When a Nigerian learns Swedish


When a Nigerian learns SwedishNils and Matilda is a married couple in their early 30s who lives in Karlstad, Sweden. Nils works in a bank as an analyst and although she studied Swedish philology, Matilda doesn’t have a regular job. She gives private lessons to the foreigners who lives in Karlstad. The local soccer team of Karlstad had transferred an American conditioner Malik Chembemwu for practicing the new and modern training methods. Malik’s parents were originally from Nigeria. He had worked in the US for his all life and he wanted to have a change and when he found the opportunity in Sweden, he just wanted to give it a chance although he was from Florida and Sweden was a real winter country.The football team manager had thought that the new conditioner needs to learn Swedish to adopt his new life and team. So, they offer this job to Matilda. She didn’t work in that time and she happily accepted it.Matilda was excited of her new student. She generally works with simple immigrants or students but Mr. Malik was a real professional and this made her even more nervous. She thought that it is going to be a real exam for her career. They decided to have a meeting at 5.30 pm. She requested her husband to be with her when Malik will be there, so that she could feel less nervous. With all that Nils had no idea why she takes Malik too serious although she was experienced enough.Malik came on time. He was a very athletic black man as he supposes to be as a conditioner of a football team. He wore a blue jean and a white deep V necked t shirt. Matilda wore a grey business suit and a white shirt. She was already nervous but when she saw Matilda, anyone could think that she is excited as if she meet with a movie star. She cracked a big smile and shake his hands. It was a real long hand shaking between them even for a first meeting. Nils was irritated to see his wife’s white hand is grabbed by Malik’s big black hand. She was eying him from the top till feet. Before they pass to the studying room, she winked at Nils.One day, Matilda propose Malik to stay for a dinner after the lesson. The offer pleased Malik and he accepted it. Matilda cook Salmon and rice and they drank white vine. While they were talking about their professions, Matilda told Malik that he looks very healthy and energic all the time. Malik said:”No, I am not %100 healthy all the time.” Matilda:”Really? Have you ever head any serious health problem?””Yes, I had an apandist surgery scar last year. The surgery scar still on my stomach.””Really? Can you show us?”Malik said ok and stood up. Put his t shirt’s buttom up; unbutton his belt and jean, then lower his jean. He was right. The scar of the operation was still on his stomach. Matilda and Nils focused on the dark brown skinned stomach with perfect six pacs. Matilda said “Wow!”. They could think that it is a body of a sculpture but his stomach was getting up and down by the each breath of Malik and they realized in this way that it is a body of a man. Then Matilda smiled and said:”So you like black cotton underwears?”So Malik realized that his underwear was also seemed but he didn’t mind. Matilda continued:”Can I touch it?”Nils looked at her in a nervous way and said “Honey, please…”. Malik said: “It’s ok”. Then Matilda put her two fingers on his surgery scar and move her fingers gently on it. She kept on touching it for at least a minute and all what she could say was “wow” in a smooth way. Nils asked:”Honey, are you done? You don’t want him to get cold.”Malik said “Don’t worry for me, she can discover it.”Then something unexpected happened and she put her palm on his six pack. She said that “I have to admit that anyone could see that you had trained really hard.””How could I make athletes train, if I had a book keeper body?””Hmmm… I see, you are right”. Then she moved her palm on his stomach a little more and said that he can continue eating, she doesn’t want him to get cold. The dinner lasted only an hour more. During the meal, Nils several times caught Matilda’s eyes targeting his large chest, shoulders and stomach too. When the dinner was over, Nils was releaved of the tension. While Malik was leaving, he first shaked Nil’s hands friendly and grab Matilda’s waist and pull her into his stomach and kissed on her cheek. Matilda also was holding his waist, just before he takes his hands back from her chest, she grabbed his waist a little more made a plan of the next lesson. It lasted 3 or 4 minutes to talk about next week’s lesson plan but during this conversatoin nor Malik, neither Matilda stopped grabbing each other’s waist. Those atakum escort 3-4 minutes was like 3-4 hours for Nils. The conversation just was finishing and Malik was taking his hands back and Matilda asked:”Did I say goodbye to you?”She didn’t let Malik to say yes and she put a kiss on his both cheeks. Then kept looking at his brown eyes and move her hand four times on his significant chest from the right chest to left chest and let him go. While he was leaving, she stared at him from the top till toes. Nils said:”I am glad that you like your student.”Matilda got that he was jealous and she laughed and said that:Come on, he is just a nice and funny man.” Nils said:”And athletic””Very…”Then she laughed again and went to sleep. Nils had a bad feeling and he couldn’t sleep for a few hours more.One week passed and Matilda was giving the last lesson of the week to Malik. By the middle of the lesson, they decided to have a little break. Matilda asked if he would like to drink something. He said ok, and she went to the kitchen. She came back with two glasses of fresh orange juice on a tray. Unfortunately she lost her balance on the way, and two glasses of orange juices fall off on Malik’s shirt and trouser. She screamed with shock. She said sorry repeadetly. She thought that she ruined everything. She was in panic. She just wanted to recover it. He didn’t really mind about his clothes. He could just drive to home and change his clothes but she even didn’t let him say anything. She was still in panic and she told him to take off his t-shirt. She take it off before he act. . She was still in