Watching Mom Ch. 02

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Public Sex

Scott was home, in his room, nervously clicking through the university’s menu system on the internet. Today was the day the professor had said the grades would be posted. Though confident he did well in a couple of his classes, he was borderline on several more, so he was a bit apprehensive about the final outcome. The fact that he was sweating out whether he was getting an A or a B and not whether he was passing or failing didn’t make a lot of difference to him, He had a perfect A average for the first semester and he didn’t want to lose that straight A average. Clueless to the plight of many other students who were looking at the grades to find out if they flunked out, Scott clicked the final button and waited as slowly the grades appeared.

In a short time that seemed like an eternity to Scott, he watched as A after A popped up on the screen. Suddenly it was over and his nervousness subsided, he had all As. Rightly proud of himself, he sent the image of the grades to his printer and waited for the report to print. After a few moments, he grabbed the report and headed out of his room and walked down the corridor to his mother’s room. He noticed the door was slightly opened, so he knocked lightly and then opened the door but didn’t see his mother.

Stepping into the room he heard a noise from the bathroom and was about to turn and head back to his room, but noticing the door was open, he moved a bit closer. The sound he had heard was the shower running and from where he stood he could see through the glass shower surround. gebze escort He mother was standing in the shower with one leg propped up as she shaved. Dropping the printout with his grades, he just stood and watched.

Feeling his cock begin to harden he saw his mother slowly pull the razor up from her ankles over her calves. As she finished there, she moved up, pulling the razor over her outer thighs. He reached down adjusting himself as he saw her move over the front of her thighs and then up the soft inner thighs all the way up to just beneath her pussy. She must have already done the other leg because as she finished she stood up straight and washed the excess soap off the razor.

Scott watched his mother hang the razor up on the shower caddy and then turn to face. She seemed to jump a bit when she obviously noticed him, but instead of covering up, she paused a moment, letting Scott see her body once again. She then reached back to the shower caddy, grabbed her razor and then soaped up her pubic hair. While Scott watched, his mother shaved off the triangle of pubic hair and then carefully pulled the razor over and around her pussy.

Scott’s mother turned back to the water cascading out of the shower head and rinsed off her pussy, rubbing one hand up and down between her legs. She then rinsed off the razor, hung it on the shower caddy, turned off the water and slid the shower door open.

“Scott, hand me a towel will you please,” she said, pointing to the towel hanging gebze escort bayan just inches from her hand.

Slowly moving into the bathroom, Scott stared at his mother, naked and dripping as he grabbed at the towel and handed it to her. He watched as she pulled the towel through her hair, her breasts bouncing a bit as she vigorously dried her hair. She then wrapped the towel around her head and looked at Scott saying, “Could you hand me the other towel.”

When Scott reached around his mother to grab the other towel she grabbed his head and guided it to her breast. As he began sucking her nipple, she grabbed the towel off the rack and clumsily dried herself off a bit before dropping the towel to the floor. She then took Scott’s head and pushed it gently downward, feeling his mouth and tongue run down her body, over the sensitive skin where she had recently shaved and then onto the delicate lips of her pussy.

Pushing his tongue between her lips, he tasted the tangy, salty taste of his mother for the first time. As she tossed her head back and moved one of her feet onto the toilet seat cover Scott pushed his tongue as deep into his mother as he could. He then pulled back a bit, sliding his tongue up between her lips until he found her clit. Slipping the nub between his lips, he ran his tongue back and forth over the tip of it while pushing two fingers into her wet opening.

Scott felt his mother begin to move her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy onto his face escort gebze as he sucked and licked her clit, moving faster and faster as his mother began to moan. He slipped a third finger into her wet pussy and sucked her clit, running his tongue in tiny circles over its tip. Feeling her hands gently caress his head, Scott moved his mouth from her clit, pulled his fingers out of her and just let her grind herself all over his face. In just a moment, she pushed hard against him, her pussy lips preventing him from breathing. Shoving his fingers back into her, he then felt her come as her pussy began pulsing over his fingers.

When she finally released his head, he took a deep breath and ran his free hand over his eyebrows, wiping away some of her wetness. After a while, when the pulsations subsided inside his mother’s pussy he pulled out his fingers, licked her cum off of them and then stood up. His mom grabbed his head again and she kissed him, running her tongue over his lips and then over his face as she licked her wetness from his face.

Just as Scott felt his mother’s hand slid down to his hard cock and squeeze him through his pants they heard the front door open. “It’s your sister, quick hurry back to your room, we’ll do something about this later,” his mother said, releasing his cock and grabbing a towel.

Scott rushed out of the room, closing her door and stepping into the living room just as his sister put her purse on the small table by the front door. “Hey sis, look here, I got straight As,” he said, waving the print out he had grabbed as he left his mother’s room.

Whirling a finger in the air she said, “Well big deal you nerd, when are you going to do anything risky or exciting?”

“Oh I don’t know, you might really be surprised,” he replied.

“Yeah, right,” she said, walking past him and heading toward her room.

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