What happens in Vegas


What happens in VegasAs we checked into the hotel my mind wandered to her fantasy. We talked about acting it out in a bar, where she would flirt with someone, while I watched, and Vegas was perfect. Then once we were both more than turned on, I would step in as the random stranger that she would then take back to her room and fuck. Every time we role-played it she would cum harder than ever, and seeing her that turned her on excited me like crazy! It also aroused my curiosity, and now here in Vegas I couldn’t help wonder, what if I didn’t step in and stop her? If she was able to create an alter ego, so it “wasn’t her”, how far would she let it go?After we checked in we went to the room and immediately got ready to go to the pool. I tried to casually mention that maybe later we could go down to the bar and play her game, to which she gave me a sly smile and said, “you mean Natalie’s game?!”This was the stuff that made my heart race. Once down at the pool we had some drinks and just chilled for a while. She looked so hot, her tight little body all tan in her skimpy bikini. Her nipples clearly visible through the thin wet material. I never got used to how sexy she was and always caught myself staring at her.After a few hours the sun started to go down, that’s when she came over close, and shocked me with a deep passionate kiss. Then leaning into my ear said, “Natalie wants to get ready for her night, she’ll text you later.”I stammered to say something but words got lost as I watched her get up and walk slowly out of the pool, water glistening off her gorgeous body. I was totally trippin’, not even expecting that at all. Anxiously I sat in the pool lounge just staring at my phone while nursing a beer. After about another hour I got a text. “This is Natalie, I’m going to go out. I’ll text you later……….so you can watch.”My heart was pounding, and I could already feel myself become flushed from arousal. We never really talked about how we were going to do it so I just had to follow her lead. I got back to the room as quickly as possible. Perfume hung heavy in the air, and as I looked around I noticed our personal items had been put away and the bed was made and turned down. What was she doing? I quickly showered and got dressed. Now what. As I paced around anxiously checking my phone I decided to walk down to a bar in the casino and get a drink.I sat there nursing my vodka soda for about 45 min. When I heard a text tone my heart jumped. “I am having a drink with a nice gentleman at the champagne bar in the Cosmo. Better hurry……he can’t take his eyes off of me.”I quickly paid the tab and headed out of the casino and straight to a cab. As we drove down the strip I looked out at all the lights and energy, thinking about all the sexy nights Veronica had had here in these hotels. The thought of her like that turned me on like no other. As we pulled up to the Cosmo I handed the guy a 20 and didn’t even wait for change. I walked as quickly as I could through the doors and asked the first employee I saw where the champagne bar was. As he pointed down the corridor I saw it in the distance. My chest got tight and I felt momentarily queasy from being so anxious. I slowed my pace and began to walk cautiously, not wanting to be seen, and unsure of what I was going to see. I neared the entrance and scanned the bar. I saw her at the far end, thankfully with her back to me. I went in and nestled into a dark corner table at the other end and studied the scene. She wore a tiny black cocktail dress with an open back, gold bracelets, gold hoop earnings, and heels. Her hair was in a high ponytail with the smooth shiny length hanging down between her shoulder blades. Her skin was tan and looked soft and moist. Damn she was so sexy. After taking her in I looked at the man she was with. He was very handsome, probably late 40’s, with darker skin, a strong jaw, perfect bright white smile and short dark hair, speckled with grey. He was dressed nice, in a stylish casual suit pant and a button down shirt, like a Hugo boss ad. I could see them carrying on a conversation, and laughing every so often. Soon he excused himself to the restroom, which is when she picked up the phone and texted me,”Where are you?””Here!! you look so HOT””So you like watching Natalie flirt?””Oh god yes, so sexy””Do you want to come over and steal me away?””I do, but this is too exciting! I want to watch more.””I feel like he’s getting close to asking me to leave though.””Is Natalie wet?””Very”My cock swelled when I read it. “would you go if you were single?” I texted back, hands shaking.”Omg yes!! but I’m not.””Natalie is, and I’m just as excited as she is ……what happens in Vegas!!!!”Just then he returned. He sat closer to her this time, with his legs open around hers, her crossed kaçak iddaa legs between his. As they talked he put a hand on her knee and slowly began caressing her leg. As he did her hand moved down and rested on his thigh. My mouth went dry and my cock throbbed as I watched. I swallowed and adjusted myself. Slowly she worked her hand up and down, then like an out of body experience, she moved her hand up and began to rub his crotch. