visit to mexico pt vii


visit to mexico pt viiTerry managed to make it up to her room and into the shower without beingnoticed by anyone and stood under the cold spray of water for quite awhile. Slowly her body cooled down and returned to normal after theunexpected erotic massage she received from Theresa. So many questionswere bombarding her mind as she went over all of the recent events thathave been creating such confusion for her since her trip began. Everythingthat Rene had said to her, all of the confusing feelings that she had noanswers for, were starting to make sense. She had allowed herself tobecome so sexually deprived throughout her sheltered life that now anythingand everything seemed arousing to her.Carmen was no longer just a friend, a mature woman that she found herselflooking up to for her strength and kindness, but a sexually attractivewoman that she wanted to please and service. Their time together nursingwas no longer just medicinal, but very erotic and sexually exciting forTerry. She longed to suck and lick and squeeze and caress Carmen’s breastsjust for the pure feeling of euphoria that overwhelmed her senses whenevershe was around the older woman. It was almost as if she had been somehowprogrammed to react in a sexual way whenever she was with Carmen and sawher naked body. As much as she had been denying it these past few weeksshe couldn’t help but admit to herself that she enjoyed it and continued tolook forward to experiencing the wonderful sensations over and over again.It was also becoming very obvious that Carmen herself was experiencingsimilar feelings and was also deriving sexual release whenever they weretogether.Terry’s thoughts then turned to Rosa. However similar the feelings she wasexperiencing for Rosa were she could not deny that there was something elseas well. She felt a closeness to Rosa that she could not explain. Shefelt excited and giddy whenever Rosa was around her and butterflies alwaysseemed to flutter about so wonderfully in her stomach when they weretogether. Terry knew that she felt sexually attracted to Rosa and wasconstantly ogling the young girl’s impressive figure like some perverteddeviant. She wanted to touch it and hold it and caress it every time theywere close together.Could she be a lesbian like Rene suggested? Could she be so sexuallyattracted to Carmen and Rosa, because she was a lesbian, that she wasseeing and reading so much more into their interactions than there reallywas? Surely neither woman appears to be sexually attracted to her as faras she could tell. Neither of them has come out and made any serioussexual advances to her that would suggest that they had similar desires forher. But then there was Theresa.Theresa had seduced her so quickly and so perfectly with her wonderfulmassage, and it was obvious to Terry that Theresa knew what she was doingwhen she masturbated her to such a wonderful climax. The most telling factwas when Theresa invited her to go to her room later that night to do evenmore things together. Terry could not ignore the obvious attraction thatTheresa apparently had for her and her desire to pursue it. Was Theresa alesbian? Is that why Theresa seduced her? Because it was so easy for herto see that she was a lesbian as well? Terry knew she had to find out.She would go to Theresa’s room later that night and ask her these questionsto see if she was right. She just had to know the answers for sure.Dinner that evening was nice. They all ate the delicious tamales thatCarmen and Rosa had prepared and they talked about anything and everything.It all seemed so surreal to Terry as she sat there enjoying everyone’scompany. She caught Theresa staring at her a few times with a definitelook of confidence that only strengthened her own feelings that she wasright about Theresa. Terry just to see her later and hopefully get someanswers to some of her questions.After dinner Theresa, Rosa and Terry went to the living room and startedwatching a movie on TV while Carmen excused herself and went upstairs toher room. A little while later Theresa got up and said that she wasgetting tired and went to her room as well. When the movie was over Terryexcused herself and went upstairs while Rosa remained and continued towatch TV by herself.Terry changed out of her clothes and put on a short robe over a matchinglace bra and thong. She paced back and forth in her room as she nervouslycontemplated what she would say to Theresa when she saw her later. It wasabout an hour later when she heard Rosa come upstairs and walk past herdoor and into her own room. Terry waited another 10 minutes or so beforeshe quietly opened her door and snuck down the hallway. She noticed thatCarmen’s door was slightly ajar, but did not think twice about it as shemade her way down the stairs.Theresa’s room was downstairs on the other side of the house and shequietly made her way through the darkened house. She noticed the thinstrip of light coming out from under Theresa’s door as she approached herroom and was about to knock when she heard voices coming from inside.Terry was confused at first and put her ear up to the door in an effort tohear whom Theresa was talking to. It only took her a second to realizethat the other voice belonged to Carmen and she immediately slumped hershoulders in disappointment that perhaps she had again mistaken thereadings she was getting from Theresa earlier. She was just about ready togive up on talking to Theresa when she heard an unmistakable moan ofpleasure come from inside the room. With her interest piqued she leanedagainst the door and placed her ear fully against the surface in an attemptto hear exactly what the two women were talking about.”Oh, mother you are so bad,” hissed Theresa. “What is that thing?””I picked this up this afternoon. It took 4 weeks for it to come in and Ithought you’d like to be the first one to try it out,” replied Carmen.”How does it work?” asked Theresa breathlessly.”I’ll show you in a minute, but first we need to get you secured so youdon’t accidentally break it once I get it all hooked up,” said Carmen.Terry was puzzled and continued to listen as she heard some rustling noisescoming from inside. She heard a few ‘yelps’ from Theresa and then whatsounded like giggles from Carmen. After a few minutes she heard footstepswalking around the room and then sound of a piece of furniture beingdragged across the wooden floor. A moment later she heard a switch ‘click’and then the faint humming noise of what sounded like a small electricmotor.”Are you sure that thing is safe?” pleaded Theresa.”Of course it’s safe. It is fully warranted to perform to the user’sutmost satisfaction,” assured Carmen. “Are you ready sweetie?””Yes, go ahead,” answered Theresa with a nervous twinge in her voice.Terry heard another ‘click’ and then what sounded like a small vacuum turnon. A moment later the vacuum sound quieted and Theresa ‘yelped’ sharplyas though she had been pinched.”Aaahhh!” yelped Theresa again.”How’s that feel?” asked