwww!”“Don’t run from this dick!”“Yes, sir! You like this white boipussy?”“Yeah! Now, shut the fuck up and take it!”Sunni whimpered into the bedspread for the next six minutes while Stoop assaulted his anus. Then the caramel-skinned former All-State football player howled, “I’ma nut in this pussy.”“Ooh, daddy! Nut in the white boi pussy,” cried Sunni.“Hell yeah! Shit! Fuck! Ahhhhhh! Got damn!!!”“Mmmmm, daddy!”Stoop pulled out and scowled, “Get a nigga a rag.”Sunni returned and offered, “Here.”Stoop cleaned himself. He pulled up his shorts and headed out of the door without another word.Sunni felt good about the meeting. It had stretched him open a bit. And, Stoop was canlı bahis fine as hell. Sunni collected a small sandwich bag from his suitcase containing and bottle of douche and went to the bathroom to clean out his ass. He was not finished for the night. He planned on at least one more conquest – maybe two. He had figured out something in college that none of his current circle of friends knew. The men at the “paw-paw clubs”, as he called them were usually extremely horny, highly generous, and always in full effect the first weekend of the month. After all, they had just gotten their pension and retirement checks. Many of them also had a stash of male enhancement pills meaning it would be at least a two-hour affair, if not all night.After cleaning out his booty, he opened back up his laptop to find a message from the ‘PhatAssSissy4BBC’. The slut said she had never been fucked by a Black man. This puzzled Sunni because he only let Black men fuck him and they all loved big asses. He asked where the bitch lived and then moved on to see if any new comments had been made on his profile.Sunni was not a prolific poster, but he had his share on the site. There were five videos – two of him twerking and three of him of getting plowed into submission by handsome Black men with large dicks. Interestingly enough, this new online sissy friend had left a comment of praise on each of them. Then, a tone beeped. Sunni checked the message to see the bitch was in Florida. He sent back a note saying he had gone to college there and wanted to know what part the faggot was in.Sunni learned that Kristi, as the sissy wanted to be called, was about an hour away from where he got his undergraduate degree in hospitality management. He told his new friend to go into that city because there was much BBC to be had. Kristi replied back promptly saying that it was a transportation issue – no car.‘Will you make a vid if I can hook you up with a BBC that will fuck you,’ Sunni wrote.‘For sure. You know somebody? Does he have a big dick.’ Kristi responded.‘Yes he does. Let me hit him up and get back to you,’ Sunni answered thinking of a BBC that had devoured him repeatedly during college.Sunni pulled up a messaging app on his phone and searched for Leon. ‘Hey daddy.’‘Hey sexy ass. You back here,’ the retired cop asked.‘Unfortunately no. But I got a sexy sissy friend an hour away from you wanting his first BBC. He wanna make a vid.’‘He got BlastComm,’ Leon checked referring to the app they were using at present. ‘Let me check. If so, can I give him your username?’‘Yes baby. I can’t get out tonight, but I can tomorrow.’‘Cool. Miss u.’‘Miss u too.’Sunni fired off another note to Kristi asking if he had the messaging service. The virgin boi sent his username so Sunni sent an IM letting him know to contact ‘KIINGofJungle’ and tell him that he was given this name by Missy. Kristi replied with a thanks saying she would.Sunni looked at the clock and saw it was time to start getting ready. He went to the shower and rinsed himself clean. He lathered on vanilla scented lotion and put on a black Lycra V-back mini dress with a scoop-neck front. The great thing about this outfit was that it showed off all four of Sunni’s tattoos – the two tiger paws above his chest; the sun with the word ‘Sunni’ on his upper left arm; and the queen of spades tramp stamp. He finished it off with a pair of multicolored strappy wedge heel sandals and some oversized gold hoop earring. He gelled his hair into a perky pointy Mohawk then applied his make-up. He called a cab and told the dispatcher he was heading to Mister B’s Lounge on BTW.Meanwhile, Kristi had begun messaging with this new hookup Sunni had provided. Mr. King told the five-foot-eleven-inch, two-hundred pound soft nineteen year-old that he could break free about two in the afternoon tomorrow. They made plans for Mr. King to pick up Kristi at a fast food restaurant about a mile away from the faggot’s home that he shared with his parents and three younger siblings. The pair exchanged pictures and were mutually excited about their impending rendezvous.The taxi pulled up to the club. There were all manner of trucks, Lincolns, and Cadillacs in the lot. Sunni walked to entrance, handed his I.D. to the bouncer, bahis siteleri and was ushered inside. He sat at a table in the corner. When the waitress appeared, he ordered a screwdriver. She returned a few moments later with two.