VACATION CONTINUEDAfter last nights events we looked over the events for today. First was new rope bondage methods. The next was butt Bukkake glory hole. My wife said looks interesting. We finally made to to breakfast naked and wife in collar and leash handcuffed. I un cuffed her and we are and then walked around complex viewing several doms that their subs were bound between trees and being whipped. On couple sub was suspended upside down and the dome was placing several different dildoes , butt plugs and vibrators in her ass and pussy. I took my sub over and asked the other master if my sub could lick her bald pussy he said but do not let her cum. My sub walks and licks the girls clit and rimmed her ass hole and the girls was trashing in her bounds. The other master illegal bahis said thank you. We continued our walk till we came across a structure with large holes in it and on one side looked liked added benches. I asked the director what it is and said bukkake butt hole. It starts in a few minutes and I turned to my wife asked are you up for it.she said yes. The director took my sub wife and told her to slide through hole and then he cuffed her ankles spread wide and then walked the other side and attached her wrists to the bench. By this time 5 more subs arrived and we’re all attached the same way. The director announced that these subs have agreed to what ever you want to do to them short of blood. Above on the area above the hole where the asses were displayed illegal bahis siteleri were lists of what they would allowabove mine was. Full anal, penetration, lickin, rimming, bi licking, no condoms necessary, snowballing, vibrators , dildoes and butt plugs as well as full on double penetration if possible.a master led his sub female and said lick her to organs am and she knelt and licked my clit and her tongue entered me and then she rimmed me and o was soon trashing. She pulled away and her master walked up and slid his cock into her ass only to last a few strokes and unloaded in her ass. He,pulled out and told his slave to clean her out she sucked the cum from her ass and swallowed. This continued for about an hour my sub had 9 guys cum in her canlı bahis siteleri pussy or ass she had cum dripping from her down her legs she looked a mess. The director that the event was over I walked to her and un cuffed her and helped her from the table and helper he stand she was worn out and a real mess. I kissed her and we walked back to room cum was dripping on the brick walkway and she squished as she walked. Just as we got to the entrance the master with the girl that licked the wife earlier approached and knelt and started to suck and lick the cum from my slut and when she was done she stood and kissed my sub and they swapped the cum back and forth then they each swallowed what they had in their mouth. I talked to the other master that my sub liked his sub and that we wanted to get together later and swap subs for our pleasure. I asked the other master if they were participating in the lave auction? He said yes and I said we are also hopefully we will see you tonight for the auction.more to come

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