Visiting Niece Ch. 01

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Barbara Sheldon pulled her car up into the driveway of their comfortable suburban home, mildly annoyed because of the crossed-up airline schedules that had led to her having to cancel the last stage of what had otherwise been a fairly successful business trip. Barbara had been out of town for over a week, and if all had gone according to plan, she would not have been back for another four or five days, but first one of her fellow travellers had been forced off his plane because over overbooking, which had screwed up one stop, and then weather difficulties had led to her being stranded in Des Moines for a day or two. That threw off the overall schedule sufficiently that her bosses decided she might as well come on home early, since the meetings were unlikely to go off on schedule anyway.

She had tried to call ahead so that her husband would be expecting her, but the same storms that had stopped the planes had knocked down enough cell towers and land lines to make calling ahead impractical. After wasting nearly an hour trying, Barbara had finally given up, figuring that she’d just surprise Kevin by being home that evening when he got back from his regular round of Friday sales calls.

So it was that the 38 year old administrator was now driving home from the airport, her business trip terminated nearly a week early.

It could have been worse, of course, Barbara mused. It was a beautiful September day, after all, and since there was no need for her to go in to the office until Monday, at least she was free to enjoy the lovely weather.

Arriving at home, Barbara saw to her surprise that her husband Kevin’s car was parked in the driveway, which was a bit unusual at this time of a Friday. He usually was out on sales calls until at least six or seven on Friday, as he tried to squeeze in a last few meetings. He was one of the best salesmen in his company, but his job required a large investment of time and effort.

The other car was no surprise, because Barbara already knew her niece was there, she was staying with her Aunt and Uncle for the fall semester of college.

Anyone watching as Barbara got out of her car and walked into the house would have seena a very attractive woman, 5’10” with long light-red hair and a fair-to-decent figure for her age, dressed in a respectable office-appropriate outfit of knee-length brown skirt, white blouse, tan hose and modest high-heel pumps. She wore her long red hair in a neat ‘do’ around her shoulders, and stood up straight with the confidence of a Harvard MBA grad and successful businesswoman.

As she went in the back door and crossed the kitchen, Barbara heard voices coming from the living room. One voice was that of her husband Kevin, which did not surprise her since she already knew he was home. The other voice was that of her niece Amber, her older sister’s daughter. Their presence was no surprise, but they sounded…odd.

Barbara could not quite make out what they were saying, but Amber sounded…angry? Stern? Barbara wasn’t quite sure, and Kevin sounded oddly meek, quite unlike his usual assertive self. Barbara, moved by a sudden sense of caution she could not explain to bornova escort herself, crept quietly to the edge of the doorway to the living room and peeked around, and almost let out a gasp at what she saw.

There, just as the voices had sounded like, was her husband of 17 years and their 18 year old niece Amber, but the situation was anything buy normal! Her husband Kevin was stark naked, as naked as the day he was born, and he lay on the living room floor, face down, his hands tied snugly behind the small of his back, his ankles likewise tied together and folded above him, secured to his wrists by a short few inches of additional rope.

Sitting in the recliner above her naked, hogtied husband was her niece Amber, who was dressed fairly normally in snug blue jeans, a halter-shirt that left her flat stomach bare, and with her long blonde hair flowing free. She was barefoot, and resting her feet on the floor in front of Kevin, who was submissively licking his niece’s bare feet and toes!

As Barbara took in this incredible, disturbing scene, eyes wide and mouth hanging open in shock, she began to see more details as her stunned brain processed the first images and found space for more. Her husband’s bare bottom was blazing pink and covered in bright red lines running back and forth across both buns, and after a moment Barbara saw that her niece was holding a little whip-like item in her right hand, and sitting on the end table next to the chair was a ping-pong paddle!

“You’re pathetic!” Amber said to the hogtied man at her feet. “A grown man, 40 years old, licking a college girl’s feet like a dog! What kind of man does something like that?! I’ll tell you what kind of man does something like that: a complete pussy-whipped sissy, a worthless piece of crap! That’s what you are, and you know it, don’t you?!”

Amber’s words were harsh, and her tone of voice was as well…almost. But Barbara saw a grin fighting to appear on the beautiful face of her young niece, and there was a hint of humor in the stern voice. She was clearly enjoying this!

“Yes, Mistress Amber! I’m pathetic! I don’t deserve to be allowed to kiss your toes!”

Kevin stopped worshipping his niece’s feet long enough to say that, and Barbara gasped, because he sounded like he meant it. His voice was adoring, and he looked up at the eighteen-year-old blonde with a look in his eyes that was heart-breakingly sincere.

“Oh shut up, you pervert,” Amber ordered, suddenly standing up and walking around the helpless older man. Barbara stepped back, not wanting to be seen watching from the door, but Amber had apparently not noticed her presence as she walked around Kevin, looking down at the helpless man.

“Roll over, Uncle Kevin,” the girls suddenly said, her voice mock-sweet. “Get on your side so I can see your pathetic little dick!”

Kevin rolled over onto his side with some effort, and his cock, hard as a rock, sprang out from where it had been trapped between his stomach and the carpeted floor! It wasn’t really all that small, it was actually fairly large and stiff, but Amber appeared unimpressed.