Carmen.”Uh, uh, kind of strange, but nice too,” replied Theresa with anxiety inher voice.”Alright then, let me turn it up a little,” said Carmen.”Oooohhhhh!” moaned Theresa a few moments later. “Oh my god! I can’tbelieve how that feels!””Do you like it sweetie?” asked Carmen.”Oh god, YES! It feels incredible!” exclaimed Theresa.Terry was beside herself with curiosity as she continued to eavesdrop onthe two women. She just had to see what they were doing. Terry steppedback and looked around cautiously for a moment before she gathered thecourage to open the door and take a peak inside. She quietly gripped thedoorknob and slowly turned the handle until the latch disengaged and thedoor opened slightly. Carefully Terry pushed on the door and opened it afew millimeters at a time until the light from inside the room slowly bledinto the dark hallway. When she had the door open a few inches Terrypeered through the small crack and looked into the room. As her eyesscanned the sparse bedroom she pushed the door open another few inchesuntil she could see both women as they sat on a large bed on the far sideof the room.Terry’s pupils dilated and then her eyes opened wide with shock as her minddeciphered the images in front of her. Theresa was sitting up against theheadboard of her bed and appeared to have both wrists tied to either cornerof it. She was completely naked and her ample chest was fully exposed asit rose up and down with every heavy breath she took. Her eyes were shuttightly with her head tilted back and her mouth open. Carmen was sittingon the edge of the bed next to her and was eagerly staring at Theresa’sbreasts with a wicked grin on her face.It was then that Terry focused in on Theresa’s chest and saw what Carmenfound so fascinating. There appeared to be some kind of clear plastic hoseattached to each of Theresa’s nipples. The other ends of the long hoseswere attached to a small motor or pump of some kind sitting on the endtable adjacent to the bed. The motor was what was making the faint’humming’ noise she heard earlier and the hoses wiggled with every movementas Theresa writhed about on the bed. There were small suction cupscovering Theresa’s engorged nipples and the tender flesh seemed to be beingsucked further into the clear plastic reservoirs.Carmen reached over and turned a small dial on the pump and the motorhumming increased slightly. Almost immediately Theresa arched her back andmoaned loudly as the suction increased on her tortured nipples. Terry’smouth fell open as she noticed Theresa’s nipples expand and stretch untilthey filled the cups completely and were then drawn into the hose itself.After several minutes she could see the pink hue of Theresa’s nipplesslowly fade until both nubs began to turn pale from the increased pressure.She also noticed how Theresa’s large breasts began to swell and firm up asthey too were affected by the vacuum pump as it sucked mercilessly on theengorged nipples.After another 10 minutes Theresa was writhing uncontrollably on the bed asshe arched her back and strained against her bound wrists in an effort tobreak free of the device securely attached to breasts. Her breathing wasbecoming more labored and her chest was rising and falling heavily as shegulped for air. Theresa’s huge breasts seemed to swell another full cupsize as they hardened and strained under the intense pressure from thepump. Her incredible breasts jiggled seductively as her writhing increasedand the hoses whipped around wildly, but did not lose their tight grip onher abused nipples.Carmen was still sitting calmly as she watched the incredibly eroticdisplay in front of her. Her eyes were wide in awe of how Theresa’s titswere responding to the treatment and she licked her lips with anticipationas her daughter writhed about in front of her. She then reached up withboth hands and grasped Theresa’s undulating ribcage. Carmen then slowlyslid her slender fingers up until they reached the underside of Theresa’sbulging tits. Her fingers encircled the firm flesh and slowly squeezed andmilked the beautiful flesh as Theresa writhed uncontrollably beneath her.”Mmmmmm, feel how swollen your tits have become sweetie,” purred Carmen asshe manipulated the firm mounds.”Oh my god, oh my gawd!” moaned Theresa as she opened her eyes and lookeddown at her swollen tits and obscenely engorged nipples.”Do you like my new toy?” asked Carmen.”Incredible,” whimpered Theresa.”Are you getting wet sweetie?” asked Carmen. “Would you like momma to takecare of her big girl, Hmmmm?”Theresa just moaned loudly and threw her head back as she arched her backthrusting her chest into Carmen’s hands. Carmen then stood up and openedher robe and let it fall to the floor exposing her nude body. Her nippleswere noticeably stiff as they stood pointed off of the tips of her largemounds. She then got onto the bed and positioned herself in betweenTheresa’s spread legs and slowly lowered her face into the writhing girl’scrotch. Carmen lightly caressed Theresa’s vagina and her fingers quicklybecame coated with her oozing secretions.Terry continued to watch in shock as Carmen’s fingers slowly dug intoTheresa’s swollen labia until she was pumping two fingers into herdaughter’s sopping pussy. Theresa’s hips were churning wildly as theyattempted to meet each thrust of Carmen’s fingers and drive them deeperinto her hot flesh. Carmen’s eyes filled with lust as she lowered her faceto her daughter’s exposed clit and flicked her tongue at it relentlessly.”Oooohhhhh! Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” screamed Theresa as her hips thrust intoCarmen’s tongue.”That’s it baby. Cum for momma!” encouraged Carmen as she re-attached hermouth to Theresa’s throbbing clit and continued to suck on it. Sheinserted a third finger into Theresa’s pussy and pumped her hand furiouslyas her daughter’s orgasm consumed her. Carmen held on for dear life asTheresa’s hips bucked wildly as she thrashed about like a woman possessedwhen she climaxed. Carmen did not let up on her sucking and continued topump her fingers in and out of Theresa’s spasming pussy as her climaxcontinued. Carmen finally detached herself after a few more minutes andallowed her daughter to slowly recover from her powerful orgasm.Terry was frozen in place as she continued to watch the incredible scene.She was powerless to move as she felt her body reacting to the eroticcouple as they writhed about in front of her. Terry was thoroughlymesmerized by the sight and could feel her own vagina begin to flow andsoak her panties. The sight of Carmen fingering and kissing Theresa’svagina, and making her body convulse and shudder so wildly against therestraints, was incredibly erotic. It was obvious to Terry that Theresajust had an amazing climax, at the hands of her own mother, and she justhad to watch it.Carmen then slowly got off of the bed and reached over to the pump andturned the machine off. She then reached over to Theresa’s swollen titsand with a firm tug was able to yank