Visitors while Naked in the Garden


Visitors while Naked in the GardenTess is my wife of 20 years and she loves to strip off all her clothes at home and tan in the sun around the pool or simply tend to her organic veg garden in the nick. The c***dren are out of the house and we are free to do as we please. We love stripping off on the weekends and spend all our time naked. This leads to some really sexy times especially when Tess has just shaved her lovely pussy, this I can’t resist. It is fortunate that we stay on a small farm in a peri urban environment.One weekend I went off to town to get a few supplies. Tess stayed behind as she was planting some new seedlings in her garden, yes in the nick as always. She loved to get sun all over her sexy body and onto those nice big tits. I got what was needed and headed home. I see this backpacker hitching on the road, I stop to find out where he is going. Howdy mate, where are you heading, I asked. I’m actually heading for Cape Town via the Transkei he said. It was early afternoon and thought he would not make it through at this time. I wouldn’t suggest you do that man as it could be a bit dangerous traveling through there at night. Wouldn’t you like to stay over with us tonight and possible get a fresh start early tomorrow. That’s really kind of you, sir he said. He jumps into the car and puts his rucksack in the backseat. I’m James, he puts his hand out and we introduce ourselves. Where are you from Paddy, I ask. I’m actually from the UK and touring Africa for a year. We head home. James is a 26-year-old man with a great build. He must be 1.92m tall. How long have you been traveling, I ask? Well its my 6th month and done 8 countries already.We arrive at the farm and pull into the driveway. He grabs hit bag and I take him into the house to meet Tess, forgetting that she is buck naked. Nothing I can do right now. I take James through to meet Tess. As we get outside, I turn to James and warn him that my wife would probably be naked and he mustn’t be startled as we do this all the time. Tess hears us and comes walking into the kitchen where we are chatting. Who are you talking to babe, she asks. I offer a backpacker a ride and offered to give him a place to sleep for the night. As she enters the kitchen she is startled as she sees this really tale man who is rather attractive. He doesn’t know what to say as he looks aydınlı escort at my naked wife. Wow that is a good site, looks like you are busy, he comments. Tess is a little taken back as she s greats him and gives him a hug, in her naked state. Nice to meet you James. They step back and he can’t take his eyes off my wife’s naked body. Jess is feeling rather vunerable and yet proud that he is really enjoying her nakedness. I’m sorry to just barge in like this, James says. This was the last vision I had of the situation. Don’t worry we like the company. Jess does not attempt to cover her nakedness as this young man is feasting his eyes over every part of her body. You have a very nice body, comments James. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. He is finding it difficult to make eye contact with Tess as his eyes are fixed on her large breasts which have now swollen and her nipples are fully erect, given the situation. We all sit down and have a beer. Welcome to our humble abode Jess says. Stay as long as you need. Please feel free to take off you kit is you want, we are rather openminded hear on the farm. It is nice to be totally naked, we just love it. James nervously takes his clothes off. Jess sits there and just watches. Honey, its rude too stare. Sorry she apologises, I’m just admiring the talent. James removes his shorts revealing a nice half erect penis which he is finding very difficult to control. James, don’t stress if you get a hard-on, I’m used to my horney husband. He feels a little more at ease. Jess goes up to him and takes his clothes. Let me put these into the wash quickly as you will need them tomorrow. James stands there with a large Bonner as Jess takes his clothes. Come Tess says, come help me in the Veg garden, you need to earn your keep this side of the world, she jokes. Off they go buck naked the two of them. James still erect and unsure of what will happen. When last did you have some pussy she asks him. James is taken aback and shyly comments, well 3 months ago I suppose. I couldn’t belief she asked him this. She goes up to him and takes his penis in her hand, would you like to fuck me. He stutters, yes, yes of course. What about your husband. He is Ok with it, hey Babes. You don’t mind if James fucks your pussy, do you. No honey, as long as I can fuck your nice gym friend. I did promise pendik escort you some fresh meat!Tess goes down on him and starts sucking is ridged penis. He