Village brother sister


Village brother sisterHi, readers. This is Mukesh. This is the true story(little bit fictitious) of me and my sister. It describes our love life. I have written this story in English for readers’ universal convenience. I used Tamil(mother tongue) to express my feelings and stance in my own language which may excite the Tamil readers. I have plans to write more if you people love it. The story is bit long, so please tolerate and am damn sure this story will wear your briefs and panties. Here it goes….I am Mukesh 23 years old completed my engineering working in a bank in our village which is situated near Ariyalur district in Tamilnadu. I and my sister Pooja are living together. We have no parents as we lost them while being on a tour for northern parts of India. During the tour, a drunken lorry driver hit his lorry with my parents when we went for shopping. By the help of some good people over there, we finished the death formalities of my parents and returned to our place. All my friends of my age are married in our village while mine is on a distant horizon. The reason for that is, I need to get a good life for my sister. After that only I should think about my life.Now about my s*s, her name is pooja. She is a very pretty girl neither lean nor fat. Medium height for a teenaged girl standing at 5.2 ft and she had a wonderful sexy body having a 34b 28 36 with a fair complexion and medium hair upto her waist. Can get some resemblance of actor kajal agarwal. She usually wears chudithar only as village girls will not beyond those dressing. I have the responsibility to get my queen (sister) married to a good guy.I am a normal healthy young man and had my sexual needs. I had discovered masturbation when I was in school and my object of fantasy during my pleasures was usually movie stars until one day he found one closer to home. One morning I woke up and went to the backside of our house to do my morning chores as many of the village homes are constructed in such a manner. I saw my sister Pooja washing all the clothes. I asked her,Me: “Pooja enna nee innikku college pogalaya?” (why din’t you go to college?).Pooja: “Illa anna innikku college leave. athunala late ah than ezhunthruichen” (no brother, today my college declares a holiday. So only I got up late in the morning)Pooja was washing all the clothes tieing her petticoat above her breast without wearing a blouse which is usual for village girls and ladies. That is how she was usually whenever she wash clothes. Sometimes I will also help her to wash clothes and in other household works. After brushing my teeth,Me: “ethukudi unakku leave? Enna vishiyam??” (what is the purpose of holiday? Whats the matter?)Pooja: “college founder day athuthan leave” (because of its founder’s day of college)By listening to her, she went put the clothes on the rope to dry it. While doing so, she lift both her arms to lay the clothes. Her breasts were visible with its shape as the it was wet with water. Her nipples are also clearly visible. I can see her armpits which clean shaved with only tiny hairs over it. In my full life time, now only I was watching a female’s parts so close to me that too a nicely shaped figure of my own sister. At the same time, I felt little guilty to watch my sister’s body and turned my face away. Soon I got ready and dressed up while my sister made my breakfast. I had it and got my lunch in box. Suddenly I turned to her and said,Me: “Pooja unaku seekiramave oru maapilai pakanum di..” (we need to seach a groom for you as soon as possible)Pooja: “Yen anna dhidirnu indha pechu??” Adhuvum kalaila office pora nerathula?? (why brother you are saying this at this time??)Me: “Illa Pooja, neeyum romba vegama valandhukitu vara… adhuvum illama romba azhaga kannuku romba latchana vera iruka…” (no pooja you are growing very fast and also you are looking so beautiful. So only am getting scared about you)Pooja: “Dei anna.. idhula bayapudradhuku enna da iruku?? Adhuvum nee irukum bodhu yenna yaar enna panna poranga sollu….” (hey b*o, what there to get scare about me? Who will disturb me without your knowledge)Me: “Adhuku illa Pooja, na chumma podhuva sonnen” (not like that. I just said)Pooja: “Oh hoo… enaku purinji poiduchi… sir kalaila na dress wash panradha pathingala adhan ipo ippadi pesurenga… Adhuvum first time andha madhiri verum ulpavadaiyoda pathurukengala…. Ipa than puriyudhu….” (I can get you. You saw me washing clothes with just petticoat for the first time. It made you to speak like that)I was get backed by her awareness and ignored her speech and went to office. But that brief glimpse kept coming back to me all though the day. When I came from office, I can’t stay far from her. I was continuously stealing glances of her breast. Eventhough she was fully dressed with half saree, I was continuously staring at her breast, hip, waist and her sexy navel which visible through her transparent half saree. I was controlling my desires of her for the next two three days. From the next day onwards I also woke up soon and went to back side of our house to watch my sister.Me: “Pooja na venum na unaku thanni eduthuntharava di?? (shall I get you water for washing?)Pooja: “vendam anna.. nee konja neram poi thoongu naa na idhelam pathukuren. Pavam nee office layum vela senjikitu ingayum en kuda yen da kashtapadanum?? (no need brother. You go and take rest for some time. You always work hard in the office and whats there to work for me here)Me: “Irukattum dii… unakaga unkuda irundhu vela seyiradhula enaku enna di kashtam iruku? endi unga collegela miss college competition ellam k**ayatha?” (it ok s*s. Nothing makes me tired to work for you and work with you. Don’t you have any fashion contest or beauty contest in your college?)Pooja: “enkekkure??.. athellam undu…” (its there.. why are you asking?)Me: “Illai nee athula ellam kalanthukkaraya?? (won’t you join in those?)Pooja: “illai anna. athukku ellam nalla azhaga irukkanum athoda nalla dress pannanum..” (no brother. For that first we should be pretty and beautiful and also good dress and outfits are required)Me: “Endi unakkenna nee makeup illamale romba alagu, nee tharalama competitionala kalanthukalam la di” (what bother you s*s? You look so beautiful even without makeup.Definitely you can join in those completion)She just smiled at my comments and started to do her work. I started to get the water from the pump. But my expection was not wasted. As I expected I saw Pooja, her golden boobs were shining by droplets of water in the morning sunlight. I was staring at it like theif.While bathing, I imagined her boobs and masturbated. After having the breakfast, as usual, went to the office. The whole day I can see only her boobs which were so