both hoses off of her lara escort engorgednipples. A loud ‘popping’ sound could be heard as the hoses disengagedfrom Theresa’s over-sized nipples.”Aaaahhhh!” yelped Theresa as her tortured nipples were released.Carmen looked down at her daughter’s obscenely swollen nipples and lightlybegan to trace her fingers around the engorged nubs. They were pale andswollen to more than twice their normal size and stood out more than twofull inches. The engorged nubs looked like thumbs sticking off of thepuffy areola and throbbed noticeably. Carmen then got up onto the bed andstraddled Theresa’s lap and grabbed her limp head with both hands andpulled her up to her own dangling breasts.”Okay baby, now suck momma’s tits and make me cum like you just did!”commanded Carmen as she pulled Theresa’s mouth onto her left nipple.Theresa voluntarily latched onto Carmen’s turgid nipple and began to suckon the hard flesh as she was asked. Her mouth was immediately filled withCarmen’s sweet milk as her lips and tongue sucked lovingly at the swollennipple.”Oh, yes, that’s it sweetie!” cooed Carmen as she felt Theresa’s mouthworking on her swollen tit.Terry felt a sudden, sharp pang of jealousy as she watched Theresa nursingfrom Carmen’s huge breast and knew what pleasure it was bringing her. Therealization that Carmen and Theresa were involved with each other in asexual relationship was also very arousing as Terry continued to spy on thetwo lovers. Her entire body was tingling all over and her panties wereabsolutely soaked with her juices as she continued to stare at the twobeautiful women writhing about only a few feet away.Carmen reached down and grabbed both of Theresa’s swollen nipples and beganto forcibly pinch and pull on the hard tips as her own nipples were beingnursed from. She was milking Theresa’s rubber-like nipples mercilessly asthe suction on her own tits was increased by her daughter’s building lust.After another few minutes of the exquisite treatment both women werecumming again and grinding their bodies against one another in an eroticdance.Terry could no longer compose herself and had to leave so she could relievethe incredible pressure that had been building up in her heated pussy sinceshe had discovered the two women pleasuring themselves. She quietly closedthe door and slowly made her way down the hallway until she was a safedistance away form Theresa’s room. Terry then leaned up against the walland sighed heavily as she attempted to regain enough composure to make itback upstairs and into her room where she could masturbate to theincredible images she had just witnessed. Just as she was approaching thestairs she heard footsteps coming down and when she looked up she saw Rosaslowly descending the stairs and then stop on the last step.”Terry?” asked Rosa tentatively as she peered into the darkness. “Is thatyou?””Yes, its me,” answered Terry as she stepped out of the shadows andapproached Rosa timidly.”What are you doing down here?” asked Rosa. “I thought you went to bedalready.””I, uh, I couldn’t sleep so I came down hear to get a glass of milk,”replied Terry.”Yeah, I’m not tired either. Would you like to come up to my room andtalk?” suggested Rosa innocently. “Maybe we could help each other to fallasleep.”Terry was so horny from watching Carmen and Theresa that all she reallywanted to do was go to her own room and masturbate herself to a satisfyingclimax. She was worried that her physical arousal was obvious and did notwant to spend any time with Rosa alone for fear that Rosa might sense heraroused state and start asking her some embarrassing questions. Terry juststood there speechless for a moment while she attempted to think ofsomething to say and avoid going to Rosa’s room.”Come on Terry. We could sit and talk and do each other’s hair and nailsand stuff just like a slumber party. Don’t you think that would be fun?”added Rosa with a girlish giggle in her voice.”A slumber party? Well, I, uh, never…” stammered Terry nervously.”Don’t tell me you’ve never been to a slumber party before?!” asked Rosaincredulously.”Well, no actually, not that I can remember,” answered Terry.”Then we should have one right now. It will be fun!” exclaimed Rosa as shegrabbed Terry’s hand and pulled her up the stairs like an excited littleschoolgirl.Rosa led Terry into her room and closed the door. The only light in theroom was from several large candles sitting on a small makeup table set upagainst the wall and on the nightstand adjacent to Rosa’s bed. There was asmall chair positioned in front of the makeup table where Rosa led Terryand sat her down so she was facing the large vanity mirror. The entireroom was filled with the sweet fragrance of jasmine that the scentedcandles produced.”Now just sit here and get comfortable while I get things ready. I’ll doyou first since you’ve never been to been to a slumber party before anddon’t worry I’ll make sure you get the full treatment,” explained Rosa.Rosa then disappeared into the bathroom for several minutes beforereturning with two small dishes that she placed on the table in front ofTerry. Both dishes were filled with some kind of lotion and Rosa picked upboth of Terry’s hands and placed them in each dish submerging her handsinto the silky liquid.”Now just soak your hands in this for a while and I’ll do your hair,”instructed Rosa as she picked up a large brush and stood behind Terry.Rosa then began to brush Terry’s long hair from root to tip. She gentlypulled the soft bristles through Terry’s hair and caressed the silkystrands with her free hand at the same time. Rosa looked into Terry’sreflection in the mirror and smiled warmly when their eyes met.Everything was happening so quickly that Terry barely had a chance toprotest, but after a few more gentle strokes of the hair brush she wasslowly warming up to the experience. The combination of the sweet jasminescented candles, the cool lotion numbing her fingers and the soothingfeeling of the hairbrush combing through her silky hair and scr****g alongher sensitive scalp was wonderful. Soon her entire head was tingling andevery hair on her neck was standing at full attention from the exquisitetreatment. Terry’s eyelids began to flutter as she stared into the mirrorand watched Rosa brush and caress her hair so lovingly. It was only thenthat Terry took notice of what Rosa was wearing. She hadn’t really seenRosa in the dark downstairs, but now she could see her much clearer in thesoft glow of the candles. She was only wearing a white baby doll nightieand lace thong. The sheer material of the nightie was virtuallytransparent, under the soft candlelight, and clearly showed that she wasnot wearing a bra. Terry’s eyes were immediately drawn to the obvious darkareola and thick pointed nipples that tented the flimsy top and barelycovered Rosa below her thong-covered crotch that was plainly visible.Rosa continued to gently brush and caress Terry’s hair as she watched theolder woman’s eyes shift around and drink in her full reflection in