Watching Wife With Our Outlaw Friend

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Watching Wife With Our Outlaw FriendCharlie was an outlaw type, he was dealing meth and we would buy and get high with him, he would joke around and say let me borrow Gail for a while, we always just laughed it off but Gail and I both were turned on by the idea. We moved away from Kansas City but still kept in touch with Charlie, he was caught dealing meth and while in jail we wrote and talked with him on the phone. During one phone call Gail said you have been locked up for 6 months now I bet you are super horny, of course he said he was and that he would be released on June first to a rehab program which included his own apartment. Gail told him that we would take vacation and visit him, Charlie told her great, and said I want to have sex with you Gail told him OK she would, he said wow you really will, Gail told him you are our best friend and I know you need it bad after six months in jail and Bob can watch us. We arrived in KC the day after Charlie’s release and drove straight to his apartment. It was an efficiency with only a twin bed, but we had brought a king size air mattress and a small amount of meth also I had bought Gail a illegal bahis sexy negligee and matching panties. Meth is a great aphrodisiac and makes both men and women super horny. Gail and I had it planned that when she was ready to start with Charlie she would go to the bathroom and change into her negligee. We set up the air mattress, did some of the meth and talked for an hour or so, I could see Charlie smiling and making eyes at Gail and her doing like wise. Gail got up and went to the bathroom, Charlie asked me brother you are cool with me fucking Gail, I told him that I was and had always wanted to watch her with someone else and that she really liked him and had always wanted to go to bed with him. Gail came out of the bathroom and said Bob bought this for me to wear for you Charlie do you like it, the negligee was see through and Charlie was checking out Gail’s 36C breasts and tight little butt he said I love it honey, Gail set down by him and they started kissing. Charlie is a big guy 6’3″ 250 pounds with a long pony tail he was wearing just a T shirt and gym shorts and I could see his dick bulging through the shorts. He had illegal bahis siteleri Gail naked within minutes then he stood up took off the t shirt and shorts Gail and I both were shocked when we saw his dick it was 10″ and super fat, he lay down and pushed Gail’s head toward his dick, Gail loves sucking dick especially big ones like his, she immediately went to work on it while straddling his leg and rubbing her pussy on it, I reached over to rub her pussy and she said NO it belongs to Charlie, and went back to sucking him. She told him he had the nicest dick and that she loved it. She went down on him for at least 20 minutes when he rolled her over on her back and Gail spread her legs, Charlie looked at me and said Brother I am going to tear this pussy up, I said it is your pussy so go for it. He got on her and slid his dick in her tight little pussy and began pounding Gail they were both moaning and Gail was telling him how great he felt inside her after about 10 minutes he asked if she wanted her pussy ate before she could answer he was off of her and going down on her after about 5 minutes he told Gail I have to have more canlı bahis siteleri of that pussy and he mounted her again. I knew Gail was about to come and so did he as he stroked her deep and was telling her to come and she did telling him how good he was and how she loved him fucking her a few minutes later he said I am going to come, I never heard anyone come like him, Gail said he sounded like an a****l as he unloaded 6 months of come into my wifes pussy, it was the biggest creampie I have ever seen. Of course I knew I wouldn’t get any pussy so I had rubbed myself and came while watching them. The next morning we showered and went bumming around all day that evening we returned to Charlies and was watching TV I went to the bathroom and when I came out Charlie and Gail was naked and she was sucking his rock hard dick, Gail said sorry honey but I had to have more of Charlie, I told her no reason to say sorry it was so good for you guys last night I knew you both would want more, besides I enjoy watching as much as you guys enjoy fucking. So every day for the next five days I watched them fuck and each time was better than the last time. We returned home to OKC but talked to Charlie on the phone tonight, he said he was coming to visit us for a week and told Gail to save that pussy for him, she told him she definitely would and it would be his for the entire time he was here.

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