“I’m sorry. I only wanted one,” Sunni offered.“I know. This other one is courtesy of a guy. He said you’re beautiful,” she explained.“Thank you!”Sunni sipped on his beverage when he was approached by a mature dark-skinned man wearing a light blue Stacy Adams casual walking suit, black Stacy Adams square toe leather shoes, and a black Kangol-style summer weave cap. “Enjoying that drink,” the man asked.“Yes sir! Are you the one who sent me this second one,” Sunni inquired.“Yeah! I’m trying to get in that good pussy.”“Excuse me?”“Look,” started the guy. “I know you a boy. We all do. You be up here every weekend right after the first looking for a nigga to fuck you and break you off some change. I been hearin’ about you and I wanna try for myself. If you down them drinks now and go outside, I can pick you up in a blue Toyota Sequoia. I got two hundred dollars I can throw your way. I got a friend a fat eight inch dick and I took a Viagra. What’s more is I got a friend that wanna fuck you after me and he’ll a hundred. He got a big dick too.”Sunni considered for a moment, “Okay. Let’s do it!” He downed both of his cocktails. And walked outside. Shortly after the SUV pulled up beside him. He opened the passenger door and jumped inside.“Damn you a pretty bitch,” exclaimed the driver.“Thank you! So everybody knows.”“Yeah, but they all love it too. They all be tryin’ to get you when you come here. If you came every weekend you’d get some dick. Where we going?”“Firefly Inn. Around the corner. What’s your name?”“Corbin. You named Sunni, right?”“Yes sir! Pull over here. My room is right there.”The two of them walked inside the motel. The six-foot-one-inch, two-hundred-forty-pound sixty-two year with the still decent Pecs and considerable beer belly slapped Sunni’s ass. “Want some vodka,” Sunni asked.“Pour me a cup,” Corbin replied.“Here, daddy! Have you ever fucked a boy before,” Sunni pressed while pouring himself a shot.“Yeah. One time bout ten years ago. Best sex I ever had. Back when I was drivin’ trucks. Pretty little Black boy.”“I’m glad you came over to me.”“Me too. Get on this dick!”Sunni started sucking. It was short and a little funky. But, it grew to a bit more than the promised eight inches. The lily white sissy estimated it to be more around nine or so. As he delivered the blowjob, Corbin barked in delight, “Ooh baby. Suck that dick! Get it real hard so daddy can fuck that pussy!” Sunni continued on his trek. He slurped and gagged and swallowed and choked. Corbin was in heaven. “I’m ready to fuck that pussy now,” the senior citizen announced. “Get on yo back. Cross yo legs and put them against yo chest.”Corbin pinned down the faggot’s legs and pushed his meaty cock into the white slut. He got it all in and began a relentless thundering.“That’s some good pussy,” the retired truck driver yowled.“You like that white boy faggot pussy, daddy,” wailed Sunni.“Hell yeah, Sassy. Give me that good ass faggot pussy!”“Ooh yes, sir!”Corbin choked Sunni and said, “Shit. You got some real good pussy.”The old man paid no mind to the bitch’s blubbering. He pounded away with the bottom’s ass farting all the while. His large stomach masturbated the sissy’s little three inch dick with every stroke he made. “Oh shit, daddy! I’m gonna cum,” hollered Sunni.“Cum bitch, but I’m still gon’ fuck this pussy,” Corbin informed folded up fuck doll.“Awwwwwwww,” the slut screamed as his tiny excuse for a cock oozed forth a stream of nut.Corbin loved the feeling of the contractions of the pussyboi’s sphincter on his dick. He kept plowing now ready to ejaculate.“Oh yeah! Fuck me, big daddy,” cooed Sunni.“You takin’ this dick,” Corbin belted.The big man assaulted his slim bubble bottom bitch for the next thirty minutes before collapsing on top of the faggot and cumming. “Ahhhhhhhh, shit,” he yelled.Sunni hopped up and produced a towel for Corbin. The stud washed up and sat ten twenty dollar bills on the dresser. He asked, “You want my friend to come over?”