close to me at the morning. Her nipples which are visible made me forget about the daily works. I came home after my office timings.While coming, I got some sweets and flowers my sister. I gave it to my sister. I got to freshen up and waiting in our hall watching tv. My sister made some snacks and gave it to me. I was again staring at her as her one side of the body is clearly visible because of her transparent half saree. I just want to try my luck. So I started with some double meaning dialogues. While she bent for giving me the plate, I can see her cleavage and her two mangoes. To start with her, I asked about her college studies. I frankly flirt with her.Pooja: “Unaku vera edhavadhu venuma anna?? (do you need anything else b*o??)Me: “mmm venum ana ippa vendam venumra pothu solluren..” (ya I need but not now. I will tell you when ever required)For that Pooja’s face became reddish. Then only she realized that her half saree had slightly uncovered her breasts. Her boobs became a treat to my eyes. By seeing her breasts,Me: “Pooja enaku konjam palam sapidanum pola iruku di…” (I think if I could have some fruits to eat)Pooja: “Dei porukki (rogue-she calls me for fun) nee ethai parthu sollurenu theriyuthu adi venumada??? (I know what you are saying at)Eventhough she knows that am staring at her boobs, she din’t try to cover it with her pallu.Me: “Soory Pooja unnai chumma kindal panalam nu than appadi sonen sorry di” (I said just for k**ding you)Pooja: “chea chea enda ippadi ninaikkara. nee mattum vilayadalam. naan vilayada koodatha? unnai pathi theriyatha summada loosu. sari vaa sappida polam….” (am also k**ding you. Don’t I have the rights to play with you? I know about you very well. K come let’s go and have our dinner)Me: “Aama ethaidee sappida ippa? Palam ah illa sapada??? “ (what to eat now, either fruits or food??)Pooja: “Mmmm unakku romba kozhuppu athigama poochu. ethaina kekkure pooriyathan…” (you are talking too much… eat those pooris that’s enough)She told the word ‘poori’ pressed that indicates me something.After eating our dinner we went to our bedroom to sleep. We both have the habit of sharing a single bed as it’s our c***dhood habit and also being alone we stay like this together. We had some talk while lying on the bed and slowly we slept like that. At mid night, I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back to the bed my eyes fell on my sister who was sleeping near by me. Her half-sari had fallen off and her shapely breasts stood out of her chest magnificiently, rising and falling with her regular breathing.I sat there staring at them and her bare skin revealed between the lower rim of her blouse and the upper rim of her skirt,in the dim light of the kerosene night lamp. I wanted to caress those breasts but was afraid that my sister might wake up. Again I went to the bathroom, imagined Pooja’s breast and shagged my cock then ejected my cum.My sister was awake when I was staring at her and noticed me going inside the bathroom. ((She thought her self that her brother is loving and taking care of her very well. All his friends of his age were married but her brother is still a bachelor. He can’t control his desires about a female. So that’s why he is doing like this.)). While I was coming back from the bathroom, my sister pretended to sleep as nothing happened.Next day morning, as usual, I went to the back portion of the house, as I expected Pooja was washing the clothes in her usual morning wear inskirt with no other garments.Me: “hi Pooja morningde ennadi romba seekirama thuni thuvaikkare…” (good morning pooja.. what happened washing clothes in a hurry?)Pooja: “Mmmm aama… sila perudiya thollaya avoid pannathan. enna panrathu athuthan seekirama wash panren…” (hmm what to do? To avoid some unwanted disturbances. That’s why..)Me; “Endi maraimugama ennai sollare. Namma rendu perum thaniya irukira veetla unna tholla pannuna adhu nana mattum than irukka mudium. Adhuku nee nerave ennai solla vendiyathu thane. sorryidi inimel naan latea ezhunthu varendi.manichukko…” (why are you telling me indirectly. Here am the only person to disturb in our lonely house. You can tell me directly. Sorry here after I won’t disturb you anymore).I turned around to walk away from there. Suddenly she holds my hand from backwards and pulled me near her. I couldn’t balance so that I fell on her and staring at her. We were staring at our eyes each other.Pooja: “En anna unnai summa tease panni parka enakku urimai illaya. appa nee en mel vaichurukkira priyam un pasam ellam poiyya? sollu anna sollu. anna nee enakaga ethanai kastapadure,eppavum enna pathi yosichu yosichu unnai pathi kooda nee yosipathillaye. antha un mooda matthathan ippadi kalatta panninen anna. Enna nee disturb panama vera yar pannuva? sari ippa sollu enna innikku un program?? (what brother don’t I have the right to tease you? Then is your affection a fake one? Aways you think about me and my future, that you forget about yourself. Now tell me whats your program today?)Pooja asked the question by sitting erect as her boobs came infront of my face, I was dumbstruck. Pooja’s boobs were very clearly visible as her wet inskirt reveals her boobs and nipple and shining like a mirror with sunlight.Me: “Mmmm vanthu vanthu innikku onnum illaidee….” (nothing today)Pooja: “Aaii en annan vetkapadurane…..en unnum illai unakku palam athuvum mambalam pidikathaa? Nethu evening kooda palam sappidanumpola irukkunu sonne, ippa onnum illanu sonna ennna artham…” (why you are shy brother? Don’t you like fruits. Last night you said that you want to eat some fruits especially mangoes. Now what if you tell nothing?)Me: “Illaidee unakku thaan pidikalai en double meaning pechu…” (nothing sister.. you don’t like my words that’s why I ignored.)Pooja: “chea chea poda porukki… chumma kindal thane panninen. unnai eppavum enaku romba pidikum. en class mates ellam unnai parthu nee ethanai handsomenu solli unna avanga sight adikumpothu enakku avalo kovama varum. neethan enakku chinna vayasila irunthe hero. ippa sollu unakku ennai pidikalaya?” (I was just k**ding you. I always like you and love you so much. I get more anger when my friends see and stare at you. You are my real hero since my c***dhood)While saying these, she slightly hugged by my neck. I was laying on her on the ground. After that, we went to get ready to our work. Evening at 7.30, while I returned to the home, my s*s was getting ready with neat and sexy halfsaree. I gave the flowers to her. She told me to keep it in her hair. She told me to get ready for the temple as I was Friday.We went temple and returned to our home. After coming inside,Me: “Pooja… ippa unnai pakkumpothu azhagana angel ah parkkara mathiri irukku…” (you look like a beautiful goddess)Now