themirror. She knew that Terry could see her naked body through the sheermaterial and was becoming very aroused at the thought that Terry waslooking at her. Rosa’s large nipples became diamond hard and pointed atthe thought of having Terry’s eyes boring into them. She could feel thempressing into the silky material as it rubbed deliciously against thesensitive nubs. After only a few minutes they were achingly stiff and shewas being driven to insanity by the incredible sensations that the babydoll was producing in them as it rubbed against them incessantly.Terry could swear that Rosa’s beautiful nipples were growing longer andstiffer right before her very eyes as she watched her perfect breastsjiggle beneath the transparent nightie. She tried to recall the image shehad of them, from earlier that afternoon in the back yard, and guessed thatthey must be extending more than an inch off of her enormous breasts.Terry’s eyes momentarily looked up and met Rosa’s gaze in the reflectionand watched her pouting lips stretch slightly into a warm smile. Terry wasfeeling so light-headed from Rosa brushing her hair that she absentmindedlyreturned the smile and closed her eyes while she continued to enjoy thesoothing treatment.Rosa stopped brushing Terry’s hair just long enough to put the brush downbefore she then began to pull her fingers through the silken locks andoccasionally massage Terry’s scalp with her fingertips. She knew howerotic such treatment could be and continued to caress Terry’s hair withher languid strokes. Rosa was pleased with Terry’s response and could tellthat the older woman was enjoying the sensations when she closed her eyesand seemed to purr from the wonderful sensations. She leaned forwardslightly and looked down at Terry’s cleavage and was rewarded with anincredible view of her tits as the top of her robe had fallen openslightly. She could also see that Terry’s nipples were straining at thelace cup of her bra and were sticking out prominently through the sheermaterial of her robe.Rosa removed her hands from Terry’s hair, after several more minutes of theexquisite caressing, and then moved around to her side and lifted upTerry’s right hand. She took Terry’s hand and gently caressed the palm andevery finger as she smoothed the lotion into the skin lovingly. Rosacaressed every millimeter of Terry’s hand, even in between her fingers, asshe worked the lotion into every pore.Terry opened her eyes as she felt Rosa’s caressing hands begin to stirstill newer sensations from her delicate hands. She watched transfixed asRosa’s dainty, brown fingers caressed and stroked her own cream-coloredhands and fingers. Terry remained lightheaded from Rosa’s gentle caressingand sat motionless and allowed Rosa to put her well-massaged right handdown to begin the same treatment with her left hand for the next severalminutes. She then watched Rosa take both her hands and pull them up to herface so she was rubbing them up against Rosa’s soft, brown cheeks.”Mmmmmm, doesn’t that feel nice?” asked Rosa as she stroked her own facewith Terry’s limp hands. “That lotion makes your hands feel so soft andsmooth, doesn’t it?””Yes, its very nice,” breathed Terry as she watched Rosa continue tocontrol her hands and rub them all over her beautiful face.”Hmmmm, what should we do next?” asked Rosa as she put Terry’s hands in herlap. “Oh, I know…” she said as she began to go through the top drawer ofthe table and fumbled about with various compacts and brushes. “Lipstick!”cried Rosa as she triumphantly held up a shiny, new tube of lipstick. “Ibet you are going to look great in this color!” continued Rosa as shepulled off the cap and twisted the tube exposing the bright red stick.”Oh, okay, I guess,” stuttered Terry as she nervously eyed the lipstick.”Alright then, now open your mouth and purse your lips,” instructed Rosa asshe prepared to apply the lipstick to Terry’s mouth.Terry did as she was asked and formed her lips into a small oval and waitedfor Rosa to apply the lipstick. She looked at Rosa’s bright eyes and thenback to the red stick as it closed on her mouth. Gently it pressed againsther upper lip and then spread across to one corner before returning tospread over to the other half of her lip.Rosa carefully applied the red lipstick all over Terry’s pouting upper lipuntil it was covered with a thick and luscious layer of the bright redcolor. She then spread the stick all over Terry’s lower lip until it toolooked plump and juicy from the thick, red coating. Rosa made sure toapply the lipstick to accentuate every sensuous curve of Terry’s poutinglips and to make them appear slightly larger than normal.”Mmmmmm, that looks great on you,” praised Rosa as she finished.Terry turned her head slightly and looked at Rosa’s handiwork in the mirrorand was almost shocked to see just how much larger and plumper her lipslooked with the thick coating of red lipstick. She usually did not wearlipstick and certainly nothing as bold as the bright, fire engine redlipstick that now covered her lush lips.”Do you like the color?” asked Rosa as she looked into Terry’s eyes in themirror and then began to smear the red lipstick across her own mouth. “Ithink it looks great on you. I just love this color.”Terry just nodded her head in agreement as she watched Rosa apply the redcolor onto her thick lips until they were just as bright as her own.”And now the finishing touch,” announced Rosa as she put down the lipstickand held up a clear tube of lip-gloss. “This should complete the look wewant.”Terry just sat still and allowed Rosa to apply a thick coating of the shinygloss all over her freshly painted lips until they sparkled in thecandlelight. She then watched Rosa apply the gloss to her own lips as welluntil both of their mouths shone brilliantly in the mirror. Terry wasamazed at how different and sexy both of them looked just after adding alittle lipstick and gloss to their mouths. Rosa’s thick lips lookedespecially plumper and juicier in their shiny new red coat.”Well? What do you think?” asked Rosa.”Um, I, uh,” stammered Terry as should tried to think of something to say.”Why don’t you stand up so I can get a better look at you?” instructedRosa.Terry instinctively stood up and allowed Rosa to look her over from head totoe as if she was on display for the young girl. She felt strange standingthere while Rosa slowly walked around her and eyed her every curve anddetail.”Hmmmm, you know you’re right, something is missing,” said Rosa as shecarefully scrutinized Terry. “Why don’t we get you dressed up in somethinga little more appropriate, okay?”Terry did not have a chance to respond before Rosa untied the sash on herrobe and pulled the silken garment off of her shoulders leaving herstanding there in only her green lace bra and thong. Terry remained stillas Rosa walked around her again and eyed her scantily clad body. She knewher nipples were getting hard and she was sure escort lara that Rosa could see them asthey poked through the thin lace cups of