“Yes sir!”Corbin made a call and said, “This canlı bahis bitch’ll be ready in twenty minutes.”Sunni took that as his cue to jump and get ready. He stripped off his clothing, douched his boipussy, and hopped in the shower. He hurriedly went about his routine of applying lotion, dousing in body mist, and putting petroleum jelly up his ass. He dressed in a red negligee and those silver stilettos from earlier. He waited. Eight minutes later, he heard pounding on the door. He peered through the peephole to see a Black man standing. He opened up.The man walked inside and scowled, “Lock the damn door, bitch!”“Yes sir,” replied Sunni carrying out the order.“Suck my dick,” said the five-foot-ten-inch slender dude whipping out his enormous flaccid cock as he threw a Benjamin Franklin on the floor.Sunni licked and inhaled the monster that grew to just under twelve inches. He licked the gigantic balls while stoking the pole with his soft hands.“I’m ready to fuck. Bend that ass over,” the brown-skinned mature brotha commanded. “Yes sir,” said Sunni climbing onto the bed.The aggressive top rammed his fat dick into the subtly open pink hole. He fucked hard and without abandon. He was in control.“Oh daddy,” yelled Sunni.“That’s right, faggot bitch! You got a big daddy dick up in you now,” he replied.“Yes, sir!”“Take it!”The man tore the femboi’s ass up for the next hour before spilling his baby batter on the tramp’s face. Sunni cleaned him up and he was on his way. Sunni fell asleep more than satisfied by the three fine ass Black men with big dicks that had given their all to him.He awoke the next morning and packed away his belongings to return back to his home.As he drove, the meeting between Mr. King and Kristi was in progress.Kristi saw the platinum 2005 Cadillac DeVille enter the parking lot. He was sitting inside nursing a soda next to the window. He rushed outside and the driver rolled down the window. He motioned for the chubby sissy to get in. Kristi moved to the passenger side. They drove to a cheap motel and Mr. King checked in. When they got inside, Mr. King pulled out his camcorder. Kristi was please as he had brought his own. “Go get dressed, sissy,” Mr. King ordered.Kristi emerged a bit later wearing a pair of zebra print boyshort panties and bright yellow footies. His ass was so big and luscious that everything but the very tops of them was swallowed in between his crack. Mr. King stood up, a full four inches taller than the slutty virgin boy. “Oh, I’m gonna love this ass,” former law enforcement official opined. Put it in your mouth,” he said pulling out his already hard eight inch tool.Kristi sucked it.“Play with those big boy titties,” Mr. King commanded. “Show daddy how much of a sissy you are.”Kristi fondled her chest and sucked up and down the fat shaft.“Mmmmm, sissy boy. You ready for some big Black cock,” inquired Mr. King.“Yes sir,” exclaimed Kristi.“Well, put on this mask and suck it some more while I turn on the cam.”Mr. King and Kristi turned on their cams. The bitch sucked for another two minutes. While the footage was captured.“How do you want it virgin,” Mr. King asked.“I wanna ride it reverse cowgirl,” the eager boy answered.“Okay! First, let me see you shake that ass and record some ore of those boy titties.”Mr. King caught the big white boy dancing and showing off his moobs. “Let’s fuck,” he announced.Kristi climbed on the bed and as did Mr. King. Kristi slid her lubed asshole down on the substantial pole. Mr. King loved how tight it was.“Come on down on daddy’s dick,” Mr. King said.“Yes, sir,” cried out Kristi“Ride this dick with big phat ass!”“Oh, daddy!”“Milk it, boy!”“Mmhmmm!”“Let me beat it from the back.”“Yes sir!”Mr. King set up their cameras to record this angle. He slid behind Kristi’s massive ass cheeks. He hammered the bottom’s open hole.“Take it, bitch! Show everybody you a real good bitch for big black cock,” yelled the chairman of the deacon board.“Yes, sir! Fuck me,” squealed the fat sissy.“That’s some good ass,” he said slapping the faggot’s ass repeatedly. “Take this big dick, you sissy ass motherfuckin’ faggot boy!”“Ooh yessssss!”“I’m about to skeet in this big ass!”“Ooh, daddy! Cum for me.”“Awwwwwwww!”Mr. King collapsed. He fucked the bitch once more before returning home to his wife.Two days later, Sunni had a message from her former lover saying the vid was posted on his page. He watched it and loved it. Sunni texted a local brotha to see if he wanted some ass.

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