illegal bahis Pooja purposely slid her saree to oneside as her other side revealed her body.Pooja: “Mukesh enakku entha saree nalla irukkanu paaru. intha colorum enakku eduppa irukkanu paaren….” (how this saree look for me? Is this colour suit me well?)Me: “Pooja unakku ellame eduppa azhaga thandi irukku.” (All colour suits you good and you look the best)Pooja: “Hei summa summa sollathe. nee poi sollure…” (don’t lie)Me: Illaidee promise ah unakku ellame eduppa azhaga thandi irukku…At that time my hand mistakenly striked at her boobs. At that instant, we experienced a great shock.Me: “Pooja palam mattum illa, unakku kaayum payangarama chumma ginnunu irukkudi….” (your boobs are so stiff and are in sexy shape)Pooja: “chee poda porukki… unakku konjam kuda vekkame illa… kuda pirandha thangachi kitta ippadiya pesuva?? (don’t you have shy?? Is this the way to talk with your own sister?)She said those words with a smile and ran into the room. As usual after taking our dinner, we went to bed and slept after some chat. I was eagerly waiting for her to sleep to enjoy the flesh of her body. At midnight, the time may be 12 or 1am, Pooja was asleep.I was continuously staring at her body. I was admiring her c***dish face. Her half saree was shifted which reveals her breast and waist clearly. She looks so sexy in that moon light which enters through the window. Her breasts were swinging in rhythm according to her breath. I touched her body slightly and removed her pallu from her top. Because of the fear I cant do anything at that time and slept in that position. Pooja was noticing all these moments and she also slept.My desire for my sister increased every day. She was the only girl in my fantasies now. I started moving closely with her.I offered to help her with her college lessons and that gave me opportunity to be close with her for a couple of hours each day and admire her beauty at close quarters.I also noticed gradually that my sister’s half-sari was now between her breasts most of the time revealing her firm breasts pushing out her blouse and at night, I never had to push her half-sari away. It was never covering her breasts. I just thanked god and enjoyed my sister’s beauty as much as I can. Not only that, the treat she gives me daily morning made me love her so much. As my sister is sleeping beside me in the same made me so comfortable to play with her.Now a days at night I can gather my courage and began to hold her breast firmly. I began to wait eagerly for the mid night period to play with my sister’s body.Sometimes I fondle both her right and left breasts. Sometimes I can feel her nipple getting erected while touching it at night.I can feel her heat and hot breath.One fine morning, as usual, I went to backside,Me: “Hi Pooja morning dee…”Pooja: “Hmm good morning naa… anna rathiri ethavathu poochi pulu vanthatha. night en mela etho kuru kurunu oorinappala irunthuchu athan ketten…” (brother do you felt any sensation like insect last night? Because I felt over my body last night)She asked it with a k**ding smile in her face. I cant see her face and properly as I was caught by her. I cant talk to her normally and left the place and escaped from her.I was in fear to play with her for that night. After 3 days, that night when I saw her, I was speechless because she completely removed her pallu, sleeping only with her blouse and skirt.As I saw such a scene I cant control my self and began to hold and fondle her boobs. I kissed and licked her navel slightly after seeing it. Suddenly a hand caught my head when I was licking my sister’s navel. I was speechless. It was my sister Pooja. She pulled my face away from her stomach and saw me. I cant face her because of shame.still she was holding my head by my hair.Pooja: “Enna sir enna panurenga?? Mukiyamana nerathula disturb panitana?” (what are doing? Did I disturb you while you are doing an important work)Me: Silent….Pooja: “Enna sir edhuvum pesamatengala?? Athana ippadi oru velaya pannitu aparam yepadi pesa mudiyum? Adhuvum sondha thangachi kitta…” (wont you speak anything?That’s fine, how you speak by doing this kind of work that too with your own sister)Me: “Sorry di.. enna manichiru di.. inime ippadi seyya maten di… indha oru time enna manichiru pooja” (sorry sister, forgive me for this time)Pooja: “Nee romba mosamda Mukesh. annan thangaikitta ippadi mulai touch panra mathiri ellam nadakalama sollu??…” (you are so bad. Will brother touch his sister’s boobs?)Me: “Sorry pooja… inimel ippadi panna maten di… naan inimel ippadi nadunthakka matten pls dee….” (sorry siter. hereafter I won’t behave like this anymore)Pooja: “Aiiye nee sariyana payantha kolli. Nee yen ethu mathiri pannine nu sollu first.” (you are a coward. First tell the reason to behave like this)Me: “Pooja nee romba romba azhagu. un azhagu enna romba attract panniduchi. vera entha pennayum ennala ninaikka mudiyala. oru sistera illama unnai en lovera thandi ninaichu irukkendi plsdee enna manichiru di” (pooja you are so beautiful. Your beauty had attracted me so much. I cant imagine anyother girls. I am seeing you as a lover, not sister)Pooja: “Ohh Mukesh idha yen daa enaku nee munalaye solala? Enakum unna romba pidikum na unna romba love panren da. Adhanala than unnoda asaiya purinjikitu nanum ennoda mulaiya unaku katinen. Nee daily nit enna panradhulam unaku romba pudichidhu but ipo un mela naa romba kovama iruken….” (Oh Mukesh, why did you not tell me that. I also love you Mukesh. That is why I display my breasts to you all day and let you fondle my breasts at night, even though I was aware of what you are doing from the very first day you put your hand on my breasts. But now I am angrier on you)Me: “Yen pooja, ennachi?? Na unaku pudicha madhiri thana panan.. aparam yen di en mela kovama iruka??” (why pooja what happened? I did as you like na.. then whats the problem?)Pooja: “Poda porukki… nee last three nights ah yen enna edhuvume seyyala?? Nee nit aanadhum ennoda mulaya thoduva thadavitu irupa nu adhelam nanachi romba sandhoshama edhir pathan… but nee bayathula thungita… Adhanala than innaiku nit naane ennoda thavani ah kalati potutu thungunan….” (why didn’t you do nothing for past three nights. I was eagerly waiting for you to touch my body. But you slep in fear. So only today I removed my pallu and slept for you)I was joyful at hearing these words from my sister.Me: “Pooja ippa naan unnai kiss pannavadee??” (shall I kiss you?)Pooja: “Mmmm naanum unnai love panrenu sonnathukku appuram ethukkuda permission? inimel unakku ellamume sonthamda. Na mulasa unaku than… unaku mattum than…” (why are you asking permission even after I said, my love. Hereafter you have all the rights on me. Am yours totally yours)After hearing those golden words from my sister, I hugged her tightly and kissed on her lips. She too responded well to my kiss. We both get into a deep smooch. While doing so, my dick got erect thus making a tent in my lungi.Pooja: “Enna anna ethu thidreenu un iduppukku kila etho thokkinappala irukku….” (what is this brother? Sudeenlt something is going below your hip)Me: “Athu vanthudi…. sonna thappa ninaikka koodathu sariya??