Used By a YOunger Woman Part 2

Anal Sex

Used By a YOunger Woman Part 2″Get up, we still have a lot of work to do, I want you to kneel on the bed,” commanded TeganI did as I was told — being the good sub that I am. My pendulous tits hung down and I didn’t have long to wait until my big nipples were clamped again. Big plastic clamps that squeezed my entire nipple and then some. I felt a thick chain run back between my legs. A couple of tugs on the chain set off another bolt of sexual lightening from my already overused tits. “Spread your legs, further, I need easy access to your cunt and bumhole,” said Tegan as she moved back behind me and I obliged. With my tits clamped again, I felt Tegan’s fingers first on my cunt and then on my bumhole. My bumhole had escaped attention so far, but this was almost certainly going to change. Tegan’s fingers pushed and jabbed at my bumhole roughly, but the copious amount of lubricant allowed first one finger to sidle in and another two quickly followed. Tegan continued for awhile, forcefully probing at my anus, stretching it with her fingers strongly and methodically. Finally her fingers withdrew and I felt a dildo enter my cunt, it felt like a comparatively small one. forcefully then I felt an object enter my bumhole.”Let’s pump up these plugs shall we,” said Tegan and I quickly realised that I had an inflatable toy in each hole. I quickly felt the toys expand inside me. A twin inflatable assault and the pressure started to become immense. “Keep them in there,” commanded Tegan loudly. I could feel them filling up my cunt and anus deeply, and I struggled to keep myself from pushing the invaders out, but I managed. Finally Tegan stopped as it became harder and harder for her to squeeze the bulbs of the toys. I could vaguely hear her own exertions, but my mind was focussed on what was happening to my cunt and bumhole. The deep recesses of my cunt and bumhole had been expanded and the deep pressure Tegan had applied remained. It was eyewatering. To shake me from my focus, Tegan grabbed the chain attached to my nipples and yanked on it hard before continuing with short staccato jerks, not gentle, each one greeted with a tuneless vocalisation from me. If all this wasn’t enough Tegan started to rub my clit, really rub it hard. It didn’t take long for my orgasm to build. An inflatable plug in karaman escort my cunt and bum, my clamped tits being tormented and my clit being rubbed off the map. There was no gradual build-up of a climax, it was simply like a plane crash, an out of control descent. As the descent peaked, Tegan cruelly took her fingers off my clit, rapidly deflated the occupants in my cunt and anus, and stopped yanking on the chain attached to my nipples. As my orgasm raged through me I was denied the stimulus I craved, as my fingers dived towards my cunt, Tegan stopped them from touching down. There was nothing however that in reality was going to stop me crashing through orgasm, I flailed around the bed and my movements caused enough stimulus to drive my climax onwards. I uttered a string of primevil screams that subsided to wimpers as I slowly recovered from a bizarre climax. I laid on the bed in a near foetal position. “You should be lucky I let you cum,” said Tegan, but there was no real hint of mercy in her voice. “Get up and stand over there,” said Tegan gesturing to the wall. “Spread your legs and put your hands flatly on the wall,” she added. With jelly like legs I did, as she came up behind me and crouched down. “Your cunt is now slackly open, it’s not going to close for the rest of the day, probably not for a week or longer. It needs to gape some more though, not fuckin’ good enough.” She spanked my cunt and then with only limited effort, sunk her fist back into me. I had never been fisted before while standing up. It was totally different, more intense, and made even more so by the fact that I hadn’t fully recovered from my previous climax. I thought my cunt would burst. She didn’t fist me for long this time, but I knew Tegan had something else in store. “Keep facing the wall,” she said. She stepped away and then I heard the unmistakable buzzing of a magic wand. I lurched forward against the wall as that intense buzzing centred on my clit. Tegan forced it against me — hard. Then surprisingly after only a short period of time she turned it off, but continued to push it against me. “Oh my god, she is going to put it into my cunt!” I thought to myself and I was right. “Stay still and open your legs fuckin’ properly,” she commanded. My cunt strained but finally accepted the well escort karaman lubricated round head of the magic wand, one of the most intense vibrators on the