is really loving this. He just ended up in paradise. Place to sleep, food, beer and pussy. Jess can feel the tension building in hugh cock as it throbs in her mouth. She gets up and bends over in full view of the kitchens sliding door, where I’m sitting having a beer watching these two fucking. She guides his cock into her wet pussy. It’s all yours now James, she says to him. He thrusts his manhood into her. His cock is large and thick. She’s loving it. Fuck me harder now and he starts to pump her deeper and deeper. Tess is ready to orgasm and he makes his final thrust. He ejaculates into her pussy. Her pussy feels the cum pumping into her, once, twice and a third stream. It feels so good, she feels the cum dripping down her leg. He had a few months of cum in those balls and now its all in my wife pussy. That was good she says to him. Wow nice cock, man. Would love some more of that later. Tess squats in the garden to discharge his cum onto the ground. She looks at me and smiles. I can see the enjoyment in her eyes.They carry on planting her seedlings as if nothing had happened. His cock now limp and satisfied. We spent the day naked having few drinks and chatting. He asked for me to take a photo of him and Tess to show to his mates, who probably wouldn’t believe his story. Tess lays back on the chair and opens her legs as wide as they can go and says, now take a picture honey. She takes his hand and places it on her spread pussy. Come now put your finger in me like you having fun, don’t want to disappoint your friends. He obliges. Now take your cock out and let me suck it, as my hubby takes a pic. Im sure they will believe you now. Wow what a day.Tess excuses herself and says she is going to have a shower. She heads off. He looks at her naked body leaving. Why don’t you join her in the shower, she would like that? With no second invite he heads of. He knocks on the door and Tess says, “come in” thinking its me. She is washing her hair and can’t see anything, he sidles into the shower behind her and puts his hands around her from the back and starts to fondle her large tits. Honey, don’t be naughty now, thinking its me. He continues, he slides his hand to her orhanlı escort pussy from behind and starts to touch her Labe’s. She is so wet inside. He proceeds to finger her. Tess clears her face of soap and sees its not me but James fondling her. I bet this was my hubbies idea, hey- she says to him, he nods. She takes his now ridged penis into her pussy again, and they fuck until Tess erupts into orgasm, Ooooh she groan’s, that was good, now I want to feel you cum inside me again. He obliges this time with less intensity. He pulls out of her wet pussy and gives her a warm hug. You have made my trip an absolute pleasure. Why don’t you get your phone and take some memory pics of me? He grabs his phone and Tess proceeds to pose for him. She bends over to expose her pussy which is still oozing cum, part her lips and he gets a few shots. Come hear let’s get a shot with me sucking your dick, he obliges and as she puts his cock into her mouth he comes to life again. He takes a number of closeups of her sucking him. She lifts her leg unto the wall and spreads her legs, exposing her very swollen Labe’s. He comes in close to take some pics. I’m sure your mates will enjoy them. You can also use the to jerk off when you lonely out there.We all head to bed after a very active day. James heads off to the spare room. We all fast asleep, James wakes up and thinks of his early journey in the morning and that his experience has come to an end. He sneaks off to our room and sees Tess . He opens the covers and slips in behind her. Tess feels him spooning her and wakes up. Tess only sleeps in the nick. She can feel his warm body against hers. He is hard. She takes her hand and finds his cock and guides it into her pussy from behind. She groans with pleasure. His cock feels so good inside her, she doesn’t want it to end. He lays behind her for a few hours slowly thrusting in and out of her now very wet pussy. He eventually cums inside her. They lie in each other’s arms for a while and she tells him that he better gets back to his bed before my hubby wakes up as he loves early morning pussy. He heads off. Just the I wake up and turn over to find my naked wife. I caress her sexy body and make way to her pussy to get it wet so that I can make love to her. I stick my finger into her and feel that its really wet already. She must have the same idea and want her pussy fucked again. I turn her over and slide my cock into her wet pussy, it is suspiciously wet inside but really good. I ejaculate into her. Tess invited James to stay for the week to help around the farm and earn his keep.

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