…” (its… you should not mistake me.. ok??)Pooja: “Dei nee enkita enna venunalum share panalam daa. Idhuku mela namakula thappa ninaika enna da iruku??…” (Whats there to thing wrong of you?)Me: “Hmmm adhu vandhu…athu ennoda sunni dee. unnai eppa ninaichaalum en sunni surrunu ezhunthukum di….” (that’s my cock. When ever I see you or imagine you, it gets erect)Pooja: “Ohhh appadiya??? Na adha thottu pakalama??” (shall I touch it?)Me: “Hmmm thodu di, inimel adhu unaku mattum than. Enna venunalum paniko di” (ya u can. Hereafter that belongs to you only. You can do whatever you want)Pooja: “Hmmm aam aama en kai mattum vela seyanum, ana un kai rendum sumave irukuma??” (will your hands be still while my hands are at work?)Me: “Ada naana vela seyya maten nu sonnan??” (did I that say that my hands don’t work?)Pooja: “Anna nee en blousekkula kaiyya vittu en mulaikalai amukki kodukkuriya??” (can you let your hands inside my blouse and press it??)Me: “Aamandi ethuvarai un mulaya melapala than thadivirukan di…” (ya till now I had touched you only with your clothes)Pooja undid her blouse hooks, then gave her boobs to me. I touched it and buried my face into it. She was holding my head and pressing over her boobs. Then I licked and sucked to her left boob while squeezing her right boob. I began to bite her brownish nipple and her medium sized aereolas. She was moaning heavily due to my action, enjoying it intensely.Pooja: “Annaaahhh …. ennamo pola irukku romba sugama irukke nalla seiyudaaaa…..” (what a fantastic feeling? Give me more)Me: “Poojaaa… un mulaikambu nattukutti kambu madhiri irukkudi…. Supera iruku dii….” (ur nipples are so erect standing like a rubber stick)Pooja: “Chumma theva illama pesuradha vittutu vaaya vachi en mulaya sappu daa en chella thevdiya payale..” (stop blabbering and suck my boobs you lovely bastard)Pooja removed her blouse and bra completely from her body. After removing her dress,Pooja: “Mukesh nee en madimela kuzhandai mathiri paduthu paalai kudi.mmm appadithanda. nalla mulaikamba suthi suthi nakku. ayyyyyyo sssssss ahhhha deeeijiiiiiii Mukesh enakku eppadio irukkuda thanga mudiyala. enna sugama irukku….” (u lay on my lap and suck my breasts like a c***d suck its mother’s. do well, I can experience a new feeling)She was holding my head. Later she pressed and buried my face in her cleavage between her two boobs.Mukesh: “ Dee Pooja moochu thinarathudi…” (I can’t breathe)Pooja: “Dei en right mulaya sappuda ippa ahaaa enna sugaaaammm entha sugammsshhhh aaaaaashhh iiiiiii aiiiii….” (now suck my right breast. Moaningggg)Pooja moaned deeply……Pooja: “Anna kadasi varai naama eppadie iruntharalama pls solluda. enaku unmel romba asai. college mates ethavathu sonna kooda kovama varum. neethanda ennoda fantasy, lover, husband ellame…. Sometimes unna nenachale enaku mood agum da. Apadi unna nanachi enaku mood vandhale ennoda kai thaana keela en jatti kulla pogidum daaa….” (brother shall we stay like this forever? I desire you so much. U r my fantasy, lover husband etc. sometimes I get mood when I see you r imagine. At that time, automatically my hand goes into my panty)Our play got over. I cant control but have to control. After some talks we went to sleep by hugging each other. She satyed topless half nude withme that night. We were in heaven and enjoying our intimacy expressing our love for eachother openly. Pooja was sleepless while I was sleeping. She was admiring at my face and body which she told me the next morning After some time she too slept by hugging me tightly.Next day we as usual got ready for our daily chores. We acted more like a couple rather brother and sister. That day in our village, temple festival function was going to be started. So from the next one week, the whole village works will be held at the stop and temples will be going on because of grand functions and happenings. For the next one week, all people will remain either in a temple or in their respective house as no one should go out of the village which a rule in many places. After hearing this news we are so busy as no one will disturb us and also we no need to go to college or office. We can just simply enjoy ourselves alone with each other.That evening, I was coming with a glad and happy face from office. My sister now lover Pooja was waiting with full makeup, good half saree and flowers on her hair like a newly wedded wife waits for her husband. After seeing my darling waiting for me at the entrance of our house in such a beautiful look, I cant control my feelings. I lift her on my hands and took her inside of the house. And put her on our bed. She told me to take bath and get freshen up. After having a bath, we went to our village temple. After returning from the temple I immediately closed and locked all the doors, went near her and hugged her. I took her near the mirror and held her standing behind to my sister.Me: “Pooja enakku oru asai, adha unkita sollavadi??” (I have a wish. Shall I open it to you?)Pooja: “Solluda ethu enna purushan pondattikkula permission lam ketukitu???” (whats this asking permission between husband and wife) she hid her face in shynessMe: “Enga enga innorumurai sollu….” (repeat what you said)Pooja: “chee matten poda….” (no I won’t)Me: “Hey plsdee…… innoru time nee sonadha sollu di pls nee sonna varthaiya thirumba kekanum pola iruku di” (I like to hear it once again)Pooja: “Hmmmm … aaamam nee enakku husbandthane naan unakku pondatti thane. sari sari nee solla vantha un asaya solluda….”(ya you are my husband and am your wife)Me: “Indha one week ku pakathu veetu china pasanga yaraum varamatanga… 24 hrs um namma rendu per mattum than irupome. Nammala yaraum disturb panna poradhila….” (for this one wekk no outsiders will come. Neibour c***dren also won’t come. No one is here to disturb us. We will be with ourselves for every 24 hrs)Pooja: “Deiiii porukki… adhuku enna ippo??? Enna solla vara??…” (so wat? What are you trying to say?)Me: “Inga yarum varamatanga, so…. Vanthu….. nama rendu perum veettukkula night mattum nuda irukalama??