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I felt light headed, with a mixture of jealousy and arousal. Watching her act solely from sexual desire, and using someone as an object to satisfy that was such a turn on. He seemed slightly surprised, but I could tell pleasantly, by the look on his face. After a few moments they got up, and after he adjusted himself, they walked towards the exit. Just as they were almost out she looked over in my direction and for a split second our eyes locked. They were dark, smoky, and filled with a seductive glare that seemed to pierce right through me. The corners of her red stained lips curled up in a sexy smirk, then she was gone. Weirdly, when she looked at me, it was as if she really was someone else in that moment. She was Natalie.What now, where were they going? I started to get nervous. It was hot as a role-play, and even watching her heavy flirting, but could I handle it going any further? Just a few minutes later she texted me, “Getting one more drink then back to the room.””Wait, our room? with him?!””Yes!!!”My mouth dropped open. I liked to tease myself with the idea, but I never actually believed it would happen!”Omg wow baby that’s fucking hot, where do I meet you, when?” I texted back, not even knowing how to respond.”Will text you later……..he really wants me bad…….you sure your ok with this?””It’s so exciting to see you like this, its more than ok!”My heart was pounding. There was no way I was going to sit around freaking out, wondering what was happening. And I knew, whatever ended up happening, I couldn’t trust she would tell me everything in detail later anyway, so I would have to see for myself. I practically ran to the cab line, and once back to the room turned on some music and dimmed the lights to a soft glow. I looked around where I could hide myself. Under the bed, I wouldn’t see anything. The armoire! I moved our bags to the other side and got in. It was tight but it worked. After I got somewhat comfortable I adjusted the door so I could just see through a slight crack. As I waited, listening to sexy dance remixes pulsing away, i could feel my body shaking from adrenaline. My heart was pounding out of my chest and my breathing was heavy and labored. It was surreal, and I wasn’t sure if I was excited or nervous, or both. I was beyond curious what she was going to do. I mean, was this just going to be a big tease where they just fool around a bunch or what? Either way, the excitement of watching her like this was more arousing than ever.What was probably only 30 minutes seemed like hours, when suddenly I heard the door latch open as my heart jumped. I heard him first. He had a thick French accent, making him hard to understand. I heard her go into the bathroom as he walked into the middle of the room, in between the armoire and the bed. He stood there looking around, then sat on the bed facing the armoire. I freaked out for a moment, thinking he might open the door. Just then she returned, walking over in front of him with her back to me. She was so close I could smell her perfume. Suddenly I wanted to thrust the door open and take her, but just as the thought crossed my mind he stood, and resting his hands on her hips I began to hear the wet sounds of kissing. His hands ran up and down her sides and butterflies filled my stomach as I watched. His hands moved slowly down to her ass, giving them a firm squeeze as she moaned softly. It was surreal, like a dream, only there was no waking up from this. But in this moment I was too curious and aroused to want to. I looked intently at his hands as they squeezed and caressed her ass, then reaching up suddenly, he slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and pulled them down to her waist. Fuck, i couldn’t believe he just did that, so quick and so boldly.With no bra on, her breasts were now fully exposed and he just stood for a moment looking down, taking in the visual of her perfect tits just inches away. Then as my cock strained painfully tight against my jeans I watched him lean in and begin to squeeze, suck and lick them both. She moaned and her breathing quickened as he moved back and forth, giving them exactly the kind of attention she loved. Then putting her hands on her waist, she pushed her dress down past her hips, down to the floor. As she stepped out of it she turned to the side just enough tipobet so I could see them both.There she stood, in her tiny black