market. Tegan switched it on and instantly my cunt felt like it was on fire. She forced her body against me, grabbed my already persecuted tits and squeezed them hard. “Fuck,” I screamed breathlessly. “Keep that fucking thing in your cunt, don’t push it out.” My body was trapped against the wall and the intense toy was trapped in my cunt. I couldn’t help trying to escape and even managed to push my way to the floor, but it was in vain. Tegan pinned me to the floor and held the magic wand inside me, in fact she started to fuck me with it, further stretching my already used cunt with the bulbous head, and buzzing me to oblivion. I started to cum hysterically, my cunt was convulsing against the invader, making things even more intense. Tegan kept me pinned to the floor and ensured the wand was still inside me, long after my orgasm subsided. I gasped deeply, sobbed even, nearly blacked out from the intensity, the pure incessant intensity. Tegan was showing me no mercy.Finally she got off me, and with the end of the Hitachi still stuck out of my cunt, she switched it off. She let me lie there with it for a She took it out and my cunt gasps and then “plopped” as the big round head of the toy left my cunt. “Get up, lie on the bed and spread your legs, I’m not finished with your cunt yet.”As I did, Tegan was at my cunt again. Four of her fingers went straight into my slackened cunt hole, then her firm pushing ensured her thumb popped in and again her fist was inside me. A couple of strokes only, before she popped her thumb out and put the fingers of her other hand in me. Twisting and turning inside me, first one and then her second thumb popped into my cunt. “Arrgggghhhh,” I screamed as Tegan double fisted me. Her big hands completely filled my cunt. Methodically she fucked me, not fast this time, but firm and deep. I groaned with her every push. Her hands squelched around as best they could in my expanded but cramped channel before Tegan removed them and spread my cunt strongly with her fingers and then let go and repeated this a couple of time. “Your cunt is nearly ruined, you could park a car in there, but i’m not finished karaman escort bayan yet, get back on your knees and kneel perpendicular to the bed. You moved around far too much when I was doing things to you just then. For that I am going to have to tie you up again.”With that Tegan tied a single rope to one of the bedposts and then deftly bound my hanging tits, each tit was encircled by two loops of rope and pulled tight and when both were done, the other end of the rope was tied to the bed post. My tits were turgid again and almost instantly lit up a shade of deep fuchsine. With me bound in place again, Tegan got two shopping bags out of her luggage. They indeed had groceries in them, but she did not use them as they were generally intended. For the best part of an hour, I was simply rammed and jammed by all manner of grocery items. Of course there were cucumbers, big ones, at one stage two at a time in my cunt and also one in my cunt and one in my asshole. With the protruding end of the cucumbers, Tegan would push hard against my cunt walls, churning them around inside my loose cunt. There were also bunches of celery, leeks, carrots, wicked cobs of corn, and bananas shoved into my cunt. My asshole was not spared either as various vegetarian delights were wedged into it. Tegan inserted round objects into my cunt – apples, turnips and oranges, and made me force them out. I could feel my cunt bulge and distend even further with each exertion to remove a trespasser from my overused cunt. I groaned in relief each time I forced one of the round invaders out. For a period, Tegan menanced my cunt with a series of salamis. With two salamis in my cunt and a smaller one in my asshole, Tegan rubbed my clit and delivered me another chaotic climax. As my climax subsided, Tegan unbound my tits and told me to lay on the bed and after I did she straddled my head. “Lick my asshole,” she said. Naturally I undertook this request before I received another order to lick Tegan’s cunt. Tegan hovered her cunt just above my mouth and I lifted my head from the bed and licked and probed her cunt with my tongue, occasionally swirling my tongue around her enflamed clit. It didn’t take her long to cum. She smacked her cunt down hard against my face as she did so, pushing me deeply into the bed as she did so. She more or less stayed sitting on my face as she recovered from her climax. Our get together was coming to an end, but there is still one more chapter in this romantic tale of how the lovely Tegan mercilessly loosened my cunt and used my tits.

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