…” (no one will come here. So shall we stay nude only in nights?)Pooja got exclaimed, after thinking for seconds,Pooja: “Chee poda porukki payale… enakku vetkama irukku, naa matten pa….” (no I wont. I feel shy)Me: “pls dee. En illegal bahis siteleri chellam la, en thangam la, enakaga un annanukaga, un purushanukaga…. Pls…….. (please dear. For the sake of your brother , your husband. Please)Pooja: “Sari sari….. aana veru ethuvum seiyya koodathu. thottukkalam aana thappa ethuvum seiyya koodathu ok va??” (ok ok. touching is allowed but not the main course)I have accepted for her conditions. We took our dinner. That night we took bath and got ready for the bedtime. First I layed on her lap. She was caressing my hair. Both of us locked our eye sight in eachother eyes. After 10, instead of me undressing her, she started undressing me as she can’t wait. She watched and astonished at my penis.Pooja: “Dei enna ethu 1/2 neelathikku un thodaikku naduvila thonguthu. Semaya karumbu madhiri iruku daa…” (whats that is so long hanging between your thighs)Me: “Mmm ethuthandi un anna oda sunni….” (this is your b*o’s dick)Pooja: “Hmmm dei chella purusha, na en anna oda sunniya thottu pakava???” (my dear husband, shall I touch my brother’s dick?)Me: “Hmmm nalla keta po… en pondatti unakku illamala?? aana first nee nude aganum….” (ya you can. But before that, you have to become nude)Pooja: “Dei nee thanda ennai ellam pannanumda….” (you have to do that)I touched her shoulder and allowed her pallu fall on the floor. I untied her knot of her petticoat. Now she was in her blouse and panty. She came and sat on my thighs and showed her jacket hooks in front of my eyes. I released her hooks of her blouse. She insisted me to remover her bra and panty with my mouth not using my hand. She turned around and gave me a view of her back.I tried to open her bra strap with my mouth but I cant succeed. I held slight hairy armpits and now pressed my mouth near her bra strap and opened it. Now she is topless sitting on my thigh. My dick is pressing at her pussy over panty.She layed on her back on the bed. I came on top of her and spread her legs to the either got a clear view of her panty covered crotch area. I used my teeth and took her panty elastic strap in my mouth and dragged it towards her legs. She lifted her buttocks up to enhance my activity also because of her mood that she attain due to my mouth touch over her body.Now my dear sister who born in the place where I born was completely nude before me laying on her back and posing like a sex goddess. She lifts her hands and kept it under her head showing her slightly dark and hairy armpits with boobs, sexy navel, thunder thighs and the ultimate pleasure her PUSSY with little hairs over it.Me: “Pooja enna di ethu karuppa mudiyoda inga irukku???” (whats this with a black patch over it?) I asked pointing at her pussyPooja: “Hmm sir ku onnum theriyadhakum….” (don’t you know it?)Me: “un vayala kekanum nu oru asai than” (like to here it from your mouth)Pooja: “hmmm idhu than unnoda kuda pirandha un thangachiyoda punda…. Idhu ulla than nee un sunniya vidanum. Idhu vazhiya than namakku kuzhandai porakkum. naama rendu perum marriage pannittu un sunniya ethukkula vittu nee enna asai theera othu un kanjiya en punda ulla peechi adikanum da purusha….” (this is your sister’s pussy. In this hole, only you should insert your penis and fuck. Our baby comes from this hole. After marriage you can insert your cock in this hole and shoot your cum inside my vagina)By hearing her words which are so filthy in our own language, my dick started rising. I hugged her so tightly that lead us to a deep smooch. Her saliva was so tasty which every guy would feel so good with their respective girls. We were caressing ourselves with deep an loud moans …… mmmaaaa sssshha apppppadiiiii amaaaadi deeeeei sssssshhhh issssssss ooohhhh …….By that time, my dick becomes so thick, has grown to its full length and poking her pussy.Pooja: “Dei Mukesh idhu varaikum naan ariyatha sugamda ipo na anubavikiradhu….” (the pleasure am experiencing now is very new to me)Me: “Pooja en sunniya pudichu kaiyyala neevi vidudi, adhu un kaiyala pidichi mela keela nu mathi mathi aati vidudi… en semen fulla veliya vantharatum….. appathandi enakku relief k**aikkum…. Pls dee” (take my penis in your hands and shake it so that my semen will come out thus I will get some relief)Pooja: “Dei muki… enda naan vera kelvi pattu irukkene…. idha vayila pottuuuunu sappi vittttaaaa …….” (I have heard another thing… if we have it in our mouth and suck it …..)Pooja: “Hey pooja….. nijama nee athai enakku seivayadi. appadina pls en sunniya un vayila pottu sappudi nalla oombi viduviya dee? nanum un pundaya nakurendi. rendu perum 69 position pannalamdi rendu perum mari paduthukittu…..: (hey will you do that? Then can you take my dick in your mouth? I will suck your pussy. Let’s go to 69 position)I started to suck my pooja’s pussy… when I touched her clitoris with my tongue, she jumped and experiences a shock in her body and moaned loudly aaaagggaa…..She too took my penis in her mouth and started to give me a nice blowjob.Me: “Pooja…. appadithan en sunniyoda nuni paguthiya nakkala varudi vidudi. ayyo appadiathannndiii amaaaaaa nalla izhuthu vaichu nakkudi en sunni thudikkuthudi appadithandi ayyo enna seiven. enakku sunni kanji pongi varuthe…..” (ya that’s it. Lick my cock’s head. Lick it well. Am like going to come…)By saying this, I was trying to take my cock outside of her mouth to pour it. But pooja was holding my cock and buttocks with her mouth not allowing to take it out from her mouth even after am saying that I am going to cum. I was seeing her with a confused look. She gave me a look with a naughty smile.I got her mindset and started fucking her mouth imagining it as her pussy. Am going with greater speed and fucking her beautiful mouth. Am also licking her love juice which is flowing from her mouth. She was rising her hip to give me the convenience to lick her pussy. Juice started coming out from her pussy, oozing like a destructing dam. Both of us came at same time.My seed had burst and semen started shooting inside her mouth, we both are shivering due to our orgasm.She did not leave a single drop from my cock. After doing oral sex, she looked at me with a great joy. I was also seeing her with a smile.suddenly she pulled me and kissed my lips so hardly. We slept that in that same position with our nude bodies touching each other. Like this, the upcoming 10 days went so good…..I and Pooja fell in deep love with each other. We were so intimate and indulged in romance as a husband and wife. We planned for their marriage and our future plans. I got the transfer to another town to live with my sister as husband and wife.We saw a good and compact house for us in another town and got settled there. On an auspicious day, which was also a festival day, in the morning I wore my new wedding wear and Pooja wore her wedding sari. We are a loving and affectionate brother and sister now gonna become husband and wife. By evening, we went to the temple