panties, as he continued to suck and squeeze her tits. I had never felt so aroused before, and my body shook from the endorphins racing through me. A mixture of my own competitive jealousy and seeing my wife as a totally hot sex object was an incredible turn on. I watched closely as his eager mouth enveloped her big brown nipples, one at a time, sucking for a moment, only to release it for the next one, leaving them shiny and wet. Her breathing was heavy and labored, then what seemed like slow motion, she reached out, and feeling along his waist, her hand moved down until it found the huge bulge in his pants. I stared at her hand, watching her fingers begin to feel along the outline of his dick, caressing and squeezing it. Almost immediately he stopped sucking her tits and just moaned, “oh yes……oh yes…..”, over and over.I wondered how excited she was, getting to experience sex with someone completely new. If she was already wet in the bar, her panties must be soaked through by now. His hands moved to her bare ass, and as he rubbed and squeed her juicy butt I could tell how amped and teased he was. I never realized how much it would turn me on to see someone else want her like that. Being able to see her purely as a sexual object, where I was a voyeur was incredible. This would change the filter in which I saw her forever. I would no longer see her simply as a mom, or housewife, but as a highly sexual woman waiting for just the right opportunity to come out and satisfy.My heart was pounding out of my chest, and I watched in amazement as her hand left his bulge, then moving up she began to quickly undo his belt buckle. The way she moved was so deliberate, I could tell how badly she wanted it now. My mouth went dry as his pants fell to the floor. Then, reaching for his briefs, he quickly pulled them off. My eyes widened as I watched his cock, now freed, growing bigger as it swelled, lifting straight up into the air. Seeing his manhood bobbing inches from her made me feel a momentary sting of jealousy. I swallowed. I couldn’t believe my wife was about to…….then, reaching out, she wrapped her fingers tight around it, as he groaned softly under his breath.”Mmmm……so hard”, she whispered, in the sexiest most seductive voice I’ve ever heard. Slowly she stroked him, her hand dwarfed by his manhood as his face exposed the pleasure he was feeling. The sexual tension was intense, energized even more by the taboo of their lust.Soon she released her hand and moved onto the bed. As he turned his back to me, she climbed on all fours. Seducing him with her dance, she moved her ass to the music, as her hair tossed back and forth.”Oh yes, you are so beautiful…….and so sexy!”, he said in his thick French accent.Slowly she turned back around and laid on her back. Then as her legs fell open, she began to slide her hands up and down between her inner thighs seductively. He climbed on the bed, momentarily blocking her from my view. Then reaching up, he pulled her panties off, and threw them to the floor, and holding her legs open he got down between them. My heart jumped just as she gasped. Then her breathing quickened, as she began to moan. He used one hand to hold one leg open while another reached up and began to squeeze and caress her breasts. Her hips began lifting up and down as I listened to the wet lapping and sucking sounds over the music. It was surreal, I couldn’t believe I was watching another man eat her pussy. Hearing her pleasure was so arousing I couldn’t help rubbing the bulge in my own pants, being careful not to moan myself.Her moans continued, becoming louder, and it sounded like she was close to actually cumming. Then lifting his head, he slowly climbed up between her legs. With one hand he pinned her arms above her, as she moaned with obvious excitement. He kissed her neck as his body moved subtlety on top of her, as I imagined his cock was probably teasing her entrance. Then suddenly his body tightened, his ass and back contracting, as he thrust up into her. She yelled out loud and he groaned into her neck. Immediately I felt insecure and jealous. What if she enjoyed sex with him more than me? He was handsome, confident. Then my mind went to the size of his cock, which was bigger than mine, now buried deep in her tight, little pussy. Slowly he began pumping into her, over and over, both of them moaning louder and louder. As they fucked my mouth hung open and my body shook. I was overtaken with sexual energy. My wife, had become the hottest, most erotic thing I’d ever seen. Watching her as a sexual object was the biggest turn on I’d ever experienced, and I didn’t know how much tipobet giriş more I could handle before I exploded in orgasm.After a while he slowly stopped, then sitting up he climbed off of her and stood at the edge of the bed. His hard