Watching a Friend – Again


Watching a Friend – AgainLoud moaning awakened Amy. Her eyes fluttered and opened to the sultry evening. She was lying on a large patch of warm moss between the stockade fence and the garage at Renee’s house. Panic grabbed her by the throat. She was completely naked but for but for her thin, strappy sandals.  Everything came back in an instant: her walk to Renee’s house where she heard her friend’s moans from the backyard gazebo. Afraid of what might be happening, Amy had looked over the fence. To her shock, Renee was at the gazebo – with a man – and obviously being pleasured by a man Amy had never seen before. Though she had thought she should leave, and was about to, when Renee stripped off every thread of clothing and let the man bind her hands over her head. Amy’s pussy had pulsed and her panties had dampened. So, she had slipped between Renee’s fence and garage and stared. Amy’s watching had devolved into playing with herself and then stripping off her own clothes so she could be almost like Renee – naked, outdoors  On her last orgasm, she got lightheaded and her vision blurred. Her thighs burned, her wrist and shoulder were sore, her pussy throbbed and the inside of her legs were soaked. She was exhausted and needed to rest before she could go home. Amy remembered sweat running down her body and feeling too tired to move and too hot to get dressed. When she saw the moss she sat. It was soft on her ass. Her eyes had become heavy. She couldn’t resist and had lain down – just a moment.  She blinked and thought about getting up when the light from the street flickered. Amy moved her head slowly and only 8 feet away, a man, unaware of her presence, was in the shadows between the garage and the fence. He had probably come to see what the noise was about, but there he stood, his shorts around his ankles, cock out, and stroking as he watched. Amy swallowed hard. As the streetlight was in her eyes, could see only that he was medium height, athletically built and his cock cast its own shadow. Amy’s heart thundered in her chest so much it hurt. She was relieved that the man couldn’t hear it from where he was standing, but then, he too was distracted.The coyote howl from Renee’s yard startled Amy before it gave way to envious. She tried to envision what the mystery man in the gazebo was doing to Renee to make her so vocal. Amy imagined Renee tied to the gazebo, perhaps with spotlights on her, creating a greater possibility of being watched by neighbors. In her head, Amy was in Renee’s place, naked, outdoors in the warm summer air. The kiss of a breeze gently on her whole body. Helpless — a spreader bar attached to her ankles and hands bound and hoisted above her head. Perhaps, she thought, even blindfolded, and with the strong but gentle hands of a hunk of a man teasing her maybe with feathers maybe with a light touch of a leather flogger — and the sting of a quick whip on her plump ass. With this scenario running through her mind, Amy’s nipples turned hard and her pussy pulsed. She felt moisture on her thigh. Her clit ached for stimulation. She was lying there, naked, her clothes eight feet away. If she got up to get them, the stranger would notice. He would turn and see her naked — no hope of reaching the clothes and getting dressed before he noticed. Despite the warm air, the moss had cooled. She wanted her clothes. She wanted to be home with a huge glass of wine and the largest dildo she owned. She imagined herself on her bed, buzzed, her knees up and spread, with her delightfully curved, glass dong hitting every spot at just the pace.Amy turned her face toward the man and his long strokes began to quicken. She hoped he would cum quickly, pull up his pants and leave. Suddenly, she thought not about running for her skirt, but peeking over the fence – from the sound of it the Renee show was still in progress — cumming again. Her abdomen fluttered as she slowly and quietly reached between her legs, watching the man play with himself, he too risking being caught.When she thought he was on the verge of shooting his load, and hopefully leaving, the man stopped and stepped out of his shorts. He then did what she had done: leaned against the garage and raised the leg closest to the street bracing illegal bahis siteleri his foot against the fence. The way the light and shadows now fell, she had a clear view of his erection — and his dangling balls. Trying to keep her breathing silent, she fingered her clit as she watched him restart his rhythmic stroking. She dipped one finger, then two, inside her pussy — getting her fingers wet. She rubbed her clit and her thighs trembled. She wanted to stop so she wouldn’t make a noise when she came, but she couldn’t. The man had reached around his outside leg and under his thigh and grabbed his own balls!Amy swallowed hard and hoped he hadn’t heard her. She used her middle to rub her clit. To see the man vigorously yanking his sack and squeezing one ball and then the other. From over the fence she heard Renee moaning and groaning — and Amy thought she even heard a growl.She stared, locked on to the half-naked man who was intently thrashing his cock with one hand and jerking his nuts like he was milking a sow. Amy arched. She had three fingers buried in her cunt reaching for her g-spot and her thumb rubbing her clit. Her whole body was tense and trembling while her pussy throbbed. She watched the man as she listened to Renee’s hisses and moans. It seemed, she thought, everyone was enjoying Renee. She wondered what might happen if the stranger caught her. She closed her eyes and heard his heavy breathing. Her imagination took her down a path where the man noticed her and