and prayed. I already arranged for a temple priest who knows about our b*o-s*s relationship. He did all necessary poojas and took the mangalsutra and handed it to me.Pooja was so shy to see me and with a heavy blush on her face. She bent down her head in shy signaling me to tie those three knots in her neck. The priest wished us for leading a very good and long life together. We returned to our new home in our new town.Now all the neighbors don’t know about our b*o-s*s relationship except the priest. So no doubts and fear in enjoying together. Pooja took a piece of sweet and fed to me and also asked me to do the same to her. She opened her lovely mouth and I put the sweet in her mouth.Now Pooja held my face with her palms, took my face near her, opened her mouth, locked her lips with mine. She let her piece of sweet fall into my mouth and I let the same piece fall into her mouth back and then I took half of her piece back from her mouth by using my tongue. We both get in deep smooch for some more minutes followed by playing with our tongues. Now I took a ring from my pocket and saw my sisterly wife Pooja.She extended her hand so that her I can slip the ring on her tender finger. Then she looked into my eyes and said, “Your sister is now all yours to love and protect her. May both of us enjoy our union for rest of the life”. After that, she served the festive food that she had cooked and asked me to go to the bedroom. I and my sister touched our parents’ photo who were no more now and I went to the bedroom and waited for my sister’s arrival for our first night.Pooja locked all the doors and windows of the new house and came to our new bedroom. The door opened, I saw her eagerly, she came into our bedroom with milk in her hand. She looks so beautiful while being very shy. After locking the door, I and Pooja embraced and kissed passionately.Pooja: “Mukesh entha patu pudavayum veshttiyayum change paniralama? kastama irukumda.nee yenna sollura??” (Mukesh shall we change this saree and your shirt and dhothi. Its so difficult to wear all these. What do you say??)Me: “Mmm enakkum athuthandi sarinu paduthu. Athanala vera dress change panikrathu nalladhu than d. Illanaaaaa…” (ya this sounds good for me. We shall change another dress. Otherwise….)Pooja: “Enna da sollu, illana nu ippadi ilukura. Enna vishiyam enkita sollu da na un pondati thane..” (what are trying to say. Tell it completely. Whats there to hide from me. Am your wife na…)Me: “Hmm dresseh vendam di. nee enna sollura??” (we don’t need the dress. What do you say?)Pooja: “Hmm idha solla than ivlo vekka patiya da?? Mmmm enakku onnum problem illai”. (oh you were shy only for this?? I don’t have any objection.)Me: “Enakaga solladha di. Unvasathiya pathukkadi….” (don’t tell for my sake. Consider your convenience)Pooja; “Na unakaga lam sollala enakagavum namakagavum than solran. sekrma remove panalam daa..” (I am not telling for you. Its for me and both of soon. Please we shall our clothes soon)I know she cannot bear and tolerate the hot mood. Then Pooja asked me to remove her wedding saree. Then she undid my shirt and dhothi. Now we are in our inners. She was awesome in her bra and panty. She bent down and touched my feet to get my blessings as every wife does it to her husband on their first night.Me: “Chee ennadi ethu kalil vizhunthu podi konjam kooda moolai illama”. (whats this?? Why are you bending to my feet. Non sense.)Pooja: “Moolaiya or mulaya Mukesh??”Me: “Naan moolaya than di sonnen. en azhagu pondaikkuthan azhagana rendu mulai irukke”.We lay down on our bed put on the floor and kissed again. Pooja unstrapped her bra and gave her boobs to me. I lovingly fondled my sister’s soft boobs for a while and then took her left boob in my mouth and stated sucking. Pooja hugged me closer and ran her finger though my hair affectionately as I sucked at her boobs.After a while, I sat up and saw my beautiful sister from head to foot. Pooja was lying on her back and had her legs slightly apart. Her panty had drawn little below from its position slightly revealing her crotch area falling between her thighs forming a V at her pundai(pussy). Pooja felt shy when she saw her brother looking at the portion between her thighs.Me: “Pooja, na unnoda pundaya kiss pannalama dii please????” (I want to kiss your pundai. Can I kiss?? Please!!).Pooja: “Darling…. Na unnoda thangachi… ipo unnoda wife um kooda… so nee yenna enna venunalum panalam… permission edhuvum kekanum nu avasiyam illai… enkita ulladhu ellame unaku than sondham… enna eduthukoda en chella anna en kalla kadhala en aasai purusha….” (Darling, I am your beloved sister and now also your loving wife.You don’t need to ask permission to do anything with me. Everything I have is yours. Take me, my loving brother and husband)Saying so she spread her legs wider to give better access to me. I bent my head and placed my lips over my sister’s pundai and pressed it hard over the warm softness. Even through her panty, I could smell the fragrance of his sister’s pundai soon I could also feel her wetness. After planting several kisses, I started removing her panty. Pooja felt eagerness and shyness at the same time as her brother started pulling her panty down.Me: “Pooja lesa kundiya thookku di… unnoda jattiya remove pannanum. After removing, Chellam un thodai rendum romba alagudi. nalla thoon mathiri shapea irukkudi. enna mathiri alagudi nee. appa paakka paakka enakku sunni thudikkuthudi. Laying nude she looks like a sex goddess to me. appa appa enna azhigiya pundai unakku.nakkala thenu ooruthadi.ssschuuu….” (Pooja please lift your hip so then I can take your panty. After removing, darling you have a perfect pair of thunder thighs. Whatta beauty you are?? By seeing you my penis gets up and begin to vibrate.Whattaa pussy you have. My mouth starts to water when I see your pussy)Pooja: “Chee jollu vadikkama velaya paruda pundanakki. pesikkitte irukka…” (shut and do your work you pussylicker)She gave a good display to her brotherly husband. I was dumbstruck by looking at her beautyMe: “Endi ethanai naala entha alagai ellam enga vaichurenthe. yaarukkagadi serthu vaichurukke???” (these longs days you have hidden these beauties from me. To whom you had saved this body??)Pooja: “Mm unmaya sollavada. enakku vivaram theriya arambicha naalil irunthe enakku neethanda en hero en lover, en purushan. enanu kekkuriya, en friends ellarum unnai pathi eppa parthalum sollittu irupanga. poramaya irukkum.unnai yaarum pangu poda koodathunuthan naane sila nerathila unakku jaadai canlı bahis siteleri maadaya pose koduthathu..” (hmm shall I tell you the truth? You are my hero since my c***dhood. You are my lover, my fantasy, my husband too since my puberty. My friends use to say about you and