Whatever Didi Wants Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters involved in sexual activities are eighteen years or older. This is a direct continuation of the previous chapter and it picks up exactly where that one left off, so this won’t make much sense unless you read chapter one first. As always, don’t expect realism, and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


“Ted, I have to tell you something…”

I saw Didi’s face suddenly darken, her mood shifting dramatically. She pressed herself harder into my side but she averted her eyes, turning her face away from mine. I already knew what she was going to say. I just knew it. I swallowed the lump in my throat, steadying myself for what was coming.

“Maybe you felt it… With your fingers, or… I dunno, but… Well, anyways… I… I’m not… I’m not a virgin, Ted,” she murmured in a choked whisper. “I’m sorry… I’m so, so sorry, Teddy Bear.”

I had somehow expected something like this. Deep down I had know it for months now, since that weird videochat when she had looked so uncharacteristically sad. Still, vaguely foreseeing it didn’t make it any easier to accept. A pang of jealousy hit me, stabbing me like a knife in the heart. And yet, what cut even deeper was the pain in Didi’s increasingly broken, disconsolate voice.

I held her to my chest and let her talk, listening in silence as she explained that she had sex with a guy from school in the backseat of his car a couple of weeks after her eighteenth birthday, months ago. She told me about the peer pressure from the girls at school, how she was constantly teased and made fun of for never having had a boyfriend, how hard it had been for her this last year without me there and how confused and scared she had been about her feelings for me, and, most of all, how lost and lonely she had felt all the time, how deeply she had missed me and how she could barely manage without me.

By the time she told me about her first time, Didi was sobbing. “I didn’t even like it, Ted, you have to believe me… It was so bad… I made him wear a condom even though I’m on the pill… I didn’t really want him inside of me I guess, but… It hurt too, I wasn’t really ready, not like I am now, all wet and relaxed… I was very tense and it felt uncomfortable… At least it was over soon, though.”

Didi told me that she had ‘dumped’ him the very next day, not that they were ever really together. She confirmed that yes, that was why she had looked like she had been crying that night video-chatting with me. She sniffled and sobbed as she mumbled that she didn’t really like the guy that much and she never loved him even for a second. He was just a guy, nobody special. She said she was horribly ashamed now, and she explained that, stupid as it may sound, she had only wanted her confusion and turmoil about me to be over, one way or another. She said that she had felt like she was going crazy back then, clueless and scared and alone.

I hugged her and soothed her, trying to take her pain away. Seeing Didi suffer like that hit me harder than my own pain. I knew exactly what she meant when she said that she wasn’t even sure why she did it. When she swore to me that she regretted it every day, I felt like it was me talking through her. I could have said those very same words myself, I thought them often enough. I knew those feelings, I didn’t blame her at all. I just held my sister to me, stroking her hair, caressing her anguish away.

“I felt so stupid, Teddy Bear… I let him take my cherry and for what? People stopped teasing me about being a virgin but he told everybody I was a bitch and a cock-tease, that I used him and then dumped him and stuff, so they still talked crap about me. I’m so sorry, Teddy Bear, I did a stupid thing, and I’m so very sorry. I thought about you so much, and in ways that scared me because you’re my brother and I figured… But then, after I… I’m so ashamed, Teddy Bear, I was such an idiot and… I shouldn’t have… It wasn’t supposed to be that way… I… It should… It should have been you, Ted,” she whispered, crying.

I could barely breath. I embraced Didi tightly to me, feeling the wetness of her tears on my chest, my own eyes burning. Yes, it should have been me.

I kept listening to her, caressing her, keeping her talking until she had let go of all that bothered her. I believed her with all my heart when she said how sorry she was. When she asked me, an edge of fear in her trembling voice, I said that yes, of course I forgave her completely, and no, I was not mad at her, really. I couldn’t be, because I knew all too well what she had been through.

I understood perfectly what she meant when she said that, the moment she was having sex with someone else, she realized instantly and without a doubt that she didn’t want anybody but me, that me and her, brother and sister, were meant to be together despite all that society taught us. I felt the same way, and I told her so. Because it was true. We really were meant to be together. One way or the other, now kıbrıs escort we both knew it for sure.

