What a Fuck

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(Note, all parties involved are over the age of 21)


I fold another of your shirts, just like you’d shown me, when the door creaks. I turn around and see your older brother leaning against the frame. I hadn’t heard him come in, and you’re only a few rooms away. I blush and yank my short skirt down a little, I never wear panties when you’re home. They’d just end up ruined anyway once you got home from work at the office.

He slowly walks forward and turns me around, tipping my head up. I watch the door slowly slide shut until just a crack is left. A shiver crawls down my spine as I look back up at him, tipping my head back. I’d forgotten how tall he was, those extra few inches on you making a big difference for me. He leans down and I feel his stubble graze my cheek.

“Aren’t you going to welcome me home after so long away?”

Licking my lips, I shiver with nerves. I love you, but denying the reaction my body has to your brother is impossible. I glance at the door, but he places his hands at my hips and yanks my skirt down, pushing me around so fast I have to catch myself on the edge of the bed. My gasp echoes in the quiet room. Swallowing hard, I hear the slide of his zipper and a rustle of fabric hitting the floor. Heat, burning heat, slides along my bare ass as he leans into my body. My lip escort kars hurts from biting into it suddenly and hard, but I don’t care. Slickness coats my pussy as the burgeoning head of his cock slides against them, even wider than yours.

“You’re going to be a good girl and take it all, aren’t you?”



Sudden and fast, he thrusts into my hole stretching me farther and faster than I’ve ever been.


My cry vibrates throughout the house, and the sound of running feet grows louder in the hallway. He starts to thrust, pumping in and out, drawing soft moans from my lips over and over, my nails clawing at the sheets I’d just made. The door slams against the wall and I peer over my shoulder, my eyes frightened but hazed in lust. Your mouth is open, watching his hips piston his huge dick in and out of my dripping pink cunt.

“What the Fuck? -“

“Exactly little bro. What a fuck.”

He keeps going, not even looking back, slowing down while pulling almost all the way out, before going hard and hitting deep, jerking me forward with every filling thrust. You make it around to watch my head go back as I shriek, my orgasm spasming my muscles hard and tight around him, milking his dick. You know just what it feels like, and reach out to kars escort bayan twist my nipples till I gasp and cry out again, the pain adding to the pleasure.

“I always wondered what it’d be like to see you fucked…”

The sharp sting as my nipples are twisted again spasms my inner walls all over again.


A soft pop follows an empty feeling as he pulls out, letting me collapse next to the edge of the bed, before walking up to it.

“Suck my slimy cock, woman. Clean it up. Bro, your girlfriend has a really juicy pussy.”

“Yeah, I know…”

You kneel where he’d been standing, and tenderly lick my labia, cleaning me up.

“aah…love please…”

I mewl in pleasure, then turn my head to face the large, heavy sac and 8 inch cock I’d felt pounding me. The tip of my tongue slides up from the very bottom of his balls to the base of his cock, and he sits on the edge of the bed. I lean forward, pushing his knees apart with my hands, and lave the soft flesh, stretching my jaw wide to take one in and suck.


“oh Hell! nn…”

Your tongue probes inside me and I suck harder, startled. His hips buck slightly.


I moan around his sac and release the treat, licking up the veined shaft, tasting my own earthy sweetness kars escort on his skin. I lick, cleaning him fully, and crawl up until the wide tip is under my tongue. He grips my hair and pushes me down, forcing the head into my open mouth. I grip his thighs and fight my reflex to gag. A few pumps in my mouth gets him slick and he pulls me off. You yank my hair and kiss me hard, biting my lip, making me gasp. I watch, stunned, as you start licking his balls like I had, and his head goes back when your hand grips his cock. Looking down, I see you’re hard, the tip flushed a dark purple. I lick my lips and watch you a moment more, seeing your mouth work on your big brothers dick, before sliding under you and taking yours into my mouth. You moan around him, drawing a groan from his throat.




Your brother’s panting fills the room as you suck him deep, mirroring my actions on your cock, my tongue swirling around and around that sweet spot, your hips bucking. A cry follows soon, and I watch as your throat convulses, fighting to take him as he bucks deeper, exploding into your mouth. Your eyes water, and I suck you faster, massaging your balls with my hand as the other pumps in and out of my pussy. You pull off him finally and I bite down enough that you yell out, and I suckle and lick and pump you until you explode into My mouth, suckle you dry. My own orgasm follows and my hips spasm against the carpet until I’m spent. We lay there, a small human chain, till your brother says what we’re all thinking.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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