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Very hot wifeMy name is Stacy I’ve been married almost a year now to my husband Rick We have many friends and throw lots of parties Rick is 25 5 10 and good looking I’m 5 2 brown hair i weigh 105 have a full breast and a nice ass or so im told I’ve had some great sex with Rick but i havenever know such pleasure as I did with ricks cousin James It was Wednesday when james came over to have a few drinks with rick and me after 3 hrs of drinking i was felling really good and said I was going to bed rick and James stayed up drinking as i laid there i couldn’t stop the bed from spinning so i took a cold shower to sober up a bit it worked enough to get some sleep I don’t know what time rick came to bed but it must have been really late when I woke up he was passed out on the bed still dressed I stripped his clothes off and covered him up My mouth was really dry so i went to get some water i must have forgotten to get dressed after my shower because I was completely nude when I walked into the kitchen as i opened the fridge door I heard a noise turned to find James sitting on the couch looking at me Right then I realized I was standing in the kitchen naked afyon escort in front of James i froze I wanted to run into the bedroom but i couldn’t James stood up and walked towards me still i just stood there when he was close enough he reached out and pulled my hips to his body and I let him do it as he kissed my neck i felt his hands move down between my legs i don’t know why but i opened them to let his hand in his fingers were rubbing my clit as his kisses moved closer to my lips i couldn’t stop myself from what happened next I reach down and undid his pants he helped me pull them down i had to get on my knees as he helped me out of them i reached up to pull down his shorts and what a surprise I got his dick was huge i swear it must have been over 10 inches long and very thick As i stared at it he grabbed my hair and pulled it towards his dick i didn’t even realize I was opening my mouth to let him in next thing i knew he was skull fucking me i felt his dick as it hit the back of my throat then again when the head was pulled out of my mouth After what seems like an hour he pulled out grabbed my hand and practically dragged ağrı escort me to the couch he threw me face up on the couch pulled my hips to the edge grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders as that big dick was closing in on my pussy i knew i was going to get caught by rick and covered my mouth as my pussy got its first taste of his big thick dick i knew it was going to hurt getting fucked by this massive thing but i didn’t even try to stop it as it was being pushed deeper into my body i wanted to let him know that it was too much for me to handle but if i pulled my hand off my mouth. The sreams i wanted to let out would wake rick so i took what he pushed in It was way passed any part of my pussy had ever known when it finally stopped being pushed in i looked down and saw he had almost 3 inches still outside my pussy then he stsrted fucking me and with every thrust I felt it getting deeper i was shaking my head no thinking he might stop going deeper but he didn’t i felt his ball touch my ass cheeks and knew it was as deep as it could be I had both hands over my mouth trying not to make to much noise as he started escort bayan pounding my pussy i came almost instantly as he fucked me hard i must have cum 5 times before I felt my pussy being emptied he pulled me up turned me around and pulled my ass open and put his dick to my opening the he drove it home so hard i swear my feet left thr floor my pussy was wet and wanting of this massive thing and i let her have all it wanted he hammered me hard and deep until I was sure I would be passing out soon i felt his dick explode its hot cum into my throbbing pussy when he released my hips my body fell to the cushions i was exhausted and wanted to get back to bed before I was caught but i couldn’t find the strength i felt his hands rubbing my ass I knew i had to go before he tried to get that thing in my ass I was to late i felt him pulling open my ass then the head on the ring of my ass i buried my face into the cushion just in time because I felt like my ass was ripping apart as he drove it in and didn’t slow down until I felt his balls on my pussy he started fucking me hard i was in tears as he was ramming his dick in me it didn’t take long for him to cum after he pulled out i don’t know how I did it but i got up went to our bedroom and got back in bed i didn’t get out of bed for the next two days because of the fucking he gave me igt hurt like hell but i realize that was the most wonderful night I have ever had

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