Wearing Pantyhose in front of women.


Wearing Pantyhose in front of women.Lately Ive been really horny and feeling pervy and wanting to have a woman see my legs in pantyhose. Theres a small 99 cent cent store at the end of a small shopping center. Lots of older women shop there. I parked on the side parking lot. at the very end by an exit. I had prev purchased a pair of womens ny athletic shorts. baby blue and are about mid thigh length. I use nair so my legs look smooth. The first time i wore a pair of day sheer pantyhose pretty close to my skin color. They just made my legs looked polished. After a few minutes later a women in her mid 60’s was leaving and was going to exit passed me. As she started to reverse I got out and went to my trunk and acted as if i was going through something. She drove by and illegal bahis I dont know if she saw but I was excited wearing my pantyhose in public and woman just drove by. This happened 2 more times that day. After a few times I got bolder and started wearing more noticeable pantyhose. Light support type hosiery with a nice shine. One afternoon I parked. I had a pair of Nordstrom light support pantyhose med beige. It was obvious I was wearing pantyhose. A lady prob in her late 70’s pulled up with one car between us. She went in and came out ten mins later. I knew she was going to leave driving past me. She didnt know i was there. as she started her car I went to my trunk. She backed up very slow and was having a hard time turning out as its kind of a small place. illegal bahis siteleri At one point she was pointed in my direction and trying to turn her wheels. The whole time I was acting as if I was doing something in my trunk. I looked down and could see the sun shining on my pantyhose legs. It took her about 20 seconds to pull out of there. As she started to drive away I closed my trunk turned the corner to my car and stopped sideways to her and started to fix my nylons as she was about 2 feet away from me. I was so excited I want and rubbed my pecker through my pantyhose and came hard.Started to get bolder and more perverted. I parked closer to the entrance. I had a pair of panneys sheer support pantyhose on. very shiny in the sun. I was standing next canlı bahis siteleri to my car with the door open and acted as if I was on the phone. A lady in her mid 50’s looked kinda like trailer trash pulled up. I closed my door and started to walk on the sidewalk between our cars acting as i dont notice her and having a conversation. It takes her a while to get out as she needs a cane. As she starts to walk my direction very slowly I start to walk the opposite direction and then stop. I start adjusting my nylons. Starting at the ankle and going to my mid thigh. As I start on the other leg she is walking right next to me. I started to say like I was talking on the phone ” Oh ill be there a little bit later. Well I ust got a run in my pantyhose and have to stop by penneys aand pick up a pair. At that point she was 3 feet in front of me. She slowly turned around and looked at my pantyhose legs for about 4-5 seconds. She turned and went into the store. I have some more stories of my pantyhose perversions….

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