Vacation with My Aunt Pt. 08

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As everyone left the car Aunt Holly and I hung back a little, and she whispered “that was fucking hot watching you have sex with my sister,” in my ear.

“Did you like seeing her cum on my cock?”

“I loved it baby, but it made me a little jealous…” my slutty aunt replied back in a faux-innocent voice. “I could use my nephew’s big, hard cock in me again too.” Seeing that everyone else was already inside the hotel and out of sight Holly took this opportunity to kiss me hard and press her soft tits into my chest.

“I’d love to Holly, but I’m completely drained – literally. I fucked you, your daughter, and your sister today, I need a little rest before I can go again.”

“You fucked Hannah! Jesus Christ that’s hot, I wish I saw you guys, could she even take that thing?”

“She took it like a champ and she loved every second of it,” I replied smugly.

“Well, she must get that from me,” Holly reflected with a devious smile.

“She’s definitely a slut like you, she let me strip her completely naked and fuck her outside, anyone could have seen us.”

“That’s so fucking hot, I want to be there the next time you two fuck.”

“Absolutely,” I replied, my mind running wild with the possibilities.

“I want you to start slow and sensual, with my daughter’s tits pressed against your chest and her tongue in your mouth, but I want you to end it to with you pinning her arms down and fucking her as hard as you can. I want you to fuck my daughter harder than she can take it, I want you to hurt her with your cock. Do you think you can do that for me baby, do you think you can hurt my little girl with your big cock?” I couldn’t believe how into this she was.

“There’s nothing I’d rather do, especially if you’re their to encourage me.”

“I’ll do more than encourage you baby, I promise you that,” she said, slipping her tongue briefly into my mouth again. “But for now, if you aren’t going to fuck me I guess I should probably go spend some time with my kids, I can’t spend this whole vacation fucking you,” she smiled, kissing me again as I grabbed her ass.

“Is that right?” I asked arrogantly, to which she just grinned. “Yeah you go hangout with them for a while I rest a little, then we can have some fun again,” I replied.

Holly gave me a devious look, simply said, “Of course, killing two birds with one stone is always a good policy…” and made her way into the hotel.

I stayed where I was so I could watch her ass as she walked away before I went in too, my head filled with images of everything that had happened the past few days.


I awoke alone in bed around 9pm to the sound of my phone buzzing. It was a text from Holly, “wyd?”

“Just woke up, wbu?” I texted back.

“I’ve been hanging out with Cameron, but he fell asleep while we were watching a movie. You should come over, I miss you xoxo.”

I was confused as to why she would want me to come over while she’s with her son, and in my post-sleep haze I didn’t even think about what she had said earlier, or how turned on she was fucking me with Cameron sitting right in front of us. Still, I got up, threw a shirt and pajama pants on, and walked down the hall to the room Cameron and Hannah shared.

I knocked on the door and a moment later Aunt Holly answered, wearing shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt, through which her big tits were very noticeable, but sadly encased by a bra that was, to no one’s surprise, a size or two too small for her. I couldn’t really be that surprised that she dressed this slutty even when it just her and her son.

Shutting the door behind me, my voluptuous aunt kissed me hard again for a second, and said “I’m glad you came over, I was getting bored in here, especially since Cam fell asleep.” Saying this, Holly took me by the hand and led me to the bed, istanbul escort or beds rather, as they had apparently pushed the two beds together to give themselves more room. Much to my disappointment, Hannah was no where to be seen. I asked Holly where she was, to which she replied that she was had decided to spend some time with her cousins Jen and Taylor.

“I wouldn’t mind being there” I joked as we climbed into bed, and innocently positioned ourselves so that I was spooning my aunt.

“I bet you wouldn’t,” Holly laughed as she pushed her ass into my growing cock, “but I think I can keep you entertained, Cameron is a very heavy sleeper.” As she said this she turned her head and kissed me, slow and deep this time. I was now in bed, making out with my aunt, with her son only a couple feet away. I knew it was fucked up, but if she wasn’t backing down I wasn’t going to either.

It goes without saying that I was fully groping my hot aunt at this point, and I slid my hand under the back of her shirt to undo her bra, prompting a slight moan. Once I got it unhooked she finished taking it off, leaving her shirt on, and gently placed it on her sleeping son, laughing as she did so.

Her total disregard for all decency turned me on even more, as did her now free breasts, and I was ferociously making out with her by this point. It was wet, sloppy, and loud, and I could tell that the fact that her son would hear us if he woke up was turning her on. Breaking the kiss briefly, Holly lifted up my shirt and threw it across the room, prompting me to reciprocate accordingly. She was on top of me now, and she slid her shorts off and threw them to the opposite corner of the room. It was clear she was loving the idea of getting caught by her own son.