I squeezed my silly girl to me so hard that she squealed. My heart was beating so fast and my breaths were so labored and short that I thought I was about to die. Before I knew it, I was crying my eyes out. My vision was blurred and my chest was heaving from my racking sobs. Suddenly I felt like I was falling apart from the guilt of leaving my Didi alone and causing all this pain to her with my absence, not to mention the fact that I had had a fling with another girl. I had never cried in front of Didi before. I never felt sad when I was with her to begin with, but beside that, as a rule, I always tried to be strong for her no matter what. Just trying to be big brotherly, I guess. But this… This was too much, I felt too awful.

Through my tear-filled eyes I saw my sister’s face turning to me, and I held her even harder. Croaking, barely breathing, drowning in shame, I told Didi about Ally. I admitted that I too had lost my virginity with someone else while I knew in my heart of hearts that it wasn’t right, that it should have been with my sweet, adored silly girl. I told her how terribly I regretted the whole Ally business, and I did, truly.

I was desperate as never before while I told Didi that, much like her first time with the guy from school, my idiotic affair had made my feelings for her burn bright, exposing them for what they were: deep, strong, undeniable. I tried to explain how that painful mistake had removed any residual doubt about my love for her, but I didn’t expect her to believe me, nor have mercy on me. I had cheated on my beloved sister. I felt horrible, guilty beyond redemption, stuck in the darkest pit imaginable.

I was begging for forgiveness and despairing to get it, when I saw the blurry image of Didi’s face draw closer. I felt her soft lips on my trembling mouth, her tiny hands on my face. Her fingers wiped away my tears like I had done for her so many times before, when she was lost in her nightmares. Her soft voice filled my ears, soothing me, calling me back from my despair between tender kisses.

“Don’t be sad Teddy Bear, I’m here with you, now. Don’t feel bad. It’s all gone, it’s in the past. We were both confused and scared. And we were apart, Ted, we were alone… But now… We’re together, Teddy Bear, we’re here! It’s alright now, everything’s alright when we are together.”

“Oh, Didi… I’m so sorry. Please, please, don’t hate me. It scared me when I thought of us being… I fantasized about you, I wanted you so much sometimes… And you and me, since we’re siblings, it was… But I knew it had to be you, it can only be you. Forgive me, Didi, please.”

“Of course I forgive you, Teddy Bear. And I could never hate you, ever,” she said, stroking my face gently. Then, with a mirthless laugh she added: “At least you learned something, all I did was throw away my virginity with a moron… It was yours, Ted, I wanted it to be yours, but I wasn’t… I was afraid that… Like you said… We are brother and sister and we are told that it’s… I knew that you and me were different, but still… And then, when I realized, after I… But it was too late and I just… I’m just so sorry, Ted,” she mumbled, sobbing.

“No, Didi, don’t cry,” I murmured, holding her small quivering body to mine. “It doesn’t matter anymore… I love you, sis. I love you so much, I can’t even tell you… This past year, every night, I lay awake in bed thinking about you. I just couldn’t sleep without you. I need you by my side to feel complete, because… You’re the only one for me, Didi. I love you.”

“I love you too, Teddy Bear. All I want is to be with you, always. When you’re with me I’m happy, I’m lost and lonely when you’re away. I want you near me all the time, Ted, you make me feel so safe and loved. I always feel so lucky when I think about you, when I realize that you’re my big brother.”

We hugged and kissed and nuzzled, tasting each other’s salty tears until we had wiped them all away with our lips. Then we kissed and kissed and kissed. We kept touching and caressing and feeling each other for a long time, calming each other down, rubbing our bodies together, silently saying that whatever may have happened when we were apart was behind us and it shouldn’t and wouldn’t ruin this. Everything was forgiven and made irrelevant by this, by us, by our love. Our being together now and our will to be together for as long as we could: that was all that mattered.

Time became meaningless while me and my sister kept kissing passionately, holding tightly to each other, floating away in our bubble of sibling love.

At some point in our languid make out session, my hand found its way to Didi’s moist pussy and I immediately felt hers wrapping around my cock. I loved the feel of my sister’s smooth body pressing against mine and I was stiff in no time from the pumping motions of her tiny fist on my length. She was squeezing me urgently, rubbing my oozing pre-cum escort kıbrıs all over my shaft. Didi squealed as I inserted two fingers into her soaked entrance. She arched her back, pressing her beautiful pointy tits against my chest. I slid my digits all the way inside her in one slow push. Then I gently pulled them out of her slippery folds, and again I pressed them in.

