We Choose One


We Choose One
My friend has a flat in the middle of the town, where we sometimes meet with women. e have had some pretty wild times there.
A few weeks ago in the summer we started walking through the park in the early evening. Soon a group of girls who hung out on a particular park bench caught our eye. Each evening we would say hello to the group of five or six girls.

We chose one, who looked to the ringleader.We started chatting to her, asking about her school etc. Just small talk. Eventually she talked over to us and asked us if we would buy a bottle of cider for her and her mates. We knew we had her then. This continued for a few evenings, the girls not really drinking enough for their parents to notice when they finally went home.

She was not particularly pretty, average really. About five feet ten inches, so tall. She had a snub nose, nice teeth. Light brown hair in a perm, tight curls. She was not athletic, and had a nice wide bum.

After a few days we invited her back to our flat to have a glass of wine, after her cider. We heard her phone home to make some excuse to stay out late. My friends flat is not far from the park and we walked her round. On arrival at the flat I hung her blazer up and she sat on the couch, dressed in a white school blouse, a grey skirt, bare legs, white knee socks and flat shoes. I busied bahis firmaları myself with a glass of chilled wine for us all. My friend put a video from this site on for us to watch. We chose an softcore cheesecake one to start with.

The girl blushed when the porno came on, but she wanted to prove how grown us she was so she kept watching it. My mate decided to switch things up a gear while I topped up her glass. The next one was a hardcore porno with a young girl kneeling for a facefuck, then another older guy ramming her from behind. Her face was a picture – her mouth hung open and she was fixed on the TV.

I decided to act. The TV was turned off and I told her to stand up in front of us. We both sat on the couch and looked at the tall girl we had chosen. “Exercise for us” I told her. “What…..” she said. I Explained to her that she had got two men to buy cider for her and her mates, then gone back to their flat to drink wine and watch pornos. How would that look if her parents found out? She gulped.

I told her to start running on the spot, which she did in a gangly, ungainly fashion. As I said she was not athletic. Well I said, that is not good enough. Your clothes are getting in the way. We want to see you exercise properly. She blushed even more, but she did as I told her.
Keep the socks and shoes on I said. She tipobet giriş stood up and her fingers trembled as she undid the buttons on her blouse, which she hung over a chair. Next the skirt came off to reveal her log legs. Unshaved, with fine brown hairs. She stood in front of us in socks, white bra and panties. Bra off I ordered. She did that thing which women do of moving the clasp to the front and freed her bosoms. Nicely rounded, on the small side but plump. You could tell she would develop big breasts in later life. Pale pink nipples. Now the panties I ordered, and she stepped out of them.

Run on the spot I said and she jogged a bit on the spot. Knees higher! She brought her knees up and we caught a first glimpse of a brown bush. Squats! I ordered her. She hesitantly did one. Deeper! I ordered her. She went right down in a squat and we caught the first sight of her pussy, ringed with light brown curls. She had a neat seam and a rather large clitoris. Keep going I said. We also got a glimpse of her brown bumhole on a few of the deeper squats. Now stretches I said. She sat down and spread her legs wide, then stretched down each leg. Enough I said.

My mate knew what to do. He went to stand beside her, then grabbed both of her ankles. HE brought her legs up high, which caused her to lie back on the carpet. perabet HE kept pulling her long legs back till they could go as far as they could, almost touching her ears. This caused her broad bum to raise up and her split peach to be on display.

I stripped for action and by thick cock bobbed out. Completely nude I knelt between her legs, feeling my big balls swing. This was all about my pleasure, not hers, so there was little foreplay. I could see her starting to cry already as she knew what was about to happen. I rubbed my swollen cockhead up and down her neatly shut seam a few times and opened it up slightly. Then I nestled my cockhead between her lips, pushing in till I felt her hymen. I could feel her trembling and sobbing. My mate held her legs fast beside her ears.

I thrust through her hymen, in one sure thrust. She screamed of course, but could not escape. I pulled out to show my mate the blood on my cock. He grinned. Then back in for a hard thrust right up to the hilt. She was a virgin no more.

I continued to thrust up her till I felt the vinegar strokes start. I stopped for a bit, inside her, to savour the feel of a virgin pussy wrapped round my cock. She was crying by this stage, but not fighting back. Lying limply.

I started by thrusts again, my cock trembling. At last I unleashed a wave of hot come. Right up her, splashing her womb.
When I withdrew and my mate released her legs she ran off to the bathroom.

We both sat chatting on the couch as she came back into the room, then watched her dress. She left in silcence to sneak back home.

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