What went through my mind as I fuck


What went through my mind as I fuckHow can you defend the indefensible when you are kneeling with your naked bottom exposed, and thrust high, your vagina is open, and secreting a clear mucus fluid, warm to the touch and sweet to the taste.You are moaning, a deep and spiritual moan, your body writhes, naked except for the netted stockings, elasticated tops riding so high on your white thighs, they pull you open, and expose your reddish sensitive flesh, deepening as the blood courses through, expanding your vagina, allowing a flashlight karşıyaka escort to show your uterus entrance, to the casual observer, before he plunges into that sacred hole, filling you with his alien flesh and fertile seed.As I knelt in expectation, I was about to be fucked by a man I only shook hands with two hours ago, a complete stranger who’s lingering look and firmer clasp onto my hand, sent a primeval message and tingling down my spine, the very thing he was observing, as he hovered over me, aiming his escort karşıyaka cock at my gaping cunt, frustratingly I looked back at him, as he savored the moment, ‘Stick the fucking thing in’, I hissed, wiggling my bottom at him, feeling the head of his cock tease me as it brushed against my moist labia, I groaned again, adding ‘Please’, as I wilted and begged him.He was thick, was of good girth, and as he slid forward his bullet shaped head opened and caressed my love canal, and I guided him this way and then sharply karşıyaka escort bayan up, somewhere deep in me, my vagina changed direction, causing a sharp upward feeling, adding much pleasure as both out organs meshed tightly, and my powerful vaginal muscles, enveloped and tightened around him, holding him firmly, as he heaved and toiled inside me, I was milking him and together we were one, our flesh welded as one, God I loved to fuck, I lived to be fucked.The laws of marriage make the sanctity of sex sacred, between those wed, now another man was in me feeling the pleasure only my wedded partner had felt, but now he was in charge, my husband meant nothing, my body belonged to my lover, and no law can change that, I am a cock slave, your cock slave, you know me, use me.

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