Wayward Son

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To my fan Amachi, you wanted it, here it is.

All characters are over 18+


John Dollson woke with a start as the thin linen curtains fluttered as the gentle breeze blew through the open window. For two years now he’s had the same recurring dream or more like a nightmare to his mind. Since the night he woke to find his thirty-eight-year-old mother giving him a blow job, her naked body highlighted by the light of the full moon. His mind just couldn’t take it, that she tried to have sex with her own son. Within a few days, he had packed all of his belongings, ready to escape to where his mother could never find him. She had even tried to offer him a drink a few times yet he knew it was laced. So he did the only thing he knew that would forever keep her at arms length – John left the country.

While there were difficulties in the move, John was determined to make it work. After a few months of struggling to keep himself afloat, he had landed a job at an upscale law firm in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. There he met his current girlfriend that he was deeply in love with, whom he thought could be the one, he had been secretly looking at rings. Little did he know that the woman he thought loved him had been sleeping with his rival at his work. John could never understand why the man disliked him, he had never done anything to the man; John always went out of his way to be pleasant to him when he was at work. When he first met his girlfriend he had told her he was an orphan, however, he knew he had to tell her the truth if their marriage was to be on solid footing.

After one night John broke down and told Rhonda everything about what brought him to Scotland. He had put his trust in the wrong person… telling her everything from his real name, where he used to live, even what his mother’s name was.

“No! Really?!” Rick said in surprise shock, after fucking Rhonda like the whore she was. The only reason he was with the woman was to get as much dirt on John as he could, so he could ruin his chances at the promotion they both were up for. He cared nothing for the woman that lined his bed, she was simply a means to an end. Once he had gotten what he wanted and destroyed all chances of John getting the better of him. He would kick Rhonda to the curb. A wicked smile spread across his lips as a plan formed in his mind to finally be rid of his rival. “Do you think you can get in contact with his mother?”

“Possibly, why?” Rhonda asked snuggling up to Rick thinking he cared for her. Yet the one man that truly cared about her, she was about to destroy. She should have known what was to come, yet the warning he gave her never once crossed her mind. He had told her before if she was to step out of their relationship, don’t bother to come back. How she should have heeded those words then maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t have ended as it did.

“What if we tell her how to find her lost son?

“Rick, where are you going with this?” Rhonda asked as she leaned on her arm.

“Well, I think a mother should always get what she wants, what better way for you and I to be together baby. This way, John will think he was the one in the wrong when you break his heart.”

“Okay,” Rhonda reluctantly agreed. She had no plan on breaking up with John as she wanted both men, have them both, spend their money on her just to keep her attention. With this, she knew she could get whatever she wanted.

It took two days to scour through Facebook to find the woman that matched John’s description alanya escort of his mother. If she had a heart the many pleas on her wall to her son to come home would have tugged at it. However, Rhonda was only looking out for one person – herself. She didn’t care who got hurt in the aftermath.

“Is this Ruth Stevens, mother of Andy Stevens?” Rhonda asked in a private message. A little annoyed that the forty-year-old woman looked ten times better then she did.

“Yes? Who is this and how do you know my son?!” Ruth asked wondering if this was some kind of scam.

“I’m his girlfriend, he told me about what you did. I was wondering if you still wanted your son?”

“Tell me where my Andy is!” Ruth typed out eager to see her son again.

“I’ll have a ticket for you waiting at the airport for you to fly to Edinburgh. You don’t mind if I watch I’ve never seen mother-son love before?”

“No, no… you’re more then welcome to.”

Rhonda had everything in place as they waited for John to return home. The spy cam was set up to capture everything, so they could use it as blackmail. Unaware of John’s fragile psyche due to the trust issues of his mother’s once nearly rape… Rhonda never knew how close he already was from breaking in two, however, she would soon find out just how ruthless John truly could be.

“Baby, let’s try something new tonight,” Rhonda said as she crawled across the bed after she had lured her boyfriend to his bedroom.

