Welcoming Home Uncle Johnny

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Arab Booty

Cara saw him before he saw her. Striding along confidently, dark blue ball cap, grey t-shirt, faded blue jeans, a backpack over one shoulder, and a scarred leather duffle bag in one hand, Uncle Johnny didn’t even know to look for her as he walked down the airport exit hallway. People around them were busy reuniting with loved ones, and Cara could hardly wait to be swept up in his loving arms again. Two weeks away from each other was way too long! Her daddy was standing next to her, and she grabbed onto his arm in excitement.

“Look! Daddy! There he is!” she squealed, jumping up and down.

Her daddy smiled down at her in appreciation of both her joy and the way her huge braless breasts bounced in her butter-yellow, spaghetti-strap, summer dress. It reminded him of babydoll lingerie, as the dress had teeny, tiny little straps barely holding up the demi-cup bodice that pushed his baby girl’s full breasts up and out, exposed almost to her areolas. A little white ribbon tied in a bow right below her breasts. A gauzy layer of pale yellow pulled back over the flowing darker yellow skirt like butterfly wings, with the hemline ending about three inches below her delectable butt cheeks. She had paired the dress with white leather and straw wedge sandals that tied around her delicate ankles, making her toned calves pop, her long legs seem to stretch on longer, and pushed her tight ass out so that even though the skirt was loose, it curved around her ass, almost caressing it each time a breeze fluttered it. She had pulled her blonde hair back in a high ponytail with a white bow in it. The outfit should have made her look like an innocent little girl rather than a nubile 18-year-old, but with her 34E breasts and impossible-to-hide ass, she was clearly all woman. A fact her father enjoyed regularly. The shoes she had on today gave her a few extra inches, making her about 5’7″: the perfect height for snuggling up next to her 6’2″ daddy.

Bill put his arm around his daughter’s waist and hugged her to his side, loving the feel of her curves pressed against him, her breasts against his chest as she turned to look up at him. He gazed down into her eyes and past them, down the front of her dress into her astounding cleavage.

“I know, princess,” he told her, kissing her forehead, “and I can’t wait to see the greeting you’re going to give him.”

Cara shivered a little in anticipation and grinned up at her daddy. “Me too!”

She looked back at the exit and saw her uncle just stepping through the doors.

“Uncle Johnny!” she called, waving to him. “Uncle Johnny! Surprise!”

The grin that spread over her uncle’s face warmed her right down to her toes, as he changed direction and swerved around and through people to get to them. Dropping his duffle and backpack on the ground, he opened his arms and Cara happily jumped into them, legs around his waist, arms around his neck. Johnny’s hands went immediately to Cara’s ass, mostly bare in a pair of lacy, French cut panties.

“Mmm, pun’kin, I missed you so much!” Uncle Johnny said, squeezing Cara’s ass while she rained kisses over his face.

“OMG, I missed you so much too!” she told him, loving the feeling of being in her uncle’s strong arms once again.

“Didn’t miss me at all, little brother?” Bill joked, moving closer to them in an attempt to block them from all the eyes watching the touchy-feely reunion.

Johnny winked at Bill. “Sorry bro, but Cara’s got a few…attributes,” he said, squeezing her ass again, “you just can’t compare to.”

“Uncle Johnny!” Cara said, playfully slapping his shoulder, while pulling back to look down at his smiling, tanned face.

“You’ve gotten darker since you were gone,” Cara said, then leaned closer to whisper in his ear, “I can’t wait to see if your tan covers the rest of you.”

Uncle Johnny groaned, and Cara knew he was turned on already.

“Come on, you two,” Bill said, picking up the duffle bag and backpack on the ground. “You can continue the reunion in a more private place. Let’s get going.”

Cara slid down Uncle Johnny’s body, enjoying the bulge in his pants she felt briefly pressing against her abdomen, before moving away and grabbing his right hand with her left. Bill passed Johnny his backpack, and Cara grabbed her daddy’s left hand karaman escort with her right. Swinging hands with her two favorite men, she led them through the airport and out to where she and her daddy had parked the Jeep. After throwing the two bags in the trunk, Bill climbed into the driver’s seat while Johnny and Cara got into the back. The moment the doors with tinted windows were closed, Johnny pulled Cara onto his lap.

“God, baby, I need to kiss you so bad right now,” he said, moving her so she straddled his lap, her damp pussy already rocking against the hard outline of his cock beneath his button fly.

“Oh yes, please, Uncle Johnny!” Cara cried, her hands on his shoulders, steadying herself. “I missed you so much!”

She moved her hands up to his cheeks and brought her lips to his as he groped her ass while hauling her closer to him. Their lips met in a frenzy, teeth clashing, tongues tangling, laughing and moans and sighs mingling while they shared their first series of kisses in two long weeks. Tilting her head so he could have better access, Cara reveled in the feel of her Uncle Johnny’s lips on her jaw, trailing down her neck and over her shoulder. His thick fingers pulled the straps of her dress down on either side and had her breasts spilling out into his hands.

“Damn, pun’kin, I missed you and these tits of yours so much when I was gone,” Uncle Johnny said before swooping down to claim a nipple.