grinned. He stopped and dropped his cock and approached her with a sly, sexy, friendly grin and offered his hand. He squatted. “It can’t be comfortable on the ground. Can I help you up?” His semi-erection was at eye-level. Not too thick that she couldn’t get her lips around it. Not too long that it would hurt – it looked just right. She took her hand from her crotch and hesitated because it was slick and sticky — but grateful for the help, she grabbed his hand.His smile was full of even white teeth. When he pulled her up, she saw that he was eight inches taller than she was — and his cock was nudging her hip.”Quite a show, huh?’Amy nodded and looked over the fence. Renee yipped and moaned as the mystery man worker her over with a soft flogger. Amy melted inside, wishing it were her. In her imagination the stranger asked: “Do you know them?””Only her.”He chuckled. “I know only Ray. He told me he had this very hot woman who wanted to try something a little — different and told me to swing by just after dark. What about you?””She’s a friend — and I just happened to walk over to see her this evening — and then I saw …” The stranger nodded and his eyes sparkled. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.””Oh no,” Amy said loudly. She dropped back to hushed tones. “No, it’s okay.””Have you been here long?””Long enough.”He smirked. “I know this is forward — but my name is Kevin — and well — you know, we could enjoy the show together?”Kevin was gorgeous, taut and hunky. Amy nodded. Then, not wanting to seem too eager, she asked, “What did you have in mind.””Maybe we could watch together — and, uh, help each other?”She thought about it for a mere second — having this guy play with her while she watched Renee and Ray? No-fucking-brainer.”Okay,” she said, “but …””But what?””Rule number one: no fucking.””Well, duh.” Kevin grinned. “If we fuck behind the fence we can’t see them.” Amy nodded. Whoa, she thought, this guy is a serious watcher. “Right.” Though looking down at his ample but not intimidating cock, she wondered if maybe a good, quick fuck wasn’t the way to cap off the night. “Is there a rule number two?””Not really — but while we’re, uh, watching, I want you to play with my nipples.”Kevin inhaled sharply. “Anything else?” His voice had become a husky whisper.She leaned forward and put her lips next to his ear. “While you watch Ray tease Renee and stroke you cock, I want to play with your balls.”Another sharp breath escaped Kevin. Amy looked into his eyes and saw his secret – deep down he loved to watch and jerk off. Kevin blinked quickly. For him, she understood, gazing from behind a fence, naked in the night, and watching ultra-light BSDM outdoors was a sexual high. And in the briefest moment of self-reflection canlı bahis siteleri Amy realized she liked it too. The thrill of being an anonymous watcher – but not just that – it wasn’t some porno watched alone in the dark. This, watching real people playing out real kinky fantasies, while naked in – well – semi-public, heightened the intensity. She never would have guessed … Amy searched his face wondering if he would accept her terms. “Yes,” Kevin hissed.”And I want you to play with my nipples. Okay?”He nodded, grunted and stripped off his shirt, hanging it on the fence. “Just so we’re both equally naked while we watch and play.”Amy imagined getting comfortable, standing side by side leaning against the garage and watching the show. Renee was still naked and bound to the gazebo. Ray, the mystery man, moved in and out of the light around her. Amy caught glimpses — and yeah he was hot. He would touch Renee’s side with his fingertips and whisper something in her ear — and that alone made her squirm.Amy leaned toward Kevin until their upper arms touched. She dropped her right hand down, across his left thigh and over his soft curies until she found his balls. They were slick, and hairless and heavier than she had expected. Kevin grunted.She grinned wickedly and then his left hand came up to her right breast and rubbed her nipple. She felt shock of heat flick through her nerves and her pussy was instantly wet and her clit glowing with heat. In unison they reached down between their own legs and started playing.Across the fence, Amy could see Ray was bringing Renee to the edge. Every light touch had her gasping. “Please Ray, PLEASE,” they heard from behind the fence. “Let me cum!” Renee was panting.Amy tugged Kevin’s sack the way she had seen him do earlier. He grunted — his stroking quickened and his nipple pulling intensified. Her pussy was on fire and Amy was in a rhythm. Dip fingers into sopping pussy, get slick with sticky juice, rub the nub for 45 seconds and repeat. Her body and mind were on the verge of overwhelmed. At the gazebo, Ray had dropped his flogger, untied Renee and had her bend over and grab her ankles. With the spreader bar still attached, her beautiful, bare, round ass was left vulnerable and high in the air. Ray smiled and, unable to resist, picked up the flogger once again. He caressed the backs of her thighs and the let the whip’s soft fingers tickle every inch of her ass crack. His touch was so gentle.The blood thundered in Amy’s ears. Her hand was soaking — her fingertips becoming wrinkled. Never had she been so-fucking-wet! Part of her wanted to get into the yard and trade places with Renee. She wanted to be handled and touched and teased while helpless. But another part of her thoroughly enjoyed being a voyeur. From behind the fence she learned about things she didn’t even know she wanted. She yanked Kevin’s balls. He grunted, stroked faster and took the hint. With his left hand, he reached for his cock and swiped a large dollop of pre-cum on