“I’ll bornova escort bayan bet you’d like to cum, wouldn’t you, Uncle Kevin?” Amber asked with that mock-sweet voice again. “Your little niece has been torturing you and teasing you all day, and I’ll just bet you’d love to be able to have some relief, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Kevin gasped, as Amber began to play with his stiff cock with her bare right foot. Kevin began to gasp for breath as he struggled to contain himself against the teasing motions of the teenager’s pedicured toes.

“I’ll bet you’re so weak, so desperate for this little thing to cum, that if I keep this up you’ll spew all over my foot, won’t you? Well, if you do, guess who’s going to lick it off?”

“I’ll do anything you want, Mistress! Please, just let me do it!”

Amber was still running her bare foot up and down Kevin’s hard member, but then, just as it was clear that the older man was ready to lose it, she suddenly stepped back, giggling at his helpless frustration!

Barbara kept telling herself that she should make her presence known, stop this sick, insane scenario that was unfolding before her eyes, but somehow her feet seemed rooted in place, and she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the spectacle of her niece so utterly dominating her husband!

Amber had slipped her hands under her top, and was sllllooooollly sliding it up over her head and off, leaving her bare from the waist up, save for a white lacy bra that only half-concealed her C-cups boobs. Tied and helpless on his side, Kevin moaned at what he was seeing.

“Please, Mistress,” he begged, “please!”

“Please what, slave?” Amber asked him softly.

“Please let me cum?!!”

“Maybe, Uncle Kevin, maybe…if I feel like it! But right now I think I feel like teasing you some more! Won’t that be fun?!”

Now the blonde girl was unsnapping her blue jeans, and with torturous slowness she was sliding the tight denim down, revealing a pair of long, tanned legs. Kevin practically had tears in his eyes as he watched his niece strip, and Barbara, to her horrified shock, realized that the sight of her underwear-clad niece was making her own pussy start to water!

The fact that she was responding to a female that way was no shock to Barbara, who had known she was attracted to both sexes since her college days, but this was AMBER! Her own older sister’s youngest child, and here she was getting turned on by watching Amber strip!

Now Amber was clad only in a white lace bra and white panties, both of which stood out bolding against her dark-tanned skin. Her figure was nearly perfect, her skin had the glorious perfection of youth. At 5’7″, she was neither petite nor tall, and her figure was in perfect proportion to her height.

Barbara fought the urge to run a hand into her skirt, her crotch was soaked and she was breathing hard! She wasn’t sure which had her more turned on, the sight of her niece’s barely-clad body or the sight of her dominating her husband, both were driving the startled older woman mad!

Now, to Barbara’s mixed horror and excited escort bornova delight, Amber was still undressing! Her bra came off, allowing her firm, large tits to hang free, though to Barbara’s frustration she couldn’t see much because her niece had her back toward the kitchen door. Now those white panties sssssllllooooowwwwlllly came down, revealing two perfect white asscheeks, pale and clear against the tanned skin of her back and legs. As she stepped out of the them, Amber grinned down at her helpless uncle, letting him feast his eyes of her nude form.

Barbara thought ‘nude’ because while both her husband and her niece was undressed, it was only her husband who seemed helpless, subordinated, he was naked, the teenager was nude. There was no question but that being dressed in her skin increased Amber’s power, while being bare weakened Kevin.

Amber knelt beside Kevin, looking at him with a mixture of excitement and sympathy, and asked, “Poor Uncle! I’m really driving you insane, aren’t I? Your bad little niece just loves to torment you! I’ll bet you’re ready to let go, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Kevin said in a voice not much above a desperate whisper, low enough that his wife could barely make it out.

“Well, I think maybe you’ve earned it, Uncle! But you have to do it my way! I’m a bossy little niece, I like to make people do things my way!”

Before Barbara’s amazed eyes, Amber untied her uncle’s wrists and ankles, and ordered him to roll over onto his back, which he obediently did. It was clear that tied up or not, Kevin was firmly under her niece’s control.

The stiff cock was now pointing straight up, and Barbara idly wished she was about to lower herself onto it. But Amber had something else in mind for it, as she took her uncle by the legs and lifted him up. She was a slender girl, but she worked out and had a gymnast’s strength, she had little trouble lifting her uncle’s legs so that his hard cock was pointing at his own face!

Barbara gasped as she realized what Amber had in mind, and she felt as if her own legs would give out! She leaned on the door, watching intently.

“Uncle Kevin,” Amber asked sweetly, “are you ready to cum?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Even if it means you spurt in your own pathetic face?”

“Yes, Mistress! Please, I can’t stand it!”


Amber began to jerk her uncle’s cock, aiming it directly at his face, and it a matter of moments he came, spraying his cum directly onto his own face in a several spurts. Barbara felt her world swimming, she knew she wasn’t too far from an orgasm herself as she watched her kneeling, naked niece jerk her husband off in his own face!

When Kevin’s moans of excitement and relief faded, he blushed scarlet, his face covered in globs of his own semen, Amber laughing at him with a laugh that sounded both derisive and affectionate at once.

“Thank you, Mistress,” the older man gasped. “Thank you!”

Amber giggled. “You’d better crawl up to the bedroom, Slave, and get a bath! You’ve got just enough time to fix my supper after you get cleaned up. I think I’ll go fix myself a snack to tide me over while you get cleaned up.”

Amber had pulled on her bra and panties again, and Kevin was, just as she had ordered, crawling on his hands and knees toward the hallway. Realizing belatedly that her niece was heading for the kitchen, Barbara ducked back just in time, and ran out of the kitchen before she could be discovered.


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