Visitors from out of town part 2


Visitors from out of town part 2Here’s a brief recap, but for the full first part of this story, please read “Visitors from out of town part 1”. You’ll really want to read the first part, trust me!Some old friends of ours from out of town were staying with us and had brought their 18 year old son. We had a big get together and their 18 year old son James ended up having sex with my wife on our living room sofa. Please read part 1 of the story, you won’t be disappointed.I awoke with an incredible hard-on the next morning. Erin was still asleep. I got up quietly to find Pat and Shannon already up making food with James helping them. Again, James was as cool as ice, giving no hint of the fact that he’d fucked my wife raw just hours ago and filled her with his seed, likely impregnating her. I played along, enjoying this game far too much to throw a wrench in it. My mind was racing to find a way to get the 2 of them alone together. Unfortunately that day we just couldn’t make anything work out which according to Erin was good because she was far too sore already. I was even tempted to send Erin out to the sofa bed again where James was sleeping that night but with no one drinking, the risk was a bit too high and she was too nervous about getting caught. I did however come up with some ideas and was waiting to see what opportunities might lend themselves to one of those ideas. The next day was a beautiful sunny and warm one for the fall. My best idea thus far was to get Pat and Shannon busy doing something with me and have Erin need to make a trip somewhere and have James give her a hand. The trick was to make sure that neither Pat nor Shannon offered to go help Erin. I looked out the window a short while later to see James in the yard checking out one of our ATV’s. Bingo! I figured out how to make this work for them. I had the idea to offer to take James out for a ride on our quads to get him psyched to go, then throw a wrench in the plan. I suggested the ride and James was pumped to go as would any 18 year old from the city be. We were getting ready to go and I pretended to wrench my back. James acted as though he wasn’t disappointed but he obviously was. I finally suggested that Erin could take my place and show him the hills which she “reluctantly” agreed to. Obviously, my plan worked. They finished prepping the quads and headed into the hills. I obviously wasn’t around for the rest of this encounter so I had Erin write what happened next to best describe it. James and I jumped on the quads and headed out. It was a very short ride from our home to the beginning of the trail network nearby so we simply rode rather than trailering. I lead the way. Knowing what this ride was really about, I had a couple of locations in mind and took a meandering ride so as to not be too quick getting back home after doing what we were really heading out to do.After an hour or so I pulled over to see how James was doing. He pulled alongside me and asked if we were going to have a break yet. I told him not quite yet but to follow me. He nodded with a grin and followed me away again. I took us through a heavily wooded area that climbed up the side of one of the local small mountains up to a lookout. I chose this area both because it’s beautiful and because it’s a dead-end and you can hear anyone coming for a long time. We finally arrived and shut down our machines. I asked James if he liked the view. He chuckled and answered that he liked it a lot. I looked over at him and he was staring at my body. I got off my quad and pulled bahis siteleri a blanket from the tote box, then walked to the lookout area and laid the blanket out. James was right behind me and helped lay the blanket out. As soon as the blanket was down James stepped to me and wrapped one of his strong arms around my waist and pulled me against him, kissing me hard. I could feel his massive penis against my belly and it was giving me butterflies. His hands started to travel all over my body. “I want you” he said between kissing and groping me. I loved his eagerness and passion, and truth be told, I was lusting after him also. I’d worn yoga pants and James already hand his hands in them, squeezing my ass and it was making me crazy. He broke the kiss and lowered me to the blanket, climbing on top of me. He was immediately grinding his cock against my crotch and I was soaking wet both from the anticipation and his attention. This k** could play me like a fiddle. James quickly kicked off his shoes and wiggled out of his pants and underwear and I could now see that beautiful cock of his again. It had been 2 days since James had fucked me raw and I was anxious to have him again. I pulled off my shoes and pants also. James was on knees and pulled me