Views from the apartment


Views from the apartmentNow this is a real story or thoughts I did not now where to publish…So for quite some time I noticed there is something about voyeurism that turns me on. I think it is normal to have a peek. But recently things have started getting more intense, I have found I also enjoy a bit of exhibitionism.Half a year ago I moved into a new apartment, on the top floor and I have never thought I could have such views from there. Too see a glimpse of someone in the window of opposite apartment is interesting and curious, but it seems to far…However since the warm weather things started to get really interesting in the apartment below. I have a direct view from the terrace to my neighbors terrace. Basically I can see right over there, right over the tuzla escort people there.There is a tall young brunette girl living who is only sparsely there and her mother who is often there. Sometimes they sunbathe right below me, just a few meters away from my view. The interesting part is when the young girl goes away, the mother likes to sunbathe completely naked. She is a 40 year old darker blond, very thin and shorter, smaller but firm tits. Sometimes in the afternoon she is there sunbathing naked, probably doesn’t mind me watching (or maybe she didn’t notice, I am not sure of that). She has a pretty body that turns me on. That lovely tanned body, firm nipples and neat trimmed pussy seem so amazing to me. I just get the sensation of trying to have her closer, tuzla escort bayan tasting that body, that pussy with lovely pussy lips. She seems like a queen there, last time she was eating some berries, the sight was totally hot.The tall young girl has a very athletic body, she seems to be doing some sort of sports, she goes on the terrace in swimsuits, sometimes thongs, which leave just a small space for imagination. I wonder if she ll be naked there also some day…. But the real deal is her mother, if there are people there she is usually in swimsuits or dark underwear. But if nobody is home, she quite a naughty milf…I have seen her there just three times for a short while, but I would like to see more. Often at work I thing about leaving sooner just to try escort tuzla and get a chance to see her. I just love the sight when she is there, wearing nothing, and showing off, even to me. A nice tanned body needs more sun, so she looks like she is enjoying it there.So now I am thinking of maybe trying to go a little further, maybe being naked there too, maybe start touching myself, or just for the start smile and wink at her. I dont want to be a total pervert and take a photo, but what if she stops going there…and if there are people interested who would like to see..oh so many thoughts…Knowing some of women that age I keep thinking whether there is a chance that she would like someone to show off too and whether she is doing that on purpose. Oh boy I keep on thinking that maybe next time, maybe even today she ll even starting masturbating there. The thought drives me crazy.So this is my first post here, if you have any ideas what to do I will be more than grateful…

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