what do they want….Part # 1


what do they want….Part # 1My husband likes me to dress in sheer revealing tops, go braless in the house and wear short micro mini skirts with no panty or just sheer and even crotchless panty.I never had suck clothing articles and the feel of the material was in itself arousing against my nipples especially. I am a Filipina and have very large nipples even when not aroused. My husband loves them and has even had me go to public places such as grocery stores, parks, malls, etc with no bra and clingy stretched cotton material normally white or bright colors. We don’t make it all afternoon or very long just mainly what he calls a walk thru and back to our vehicle. I see men staring and smiling and even licking their lips. This makes me feel uncomfortable but horny. I am always afraid someone will follow us.One night after we got home and had been to a park where a local baseball games was playing then to a mall and finally a grocery store I felt as if there were two men for sure watching us and following us. I saw them first at the park sitting in the bleachers and saw one elbow the other and nod my way. I knew my face flushed with embarrassment bahis firmaları but didn’t say anything to my husband. These two men were black and looked well dressed so I never gave it much thought. At the mall I saw them within a few minutes of being inside and thought they were following us and it was then I said something to my husband. He laughed and said I was paranoid. I told him I don’t think so that I am sure it was the same men I saw at the park. He laughed and asked “what if it was? It’s probably coincidence they’re here too and you need to relax”. Relax I said to myself knowing full well the bounce alone in my breasts was easily seen inside or outside and the hard nipples inside the air conditioned mall definitely protruded thru the thin material and my aereola was visible in the sunlight or bright light. The skirt he chose for me to wear was sinfully short but a light loose material and it was difficult for me to sit down. He wouldn’t let me wear panties this time at all. When we got to an area that had a circular seating made of marble or similar material he said let’s sit for a few minutes. I sat and immediately tried crossing perabet güvenilir mi my legs but he told me to leave both feet on the floor and not try to cross my legs but open them a few inches. I looked at him and told him I was naked under the skirt or did you forget? He said do it as the men were definitely noticing me. I was not wanting to but he kept telling me to act like a whore and I assured him that was what I was feeling like. He asked me if I ever would fuck another man while he watched and I was shocked. “Why would you ask such a question? You know I love you”. He repeated the question and said he was fantasizing this for some time and would eventually have me do it. I was too shocked and embarrassed to say anything when he announced it was time to go as he needed something at the store. As we got in the car I asked him if he’d been serious and he didn’t say anything. When a few minutes passed I asked “are you wanting me to be unfaithful”? He said as long as he watched it wasn’t like I was cheating and I started to cry. When we pulled into the parking lot he told me to go inside and get 2 pints of ice cream. tipobet I asked if he was going and he said he’d wait in the car. This was the part I really hated and felt trashy each time I had done this . When we got to the car I told him the same two black men were there. he looked at me and smiled. Once we got home he told me to go ahead and shower and he’d go next. As I toweled off the bathroom door opened and here he was with these two black men. “What are they doing here”? I was shocked. He told me to go into the bedroom and that this was his fantasy not to ask silly questions. The three of them pulled me to the bedroom and I really couldn’t stop them. Once inside it was almost too much. I was naked with only a towel and here were two black men bigger than my husband in height, across their shoulders, huge hands and I asked “please I don’t want to do this”. He said he knew different. He told one of the men to check my pussy to see if it was wet and of course it was. I was naked and even though I showered thinking of what was going to happen made me lubricate from nerves I think. I was taken to the bed and as they undressed my husband was on top of me kissing me deeply and with me trying to fight him off the two black men undressed and revealed the biggest cocks I ever saw. One of the men approached the bed announcing he would fuck me first and told the other “make her suck your cock”…….

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