her bra.”Hmmmm, I think I’ve got just the thing that will look great on you Terry,”said Rosa as she turned and headed over to her dresser and began to rummagethrough some clothes. A moment later she pulled something out and returnedto where Terry remained standing and held out a red, patent leather bustierand said, “Now this should do the trick.”Terry’s eyes almost bugged out of her head as she looked over the sexybustier dangling in front of her. It looked very slender and the patentleather shone in the candlelight and matched the shade of her new lipstickalmost perfectly. Her eyes quickly followed Rosa as she put the sexylingerie down and then walked up to her and immediately reached out tounclasp her bra. Terry looked up into Rosa’s eyes and opened her mouth toprotest, but nothing came out as the young girl released the clasp andswiftly pulled the bra off of her chest. She watched Rosa’s eyes as theylooked down and fixed on her stiff nipples that seemed to stretch out evenfurther as the cool air swept across them.”I just love your skin complexion Terry,” cooed Rosa as her eyes drank inTerry’s naked form. “It’s so creamy and smooth. You look like a perfectchina doll.”Rosa took a step closer and gently placed her hands on Terry’s shouldersand caressed her upper arms ever so slightly. Rosa watched as Terry’s skinwas quickly covered with a thin layer of goose bumps as her gentlecaressing had its desired effect on the older woman. She watched carefullyas Terry’s areola wrinkled and puckered noticeably as her erect nippleshardened to a point where they could cut glass.”Your body is so perfect,” continued Rosa in a low voice. “It looks sodelicate and smooth. Look at how different it is from mine.”Terry was frozen with fear and lust as she watched helplessly as Rosagrabbed the hem of her baby doll and effortlessly lifted it up and over herhead exposing her own body. Terry’s eyes were immediately drawn to herample breasts and the incredibly long, hard nipples that jutted off them.Rosa’s bronze skin was indeed a wonderful contrast to her own palecomplexion as she gazed in awe at the younger girl’s amazing figure. Terrywatched silently as Rosa stepped still closer and her huge breasts inchednearer and nearer until their pointed nipples were a mere few inches apart.She immediately noticed the differences in their breasts and nipples andfor the first time realized that all women’s breasts were different andbeautiful in so many ways.”See at how different we look?” breathed Rosa seductively as she inchedcloser until their nipples pressed into one another.Terry gasped out loud when their hot flesh touched, but did not make anyattempt to pull away.”I love the way our skin looks next to each other like this,” continuedRosa as their tits pressed together fully. “Don’t you love the way ourskin complexions contrast?”Terry’s eyes were riveted to their breasts as they molded into one anothercreating an erotic image in her head. The contrast in their skin colorswas somehow so arousing to her as her eyes drank in the scene of their firmbreasts pressing into each other’s chest. She could feel their stiffnipples kissing each other’s as well as they poked into their hot flesh.Rosa closed her eyes momentarily as she allowed the wonderful breast-kissto continue for a few seconds longer. She could swear that Terry’s hardnubs were going to pierce her skin if she pushed forward any further intothe older woman’s chest. Rosa reluctantly pulled back and disengaged theirtits from the incredible kiss and looked down at their flushed chests.”Mmmmmm,” groaned Rosa softly. “That felt nice, didn’t it?”Terry swallowed hard, but could not answer the pointed question.”Now let’s get you in this bustier. I can’t wait to see you in it,” saidRosa as she retrieved the bustier and stepped behind Terry.Rosa held the bustier up against Terry and reached around with her freehand to grasp the other side and pull it around to her back. She stretchedthe material until both sides met and she was able to clasp one of thehooks. Rosa then proceeded to clasp all of the hooks and adjust thegarment slightly before walking around to face Terry. Rosa lifted firstone and then the other breast as she manipulated Terry’s tits into theirproper place. The bustier was slightly tight on Terry and it lifted herlarge tits and pushed them together to form two perfect mounds with a deepcrevice of cleavage in between. The tight fit of the leather enhancedTerry’s hourglass figure and accentuated her narrow waist and wide hips toperfection.”Wow, you look incredible!” praised Rosa as she hungrily eyed Terry’s sexyform.Terry turned towards the mirror and was at first shocked at the sexy imagethat stood there staring back at her. Her breasts looked as if they wereresting on a shelf as they were pushed up and together by the tight garmentand her figure looked almost cartoonish as the bustier transformed hershape so dramatically. The shiny red leather was such a stark contrast toher creamy complexion and matched her pouting red lips perfectly. If shehadn’t known that the woman she was looking at was her, she would’vethought that she was looking at a hooker dressed up for a long night’swork.”I know what would look really hot,” said Rosa as she stepped over to themakeup table and picked up the tube of red lipstick. “Can I trysomething?”Terry’s eyes never left her reflection as she watched Rosa grab her rightbreast firmly and begin to apply a thick coat of the red lipstick to herimpossibly hard nipple and swollen areola. Within seconds Rosa hadcompletely covered her entire nipple with the lipstick and then switchedher attention to her other breast. Moments later Rosa stepped back andthen pulled out the lip-gloss and proceeded to smear both of her nippleswith the shiny, clear gloss. When Rosa stepped back Terry could see bothof her newly painted nipples shining back at her like two bright redbeacons. The combination of her pale skin, the shiny lipstick on both ofher nipples and lips, as well as the tight patent leather bustier made foran incredibly erotic image. She would never have recognized the woman inthe reflection to be her if someone were to hand her a photograph.”Oh my god, Terry, you look soooo hot!” exclaimed Rosa as she eyed herhandiwork with lust-filled eyes. “What do you think?”Terry just kept staring at herself with a dumbfounded look on her face asshe tried to remember what she really looked like. It was pointlessbecause all she could see was the slut that stared back at her wantonly.”Terry? What would you like to do next?” asked Rosa innocently as sheslowly turned Terry to face her again.Terry just looked at Rosa blankly unable to answer her.”Do you know what I’d like to do?” asked Rosa coyly as she averted Terry’seyes and looked at the floor shyly.Terry just shook her head slowly.”I’d, um, really like to, uh, practice kissing again,” said Rosa in herbest c***d-like voice as she looked back into Terry’s eyes. “Would youlike to do that for a little while, too?”A