“Okay,” John said his heart raced as she handcuffed him to the bedposts. He didn’t think she had this kinky side to her.

“Relax John, I’m going to make you feel good,” Rhonda cooed before she swallowed his cock. John soon forgot about the cold steel cuffs as her hot mouth wrapped around his rod. When she knew he was good and ready looking over her right shoulder, “You can come in now Ms. Stevens.” Rhonda laughed sinisterly as John frantically pulled at the cuffs, never once seeing the cold fear in his eyes. “Hello Ms. Stevens, he’s all yours,” she said sliding off his bed, eager to spend the night with Rick.

“Andy!” Ruth said breathlessly as she stood naked in the doorway. While she was grateful for the woman’s assistance, however, she didn’t like the man in the other room. The way she threw herself at the man, she knew she had to save her son from that two timing woman. However, first she wanted what she came for, she could deal with that woman later. “You can’t escape me this time, baby!” Ruth said closing the door and locking it behind her. She had no wish for that man to see her, nor have that woman watching as she once had offered.

“Please Mom, don’t do this!” John pleaded with his mother. “Are you really going to rape your son?!” he asked fear lacing his voice as his mother crawled towards his pulsating cock, unaware of the noise as the camera zoomed in.

“I don’t see it as rape, Andy. I see it as taking back what once belonged as a part of me,” Ruth said reaching out grasping her son’s cock. “Now, no more talking,” she said positioning her mound over his mouth, smiling at his muffled cries as her mouth lowered to his engorged head. Mirth danced across her mind as the one cock she had hungered for the past two years was finally back where it belonged. Her body shuddering as her son’s head shook in his continued denial. Ruth didn’t care. He could say no all he wanted, she was going to get what she wanted.

If Andy wasn’t going to eat her out on his own, she’ll just have alanya escort bayan to do it herself. Which was fine to her, he’ll just drown in her juices until he opened that mouth of his. Then she would have that tongue of his exploring her sex, regardless if he wanted to or not. Spinning around so that her clitoris would rub against his nose as she rocked along his lips. Taking hold of his hair pressing his face deeper into her womanhood as she rode him like that for an hour. Drenching her son in her hot juices, making him gag as it flooded his nostrils giving her the access she wanted.

“Eat your mother’s pussy!” Ruth ordered as she didn’t give her son time to close his mouth. Again she was met with his denial. “It’s okay baby, you will grow to enjoy your mother’s hot cunt soon. However, I have all night, how long do you think you can hold out as I fuck your cock? How many times are you going to fill your mother’s hot, wet pussy with that seed? Shall we find out?” Ruth asked gleefully as she stared down at her son.

“Look Andy, look we’re are going to be joined as lovers now and forevermore,” Ruth said posing the head of her son’s cock at her entrance.

“Please Mom, don’t do this to your own son!” John said hoping, just hoping he could talk reason into his mother.

“You are no longer my son, sweetheart. You are my lover,” Ruth said leaning over him keeping his cock teasing her entrance, ready to leap the hurdle that stood before them. “The sooner you realize that, the sooner we can go home to where you always belonged. Where I’ll take care of you, like any good lover should do. Where I won’t use you, cheat on you, beg you for money,” Ruth said capturing his lips as she sank down onto his pole.

“See? Doesn’t that cock fit so well in the cunt that gave birth to you? Doesn’t my hot canal feel good as I glide on that cock? It’s okay Andy, you don’t have to say anything… I know it does. Just know by the end of this night, you will be fucking me everyday, every hour, every minute of our new life together,” Ruth said her tongue flicked out tasting her juices on his skin. “Now since I have you here, I have two years of pent up sexual release I need to hammer out,” she said grinning madly as she braced herself on his chest as her hips hammered in rapid consecutive plunges. Feeling the years of yearning coating her son’s cock as her canal liquefied. Finally, after waiting so long she could feel the twitching of Andy’s cock deep in her cunt. “Cum in your mother, Andy! Give it to her, she needs to feel that hot sperm dripping down her folds!” Ruth howled as his seed shot forth.