Cara cried out, her head thrown back, her hands clutching his head, holding it to her breast while he suckled and nibbled on her right nipple.

“Yes, Uncle Johnny, God yes!” she cried as he moved to the other nipple, his hands groping her breasts, squeezing them together so he could get both nipples into his mouth at one time.

Bill watched both the road in front of him and the rearview mirror as his baby girl got mauled by his brother in the back seat. Throwing money at the toll to get out of the airport, Bill eased onto the highway, put the Jeep on cruise control in the middle lane, and kept one eye on the action in the back seat, shifting uncomfortably in the driver’s seat as his own dick grew thick and long beneath his own jeans.

“I love watching you two together,” he said to the couple in the backseat. Cara had pulled off Johnny’s shirt at this point, enjoying the look of his hard, tan chest, and Johnny had the skirt of her dress firmly lifted, his hands squeezing her ass cheeks, while Cara had cupped her own breasts, wet from Johnny’s mouth, and was rubbing her hard nipples all over his bare chest. “Glad you’re home, man.”

“It’s good to be home, bro,” Johnny said, giving Cara another deep, long kiss. “The texts and pictures you guys were sending me were driving me crazy in Miami.”

“Even with all those girls in string bikinis on the beaches?” Cara asked, pulling away from him just enough to sneak her hands between their bodies and start to work on unbuckling his belt.

“I didn’t get to the beach except one day, pun’kin,” Johnny said, pulling her panties to the side with one hand and sliding one finger from the other hand deep into her pussy from behind. “I was too busy with the job site.”

“Oh, God,” Cara said, her hands going still on his belt while she closed her eyes to better appreciate the feel of her uncle’s finger deep in her wet pussy.

“Besides,” Uncle Johnny continued, sliding his finger out, and sliding back in with two fingers, meeting no resistance as his niece was dripping wet, “I didn’t really want anyone else.”

“Really?” Cara asked, looking down into his eyes, as she raised and lowered her hips slightly, gently fucking herself on her uncle’s fingers.

“Really, baby,” Uncle Johnny said. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And this body,” he said, pulling his fingers out and moving up to gently circle her asshole, “and the things you let me do to it,” he slid one wet finger deep into her ass and Cara let out a low moan while her hands went back to work, opening his belt and then his pants, “and the things you do to me,” he ended on a groan as her quick hands found his raging hard on, dragging it out of the confines of his jeans.

“Daddy,” Cara said over her shoulder as she ran her hand up and down her uncle’s big dick, spreading the precum escort karaman around the head, “I know you wanted to film me and Uncle Johnny, but I don’t think I can wait until we’re at the house to have him inside me again.”

Bill’s eyes met his daughter’s in the rearview mirror, catching a glimpse of her naked breasts as she was half-turned toward him, her hand stroking his brother’s straining cock. He smiled at her.

“No problem, princess,” he said, “I’m sure there will be other times. Johnny?”


“Turn her around so I can watch you fuck her, and she’s all yours – at least until we get home.”

“You got it!” Johnny said, pulling his fingers out of Cara’s ass and pressing Cara away from his dick so that he could shimmy his pants down a bit so he didn’t scrape his balls against the jean buttons.

Getting up on her knees, Cara maneuvered around so that she removed her panties, flinging them at her father in the front seat, and then changed positions on her uncle’s lap, her back now against his front, facing forward toward the front of the car. Meeting her daddy’s eyes again in the rearview mirror, she sat back against her uncle, her legs spread wide over his, lifting the flouncy skirt of her dress higher so that her daddy could see his brother’s big dick stick out from where her little pussy met his lap.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s right baby,” Uncle Johnny hissed as he felt her wet pussy lips spread around his aching dick, “rub that wet pussy on my dick, baby, get me all ready to be inside you.”

He moved his hands to her hips, helping her get a good back and forth rhythm going, barely able to hold back from cumming as he felt his niece’s wet, hot pussy on his cock for the first time in too long.

“Mmmm, that’s it princess,” Bill said from the front seat, breathing in deep as he brought her wet panties to his nose, “put on a show for Daddy and welcome Uncle Johnny home.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Cara said to him in the mirror, sliding back and forth on her uncle’s huge cock, slowly getting it wetter and wetter, teasing her clit along his shaft, wishing it was already inside her.

“Hold up those big tits for Daddy,” Bill told her. “Let Daddy see you lick those nipples for him, baby girl.”

Cara did was she was told, watching her daddy’s eyes in the mirror while she cupped and squeezed her own over-sized breasts, lifting one up so she could bend her head down to lick the nipple, flicking it with her tongue while her daddy watched.

“Like that, Daddy?” she asked, knowing full well what her father wanted.

“Fuck yes, princess,” he said, struggling to keep his eyes on the highway in front of him with the show going on in the backseat. “You’re so fucking sexy, baby.”

“Thank you, Daddy!” Cara smiled, as she squeezed her breasts together again and bending her head, let saliva drip between them before rubbing it into her skin, making her breasts glisten with the wet.