praise you a lot. My stomach would burn at those times. No one should share you with me. You are my own soul)Pooja’s pussy was clean shaved with no hairs. It looks like slightly toasted bun which is swelling at its most. Her pink pussy lips which is between her thunder thighs were shining like anything. They are inviting me to taste them.I went between her legs and spread them apart. I placed a pillow below my sister’s bums and started to explore her vaginal hole. I touched my sister’s pussy with tongue and fondled using my tongue. Then I hold her pussy lips and sent my tongue into her vaginal hole. I was constantly kissing her vagina. She was holding my head and pressing it towards her pussy.Pooja: “Dei Mukesh enna seiyyure. etho en udambil irunthu pora mathiri irukkuda.ssshhha agaaaa ammadi sssyyapppaa…..” (mukesh what are you doing. I feel something goes out of my body. I loosing my control ssshhhh aaapphhm)I was teasing her clit slightly using my tongue. She was continuously moaning.Pooja: “Mukesh.. utchi mandaya pidikkuthuda. ennamo theriyala solla theriyatha sugamda ethu…. (she was blabbering in the mood, something going through my spine. I cant express my feelings)Yenga… ennala thanga mudiyalanga. neenga ethanai naala intha naaku podra velaya yen kattama iruntheenga.naama idhuku munnala thaniya irundhapa kooda neenga eppadi oru sugam kattiyathu illaiye….” (I cant tolerate this. So far you dint show this precious pleasure.)Me: “Athukku kaaranam irukkudi, naama rendu perum eppadiyum purushan pondattiya aavomnu enakku theriyum.Ipo nee enaku mulusa k**aichita. En pondati aagita. Inimel na unna nalla pathirama indha life fulla unna care pannanum protect pannanum love pannanum. En pondati Pooja eppavume sandhoshama vachikanum…” (there is a reason available for that. I know some how we will become husband and wife. Now your become my dear wife. I should look after you very well. I will protect you care you and love you)By hearing my words, she started to cry. Water rools down from her eyes to cheeks.Pooja: “Dei Mukesh… unakku enmel antha alavukku priyumum pasamada??? Mukesh ethai ellam eppadi naan unakku thiruppi adaikka poreno theriyalaye….” (mukesh this my affection you have towards me?? I don’t know how to repay these.)Me: “Ada chee… podi paithiyam ethukku pooi yaravathu azhuvangala???” (you fool.. why are you crying for this silly matter?)Even though Pooja is crying, to calm her, I let my tongue inside her pussy and lead it into to and fro motion.Pooja: “Mukesh… na ungala anna nu kupidava illa mama nu koopidava?? Unagala na eppadi kupidanum??” (mukesh how do you want me to call you??? brother or uncle??)Me: “Unakku eppadi koopida thonutho appadi koopidudi…” (its you wish dear)Pooja: “Saringa mama ney koopidren….” (ok I will call you as uncle)She started to spread her legs even more and pressed my face into her pussy and locked her legs around my neck. I started to lick her pussy in greater speed. When I started to lick her clit fast, she responded well by raising her hip and giving me a support.My face was covered with her love juice which started to flow like a falls from her lovely pussy. Then I pressed my lips tightly against her pundai and sucked all the juice which tasted heavenly.Pooja lay back now slightly trembling after her first orgasm. I lifted my face up and saw her, where she was looking at the ceiling and thinking about the pleasure she experienced just now. Her breasts are fluctuating up and down rhythmically according to her breath. I tasted my lips by seeing her two nipples which are so hard and erected to the core.She opened her eyes and gave me a lovely look with a smile of satisfaction.Pooja: “I love you so much mama”…. neenga ennai vaazhnaal pooravum thedinaalum k**aikkatha santhosathai thanthu irukeenga. enakku neenga purushana k**achathukku naan kadavuullukku nandri solla vendum. ippa sollunga oru manaiviya irunthu ungalai naan eppadi santhosapaduthanumnu sollunga seiyeren. (you have given a pleasure which cannot be discovered by spending my lifetime. I have to thank god who has given me such a loving and caring husband. Now tell me, being your wife how you need me to serve you, darling?)By hearing her words I was emotionally weakened. I hugged her and gave a kiss. Then we went into a deep smooch followed by tongue twisting with her.Pooja: “Mmmukkee shshshh…. ennai romba tease pannathenga …. Ennala thanga mudiyalaaa…. Seekiramm …. Hmmm…. (don’t tease me this. I cant bear it. Please come soon.)Then I removed my brief to become nude. Now we both are laying nude. She was dumbstruck by seeing my manhood. She began to gently caress my penis by which my dick grow gradually. Slowly she was treating my dick well and she kissed the tip of my cock.Pooja: “Mukesh unga sunni paaaka nalla periya pachai vazhaipazham madhiri azhaga vazhu vazhu nu irukku.Paakave romba asaiya sandhoshama iruku” (your cock resembles a long green banana which is so smooth and soft. It looks give me such a pleasure)ME: “Ethu paakka mattum santhosam illai. ippa ethu unnai sorkathirkke kootti poga poguthu. Pooja nee ippa konjam padudi, namma muthaliravu velaya start panuvome” (seeing alone does not give you pleasure. Now it will take you to the heaven. Just relax and lay on the bed dear).Pooja: “Saringa mama…. Mama konjam paathu medhuva panunga valika pogudhu…” (ok dear. Please be slow and smooth while driving me)Me: “Pooja first time konjam valikkum athunaala katthathe enna sariya…??” (first it will give you pain so don’t shout. Ok?)Pooja: “Shhhh… ayyo mama…. chumma thona thonanu pesama aga vendiya velaya paarunga mama…..” (stop speaking unnecessarily and concentrate on your work)I now went between her two thighs and spread her legs to the either sides then kept my dick at the entrance of her wet pussy and gave a gentle thrust inside her pussy with my dick.Even though I gave her a long tongue treatment, as she is virgin her pussy cant take my cock inside of it. I took my dick back from her pussy and shouting her to tolerate the pain, I gave a heavy thrust into her pussy again.By a rock hard pop, my dick went into her pussy. Her hymen layer has broken down, allowing my dick into her pussy completely. Even though Pooja experienced a great pain, she controlled it by biting her lips herself. Gradually her pain disappeared and we both started to experience the pleasure by the to and fro motion.Her pussy received my full length into it. I placed my hands on the bed on either side of her body. I was fucking her cunt with my cock making gestures ‘in’ ‘out’ ‘in’ ‘out’ ‘in’ ‘out’, she was lost in heaven by such a fuck. Then I started to press her left boobs with my fingers, while my mouth busy sucking her right boob simultaneously.Pooja: “Aaahh maamaaa… enn odambu ungaluku