off the blanket into his arms. I was now sitting against his cock and I started to grind against his shaft. It was so exciting to feel that hot, hard fat cock against me. Every time I looked at his cock I wondered how I could have possibly fit it inside me and I was desperate to try to do so again. Despite how wet I was, I knew I needed more lubrication so I licked my palm and ran it against my opening, then I stood up a bit so that I was hovering over his cock. James guided his head to my opening and I slowly lowered myself onto him. Inch by inch I moved down, a bit more with each thrust. I can’t begin to describe how full he made me feel. It was both painful and incredibly good at the same time. Finally he was most of the way into me and I had to stop and let my pussy adjust to him. I felt like I was being torn again, like a virgin. Finally I was ready and started to bob up and down on him again. I absolutely love this position and I could already feel an orgasm coming on. I pulled James’ shirt off and he took that as his hint to do the same to me. We were now both completely naked, looking out over the valley and fucking like a****ls. The only thing I enjoy about as much as that position is fucking outdoors and in no time I was cumming violently on his young cock. Once my body settled down again James leaned me back and lowered me onto the blanket with me still impaled on him. He now started to fuck me missionary style. I loved looking up at him, his youth, his hard body, the lust in his eyes. My hands were all over his body. He was speeding up and moaning a lot and I figured he was getting close. “James baby, are you going to cum for me?” I asked him. He nodded and answered “do you want me to already? We just started.” Truth be told, I couldn’t fuck him for much longer, I was still sore from 2 days ago. I smiled and whispered “Hmmm, yes baby, please do. I want that hot young cum in me again. Fill me please!” James didn’t say another word. He was fucking me hard, his young balls were slapping against my ass, my pussy getting more raw by the second but I didn’t care, I needed to feel him unload in me. “Yes baby, cum for me, cum in my pussy” I pleaded. No sooner had I finished speaking than I felt him go rigid, his back arching and he started grunting like bahis şirketleri an a****l. I could feel his cock twitching as he shot his load deeper into my womb than any other man had ever done. I made sure to pull him against me and wrap my legs around his waist to hold him there and as I did I felt an orgasm of my own starting. I started to grind against him and between that and the feeling of his still hard cock twitching, I exploded, sending waves through my body and clamping down on his shaft. It was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced and I think I may have even passed out for a few seconds.Once I regained my composure I released my hold on James. He started to pull out of me and it felt like there would be no end to his cock as he did. When he was finally all the way out I felt the most incredible feeling of emptiness all at once. My pussy was wide and his cum was starting to leak from me. I put my hand down between my legs to scoop up what I could and licked my fingers clean. I told James that I had a great time and kissed him. He then asked “Are we done?” I wrongly assumed we were, but when I looked down, he was still completely hard. I’d forgotten how 18 year old boys could often cum over and over again. I told him that I simply could not fuck him again, it would hurt too much. He then asked “Could you please suck it again? You’re the only girl who’s ever made me cum like that. My jaw still hurt from blowing him 2 days ago but the look on his face convinced me. I smiled and told him to lay back and he did. I got between his legs and started at his balls. I sucked and licked each of them then started to lick my way up his shaft, cleaning my juices off him as I did until I got to his head. I could barely open my mouth wide enough for him but it was just enough. His cock head was the biggest thing that I’d ever put in my mouth and as much as it hurt to do so, I loved that I was the only woman able to actually blow him yet. I started to bob on his cock head and I used both my hands to pump his shaft up and down. I moaned on his cock and when I did it seemed to please him because he moaned back and started to thrust back at me. His cock was getting even harder so I knew he was getting close and then he announced it to me “Fuck Erin, I’m going to cum baby, here I cum!” I was about to back off when I felt James’ hands wrap around the back of my head again but this time he slammed my head down onto him, thrusting his cock to the very back of my mouth. I was choking on him as I felt him start to