loud bell starting ringing in Terry’s head at the thought of kissing Rosaagain. As much as she thought Rosa just wanted to ‘practice’ kissing atthat moment Terry wanted to kiss for ‘real’. She had enjoyed kissing Rosaso much, the last time that they practiced, that she had been longing to doit ever since. She had never really enjoyed kissing before, but after herbody reacted so incredibly from Rosa’s amazing touch she now had a wholenew, positive outlook on the experience. Terry just couldn’t bring herselfto ask Rosa to do it, however, for fear that she might alienate her withsuch a request. If Rosa wanted to do it though that was all togetherdifferent, but Terry just had to be careful not to show too much enthusiasmor interest so Rosa wouldn’t get the wrong idea.”Terry? Could we, please?” implored Rosa in a soft voice as she tookseveral steps closer to Terry until they were almost touching again.Terry’s eyes began to glaze over as she nodded her head.Rosa smiled broadly and put her hands on Terry’s shoulders and lightlycaressed her arms again. She then looked down at both of their chests andpositioned herself so that their nipples were pointed directly at oneanother’s before she stepped forward and pulled Terry towards her at thesame time. Both women’s nipples touched and then pressed firmly into oneanother’s soft breast flesh as their bodies melted together in a warmembrace. Rosa watched with delight as Terry’s mouth dropped open in asilent gasp as she pulled their bodies together and wrapped her arms aroundTerry’s back. The two women’s faces were mere millimeters apart and theycould feel each other’s breath as Rosa’s mouth hovered just out of reach.Rosa allowed her nose to lightly graze all around Terry’s face as sheinhaled her perfumed skin like a delicate flower.”Mmmmmm, I love the way you smell. Soooo sweet,” breathed Rosa softly asshe positioned her moist lips just over Terry’s quivering mouth. “Her goesnothing. I hope I’m doing this right.”Rosa pressed her lips up against Terry’s and applied just enough pressureto elicit a soft groan of approval from Terry. She could feel Terry’sdesire growing as she allowed the sensual kiss to last for more than 30seconds before pulling back and taking in several breaths of air.”Am I getting any better?” whispered Rosa sweetly.Terry meagerly whimpered her answer.”Good,” replied Rosa as she closed her mouth over Terry’s again.Terry was in bliss as she felt Rosa’s soft lips attach to her own again andslowly slid around as they began another more sensual kiss. The slickfeeling of their lipstick-covered lips as they slid around was an addedbonus to their pleasure. Terry loved the way their mouths melted soperfectly together. It was almost as though they were perfectly matchedfor the experience. Terry’s breathing was getting heavier by the second asthe kiss lasted longer than a full minute until she finally felt Rosa pullback again and release her seductive grip on her pulsating lips.”Now let’s kiss for real,” instructed Rosa softly. “Put your arms aroundme and hold me.”Terry obeyed her instantly and slowly raised her hands up and tentativelywrapped them around Rosa’s back.”That’s good. Now hold me tight,” continued Rosa as she plunged forwardagain and pressed their lips together with more force and enthusiasm.Rosa expertly maneuvered their slick mouths around and opened her mouthjust enough to allow her tongue to extend forward until it reached Terry’sslightly parted mouth. She used the tip of her tongue to feel all overTerry’s front teeth before finally prying open the older woman’s jaw andthrusting her tongue fully into her mouth. Rosa firmly held Terry’s headwith one hand as she pressed their faces together and fully extended hertongue into the deepest recesses of Terry’s yearning mouth.Terry instinctively tightened her hold on Rosa as the growing heat of thekiss increased dramatically. She tried to relax, but her building passionand Rosa’s incessant tongue prevented her from backing down. Rosa’s lipsand tongue tasted so sweet she couldn’t think of any candy that was sweeteror more desirable to her at that moment. Both women were breathing heavilythrough their noses as the kiss continued now for several minutes. Even ifTerry wanted to end the kiss Rosa’s tight grip on the back of her headwould prevent any such occurrence until Rosa wanted it to end. Terry’shands slowly began to move around and caress up and down Rosa’s smoothback.Rosa was thrusting her tongue all around Terry’s warm mouth and played aloving duel with her quivering tongue. Rosa was becoming intoxicated withTerry’s delicious lips and could feel her own desire building from deepwithin. She could feel Terry’s hands begin to slowly wander all around andexplore her smooth back as the kiss lingered on. Rosa’s grip tightened onTerry’s head as her fingers entangled themselves in her soft hair. Herother hand was roaming around Terry’s patent-leather clad back and wasenjoying the unique feel of the soft leather. Rosa was gently rotating herchest into Terry’s and was relishing the feeling of her hardened nipplesscr****g around Terry’s stiff points as their tits mashed together. Theslick feel of Terry’s lipstick-covered nipples was only adding to theincredible sensations as their firm mounds slid against each other.Terry was slowly losing herself in the incredible kiss as her mind wentinto sensory overload with all of the amazing sensations bombarding hernervous system. Between Rosa’s luscious lips and the electricity that wasslowly building in her sensitive breasts as they were achingly massaged byRosa’s own firm flesh. She whimpered incessantly when she felt Rosa’sfingers begin to fumble with the clasps holding her bustier together.Rosa deftly managed to undo every clasp on the leather bustier until itfinally gave way and split apart behind Terry’s back. It was only thenthat Rosa loosened her grip on Terry’s head and pulled back until theirlips disengaged and both women gasped for much needed air. Rosa could feelthe bustier slip between their bodies and fall uselessly to the floorbelow.”Did you like that?” asked Rosa as she sucked on Terry’s earlobe.”Oh, yeeeesss!” gasped Terry as she gulped for air.”So did I!” hissed Rosa as she continued to suckle on Terry’s supple ear.”I like kissing. I like kissing a lot!”Rosa then began to drag her moist lips along Terry’s jaw line licking andsucking on the soft flesh as she slowly moved toward her mouth again. Herlips left a telltale trail along their path as the remainder of the brightred lipstick smeared itself all over the alabaster skin on Terry’s neck andface.”I like kissing you!” moaned Rosa as she lifted up and mashed her hungrylips over Terry’s panting mouth once again.Terry’s moan was muffled by Rosa’s mouth.Rosa attacked Terry’s mouth with much more aggression this time lara escort bayan as shesloppily maneuvered her lips around and thrust her tongue in and out ofTerry’s open mouth. The urgency in this kiss was noticeably greater asboth women