pudichiruka??? (do you like my body?)Me: “Hmm aama di Pooja… sorkathila irukkira madhiri iruku di” (yaa, looks like being in heaven)Pooja held my cock tight by her cunt muscles which added further more pleasure to us. I caught hold of her thighs and pulled her towards me, burying my sunni deep into her pundai with each thrust.Pooja started to throw her hear towards her right and left sides, moaning… aamaaa aaapaa aahhaaa shsshsha uuuiiio ssaahh mhhkk hkhk hkmuuu, then only she started realizing that something is going erupt like a lava from her vagina. She started to lift her hip and ass and received my every ‘hits’.I then suddenly took my cock out and gave a stroke with my full force into my sister’s vagina. She received it with great joy, pinching my back with her nails inorder to tolerate the pain her pleasure she experiencing in her pussy. I held on because I wanted my sister to remember our first union forever by climaxing several times. I kept fucking her until she had three more orgasms and then let go load after a load of my i****tuous sperm into my lovely sister’s/wife’s warm pundai.As she felt my cum splash against the walls of her cunt, Pooja had a feeling of fulfillment. She was now really my loving wife. After releasing my love load into my darling sister’s pundai, I laid down on her side and hugged her and kissed her and spoke loving words to her. Then I moved down and planted several kisses on her pundai which was now my property.After some time, Pooja opened her eyes and saw me. She bent her head down in shyness with a cute and seductive smile. I lift her chin up and asked her.Me: “Chellam ennachi di??? (what happened?)Pooja: “Mama… marubadiyum okalama??” (shall we have one more?)I became so excited and lay her on bed and came on top of her. I lead my cock to her lips and pressed it into her mouth and had her to suck my cock.Pooja: “Mama…. yen ennoda pundaila unga sunni ya vidama vaila vitu kuthurenga?? (why are you inserting in my mouth instead of my pussy?)Me: “ipo thana un pundaila en kanjiya peechi adichan… so ipo un vaila adha eduthu konja neram sapuna than adhu perusa aagum… apo than un pundaila vitu okuradhuku nalarukum” (just now I let my semen in your vagina. By sucking my penis, it gets bigger in size. Then it will be fine to you’re your pussy)Pooja: “Ooooh appadiya mama?? Idhula ippadi oru vishiyam irukka??? Sari kudunga… naane unga sunnniyayum unga kotaiyayum nalla oombi sappi viduren…” (oh this much matters involved it? Ok leave it I will suck your cock and balls..)As my sister continued to suck my penis, it began to grow in its size.Pooja: “HHmm podhuma mama??? (is it enough?)Me: “Idha naa kekanum darling, un pundaiku indha size podhuma???” (is it enough for your cunt?)Pooja: “AAhhhh… idhuke en pundai kiliyura madhiri iruku… adhuvum neenga ulla vitu kuthi edukura vegathula kandipa ennoda punda kilinjidum… Idhuve podhum… vaanga..” (looks like my pussy will be torn for this size. Its enough for me)Me: “Sari vaa di vandhu padu… na un soothu ku adila pillow vakiran apo than unakum konjam easya irukum…” (ok lay on the bed, I will keep a pillow under your bittocks to support me)Pooja: “Maama… “Me: “Enna chellam??” (what dear?)Pooja: “Ippadi panadhu podhum mama… enna unga mela ukkara vachi thengai urikirengala??..” (this position is enough. Can you peel of my pussy like peeling a coconut?)Me: “Hmmm adhuku yen di ivlo koocha padura? Unaku illama vera yaruku di panna poren?? Vaa vandhu mela ukkaru di…” (for asking you are feeling so shy?? Come and sit over me.)Pooja: “Yenga naa unga mela ukkandhu embi embi gudhikira nala weight thaangama unga sunni ku edhum aagidadhe???” (wont anything happen to your cock which gonna bear my whole weight?)Me: “Adhu sari un kavala unaku… adhelam edhuvum aagadhu di. Na unna paduka potu un mela eri othapa unaku edhuvum agalaila adhu madhiri than..” (no nothing will happen.Its just like I came on top of you and fucked. Like that the same happens here while you sit on me.)That night we had 4 rounds and slept in the position we fucked nearly 5.30 in the early morning.Next day I woke up at 12 in the afternoon. I saw Pooja, she was seeing at the ceiling thinking the moments took place last night and smiling. My head was on her arms which held me tight with her body. Her neck, breasts and belly are full of my dry saliva. She looked me and gave a naughty smile at me holding my cock in her soft palm.We were seeing ourselves staring our eyes. She began to pull my foreskin front and back in my cock. My hand slowly went to her pussy, which is dry because of my semen stains. My dick began to grow which was in her palm.Pooja used her forefinger and teased my tip of the cock.She spread her legs wide at that time and pulled me to come between her legs. I caught her intentions and came between her thighs. She held my hair at the back of my head and pulled my head to her face and gave a kiss on my lips.She then caressed her pussy with my dick. She showed her palm and asked me to spit in it. I did so and she took that to her cunt in order to make it wet.Then I pressed my dick inside of her pussy while moved smoothly because of the moisture of the saliva. Like that, we had a morning quicky. We went to bath together where we had a hot romance session. Then she went to the kitchen to make lunch for us. After having food, again our game started. We went through repeat mode for out love and love making.Now we settled in north India having two c***dren a boy and the second one is a girl. We are living happily as a normal love couple… sorry “than” a loving couple.Day by day my love towards her is increasing so that her’s. Hereby I assure you that brother sister i****t relationship is the best and happiest one than any other relationship in the world.Each and every brother and sister can be happy but the love and romance that matters the bonding between them. Dear brother(who have sisters) and sisters(who have brothers) start loving your cross-gender sibling, have fun, stay together live happily. i****t is not a crime. Its just a forbidden pleasure which became an unknown treasure to the world because of the foolish society.Hope you all love the story.LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR sister….DEDICATED TO MY LOVELY sister AND ALL brother- sister i****t COUPLES….Written by: Mukesh kumarHope you like it. Guys and girls, if you need any help regarding i****t, feel free to ask me. Also, unsatisfied girls and ladies near Chennai, trichy, karaikal can contact me through my mail id to have secret fun. Safety and privacy guaranteed. Feedbacks, critics & reviews are always welcome in my email id [email protected] and you can chat with me in the same ID.

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