cock, glistening with her juices looked ready for more. He held out his hand, and taking hers, helped her up. Then leaning down he put his arms under her thighs, then scooped her up as her arms and legs wrapped around him. He held her, and with his back to me I could only see her face. I noticed the sweat glistening off her skin. Then suddenly her mouth opened and her eyes widened, as she sank slowly down onto him. A moment later her face contorted with agonizing pleasure as he began bouncing her up and down on his dick. She moaned louder than ever, and I watched, mesmerized as they fucked.After only a minute she yelled out loud, and with her mouth open, her face froze in ecstasy as she came. It was more than I could take, when suddenly my cock throbbed as pleasure ripped through me. I exploded, and with each pulse of my orgasm, hot streams of cum began to fill my briefs. “Fucccccck I’m cummming” was all I could think as I stared at her face, which probably looked just like mine in that moment. After a few moments both our orgasms subsided. Then he lowered her down to the floor. He quickly spun her around towards the bed, then placing a hand on her back, forced her down until she was bending over in front of him. With her hands on the bed, he grabbed his dick, and slowly began rubbing it up and down against her pussy. Then pushing forward, I watched as her body slowly swallowed his cock until he was pressed tight against her ass. Then to my own amazement he reached around with one hand and grabbed her by the throat, then slowly began fucking her, harder and harder until he was slamming into her, over and over. They moaned with each thrust, as her ass slapped hard against him each time. My own cock once again throbbed against my wet briefs. His groans got louder and louder as his face contorted in agonizing pleasure. Then suddenly he tensed, then froze as he screamed out, “…IIIIIMM CUMMMMMMMM………..AHHHHHHH!!!!!!”She started moving back and forth against him, making him moan loudly as she milked his cumming dick. After what seemed like forever, his orgasm finally settled. Completely spent, he slowly pulled out, and collapsed on the bed next to her.They laid there for a moment, glistening from the sweat of their dirty deed. Then before he could say a word she turned towards him and said, “you should go before my husband comes back”At first he seemed confused, then shocked. He jumped up and started frantically getting dressed.”Why didn’t you tell me you were married?!”, he somewhat yelled, sounding annoyed and nervous.”Sorry, being married, it was a fantasy of mine to have sex with someone else. So I used you for that””Oh my gosh, wow, well ok”, he huffed, pulling on his shoes.”So thanks, it was great!””Ok goodnight to you…… mademoiselle”. And with that he left.I waited until she got up to use the bathroom, then snuck out of the closet and to the front door. I opened it and let it close loudly, making it appear that I had just arrived. “Hello?” I said walking over to the bed, and sitting down right next to a huge wet area on the sheets.Veronica walked out of the restroom, slightly shocked, but smiled when she saw me. Her face was flushed and relaxed with that just fucked look all over her. She was still naked and glistening with sweat. I held my arms out motioning her to come and sit with me.”The bed is really wet”, I said as my cock threatened to explode.As she neared I said, “I waited out in the hallway……..I saw him leave which is why i came in……”Then looking down at the bed she said, “mmmmm, yes, it is really wet.”Then looking down at the obvious bulge in my pants said, “So……did you like watching Natalie flirt with another man?”, with a hint of sarcasm.”I did. And it looks as if Natalie had a lot of fun with him too!”. I said, my voice shaking enough for her to hear.”Oh she did, there was a lot more than flirting though”, motioning towards the wet sheets with a sly smile.Then before I could say another word she got down on the floor in front of me and pulled my pants down, saying, “And now some fun for you perhaps”.Carefully she lifted my cock to her mouth and began to slowly suck, and tease my head. Almost immediately I began to cum. This clearly took her by surprise but she quickly adjusted and began to swallow until I was empty. After I finished she got back up and lay on the bed next to me. The wet sheets beneath me began to soak through my shirt, but I didn’t care. She was so hot. We just lay holding hands until we fell asleep for a nap. When we awoke we didn’t say a word about what we did. Just took a shower and went out for dinner. What Natalie did in Vegas was her business and stayed there too. Of course the role play did come up during sex from time to time, but hey that’s just fantasy right?

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