“Pun’kin, I can’t take much more of not being inside you,” Uncle Johnny warned her, his hands gripping her hips tighter. As much as he loved the look and feel of her pussy sliding over his dick, he wanted to feel her pussy clenched around his dick now.

“Oh me too, Uncle Johnny!” Cara exclaimed. “Please fuck me now, please?”

Uncle Johnny grinned. “Well, since you asked so politely,” he said.

In one move, Johnny had moved her hips forward, and then puller her hard back against his body, slamming his cock into her as he did so.

Cara let out a moaning scream as his thick tool worked its way inside her little pussy.

“Oh! Oh! God, Uncle Johnny!” she cried. “You’re so fucking big, oh my god.”

Now that he was in her, Johnny knew he couldn’t hold back. With his grip on her hips tighter than ever, Johnny started to move Cara up and down on his dick, taking advantage of her petite body and his strength to fuck her onto his dick.

“Pull your dress up, princess,” Bill said from the front seat. “I want to watch his dick slide into your pussy.”

Cara trembled from the heat in her father’s words and from the vigorous fucking she was receiving from her uncle. She grabbed the hem of her dress and held it up with both hands coming to rest right between her large breasts, bouncing with each karaman escort bayan upward thrust and downward pull of Uncle Johnny’s hands on her hips. With her dress pulled up, Bill could see his daughter’s little pink pussy, shaven smooth, glistening wet from her own juices, her pussy lips parted around her engorged clit and her uncle’s fat dick.

“God, that’s so fucking sexy, you two,” Bill said, almost unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of his brother’s cock splitting her open with each thrust.

Johnny met his brother’s eyes in the mirror and brought one hand around to cup Cara’s left breast. The right hand continued to help Cara move up and down on his thick cock while his left hand would jostle her breast, squeeze it, and tease the nipple, all for his brother’s benefit, and to make Cara feel good.

“Harder, Uncle Johnny.”

“What was that, pun’kin?” Johnny said, purposely not thrusting his hips into her very hard.

“I said, please fuck me harder, Uncle Johnny!” Cara groaned in frustration, so close to cumming but unable to quite reach her peak.

“Lean forward,” Bill to Cara.

“What’s that, Daddy?”

“Lean forward and rest your elbows on the center console, princess,” her daddy said.

Trusting his advice, Cara leaned forward from her knees, her enormous breasts now pushed together and bulging between her arms as even her elbows pressed together when she leaned on the center consol.

That put her hips at the perfect height for fucking, and Johnny immediately took advantage of it. His hips coming off the seat, he thrust into her from behind, hard, so that she squealed and her head and shoulders were through the gap in the front seats, almost in her father’s lap.

“Yes! Oh! God! Yes!’ Cara screamed, each time Johnny thrust again with his hips, starting slow at first, but then picking up steam.

“Fuck! Pun’kin! Fuck!” Uncle Johnny said with each thrust, until he started to jackhammer into her and then there were almost no words. “Your pussy is like a fucking vice grip on my dick right now,” was the last thing he said before he grabbed her hips and fucked her for all he was worth.

“Yeah, that’s it, Johnny,” Bill said, enjoying the way his daughter was practically helpless while her uncle pounded into her, her large breasts swaying and jostling with every thrust, “fuck her hard, man.”

Bill kept his right hand on the wheel, but reached his left hand across his body, under his right arm, and then under his daughter’s moving torso. Cupping her left breast in his large hand, he squeezed it, feeling the flesh bulge out, even though his hand was so big, and began pinching and pulling on her nipple with each thrust she received.

“Yes! Yes. Yes!” was all that Cara could say, little grunts coming out between each hard thrust of her uncle’s. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,” she started to repeat as the pounding of her pussy and the pinching of her nipple took their toll.

“Do it, baby,” Bill said. “Cum for your uncle.”

“Come on, pun’kin,” Johnny said, not breaking stride, but sliding a hand around her waist to start squeezing her clit with little pulses each time he thrust into her. “Cum for me,” he whispered in her ear as they both got closer, “cum for me now.”

And Cara did, feeling completely torn apart as her orgasm flooded over her, making her shake from her head to her legs with its intensity.

“Yes, yes, YES, CARA!” shouted Johnny, following into his own orgasm not far behind her.

They collapsed back onto the back seat, their legs splayed, still joined together, his pants down around his ankles and her skirt hiked up to above her waist.

“That was fucking amazing, you two,” said Bill from the front seat, taking their exit off the highway and counting the minutes until they were home and it was his turn.

“Thanks, bro,” Johnny said, still trying to catch his breath while gathering Cara up in his arms.

“Yeah, thanks, Daddy,” Cara said, relaxing in the feeling of her uncle’s arms for the first time in weeks. “And thanks for your help in getting me to cum too.”

“Anything for your, princess,” Bill said, as their breathing started to slow down. Just one little thing – next time, we’re definitely filming that.”

“And next time,” Johnny said, already starting to feel his cock twitch again, staying firm where it was inside his niece’s hot wet pussy, “I’m going to fuck your ass.”

“Yes, Daddy and Uncle Johnny,” Cara said, happy as she could be to have both her daddy and her uncle home and fucking her again.

“Good girl.”

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