What’s cum?: A Ronnie Story


What’s cum?: A Ronnie StoryOver the last few years my masturbatory fantasies have been littered with my faggot imagination of my past experiences with cock. I really love fucking women but there are times when I need to be used and degraded and only cock can do that. Ever since I was young I struggled with the guilt of my sexuality. When I was nine or ten I decided stop being a faggot. And it kinda worked out perfectly because the boys that used to use my mouth lost interest in me and moved on to girls. I’m sure I represented a shame for them and they would rather pretend that the things they did to me never happened. There was one boy (Eric) that didn’t give a fuck. He loved having me suck his cock whenever I came around. He used to sneak me off to his garage or his basement to suck his cock. I didn’t mind as long as there was privacy. After I decided to swear off my faggot ways I broke that promise to myself for Eric at least six times. I could be strong and resist if we weren’t by ourselves. It was easy; I just wouldn’t go off by myself with him. Then if we were by ourselves he would ask, “Hey, you wanna suck my dick?” I would turn him down. Then he started getting desperate and pull out his hard cock and place my hand on it and have me jerk his uncircumcised cock. I couldn’t just play with it so I’d give in and suck it and he would always look down on me and say, “Yeah, that’s it faggot …suck my dick.” I never minded being called a faggot while I was sucking dick because, it felt right and good in the moment. But if you called me faggot in public; well those were fighting words. Eric used two ways to get me alone. He would either ask bahis şirketleri me to come to his house to watch cartoons or invite me over for ice cream and that’s how I ended up sucking cock six more times. I didn’t hate myself for sucking his cock I would just always tell myself that was the last time. Fast forward a year and a half. I hadn’t had any faggot urges but I also avoided going to the neighborhood where my faggot tendencies were awakened. My family owned a house there that they would rent out. My father brought me back over there to help him do some work. None of my “friends” were around when I first got there which was fine with me. I would stay hidden in the house cleaning. My father had to leave to run some errand and he told me it would be a little while before he returned. After he left I was thirsty so I went to the corner store to get something to drink. As I was beginning to enter the house with my drink Eric came out of his house. “Ronnie is that you? Where have you been? You haven’t been here in a long time.” Eric was f******n by then and he had filled out some too. I however still looked the same just a little taller. I was late bloomer. “Hey Ronnie you wanna come over and play Atari? I got some good games.” I couldn’t turn down Atari. So I go in his house and head to where his bedroom used to be. “No Ronnie, my room is in the basement now.” He leads me down there and it’s much nicer than it was when used to bring me down there. Eric wasted no time. He turned on his tv and fired up the Atari. I was never very good at video games so Eric beat me in the first three games we played. Eric got up to put in Ms. Pacman canlı bahis and then he turned off the light. “The game looks better with the lights off!”, he claimed. We started playing the game and I was actually beating him. I was a poor winner and started bragging. Then Eric said, “ If I beat you next game you gotta touch my hairy dick! But if you win I gotta touch yours.” I laughed because a) I knew I was going to win and b) there was no way he had hair on his dick. I tried to play but I was really distracted by his claim. “You don’t have dick hair Eric! You’re lying.” I kept repeating this as I played the game poorly and he finally got tired of me saying it so he grabbed my hand placed it on his already exposed groin. “See! I told you I had hair.” I couldn’t believe it. His cock had hair. I was sure I knew his cock better than him. When did this happen? Eric pulled his pants and underwear all the way off. And the next shock was his big hard cock. It was huge and intimidating. He stroked that monster in front of me. “Take off your clothes.” he whispered. He kept stroking his big fucking cock while he watched me strip for him. Once I was totally naked he looked at my young cock and began to laugh. “You don’t have any hair… and your dicks so small!” He grabbed me by my cock and placed me standing between his legs. He jerked me off gently with his thumb, index and middle finger. I’d never jerked off or been jerked off before so I was starting to really like it. I asked Eric if he was going to suck it and he responded with, “No you’re gonna suck my dick..” Eric brought me to my knees and I just stared güvenilir bahis at his meat wondering how he got so big. “C’mon faggot… suck it!” I was scared but I took a deep breath and put that throbbing cock in my mouth. Eric seemed pleased I hadn’t loss my touch or my enthusiasm for cock sucking. Eric stood up and made me sit on the edge of his bed which made it easier for me to suck him. “Yeah that’s it faggot that’s good… make me cum!” Now I’d sucked many cocks but the only thing ever shot in my mouth was piss. I didn’t know what cum was. All I knew was that he liked what I was doing. I had to give my mouth a break so I instinctively jerked his wet meat with both my hands. I pulled his foreskin back revealing his mushroom tip and started sucking on it. Using my mouth I kept his foreskin back. He became really receptive and began breathing very heavily. Eric tried to get forceful with me and force his cock deeper in my mouth but his big cock was already as deep as it was going so he just let me keep working it. Within moments I learned what cum was. He shot several streams in my mouth and then I pulled away to catch my breath. I wasn’t prepared for that. He kept shooting on my face chest and cock. “What is that?” I asked surprised. “It’s cum! Keep suckin’!” I opened my mouth and he put his cock back in and finished his last few spurts in my mouth. His body jerked and convulsed as he finished in my mouth. Cum surprised me. It tasted good… it was way better than piss. Eric stepped back and looked at the mess he made of me. My hard cock was covered in his cum when I spread my legs his thick cum ran down my inner thighs and dripped off of my balls on to his mattress and floor. I really liked sucking his cock and I loved getting sprayed with cum. I sat on Eric’s bed looking down at my body in the ambient light from the tv. I was amazed and I wanted more. I’m Ronnie and that was my very first taste of cum.

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