twitch, then felt his cum start to shoot down my throat. I had no air and I was trying to break his grip but he was holding me there and I couldn’t get loose. Finally he let me back up just enough to stop choking as he finished cumming into my mouth. I swallowed the rest of his cum and then pushed away from him. “Asshole!” I barked at him. “I was choking!” James smiled at me and replied “I know”. He made me furious. I gathered my things without saying a word and marched over to my quad to pack up and get dressed. “Where are you going?” I heard James ask from right behind me as I was stuffing the blanket back into the box of my machine. I didn’t turn to answer but kept on putting the blanket away. “I’m not done with you” he said again, and I felt him press against me from behind. “James, no more, I’m pissed!” I barked at him. “Don’t be mad” he whispered in my ear, “you liked it”. His cock was now firmly against my lower back, pressing me against my machine. “James, I’m serious. No!” illegal bahis I barked at him. What happened next was a blur, it happened so fast. I felt him push me hard against the back of my quad, he used his feet to kick my legs apart and used one of his hands to press my upper body flat onto my quad leaving my ass in the air and me completely defenseless. I was trying to fight him off but he had at least 100 lbs of solid muscle over my small frame and I was helpless. I screamed for help but no one could hear me, I couldn’t fight him off because he was simply far too strong. Now I felt him moving his cock, guiding it to my pussy again. I couldn’t take him again. “No James! NO! I’m too sore! Don’t!” I screamed at him but it made no difference. He started to push into my pussy again. I tried to resist but he was too strong. For fear of having him rip me apart I tried to relax my pussy. “That’s it baby, take it” he grunted into my ear. I felt him pop past my opening. Luckily his cock was still wet or he’s spit on it, and I was still slick with his semen and my juices so it wasn’t dry and I was thankful for that. “There you go, you like it, I know you like it”. He had gone from a passionate k** to a grown a****l and for some reason I felt my body start to relax and push back into him. He was going deeper and deeper into me. I felt cramps deep inside me and they hurt. I could feel him rearranging my insides as he started to really fuck me again. Once he got going I started to feel pleasure along with the pain. I was completely raw but it also felt incredible. I finally stopped fighting him and heard myself moaning without realizing I was doing so. He relaxed his grip on my back and grabbed my hips with both is hands. He was as much pulling me into him as he was thrusting into me. It felt like his cock was going to break through my womb. I realized that one of my hands was now between my legs, playing with my clit and in seconds I was climaxing again. As soon as my orgasm started James thrust so hard into me that he actually lifted my feet off the ground, impaling me completely on his cock as he shot his 3rd load into my womb in 2 days. He held me there until he was finished, then whispered in my ear “Don’t be mad, I knew you’d like it”. He was right, I did like it, but I was furious that he’d forced me. I wouldn’t be able to sit properly for days, let alone ride back to the house. When he pulled out of me it hurt, a lot. I felt his cum running down my legs from my pussy. I turned around and slapped James across the face hard. He smiled and pulled me against him and forced his tongue into my mouth. “I can’t wait to fuck you again tomorrow” he said as he smiled at me with a devilish grin. “We’ll see about that!” I barked at him. We got dressed and I climbed onto my machine. My pussy was on fire, my jaw was aching, I was sitting in a puddle of his cum, and as wrong as it sounds, I loved it. He was right. I’d fuck him whenever and wherever he demanded it. I was crazy for his cock, his body, and his bullish attitude. Our guests stayed with us for 2 more days and James did fuck me one more time before they left. I was able to slip into the shower with him while everyone was out for a walk. It was a quick and dirty fuck. He grabbed me and pushed me against the shower wall and fucked me from behind, lifting me with each thrust, and filled me again. It was incredible. I took the morning after pill as soon as they left and thankfully no baby James’ around our home. He now sends me dirty text messages often, telling me how he’s going to fuck me, with pictures of him stroking his cock and he has plans to come visit again soon but without his folks next time which will leave him with a room of his own and will make it much easier for him to fuck me. I can’t wait!

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