Watching Daddy With My Sister The First Time


Watching Daddy With My Sister The First TimeIt was a special day; sis and I had been busy all day preparing a birthday meal for daddy, all his favorite things, steak, potatoes and green beans. He always had a few cocktails before eating, and I had gotten his bottle out, put ice in a pitcher and sat it beside his chair. He was going to be so surprised that we had gone to all this trouble for him.When he arrived, he complemented us on the wonderful smell of dinner cooking and seeing his cocktail mixings ready, he was ecstatic. He sat down, made himself one. After dinner he was about to prepare another for himself, when he turned and asked for two more glasses, and immediately began to mix three cocktails. He smiled giving both us girls one saying for all our hard illegal bahis work on his birthday, we deserved it. We eagerly drank the cocktail, which I am sure he had added extra soda to make it sweet to the taste. We sat on the couch and started watching movies. He watched us closely, and as soon as our glasses were nearly empty, he made another smiling and telling us to enjoy his birthday as he was. Both of us must have passed out from the drinks. I dreamily awoke to him removing my clothing and putting me into bed. I could see that my sister was already in bed as well.He kissed us both and whispered sweet dreams.It seemed like only moments later, dad was in our bedroom, standing between our beds. He had pulled down our covers; our naked bodies were visible illegal bahis siteleri in the dim light. My eyes just barely opened and caught sight of his naked body and massive cock. I must have moaned, as he placed his fingers on my lips and said shush, go to sleep. He moved over to my sister’s bedside by her pillow and pulled her head towards him, positioning his cock at her lips. I watched in a drunken stupor as he rubbed himself on her mouth and was fondling her breasts. She too moaned at his touch, and as her mouth opened, he slipped his hard cock into it. He reached down to her crotch and began fingering her, and as if by magic, she stirred and her mouth opened more. He gently pushed his cock deeper into her mouth.In awe, I watched as he started canlı bahis siteleri moving in and out of her mouth, slowly at first, then more rapidly, until I heard him panting and grunting, stuffing his cock deep into her open lips. White strands of cum shot around his cock and out of her mouth, and he pumped more and more. He stood still for a few minutes, letting his cock soften in her mouth, as he continued to fondle her crotch and breasts.Finally, he pulled out, reached down, with his hands wiped at her chin, and then closed her mouth, still full of his spunk. He turned to me with his softened cock pointing at my pillow. I had closed my eyes but my mind was afire with what I had just seen happen to my sister. My crotch was wet and dripping.He turned, covered us both up and went back downstairs.The next morning both my sister and I had headaches. I was unsure if I what I had seen, but the image of my daddy’s cock in my sister’s mouth was exciting, and something that I wanted to have happen again.

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