his finger then slathered it on her nipple.Oh, god! It was warm and cooling quickly and mostly sticking in place except for the bit that dribble down her breast. He pinched then pulled and repeated while he masturbated furiously. Amy, on occasion, would take her eyes off the show to look at Kevin. In the little light there was, his big mushroom head glistened. Her mouth watered and she wondered.Thwack!Her attention quickly turned back to the yard where Ray was smacking Renee’s ass hard with the flogger and then more gently between her spread legs. Amy panted as she imagined the soft tips of the flogger flicking against her own inner thighs — her pussy and her clit — the soft touch followed by the sweet sting. With each crack of the flogger, she imagined her whole crotch burning with desire. Amy couldn’t hold on any longer. She finger fucked her dripping cunt hard and fast. The heft of Kevin’s balls — his fatherhood in her hands — she literally yanked — hard enough so he grunted every time. In turn, Kevin pinched and pulled her nipples and stroked himself faster.Ray ran the flogger lightly over Renee’s back, flicking softly. He went down to her ass and thighs, making her moan loudly — bahis firmaları like a woman out of control. “Fuck me, goddamnit, FUCK ME!”Finally he did it — Ray dropped everything — except his cock — which he slammed into Renee, making her cry out in surprise and relief. Amy was sure Renee was heard all over the neighborhood. She knowing exchanged smirks with Kevin. This was it — time to cum.Renee barked every time Ray rammed his cock deep — his hips smacking her ass. Amy imagined his balls smacking her clit at the same time. Her own hand was soaked to the wrist. She fucked her cunt and was brutal with Kevin’s balls as he was with her nipple. Tomorrow, she thought, would be a padded bra day — or maybe a no bra and a silky top day which would keep her pussy moist from morning ’til night.Renee grunted with every thrust.Amy was on the edge and she could hear a low moan getting longer and louder from Kevin. She turned in time to see a thick rope of cum spurt from his cock and hit the fence. She fucked herself harder and began moaning uncontrollably as she watched Kevin continue jerking off and a second spurt hit the fence.Every muscle in her body trembled and began to weaken from her sustained effort until boom! Her orgasm hit like a velvet baseball bat across the back of her head. Her vision went blurry but her hand kept on moving as cum ran down her inner thighs and her balance waivered. To steady herself, she grabbed Kevin’s shoulder while she clung to his balls. In a moment of misinterpretation he let go of her nipple and put his fingers in her cunt, continuing where she left off. His hand and cock were covered in sticky semen, flowing like lava on his balls and her hand. His fingers were deft and brought her another eye-popping orgasm. She release him and licked his cum from her fingers. He continued with her, hard and fast, the way she needed it — and then she yelped, loudly and grabbed the fence to keep from falling. On her knees, she gasped for breath, her head and chest pounding, her lungs heaving. Kevin’s wet and softening cock stared at her. Without thinking she leaned forward and sucked him into her mouth. The salty tang of cum coated her tongue and throat.He groaned for a moment before he whispered. “I think they heard us.” He caressed he cheek and pulled out of her mouth with a pop. “Time for me to go.” He grabbed his clothes and dressed in what seemed like a second.Amy could to nothing. Her whole body vibrated with orgasm after-shocks. Kevin was gone.Amy lay down, exhausted. Though she didn’t know how many times she had cum, she knew the count, by far, was a personal record. For the second time tonight, she had no choice but to rest on the moss. She curled up and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she had no idea how much time had passed. She was woozy — as if she had gotten drunk and fallen asleep. The sky was still dark, the streetlights were still on, but the breeze had picked up. She grabbed the fence and pulled herself up. Peering between the pickets, the gazebo was dark — as was Renee’s house. She wondered, questioned: had what she thought happened really happened? She was naked — that much was sure. Her clothes were still eight feet away hanging on the fence — and she was certain she had cum — a lot. But Kevin? Had he really been there or had it been a dream? She walked slowly toward her clothes, standing upright, proudly naked and enjoying the breeze on her body. She had never known it could feel so good—and vaguely wondered if at heart she was a voyeur and maybe even a nudist. The thoughts made her chest pound again.She dressed slowly, putting on only her shirt and skirt, balling up her panties and bra in her hand. Still unsteady on her feet, she made her way down the narrow space, wondering about Kevin. When she stumbled upon a pair of men’s underwear then ran her tongue inside her mouth and tasted the slick, tangy semen she smiled with satisfaction – no doubt. With every step homeward, the fabric of her blouse rubbed her raw right nipple, making her pussy pulse and her heart-rate soar. Amy thought about what weird and kinky things she had learned about herself tonight – and she wanted to do it all again. The rush had been incredible and the orgasms like starburst fireworks. She considered different ways to approach Renee about what had happened, though thought perhaps it best not to mention the watching. But she had to say something that would get her an introduction to Kevin. She absolutely had to see him again.

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