When Joe met Mary & Aly met Sam both for sex h


When Joe met Mary & Aly met Sam both for sex hThis is the first story although they can be read in any order. Joe & Aly came to Sam & Mary for help with their sex lives. They agreed to certain conditions chief of which was that they could not say no to anything suggested to them. They also had to agree to do anything they were ordered to do. When they hesitated they were led to the front door, at which point they both pleaded to Sam & Mary to take them on as clients. At that point they were told another condition is they would meet with the opposite sex and they would meet in the house of the female.So while Aly was entertaining Sam (the minister) in her home Mary was to entertain Joe in her house.Joe rang the door bell. After a few minutes, just as Joe was about to turn to leave Mary opened the door. Although Mary was dressed in a scarlet coloured dress Joe’s eyes were fixated on her bosom. The dress was square cut low necked dress. Joe could not drag his eyes away from the sight of Maty’s ample brests. “Welcome Joe.” was Mary’s greeting. Then she hugged Joe and her tits were pressed against his chest. Her body below the waist was pressed hard against his lower portion for just one second before she adjusted her position so her crotch was pressed against his leg. Joe felt the heat of her pussy against his leg. Joe could feel his penis beginning to get hard. Mary immediately said “Oh my are we getting frisky?”Taking Joe by the hand Mary led Joe into the lounge and led him to the sofa. “What do you want to drink Joe?” Without waiting for an an answer she poured 2″ of scotch into a whiskey glass. “Oh I don’t drink mam.” “Dont call me mam. I’m Mary, sweetie or sexy tits.” “Oh you are the minister’s wife. I couldn’t call you any of those things.” “Joe you can and you will. You will call me sexy tits. Now let me hear you call me that.” “I couldn’t do that. I respect the minister too much.” “Oh then the sex lessons for both you and Aly stop right now. Is that waht you want Joe?””Oh no sexy tits we both want to sort our sex issue.” “Joe thats is better. Now I want you to tell me what words you use to name Aly’s sex organs, all of them maltepe escort right now.””Oh I call her breasts y that name. Her vagina similarly is vagina.” “Joe from now on you will call them tits, pussy, cunt. Her bottom is ass. Her anus is ass hole. Now let me hear you say those words and from now on when you are engaging in sex those are teh words you will use. Is that ok?” “Oh yes it is sext tits.”All the while Joe had been sipping the whiskey. So his glass was empty. Mary topped it up again. “Joe keep sipping your drink. Is it ok?” “Oh yes it is I don’t ever drink.” His speech was slightly slurred.”Now Joe we are going to start your education. Are you ready?” “Oh yes sexy tits, I am ready.” “I am going to ask you about Aly’s underwear. Do you know what colours of underwear she has?” “As far as I know they ae all white.” “Do you find white a sexy colour Joe?” “I never thought about that. I never see her underwear.” “Well Joe we are going to find out what underwear colours you find sexy.” With that Mary stood up in front of Joe. She turned round so her back was facing Joe. “Now Joe I want you to stand up. The I want you to lower the zip on the back of my dress.” You want me to do what?” “You heard now do it. When you have lowered the zip slip my dress off my shoulders and lower it to the ground.”When the dress was on the ground Mary turned so she was facing Joe. Joe saw that Mary was wearing a scarlet lace push up bra. Matching scarlet lace thong. Joe noticed that Mary’s nipples were pushing out inside her bra. “Joe I want you to stroke my tits with both hands now. After that I want you to squeeze my nipples through my bra.” Joe did as he was told. Mary saw the Joe’s cock was bulging slightly in his trousers.”Now Joe reach round and loosen my bra fastening.” Joe was struggling so Mary turned round and he succeeded in the task. Then she turned back round. “Joe my nipples want to be squeezed and sucked.” Joe oblidged. HIs bulge got bigger. Mary slipped her hand onto the bulged and squeezed.”Joe do you like scarlet undies.” “Oh yes I do.” “Joe what do you think of my pussy?”Joe bahçelievler escort looked but couldn’t see it properly because he was standing close to Mary. “Joe you cannot see it standing like that get