We continued making out as she removed my pants, leaving me straining against my boxers and her soaking through her panties, fully grinding on each other. Then, to my delight, she began hungrily kissing down my neck and chest, sucking greedily and taking the occasional nip. She kept going lower until she got to the top of my boxers, at which point she gripped my fully-hard cock through the fabric and began kissing and biting it. “You’re a bad boy, getting so hard while your cousin is asleep right next to us,” she teased.

“That must make you a bad mom then, getting naked and playing with my cock right next to him.”

“Mmm you’re right baby, I’m a really bad mommy, I’m such a naughty mommy for all the things I’m going to do to you right next to my own son.”

“Oh yeah Holly? Like what?”

“Like sucking your cock,” she said as she peeled off her panties, which she also placed on her sleeping son with an evil giggle.

Wanting to encourage her, I said “oh yeah? Are you going to be quiet about it so he doesn’t wake up?”

She grinned at me and said, “no baby, I’m going to suck your cock so loud and make it so sloppy, it would be so hot if he woke up and saw his mom gagging on this monster right next to him.”

“Would you stop if he woke up?” I asked as we removed my boxers and flung them across the room too.

“No way baby, I’d look him in the eyes and keep sucking. I’d take it out and slap it against my tongue while looking deep into his eyes.”

Always one to put her money where her mouth is, Holly began kissing my cock all over, loudly slurping against it. She refused to put it into her wet, hot mouth for several minutes, just sucking and licking and kissing it all over, making no effort to be discreet. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, she slipped it in and began sucking just the head, swirling her tongue around at the same time, prompting me to exclaim “Holy shit Aunt Holly!”

This only encouraged her, she began taking more of me in, slurping loudly the whole time. istanbul escort bayan Just when I was thinking that I couldn’t believe Cameron was sleeping through this, he groaned and turned from his side to on his back. My heart almost stopped, thinking he was awake, but really he had just moved in his sleep. Thinking her son was about to witness our depravity only made Holly more aggressive, as she immediately started deep-throating me even harder.

After a few unbelievable minutes of face-fucking my aunt I had to grab her by the back of her head and tear her away from me. She came up with a gasp, spit dripping down her lips and chin and laughed when I told her I was going to cum if she kept this up. “Well I’m not ready for that, you haven’t even fucked me yet baby.”

“You’re really going to fuck me here, next to your son?” I asked incredulously as she got up and crawled along the bad.

“No, not next to him,” my aunt said with a laugh in her voice. I couldn’t believe my eyes as Holly climbed over her sleeping son and propped herself up on all four. She didn’t say another word, she just turned her head to look at me with a serious expression on her face and wiggled her ass in the air. There wasn’t much question of what to do next.

I positioned myself behind her and began rubbing my cock up and down her burning hot cunt. It was soaking wet, it was ready for me to slide all the way in with no resistance, but I held off for now and grabbed by her neck and jaw and turned her head to me so I could tell her “You’re a fucking slut Aunt Holly.”

“Whaaat baby? I’m just spending some quality time with my son aren’t I…” I continued rubbing her up and down eliciting moans of pleasure. Then, without warning, I slid myself all the way in her tight pussy. “Oh fuck!” she yelled as I started fucking her intensely, our bodies violently slapping against each other.

I thought to myself that there was no way Cameron could sleep through this, and it turns out I was right. After not even a minute if me roughly fucking his mom on top of him, my cousin groaned and started to open his eyes. I knew Holly noticed it too, but she made no effort to stop me.

“…what are you… Mom! What the fuck’s going on!” the newly alert Cameron exclaimed.

“Nothing honey (oh fuck oh fuck) mommy just got bored after you fell asleep, so I invited your cousin over (oh fuck just like that baby) to entertain me. You want mommy to be happy, don’t you baby?” Holly’s giant fucking tits were bouncing back and forth with every stroke as she continued talking to her son, looking him right in the eyes.

“You’re fucking James!? What the fuck, why are you doing this?!”

“Because his cock is so big baby, and mommy loves how it feels in her tight little pussy. His cock makes mommy feel sooo good baby!”

“This is fucked up, let me out of here!” Cameron exclaimed as he tried to get out from under his completely naked mom.