panic. She just kneel down and unbutton his trouser and belt. He was laughing at her but she felt so guilty and she wanted to recover it immediately. He was more surprised of her panic. Now, he had only his tight cotton underwear on him. She took his clothes to laundry. She came back to the room. He had stains on his chest, stomach and leg. She took a paper towel and started to clean the stains. She put her one of her hands on his shoulder and clean the stain on his chest. Then she put her hand on his stomach and clean the stain on the stomach with her other hand. Then she knelt down and put one of her hands on his rear calf and clean the stain on his front calf. He was breathind deep. After she was done with cleaning she noticed what is just in front of her. Her eyes were locked with the huge bulge just in front of her and between Malik’s legs. Then she noticed that Malik noticed where she stares at directly. She looked at him and said sorry. Then she stood up. Malik said:”- Come on Matilda, there is nothing to worry, it was only an accident. Feel comfortable.””I know it was just an accident but I ruined your clothes.””It’s ok, I can just drive home. I have a laundry machine. It doesn’t matter. Now, come and give me a hug please and let’s forget about it.”Then she get close to her skittishly and open her arms to her. Malik confidently hugged her tight from her waist. Matilda came out of her shell and hugged him tightly too and put her both palms on his blade bones. Malik pulled her closer. She put her both hands on his shoulders then. She started feel a very hard, long and thick cylinder 2 inches under her belly button. That cylendiric meat which she felt on her stomach and it’s hunk owner’s muscles which she grab by her two hands made her feel safe and excited as she had never felt before. She looked up at Malik’s dark brown eyes again and she gave him a surrendered smile. Suddenly their lips get together like they crashed. It couldn’t be called as kissing, their lips started make love very loudly and moistly. Then Malik hold her legs and lifter her up easily. Matlida popped out a voice that can be defined both as a scream or laughter. Now she wrapped her legs around his body. He was taking her to the living room. While she was lifeted and carried by Malik, Matilda felt like she is in the strongest man’s arms. Her milky and silky white legs were around a strong African American man’s body. He let her stand on and hold her blouse and take it off. Now, she had only her bra and her pleated skirt on her. She unbutton her bra by herself and her marbellike big breasts falled down from the tight cups like a jell. Malik was look at that white breasts as if he first time sees a breast in his life. That view increased Matilda’s self confidence because she was already proud of her breasts and she thought that her breasts were “an answer to his strong arms”. Actually, she showed more answers on her body as long as she take off her clothess. Then she turn escort atakum back and he took off his skirt and and her white curvy bums were just on fron of him. Malik pulled her against his body again and in that time her bums faced with the big hard thick cylinderic meat. It drived her crazy. She turned her face to him again and pulled his underwear down. Malik’s enormous penis popped out. Now, it was Malik’s time to be proud when he saw Matilda’s wide open blue eyes locked at his manhood. Firstly, they kissed like they are starving for each other for a hundred year. Then Malik cupped both breasts and took them in his mouth. He heard “OHHHHHH” from Matilda. Then Matilda started to kiss his chest and stroke his butt. Her lips went down till his stomach. His penis was on her shoulder. She couldn’t be enough of kissing his scar and six packs on his stomach and she was now stroking his butt much harder. Then she hold his penis and started to kiss it. She first time take a penis inside her mouth in her life. With all that she didn’t seem like he does it for the first time because she had never been appetiteful for meat in her life. She was eating the penis as if she wants to whole meat and swallow it. Because of the size of the penis, she was drooling so much but it was too late to feel ashamed for that. She couldn’t feel enough of his meat and finally she could manage to put the 10 inches of meat in her mouth and throat. She couldn’t believe that she could do it. She wanted to know where his penis is in her throat and she slapped throath to feel the big meat inside. Shockingly she couldn’t found till where it went. It was getting harder for her to breath and her mascara was ruined because of her tears and she finally wanted to take it out. Then she take his balls inside her mouth and worshipped his penis and balls like a holy thing. She looked at Malik. His large meat was still compeletly inside her throat and she couldn’t take it out easily. She shaked her head to the left and right and slapped his butt a few times and Malik understood that he has to pull his huge meat back. After he pulled it back, Matlida started to breath so deep. They were both laughing for the shocked posture on Matlida’s face. Matilda slapped his butt strongly to punish him. He lifted Matilda again and started to kiss her strong. He was kissing her as if he is conquering a castle and she was kissing him as if she was draining the source of strenght and she was expecting him to fill her inside with his power. She caressed his arms and shoulders gently and quickly again and look down the big piece of meat which will be inside her body very soon.Then she lied down on the sofa and spread her legs. Malik inserted the head of his penis inside Matilda. She wasn’t saying anything but she was bagging by her looks to him to continue and go deeper. She was supporting him to go deeper by stroking his arms and chest. After he digged her for 10 minutes, finally his meat was completely inside her. His posture remind her of a bull more than a human. Now an incredibely big meaty thing was moving in and out inside of her. When it was inside it was going inside till the end and when he pull out, she was feeling a very big hole in her body. She was feeling