The dawns light filtered through the window as his mother laid exhausted on his chest. Sleeping soundly with his cock still within her mound soft, or not she wasn’t about to go without feeling it within her. John could feel the ounces of cum slowly oozing down his spent, soiled, sore cock. John didn’t know how Rhonda got the door unlocked and he wasn’t expecting to see Rick standing beside her either.

Rick walked over to the the statue that sat on the dresser that John hadn’t seen when he first entered. Ejecting the SD card, tossing the statue to Rhonda, showing John she was in on the plan. A sinister smile graced his lips as he looked down at John.

“Now… if you don’t want this getting out, you’ll back out of that promotion,” Rick said holding the SD card between his index and middle finger. “Oh, and Rhonda… we’re through,” he said laughing evilly as escort alanya he exited John’s flat.

“John, I’m so…” Rhonda began to say until John’s crazy gaze burnt into her.

“Get the fuck out of my house! Now!” John screamed out the cuffs straining to keep him bound. “You did this to me! To me! What have I ever done to you to deserve this?!” he growled. He knew only one thing – revenge!

“John, just let me explain,” Rhonda said trying to dig herself out of the hole she was in.

“I don’t give a damn what you have to say whore! You will pay, you and that bastard, you knew this was why I ran. Yet you called her and let her rape me! Run far, run fast and pray that I never see you again!” John called out, a touch of madness was infused into his cackle as the sound of her heels dashing down the hall.

For two weeks John had watched, studying his prey, learning his movements, all for what was to come. Something just snapped in him that day as his woman, the woman he loved, stood beside the man that meant to destroy him. John wasn’t about to be blackmailed not now, not ever! He knew once this was done, he could no longer stay in Scotland. He could no longer be John Dollson. After this night that man will be laid to rest along with the two people that crossed him. Laughing madly in the blacked out car when his mother texted him that Rhonda hadn’t heeded his advice. Now they would both pay for what they have done.

It didn’t take his mother long to pull up to the rear entrance of the complex that housed Rick’s flat. John didn’t know how she had sedated her, nor did he want to know. All that mattered was getting the woman to Rick’s flat unseen, however, first, he had to take care of a little business before he could stage the scene. John had helped on enough criminal cases to make it appear as a murder-suicide. He also knew Rick was going to bed early to catch a corporate flight to Germany, one of the reasons they both wanted the promotion; however, that one hope was shattered two weeks ago…now…all that remained was darkness.

Pulling up his dark hood to conceal his face, pulling on a pair of blue latex gloves as he took the stairs to the third floor. He knew at that time of the night no one would be out. John had walked those corridors enough to know everyone’s habits. He also knew those that have been caught never planned everything through, also they told far too many people of their deeds. John only had one to word about, that was easily fixed with his agreement to move back home and continue having sex with his mother.

Rhonda’s key ring sat in his hand she had left it behind at his place, he just failed to tell her. John knew most of what the keys went to all except one. A murderous smile spread across his lips as the lock turned. Slipping silently into the flat, steadying his breathing as he drew closer to the sound of Rick’s snoring. Clambering around as the streetlights guided his path, taking a pillow from the floor that had been tossed aside in Rick’s slumber. Pressing it to his head as he buried the muzzle into the fabric, in that quick flash of light, Rick was no more. It took another hour to arrange the room to his liking, it wasn’t hard for him to forge Rhonda’s hand writing. With the gun in her hand, the bottle of pills on the nightstand, he knew the police wouldn’t look too far for the killer.

With the SD card in his pocket as he slid into the passenger seat of his mother’s rental car. Wiping the sweat away with the sleeve of his hoodie, taking out the ID of John Dollson, breaking it in two before tossing it out the window as they crossed the bridge of the highway ten miles south of Rick’s flat; he couldn’t do that with the SD card he’ll have to burn it when he returned home. Sighing in his mind…when he had to become Andy Stevens once again.

The End.

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