To prevent his untimely escape, Aunt Holly dropped herself fully onto him, smashing her bare tits into his chest and bringing her face just inches away from his. I of course wasted no time reinserting myself into her waiting pussy, causing her to bounce back and forth on top of her son. “Don’t go yet, baby, it’s so much more fun when you watch mommy get fucked.” Cameron was clearly hating this, and he obviously didn’t know what to do. “Do you like mommy’s big tits against your chest baby?” Holly asked him, making him even more uncomfortable.

“No! This disgus-“

“OH FUCK! HIS COCK IS SO FUCKING BIG BABY!!” Holly cut him off with her usual filth as I fucked her as hard as I could. She was completely collapsed on her son now, with her face buried in his neck. She began kissing and biting his neck and ear, whispering “He’s so fucking escort istanbul big Cameron, he’s so fucking big and he fucks mommy so good!” to him as he tried to wiggle away from her caresses.

I couldn’t believe the depravity taking place before my eyes. I smacked my aunt’s ass and asked her “Do you like getting fucked like a slut in front of your son?”

“Yes baby I love it, I love him seeing me be a whore!”

“Mom, can you stop, please, this is so fucked up!” her son pleaded, tears beginning to form in his eyes.

“Sorry baby, but mommy has to cum first. You wouldn’t want mommy to not cum all over his perfect cock would you?”

Cameron had apparently resigned himself to his fate, closing his eyes and trying not to witness the scene before him. So naturally I said “Holly, don’t you think he deserves a kiss?” I could feel how excited this idea got her. She immediately melted her lips on her son’s and left them there for a minute, before sucking his lower lip into her mouth, and finally slipping her tongue in. By this point she was on her elbows, holding his head in her hands, her massive tits still pressed into his chest as I fucked her as hard as I could.

Holly was kissing her unwilling son deep and hard now, totally lost in the moment, until, sliding one hand under his shirt and gripping his chest, she suddenly broke the kiss and, laying her face directly on his, looking him right in the eye, began screaming “Mommy’s gonna cum baby! Mommy’s gonna cum on his giant fucking cock! FUCK! He’s so fucking big baby it hurts! He’s hurting mommy with his cock, he’s hurting mommy!”

“Tell your son what a whore you are,” I commanded.

Still looking him in the eyes, Aunt Holly began yelling “Mommy’s a fucking whore! Mommy’s a fucking whore! Oh my god baby mommy’s such a fucking whore!!” This was enough to send her over the edge. “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING BABY MOMMY’S CUMMING ON HIS BIG FUCKING COCK! IT HURTS BABY IT FUCKING HURTS BUT MOMMY LOVES HIS GIANT FUCKING COCK!! FUCK MOMMY’S CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!!”

I kept fucking her until her spasms of pleasure were over, at which point I slid out of her and flipped her over. She was now lying on her back on Cameron’s lap, and he used this opportunity to sit up against some pillows. I then lifted her legs up and put them on my shoulders and resumed having rough sex with my aunt. “Oh god baby I love your cock so much, I love my nephew’s cock!”

Her tits were violently bouncing back and forth now, and I said to my cousin, who was still very upset, “Jesus Christ your mom’s got some great tits dude! Why don’t you feel them?” Instinctively understanding what I was getting at, Holly reached up and grabbed his hands and held them firmly in place against her soft, pliant tits, directly over her nipples.

“Do you like mommy’s tits baby?” She was manually forcing him to grope them as tears were still running down his face. “Do you like feeling mommy’s big tits baby?”

“Oh fuck Aunt Holly that’s so goddam hot, I’m gonna cum!”

Holly reacted by pushing her son’s hands harder into her heaving tits and encouraging me, yelling “Do it baby, cum inside me again, I want my son to see you cum deep inside me!” That was enough to set me over the edge, and I started bursting in her hot pussy. This prompted Holly to look up and make eye contact with her son again while yelling “LOOK BABY, HE’S DOING IT! HE’S CUMMING INSIDE MOMMY! HIS PERFECT FUCKING COCK IS CUMMING INSIDE MOMMY’S PUSSY AND IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! FUCK!! HE’S FILLING MOMMY UP HE’S FILLING MOMMY’S PUSSY UP AND I LOVE IT! MOMMY’S SO HAPPY YOU’RE WATCHING HIS PERFECT COCK CUM IN MY PUSSY!!”

I continued thrusting into my aunt until I was completely spent, at which point Holly got up and turned around and began cleaning my cock with her tongue. She did just what she said she would and told her son to look as she slapped my still firm cock against her tongue. After licking and sucking me clean she climbed up to me and we got into the spooning position again.

It was in this same position that we awoke early the next morning to the sound of someone knocking on the door.

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