When the dreams became reality – Part 1


When the dreams became reality – Part 1She told me her name down at the bar but what was it? Yes! Gina! I remembered it. Now we were heading to her room. A little unusual for a girl to take control but I don’t mind. Since I am submissive in the depths of my soul I like being under control and domination. The elevator stopped. Forth floor. I let Gina to lead down the corridor and she lead me to room number 406. She touched the panel with her key-card and the led turned green unlocking the door for us. We entered a nice room with a large bed and a small balcony with excellent view at the swimming pool.Gina turned in the middle of the room facing me. Once again I looked at her amazing dress! Black and tight underlining the shape of her body and specially her firm rounded breasts. I bet they were fake but what the hell?! Nature rarely give us such perfect in shape and firmness skin balls. Now I also noticed the nipples poking through the thin fabric of the dress. I was already hard in my pants but now I also felt my penis to throb. I knew I had a quite visible bulge between my legs and Gina found it with her eyes. She smiled gently and bit her lip throwing me a perverse look. I blushed.Her fingers pulled down both straps of the black dress freeing her rounded breasts. Indeed they were a work of art! I got sudden desire to suck on the marvelous dark nipples. They were so hard pointing at me. I approached and touched Gina’s breasts cautiously. She just closed her eyes allowing me to play with the nipples without saying a word. I pressed closer to her and pinched both nipples between my index and thumb fingers. Their texture was great at touching so I couldn’t resist my wish to also suck them. Gina moaned the moment my lips closed around her left hard nipple. I felt the hardness of it between the soft sensitive skin of my mouth. My tongue began to play illegal bahis with it by flickering on its very tip. I heard Gina’s moaning to become louder and felt her fingers to squeezing my ass through the pants. She dragged me to herself and our bodies pressed to each other.And that’s when I felt it!I felt something firm down there right between Gina’s legs. What was that, damn it? I separated from her body and made two steps back. My eyes were fixed on this spot, the spot located between her legs. There was well seen erection. A shape of a good looking hard penis was formed below the black fabric of Gina’s tight dress. She reached her hand down and started to caress herself.‘Oh, don’t be so surprised! I can bet you knew that I am a tranny and…’ Gina lowered her voice to a conspiratorial level, ‘I am sure you liked it!’I hate myself but I have to admit that I suspected her to be transsexual and not only that, I actually hoped this to be true. My penis was going to burst from my pants in this moment. Her penis too!Gina pulled up her black dress. Her penis was erect but still trapped inside of black lacy thong. She moved it to one side and the sweet erection flew up! It was big, well shaped, and uncircumcised. She pulled down the skin uncovering the tip. Shiny wet tip on top of a hard shaft.‘Don’t you want to taste it?’ she asked.She got me once again. Maybe she saw the wetness in my eyes when I was observing her erect penis? I had no idea and to be honest I didn’t want to think more. Just stepped towards Gina, knelt before her, and allowed the penis to enter my mouth. I was taking it slowly until I felt it filling my mouth. I sucked it making Gina to moan and move her waist. Her fingers buried in my short dark hair and she gently began to navigate my head. In fact Gina started to fuck my mouth with her hard penis. I was feeling every throb of illegal bahis siteleri it in me.‘Take out your cock!’ she said without releasing my head so I had to pull my penis out of my pants without looking at it.My fingers pulled down the zipper and I took it out. I had quite an erection! My penis was sensitive and slippery from the generous amount of precum that was leaked from its tip. I pulled back the skin covering the head making my penis to spurt some more precum.‘Show me how you stroke.’I began to move my fingers up and down using a loose grip because I knew how easy and fast I was able to reach an edge and even pass over it. Gina made a move and took out her penis from the warm space of my mouth. I looked at her questionably but she just said she wanted to observe my masturbation. But there was something more! Gina started to strip herself making a small dance in front of me still kneeling down the floor in the hotel room. Very soon her body had no sign of clothing on it. She was simply beautiful! Now she was standing before me in all her glory and was masturbating her erect penis.‘Enough stroking! I don’t want you shooting sperm yet. Get up and take all your clothes off.’I nodded in silence. I took off everything from me and remained standing in my nakedness. Gina took some time to explore my body with eyes. Then she went to bed lying on her back and spreading legs apart. Once again I knelt before her opened legs. My lips kissed the shiny wet tip of Gina’s penis. Now I grabbed the shaft firmly and started to move my fingers down and then back up. She closed her eyes. Her hands were playing with the firm breasts squeezing them and pinching their hard nipples. I pressed her penis towards her belly and put the testicles on display. My tongue ran over the sensitive skin of the ball sack. Gina shivered. Her penis twitched and leaked. canlı bahis siteleri She was close I felt that. Now shall I make her cum or extend the pleasure with more stimulation? I voted for Orgasm! I gripped firmly the penis and started a fast stroking. My lips touched the tip. Gina looked at me but said nothing. Only her moaning became louder and her body started to twist a bit on the large bed. Few more furious strokes and she started to ejaculate. Warm semen flew directly in my mouth. I tasted it. I felt it…… I opened eyes and found myself in my own bed with my phone ringing next to my head. Standing on my left side was my wife. She was looking at me with an evil smile on her face. I focused my eyes. She was wearing only an underwear – tight black bra making her breasts looking pushed up and black g-string. She waved with hand and said:‘Morning sweetie! Rise and shine! I have a surprise for you.’‘Good morning!’ I murmured knowing that my erection is visible under the blanked and also feeling some strange sticky wetness between my legs. Damn it! Is it possible that I came during dreaming of having sexual relations with a shemale? I slowly moved my hand under the covers and examined the place. Judging by the erection I am having and the amount of wetness there it is only a lot of precum.‘What are you doing there?’‘Ah.. nothing..’‘Remove the cover; show me your cock!’‘Okay…’I obeyed. I moved the blanket and the sheet to my right side allowing my wife to have a look at my hard penis. It was all wet and shiny from the precum.‘Bad boy. Have you been dreaming about sex again?’ she smiled at me, ‘I know you have. Never mind that. I’ll show you now the surprise. Here it is!’She grabbed a shopping bag and took out a strap-on belt with a well sized dildo attached to it. I couldn’t believe my eyes! How did she know about my kinky desires?‘By the look of your face I can tell you like it, honey!’ she said smiling and added: ‘I was planning a session tonight but I think I’ll treat your beautiful morning erection right in this moment. Get ready, honey, cause this I’ll fuck you!’To be continued…

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