Used at School 2


Used at School 2Olivia headed to her next class and was waiting outside when she saw her friend Claire walking up to join her and straight away she asked why she had left class so early and when Olivia told Claire what had happened Claire could not believe it so Olivia quickly grabbed her hand and led her into the toilet and into one of the cubicle and closed the door.She slowly took off her blazer and straight away her friend could see the wet cum stained patches on Olivia’s shirt and she could not help herself but see how wet they felt and she gently rubbed her fingers over Olivia’s breast feeling the wetness of the cum and the hardness of Olivia’s nipples. Olivia was starting to enjoy the feeling of Claire’s fingers when they hered the bell ringing so they quickly sorted them self’s out and ran to class.As the two girls sat at the back of the class Olivia was trying to concentrate on her work but she could not as Claire kept asking her Questions about who the boy was and when was she going to see her Master again.It was almost starting to get annoying when she suddenly felt the vibrators turning on and being turned to full power and she quickly put her hand between her legs to and started moving uncontrollably as an orgasm started to build inside her and as she was about to cum they suddenly switched off and she nearly let out a moan of disappointment. Claire new what was going on and she eased her hand under the table and put it on Olivia’s leg and slowly eased it up lift the her skirt until she got to the very wet panties that Olivia’s hand was trying to cover.Olivia was still shaking slightly and sweating and she almost wanted Claire to make her cum right there and she found herself letting her hand move out of Claire way and Claire did not waist the opportunity and quickly moved her hand up until she could feel Olivia’s panties against her fingers and she started to gently tease Olivia’s soaking wet pussy and she started to hear gentle moans of pleasure coming from Olivia’s tightly sealed lips.Soon Olivia’s Orgasm was starting to build once again and as Claire played and teased with Olivia’s pussy she felt the vibrator’s being turned on and very soon Olivia was cumming and cumming hard and Claire felt her aksaray escort hand being soaked with cum as Olivia started to squirt. She managed to stop most of the cum from squirting on to the floor but it was not easy as there was so much and Olivia seemed to keep cumming until finally the vibrators turned off.Olivia was drenched with sweat and was struggling to concentrate and stay up right after the orgasm had subsided. She saw the teacher coming over to her and he took one look at her and leaned forward and asked if she was ok?She shook her head and Claire told him that Olivia had been feeling funny since the last class and she said that it might be a good idea for them both to go to the toilet for a few minutes and see what happens and he agreed and told them to take their bags with them just incase the have to go to the nurses room.Claire packed all their things and helped Olivia up and luckily Sir had turned round to order everyone back to work so he did not see Olivia’s skirt pulled right up and her soaking wet panties and legs.Claire help Olivia out of the class room and to the toilets where she sat her down on the toilet and grabbed a towel to help dry some of the sweat and cum and by now Olivia was starting to get some sense back in her. Claire closed the door and told Olivia to undress so she could be dried off and cleaned up easier and Olivia decided she did not have much off a choice as she could not walk round the school looking like she did, so she slowly undressed and sat there naked in front of Claire who picked up the wet panties and shirt and put them into her bag and she turned round and started to open the door telling Olivia to stay there and that she would be back in a couple of minutes.Olivia again did not have much choice so she stayed in the cubicle and cleaned herself up a bit while Claire went off to find something for Olivia to wear.She then decided she could do with calling off so she stood up and slowly opened the door and peaked out to see if there was anyone about and as she decided it was clear she quickly walked over to the silk and put a towel under the cold tap and then suddenly she felt the vibrations starting up deep inside her again and she quickly had to grab escort aksaray hold of the bowl to help steady herself and then she hered someone coming but luckily it was Claire who was shocked to see Olivia holding on to the sink naked with her legs trembling. Claire quickly ran over to Olivia and helped her back into the cubicle and then went and turned the tap off and brought the towel in and handed it to Olivia who was starting to orgasm once more again squirting cum all over Claire’s legs and again the vibrations stopped.Claire cleaned herself up and quickly handed Olivia a pair of tight blue school shorts and a clean shirt and told her to put them on quickly as the nurse was on her way.Olivia quickly got dressed and asked why the nurse was coming and she told her that the teacher had sent for her as he was worried about how she looked. just then they hered the nurse coming into the toilet and calling their names and Claire quickly opened the door to let the nurse in.Straight away the nurse thought that Olivia did not look too good and thought it best that she was sent home and Claire told her that her parents would not be back until the next day and then she offered to go back with her to look after Olivia. The nurse said it would be ok and off the two girls went, on the way home Olivia told Claire where to go and it was not home. They walked for a couple of miles before turning up at this huge house and they went up to the door and knocked and this tall guy opened the door and he was quite surprised to see them standing in front of him. Olivia looked up at him and SaidSorry to just turn up like this Master but I could not think of anywhere else to go.It is ok Slave replied the guy and he invited them in and led them both into the kitchen while Olivia explained what had happen.He told Olivia to go upstairs and to change into the outfit that was on the bed ready for her, so she quickly ran upstairs to change.While she did this he sat down at the table and invited Claire to join him. She sat at the opposite side of the table and just looked at him. So you made my slave cum in class did you?Claire replied that she had.How did it feel? did you like being in control of her?Claire did not know what to say aksaray escort bayan so she just noddedWell my name is David or Master to her and you are more than welcome to stay here until it is time for you to head home but I have some work to do with Olivia so unless you want to watch then you can go into the front room and watch TV or something.Claire looked at him for a few seconds before getting up and heading for the front room. David was a bit disappointed but got up and headed upstairs to join Olivia who was on her knees on the floor at the bottom of the bed with her ankles tied together and her hands tied behind her back and a ball gag in her mouth that was fastened behind her head and she was wearing a matching pair of silk black panties and bra.Right slave you have been a very naughty little slut and I need to punnish you for not asking if you could let Claire make you cum.He walked over to her and untied her hands and moved them so they were above her head before tieing them up again. He then ordered her to stand which she did with his help. There was a thick wooden beam in the middle of the room with a thick steel hook in the middle of it. He lifted her up and put the hook between her hands and then slowly lowered her. She was about 5 inches off the ground and her toes could just about touch the floor to help steady herself.He moved behind her and gave 5 good hard slaps across her ass and Claire could hear her muffled screams from down stairs. He then turned the vibrator’s on and moved over to a wall where he had all his sex toys and he grabbed a riding crop and walked back over to Olivia and he rubbed it over her bare ass before moving it about an inch away and then quickly slapping it on her bare cheeks many times.Claire decided that she wanted to she what was happening and slowly sneaked up the stairs and she could not believe her eyes when she saw what he was doing to Olivia.He walked round in front of Olivia and he put a couple of nipple clamps on her and attached a chain to them both and then slowly started to add little weights to the chain slowly pulling her nipples down until she begged him to stop.He then started to gently slap the riding crop against her pussy making her tense up and move around making the weights on the chain swing around causing more pain on her nipples.He then turned and saw Claire watching and asked her to come in, so Claire stood up and walked into the room and could not take her eyes off of Olivia.To be continued

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