onto your knees.” Joe knelt. He lowered his head so it was level with Mary’s pussy. Mary’s pussy was fairly visible through the lacey thong.It was clear to Joe that Mary had not a single hair round her pussy unlike Aly whose pussy was very hairy. Even though he had never seen Aly’s pussy he felt the hairs on the few occasions when he made love to her. “Joe does my pussy look like Aly’s?” “No sexy tits it doesn’t.” “How is it different?” “You have no hair.” “Do you like my hairless pussy Joe?” “Oh yes I do.” “Then you need to take my knickers off so you can have a closer look.”Joe hooked his thumbs, on each side of her waist, into the waistband of her thong. Then he lowered the thong by sliding his hands down the outside of her legs until the thong was on the floor. As that point Mary stepped out of them and spread her lags wide. “Now Joe I want you to lick my pussy all over. When you have done that I want you to lick the crack between my pussy lips. As Joe did this Mary made noises indicating she was enjoying Joe’s licking.”Now Joe I want you to suck my clit.” Mary’s clit was about 3/4″ diameter and about 3/4″ long and stciking proud of her pussy crack. Joe started to suck but before he had been doing it more than a couple of minutes Mary said “Joe oh Joe that is brill. I need to lie down, but first I want you to strip. Then you need to kneel over me so you can suck my clit while I suck your cock. Do you like Aly sucking your cock?” “No one has ever sucked my pen – err cock.” “Well you are going to experience that now.”They were 69 within a few minutes. Both making noises showing that hey were enjoying what was happening. Mary started to peel Joe’s foreskin back and then rubbing her teeth on the head of his cock. When her teeth were rubbed on the bulging edge of his cock Joe was going crazy. “Oh Mary that is amazing. Love it don’t stop.” “Suck my clit like the adana escort sex slave you are.””Joe I want you to fuck me hard now.” “I’m not …..” Before he could finish Mary said “OK get out or fuck me like I told you.” Joe moved to his cock was positioned at the opening of Mary’s cunt. “Joe do you easy your cock into Aly?” “Yes sexy tits I do.” “From now on you ram it in without mercy. Just like you are going to do now to me. Ok?” “Ok sexy tits.”Joe’s cock was about 5″ long and about 1” diameter. He did as he was told. Mary’s cunt was wide enough to easily accomodate it and it didn’t reach her cervix. “Joe your cock is small and short so you have to make up for that by fucking very vigorously. Joe went about it as hard as he could . Soon they were both bathed in sweat. Joe came inside Mary’s cunt. He spewed lots of jizz into her. When he finished Mary got him up off her and sucked his cum covered cock. “Now Joe you are going to fuck my ass. First you are going to go to the kitchen and bring some vasaline back. You will stick some up my ass and smear some over your ccck.”Mary was on her knees ass sticking up in the air when Joe returned. Joe did as he was told. “Now Joe positin your cock at the opening of my ass hole. I’ve had a bigger cock than yours in my ass so you can just stick it straight in you don’t need to ease it in.” Joe did as he was told. He fucked as hard as he could for 15 minutes.Mary then said “Joe I am going to ride you both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style. But first you will have to rest until you get a hard on again. Mean time I want you to lick every inch of my body with special attention to my ass hole.”Mary enjoyed riding Joe his little cock was easy to take in her cunt but she didn’t have an orgasm.Mary’s solution was to get a cucumber from the kitchen, lubricate it with vasaline and have Joe fuck her with it. Then she had him fuck her ass with the cucumber in her cunt. Now she could feel like she was being fucked.As a parting shot Mary got her black dildo, lubricated it and stuck it into Joe’s ass hole. She then turned the vibrator on and told him to fuck her cunt again. This time they both had an orgasm together. Mary shot loads of love juice out of her cunt while Joe shot his sperm into Mary.”Now Joe when you go back to Aly you need to take charge. You need to decide when and where you are going to fuck. If you ever need a refersher you can call me and we can repeat the lesson.Please vote so I know how much you enjoyed this story.

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