What a weekend… (true story)


What a weekend… (true story)What a crazy weekend it’s been. It started out like any other normal weekend, is some drinks around a fire with the neighbors. The wife and I have been on a roll in the sex is been amazing to begin with. And she’s had all kinds of random dick blowing her phone up trying to get in her pants. That always keeps her pussy wet. Not that we don’t fuck a lot anyway but there’s some other guy blowing her up it just makes it all that much more horny.So Friday night we’re sitting around in the backyard having some beers with the neighbors. And all night she’s been grabbing on my dick… She wanted some cum in her pussy, which I was more than happy to oblige her. I know she’s had this dude hitting her up that she found on Tinder and he was willing to get in bed with both of us. Is she had been texting me all kinds of slutty shit all night, then I get a text that says he is on his way… I text her back and said I’ll believe it when I see it. And wouldn’t you know it this dude showed up.We all said gümüşhane escort our hellos and continue to sit out around the fire for a little while longer and have some more drinks. About 1:30 in the morning I finally looked everybody it was like yeah it’s time to call it a night. So we get everything rounded up and everybody leaves and my wife, her random boyfriend, and me all come into the house. She needed to use the bathroom so she went and did her thing and him and I made small talk in the dining room, when she came out I need you to get rid of some beer also. As I was stepping into the bathroom I told my wife that I would meet him and her in our bedroom. So I went to the bathroom, took a piss, and stepped into our bedroom…By the time I made it to the bedroom my slut wife was buck naked on her back, her legs in the air, and her pussy getting stuff full of this guy’s bareback cock. I naturally got undressed as fast as I could. As I climbed up on the bed my lovely wife legs in the air pussy full escort gümüşhane of a stranger’s dick reached out for my hard cock. Now mind you my wife really does not like to suck dick, but thst night she could not get enough penis inside of her. She is just absolutely gorgeous when she’s fucking and it was so fucking hot to watch her fuck another man. Her pussy with a couple days worth of hair in her pretty bush getting show full of this guy’s rock hard white meat. He didn’t last very long, I don’t think he knew what to think about my wife the slut… when he looked into her eyes and said “I’m going to cum, where do you want it?” To which her reply was a raspy weak orgasm bent “In me…..” he lost it!!! His balls spilled their seed deep into my wife’s velvety, firey, cock milking snatch. It was so fucking hot… Im hard sitting here typing this thinking about it.And if his mind wasn’t blown already just as soon as his comes started to leak out of her pussy… Because I was still playing with her clit… gümüşhane escort bayan I pushed him out of the way and licked and sucked every last drop of this guy’s come out of my wife snatch. And after I got her cleaned up I suck my raging hard-on is far into her slutty sloppy pussy as I can get it. And I proceeded to fuck her for 45 minutes and he just stood there and watched. I rolled her over on her side and threw her hips so they were cockeyed, her shoulders flat on the bed so you could see her milky big titties bouncing, I spread her ass cheeks and the head of my cock found the sloppy meaty pussy between her legs…. and I slam my balls against her ass cheeks, impounded my big hard cock is deep into her pussy as I can get it while this guy just stood there and watched. When I finally drain my big sticky load and splashed it off her cervix he look at me and said ” you’re a fucking a****l!” and then he left.We haven’t heard from him since. I don’t think he was expecting me to eat his creampie in my wife’s pussy. It was so fucking hot… she knows this is going to happen again. The next time she’s getting tied up and me and her boyfriend her just going to have our way with her. I’m pretty lucky guy, my wife really truly is a slut. And I absolutely adore her for it.

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