“Ooooh… Ted… Yeeeesss,” she moaned gutturally into my mouth. Didi writhed as I finger-fucked her tight hole. She yelped when I gently added a third finger. Her hand was fisting me faster but more erratically, as if she had trouble focusing on anything else except her stretched pussy, my pumping fingers, the pleasure coursing through her.

At that moment, watching her shiver in my arms, feeling her warmth, sawing my digits into her amazing tightness, hearing her mewls, I wanted my sister like I never wanted anyone before. I needed my Didi, so badly. But I wanted her to be ready. I needed her to enjoy it.

I shifted slightly to kiss her neck. My thumb moved to her thick nub and I began rubbing it in circles. The added clitoral stimulation had an immediate effect. Didi started panting and her pussy leaked even more juices all over my gliding fingers.

“Oohh…Teddy Bear… Uuuhhh… Aaaaahhh yeeeees! Like that… Aaahhh… Oohhh, yeees!”

Keeping up my fingering and rubbing motions, I slid my mouth down my sister’s thin neck until I reached a perky breast. A shiver ran through Didi’s frame as my tongue lapped its way all around a fat, sensitive nipple. Her hand squeezed my cock harder when I sucked her puffy areola into my mouth. I nibbled at her swollen nipple, grazing it hard with my teeth. Then I bit into it. That pushed her over the edge.

“Oooohhh! You’re gonna… Aaaahhh! Make me… Uuuuhhh! Cuuuuuuuum!”

Didi whimpered through her climax. Her hand let go of my hardness as her body went limp in my arms. Her breath was still raspy long after I extracted my fingers from her hole and licked them clean of her sweet girl-cum.

She was so soaked, so mellow and relaxed that I knew she was ready for me. Holding her in my arms, I gently rolled my little sister onto her back and lay on top of her. Didi purred and murmured, enjoying the afterglow with her eyes half closed, while I kissed her neck and lightly sucked at her perfect tits. My cock was rock-hard as I pressed my groin into hers, nestling my shaft between her sopping wet labia. The contact made Didi squeal in delight, and she finally opened her eyes, looking up at me.

While our sexes rubbed against each other, my throbbing hardness sliding along her hot, wet slit, I looked into those beautiful soulful orbs, spellbound. I saw her love for me in their warm light, her desire in their glinting sparkle of passion. My heart was racing, my mouth went dry. I was going to make love to my sister.

I could barely speak, my face hovering a hairsbreadth from hers, our mouths parted and our breaths cut short by the feverish excitement of the situation.


She grabbed my head with her tiny hands and smashed her lips into mine, devouring my mouth. Lying on top of her, I felt the crazy beat of her heart right beneath the softness of her perky tits. I knew she could feel my racing heartbeat too.

While our tongues and lips battled, I pressed harder into her slick labia, sliding my cock along her snatch, rubbing my glans over her clit. She moaned into my mouth. I could feel my pre-cum dribble out, mixing with her gushing nectar.

When we broke our lip lock, panting, Didi just nodded and opened her legs wider apart.

I positioned my cock at her entrance and pressed forward, my glans pushing into my sister’s slippery hole. She gasped as her folds opened for me, her inner lips stretching and clamping around me as I penetrated her.

I groaned as I eased the first inches of my cock into my sister. She was so tight. The softness and warmth of her pussy were beyond amazing, while her flowing juices confirmed her deep pleasure. I kept my eyes on Didi’s face as I slowly pushed into her. We were both moaning as her vaginal walls enveloped my hardness in a velvety, wet caress. Didi was biting her lower lip and her eyelids were fluttering. A mix of discomfort and excitement danced on her delicate visage as I pressed into her.

Her eyes popped open and she gasped when I was halfway in and I started probing deeper, easing my way into her most delicate crevices. I stopped to let her adjust to my intrusion, but she nodded again almost immediately, encouraging me to continue. Her tightness was incredible, but she was so soaked and willing that the friction between my invading girth and her accepting hole was reduced to a pleasurable, slick effort.

Turning my gaze down to our sexes, taking in the mind-blowing image of my penis entering Didi’s vagina, I was overcome by a wave of affection that hit me like a physical thing. It really was happening. I was inside my sister. At that moment, beyond any possible doubt, I knew this was kıbrıs escort bayan how me and Didi were meant to be. In love. Together. Joined.

My hips froze and my cock throbbed, more than half of it buried inside the girl I had loved all my life, being loved back with equal intensity. I fell on my sister’s face and covered it with kisses, mumbling into her ear, barely aware of what I was saying.