the air. He stareted to speed up his tempo. Matilda started to loose her conscious as he hits inside faster. She was slapping his butt faster and faster. The hard frictions which he made was stimulating her increasingly and finally she released her body juice like a waterfall. She was blacked out for for a few seconds. When she opened her eyes, she saw Malik was moving inside her like rolling down rocks. He was sitting so so strong that she again release juice and blacked out. When she open her eyes, she saw Malik’s body was on her body, between her legs and his hard meat was still inside of her. She stroked his back and butt felicitating. He stayed inside her for a few minutes more and and pull out his meat and lied down on his right side and nearby her. His brown penis was lying down on her stomach. There was plenty of white creamy seeds on his meat. She was breating hard and putting her hand on her heart. She looked at it and thought “Oh my God, that thing was just inside of me and look what it had done to me.” She thought that he emptied his balls into her stomach and the 15 minutes of heaventime was over. No, she was wrong. He rested for a few minutes only. Then he hold her body and turned it. Now, she was lying face downwards. He started kiss her on her neckback. Then he moved down on her back. She felt like a daisybell atakum escort bayan which was being eaten by a big black bull. He was kissing her bums like he was worshipping it. She smelled so beautiful. Then he hold her waist and raised it. She giggled like a naughty girl. Actually she knew what will happen to her soon. She was standing on her fours. She looked at the big mirror in front of her and She had a devilish smile on her face when she saw his masculine body took his place just behind her for his new inseminating attack. He hold his penis and slowly put it inside of her. Then he slowly moved back and forth and he again increased his tempo. She was groaning and moaning of the pleasure arising from the frictions which he made by his very long and thick penis. She looked at the mirror again and she saw him had full dominance on her. He was holding her body like a doll or instrument and just hitting his penis deep inside her. She was screaming louder and louder. Then she lost the sense of hearing and then she closed her eyes… All what she could feel was the penis which is heavily pumping in her. She felt it in her each cell and nerves. It was again her time for releasing her body juice. When she opened her eyes he was still pumping her hard. Then he pulled out his penis and put it in her mout… She had the head of his penis inside her mouth but she didn’t think he would empty so much but she didn’t know who she was dancing and Malik was about the surprise her one more time. He started pump his seed into her mouth, throath and stomach pressurized. She was in shock of the pumped seed into hour mouth. Some of it run down to her stomach already and some of it spurted from her nose. When he pulled his penis back, she was in shock. She still had a full of seed in her mouth and some remained in her nose and mouth. She cleaned the seed out of her nose and put it in her mouth again. She looked at Malik as asking “What had you done to me?” and swallowed the who seed. She again put her hand on her chest and breath deep. She went to the bathroom and be sure if she was completely clean. She washed her mouth and nose to clean the remained Malik’s seeds. When she came back to the room, Malik was sitting on the sofa. His penis was lying down on his leg. She looked at the man who was just inside her and swallowed his seed and smiled at him. She sat down near by him and put her head on his shoulder. Then she started to stroke his six packs and chest. Later, she hold his penis gently. She caressed it like a cat. She respected and worshipped that penis in the same moment. She realized that it is again getting harder. She was shocked. She asked:”Again?” Malik only laughed. Then she continued:”What kind of man are you?” “I am a man””Yes I see that”Then he hold her and put her on his laps. She hold his penis and sit on it slowly. The meat was sliding in her slowly. When she noticed that she sat down on him completely, she understood that his meat was inside her till his root. She put her hands on his chest and started to move back and fort, right and left. Then she started to jump on it slowly. She thought that she has the control for a few minutes she kept moving on him. Later he remind her who is the boss. He started to hit from button and make her splash her on his penis. His hittings and the voice when his balls crashed her bums sounded like a machinery gun. After a few minutes Matilda couldn’t stand the hard frictions and released her body juice again. She put her head on his chest and her stomach on his stomach. His meat was still inside of her and she was breathing deep. with all that, he wasn’t done. He got her lie down on the sofa on her side and he took his place just behind her. Then she inserted his penis inside her quickly and started the biggest b**sts ever. He was increasing the tempo again. She again started to loose sense of hearing and almost closed her eyes but in the same moment Nils entered the room. Malik saw Nils but he didn’t stop. On the contrary, he started to hit faster and stronger. Nils was in shock and frozen. Malik was banging his way in front of him. The worst thing is that he started to bang harder and rougher. In the same time Matilda was trying to explain it to Nils with a few meaningless words but with the last attack of Malik, Matilda, released a lot of body juice with a high scream. When she saw Nil’s shocked posture, she couldn’t stop herself of laughing. They were both laughing at him. Malik’s penis was still inside of Matilda. Then he pulled it out and the size of the meat shocked Nils second time. He couldn’t say anything. He was just standing frozen. He watched the man who just fucked his wife rough. He was walking naked and he wasn’t ashamed of his nudity. Matilda was also looking at his musculary body from behind. She felt like she completed herself.

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