seemed to notch things up a bit. Rosa’s hands were now roamingfreely all over Terry’s exposed back and shoulders as she reveled in thesilky-smooth texture of the creamy skin. Rosa could feel Terry’s handstentatively feeling around her bare back and badly needed to have her ownflesh pawed at with more enthusiasm.”Move your hands lower,” implored Rosa as she briefly removed her suckingmouth from Terry’s lips long enough to speak the words and then reattachedtheir mouths.Terry heard Rosa’s request, but it did not register immediately in her mindwhat to do about it.Rosa continued to smother Terry’s face with her own and smear the remainderof their lipstick all over their lips and cheeks as the passion of the kissincreased. She was now moving her own hands lower on Terry’s body untilshe reached the waistband of her thong and the upper swell of Terry’s firmbottom.”Feel me, hold me, lower, please,” begged Rosa as she once again toreherself away from their kiss long enough to plead with Terry to do what shemost desperately wanted. Rosa suckled on Terry’s lower lip and added,”Please Terry, I want you to!” Rosa then moved back to Terry’s quiveringlips and pressed their open mouths together again while thrusting hertongue past the older woman’s parted lips.Terry heard Rosa’s pleas, but did not understand exactly what she wantedher to do. She had already moved her hands to caress the girl’s lowerback. How much lower did she want her go? Terry was thoroughly enjoyingher chance to touch and caress the beautiful girl’s body, but now she wasstarting to worry that perhaps Rosa wasn’t enjoying her touch. She allowedher hands to wander lower, until they met the waistband of Rosa’s panties,and then began to concentrate her efforts on Rosa’s waist area. After onlya few moments Rosa seemed to groan impatiently into her mouth and thenTerry felt Rosa’s hands reach down and grab both of her ass cheeks. Terrywas at first shocked by the touch, but quickly forgot all about beingshocked as her bottom began to warm up to the brazen fondling almostimmediately. It was then that Terry realized what Rosa wanted and shemustered up the courage to lower her hands further and touch the younggirl’s bottom. As soon as her hands traversed the waistband of Rosa’sthong she felt her fingers ride up and over the upper swell of her firmbottom until the palms of her hands were centered on the meaty portion ofboth ass cheeks.Rosa immediately squealed with delight into Terry’s mouth as she felt herhands reaching down to her quivering ass cheeks. Rosa then pressed hermouth even more forcefully onto Terry’s and thrust her tongue as deep intoTerry’s mouth as she could get it when she felt Terry’s fingers spreadslightly and then grip two big handfuls of her hot ass flesh. Shecontinued to piston her long tongue in and out of Terry’s gaping mouth andincreased her aggressive thrusting in direct correlation to how Terry wasnow squeezing and fondling her ass.”Oh god, YES! That’s what I want!” cried Rosa as she tilted her head backmomentarily and enjoyed the sensation. “That feels so good!”Rosa then leaned forward again and dipped her head down so she could attachher yearning mouth to Terry’s succulent neck and throat. She alternatelysucked and licked and kissed every inch of Terry’s sensitive throat andneck as the hands on her ass grew bolder with their fondling. Rosa’s ownhands were busy working over Terry’s meaty flanks as well, and she madesure she dug her strong fingers and sharp nails into the pliant fleshrepeatedly as she groped wildly.Terry’s eyes opened slightly and found herself staring directly into thereflection of both women, in the large vanity mirror, as they embraced eachother. She was mesmerized by the image of her pale skinned hands as theygripped and squeezed the firm, bronze flesh of Rosa’s perfectly shapedbottom. Terry was encouraged by Rosa’s response to her new actions and waspleased to see how good it was making Rosa feel. She was proud that Rosa’smoans of pleasure were a direct result of her efforts and she found thatthe harder she squeezed Rosa’s cheeks the louder the young girl moaned.Terry watched in the reflection as her slender fingers spread out andpulled and gripped and fondled the beautiful cheeks from top to bottom.She especially enjoyed it when she would grip and spread both cheeks apartexposing the thin, white strip of material that was buried so deeplybetween them. The lacey material looked so sexy and feminine against thedarker crease of the valley between the full, brown mounds.Rosa was thoroughly enjoying the butt massage that Terry was giving her andshe was slurping madly on Terry’s soft throat just above her collarbone.After several minutes of feasting on Terry’s neck Rosa started movinghigher as she yearned to dip her tongue back into Terry’s delicious mouthand taste her sweet lips again. As soon as her moist lips passed overTerry chin she lurched forward and forcefully attached herself to Terry’spanting lips again. Rosa wasted little time before she resumed her experttongue fucking of Terry’s mouth as she pistoned her long tongue into thedeepest recesses of the older woman’s mouth repeatedly. She forced hertongue so deep at times that it almost seemed like she could get it intoTerry’s throat with just a little more effort.Rosa’s hands were busy as well as they released their tight grip on Terry’sass cheeks and slowly made their way around to her stomach and then beganto move upwards. They caressed the smooth flesh until they reached thebottom swell of Terry’s compressed tits as they were pressed flat againsther chest by Rosa’s own chest. She quickly released some pressure andstepped back slightly in order to allow some space for her hands to work onTerry’s full tits. Rosa’s fingers spread out over the great expanse ofboth her tits and could feel the difference between Terry’s soft, smoothskin to where the thick lipstick had been smeared all over the silkenflesh. Terry moaned her appreciation into Rosa’s gaping mouth as herexperienced hands squeezed and fondled the sensitive flesh. When herfingers reached the sticky, lipstick-covered nipples she had a difficulttime gripping the stiff nubs between her fingertips due to the slickcoating of lipstick and gloss on them. After several failed attempts topinch the pointed tips Rosa knew what she had to do. She reluctantlydetached her mouth from Terry’s and swiftly stepped back, and leaned downin one quick motion, and attached her hot mouth to Terry’s right nipple.”Oooohhhhh!” yelped Terry as she suddenly felt the warmth of Rosa’s mouthenvelope her turgid nipple.Terry opened her eyes again and looked into the mirror to see Rosa bentover in front of her with her face buried into her right breast as shesuckled madly from it. She was astonished at what she saw as her eyescleared and made out every detail of her lipstick-smeared breasts. Thecreamy, alabaster skin covering her large breasts were streaked and smearedwith the thick, red lipstick undoubtedly caused by the