“I love you, Didi… I love you so much… My sweet little sis… My silly girl… My love…”

“Aaahh!… I love you, Ted, oooh… I want you… Mmmhh… Inside me… All the way, Ted… Don’t stop, please… I need all of you inside me, pleeease… Make me yours, Ted!”

Didi shifted under me and I felt her legs wrap around my back, the heels of her tiny feet pressing into me, urging me on. This new position offered her pussy completely to me. I immediately plunged deeper inside of Didi’s hole as soon as I pushed my hips forward. She whimpered, running her fingers into my hair, telling me it was okay, wanting more of me. I kissed and nibbled at my sister’s neck as I moved into her. Her slick, steaming tightness yielded and molded around me the longer I stayed inside her. I could feel her body opening for me, melding with mine. The two of us matched so perfectly that I felt like we had just found a physical proof of the rightness of our love.

Didi’s sighs of initial discomfort had turned into mewling sobs of pleasure by the time I felt the base of my length get wrapped into the silky caress of her pussy, her labia finally making contact with my shaved crotch. My cock twitched as I bottomed out, my sister’s softness fitting snugly all around me. It was beautiful, and it felt simply right. I grunted as Didi hissed out a series of broken sighs, trying to steady her breath.

“Ooohhh fuck… Didi, your pussy… So amazing, so soft and tight… Aahh, sis, you’re so tight…”

“Uuuhh!… Ooohhh!… Yeeees… I have all of you in me… I feel you, Ted… Uuuhh… Pulsing inside me… Uuuuhhh yeeeeees! So good… Ooooh!”

Panting, straining her neck, Didi looked down at our joining, as did I. Her breath got quicker and her moans deepened as she took in the sight of my brotherly cock completely sunk into her sisterly pussy. The awesome image of the first union of our bodies thrilled her instantly, triggering something inside her that gave her eyes a wild, feverish shine.

“Oh my god, that’s so hot! You have no idea how much I wanted this, Teddy Bear… I love having you in me, I need you to take me… I want you to fuck me, Ted, pleeeease, fuck me! Fuck your silly girl, I want you so badly!”

Grunting, unable to speak, barely able to think, egged on by her words, crazy with desire for this wonderful creature that was my sister and now my lover, I retreated from Didi’s snug vaginal glove and then glided in again. I could feel her every ridge and crevice as I went balls-deep into her, making her gasp.

“Mmmh yeeees!… So big inside me… I want to be yours, all yours… Only yours, Ted… Now fuck me, pleeease… Fuck meeee!”

I gave some more slow thrusts to make sure that her tight pussy was well adjusted to me. Her soaked, tender inner lips clung to my shaft when I pulled out and I watched them sink in when I pushed into her. Once I was sure that Didi was ready, I began fucking my sister with long, deep strokes. I had never felt so hard, so turned on, so close to anyone. The feel of her tightness around me was incredible, nothing had ever felt so good. Yet, the knowledge that I was actually inside my sister, that we were making love, was even better.

We soon got into a fluid rhythm. Didi started pushing her hips back up against me to meet my increasingly harder and faster thrusts. Her clit rubbed against me and my balls bumped into her asshole with a fleshy clap each time I buried myself all the way inside her. We kissed ravenously while we made love, unlocking our lips only to breathe or quickly turn our disbelieving gazes down to see once again my pistoning shaft disappear into her willing hole. The reality of our being completely together hit us over and over again, infusing us with lust, renewing our need for each other.

The strained mewls emerging from Didi’s throat sounded like music to my ringing ears as I kept sinking myself into her. Between rabid kisses, my lips blabbered into her mouth of their own accord as I feverishly declared my love for her again and again. Only one word, soft and huskily whispered emerged from Didi’s sighing mouth: my name.

I felt high as I kept plunging my hardness into her tight sheath. I had never got drunk in my life and my experiences with pot had been disappointing, but relentlessly penetrating my sister was having an intoxicating effect on me. Instead of tiring and feeling sated, I wanted more every time I bottomed out. The closeness and intimacy I felt were the warmest, most comforting, most beautiful sensation conceivable. I never wanted it to end. As the minutes passed I could only think that I wanted more of Didi, more of her pussy, more of this, us, our love. I know it sounds insane, but I wondered how I could go on living from then on without making love to my beloved sister all the time. My mind reeled when I realized that yes, it was really happening, we were doing this, and we could do it anytime we wanted from now on.

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