friction createdwhen their chests were pressed together during the duration of theirpassionate embrace. The whole scene was extremely erotic to Terry as shecontinued to watch in disbelief as Rosa lapped at her tender nipples andthe surrounding breast flesh like a girl possessed. After her right breastappeared to be cleaned of the waxy lipstick residue Rosa quickly turned herattention to her left breast and began kissing and sucking and lapping atthat nipple with just as much enthusiasm. Terry continued to watch Rosaand reveled in the incredible sensations her nipples were sending to herbrain.After another 5 or 10 minutes Rosa had managed to clean most of the stickylipstick off of Terry’s ample breasts and she pulled her mouth away fromthe tantalizing flesh. She stood up quickly and then leaned forward toengage the two women’s mouths in yet another passionate kiss as Rosa grewhungry for Terry’s sweet lips once again. As Rosa resumed her exquisitetongue fucking of Terry’s mouth she also brought both her hands up toTerry’s tits and grabbed both nipples between her thumbs and forefingersand pulled and twisted them simultaneously. Terry’s muffled moan echoeddown Rosa’s throat as she reacted exactly as Rosa had hoped. Rosa couldalso feel Terry’s hands on her ass grip her flesh firmly and hold onto itfor dear life as the sharp jolt from her nipples coursed through her body.Terry’s breasts and nipples were screaming with pleasure as Rosa touchedand pulled and pinched them like they had never been handled before. Shewas amazed at the incredible sensations that the young girl’s hands andfingers and mouth were producing in her breasts. Terry’s entire being wasbeing consumed by all of the amazing sensations from Rosa’s tonguethrusting incessantly down her throat to the unbelievable pain and pleasurethat her experienced fingers were producing as they pawed mercilessly ather swollen breasts. She instinctively increased the firmness of herfondling as she manhandled Rosa’s firm bottom. Terry grabbed the thinstrip of material of Rosa’s thong where it attached to the waistband andfirmly wrapped it around several fingers so she had a secure grip on it.She then spread open Rosa’s ass by pulling on one cheek before she thenbegan to pull and tug on the crotch of her thong with the other hand.Rosa squealed suddenly into Terry’s open mouth as she felt the crotch ofher thong being pulled up and into her swollen labia from behind. Thelacey material was being forced into the puffy folds of her vagina as Terrycontinued to tug on the material. The front patch of her thong was soonpressing directly onto her engorged clit as the panty was pulled furtherand further into her soaking pussy. Soon Rosa had to pull her mouth off ofTerry’s as the exquisite pressure from the taught material began to biteinto her sensitive flesh. She rested her head on Terry’s shoulder and bitinto her sensitive neck as Terry continued to saw the lacey thong acrossher heated pussy.Terry looked into the mirror again and watched in awe as the thin, whitestrip of material slid along the valley of Rosa’s ass and dug into theswollen labia of her dripping vagina. The thin material was being pulledso taught that it would disappear completely in between Rosa’s puffy outerlips. It also became quite obvious that Rosa’s vagina was drooling fromthe treatment as the material quickly became soaked with her juices. Terrycould see Rosa’s entire, bald vagina glistening with her secretions as shecontinued to saw the thong back and forth. Rosa’s ass cheeks werequivering and her hips were undulating with every tug on her thong.”Oooohhhhh my god! Don’t stop, don’t STOP!” cried Rosa as she buried herface into Terry’s neck and held onto Terry’s meaty ass cheeks with bothhands. “Make me cum, Terry, you’re gonna make me CUM!”Rosa’s pleas only spurred Terry on to continue with her loving tug of warwith Rosa’s thong as she pulled so hard she could not believe that thematerial did not rip apart from the tension. She watched transfixed atRosa’s wildly thrusting hips and clenching ass cheeks as it became apparentto Terry that she was about to have an orgasm at her hands. Rosa’s bodysuddenly stiffened and her cheeks clutched together tightly as her climaxovertook her.”I’m cumming! You’re making me cum so hard! Oooohhhhh!” cried Rosa as shewas consumed with her orgasm.Terry held onto Rosa and embraced her as her body shook and shuddered withher climax. She could see Rosa’s thighs become slick as her juices spilledout and flowed down her legs. Terry finally released her grip on Rosa’sstretched-out thong and gently squeezed both of her bronze cheeks.Rosa lifted her head off of Terry’s shoulder and immediately pressed theirlips together again in another passionate kiss. She probed Terry’s mouthand dueled with her tongue for several minutes before pulling herself awayand ending the delicious kiss. Rosa pulled back slightly so she could lookdirectly into Terry’s eyes and smiled warmly at the older woman.”That was beautiful Terry,” said Rosa softly as her eyes sparkled at theolder woman. “I loved everything.”Terry could not find any words to express her emotions, but managed tosmile.”I think I’m ready for bed now. How about you?” asked Rosa.Terry smiled again and looked down at the ground nervously as she suddenlybecame unsure of what was going to happen next.Rosa stood back and held Terry’s hands as she looked over both of theirsweaty bodies. Their skin glistened all over with a thin film ofperspiration that had built up from their coupling. Terry’s nipples werestill swollen and pointed as well as her own. She then lead Terry over toher large king-sized bed and pulled back the satin sheet so they could bothcrawl onto the bed and slip under the sheet. Rosa pulled the silky-smoothsheet up high enough to cover both women up to their wastes, but left theirupper bodies exposed as they lay facing each other. Rosa reached up withone hand and gently pushed aside some of Terry’s hair and stroked her softcheek. She then scooted closer to Terry until their faces were millimetersapart and they were staring longingly into each other’s eyes.”Goodnight Terry,” whispered Rosa.”Goodnight Rosa,” answered Terry softly.Rosa then leaned forward and placed her lips over Terry’s soft mouth oncemore and pressed their faces together lovingly. Both women parted theirlips and extended their tongues into one another’s mouths simultaneously asthe kiss slowly progressed and their passion increased. Their tonguesintertwined and lapped at one another incessantly as their breathing becamelabored and they both began to breath heavily through their flaringnostrils. They both continued the passionate kiss, their legs intertwinedbeneath the satin sheet, and their bodies melding together in an eroticembrace. Neither woman knew how long they remained like that becausesometime over the next 10 minutes or so they both fell into a blissfulsleep that lasted through the night.

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