Uni day


Uni dayI was in my final year, I remembered I was at the cooler having a sip when a girl walked passed and smile at me. I smiled back and wondered who was she, her face rang a bell in my mind but I could not quite place a name to her. I watched her sat at the bench table near the cooler, studying. I decided to approach her as I just ended class and had nothing to do.As I walked nearer, I recalled her. She was the girl in my statistics class in year 1, named Jane(fake).I went up and asked her how she was doing and what modules she was currently taking. Found out she was taking 2 mods that I was taking. We did not exchange numbers in year 1 as I was attached but i did helped her in class with some problems she had then. She thanked me for that and I replied that it was not a problem helping a chio bu like her. She blushed at that point and we exchanged number.Two days later, she text me and asked what I was doing, I told her that I was studying and she asked if I wanted to hang out later that day. I was surprised at her request, but went along with it. I asked her where she wanted to go and where she lived. To my delight, she stayed in the east and was quite near my house. I drove over around 3pm and we went to PS to catch a movie and dinner. We chatted during dinner catching up with school, and somehow we talked about the arts. I told her I was meaning to catch CIRQUE DU SOLEIL but had nobody to go with. She teased me about bringing my girlfriend to catch it with me, which I replied we have broken up. She sounded sorry about bringing it up and diverted back to other topics. While I was driving her home, she jokingly suggested that she could bring me to the show as I would be at home with the a****ls. I chuckled at that and noticed she had very deep dimples for the first time. It was past midnight when I reached her house, thus I parked and sent her up. As we were waiting for the lift, I asked if I brought the ticks, would she go with me. She did not immediately replied, and seem to be contemplating. I wondered, but she accepted.It was a damn fun time with her, and this time round, we were more relaxed with each other. After the electrifying show, we went to get a drink near clarke quay. I got a little tipsy, as she kept asking me to drink up. Not quite sure what we played but I ended up drinking. She told me not to worry as she just gotten her license. I look at her quizzically, ‘ Is that your idea of driving my car?’ she laughed and whatever, I could not be bothered. Under the lightnings of the pub, she seemed so sweet? I donno, was high already. This time round, she drove me home. When we were at my door, I question her about going back home, she shrugged and said something. Nobody was at home as my parents were oversea. We entered my house, ‘Hey wait a minute, aint you going home?’ I looked at her and slapped her arm lightly. ‘Could I stay over? I dont feel like going home’. That piqued my interest. I showered in my parent’s room and she took my room’s toilet. When I came out she was in my living room looking at my bar counter. ‘Woah, did I faint in my bathroom, how come you are faster than me?’ She giggled and told me I was high.’Why are you looking at my counter? never drink enough just now?’ She just smiled. It was then I noticed she was wearing one of my shirt without a shorts, the shirt covered down to her knees but I was quite sure cos of the missing outline of anything beneath. Ok, I finished the 1st post at 12am..was god damn tired.Anyways.’Em, why you wear a top only? what if my parents suddenly came back?”But din you say your parents were oversea?’ she reply meekly.My heart was racing, and I was thinking about where she was coming from. Thus far I had not encounter such a forward girl. Jesus. For some reasons I was shy, positively flabbergasted at such blatant proposition. She hitting on me?I walked over to her, tongued tied for a second,’ cha to-rid?’ She looked at me bemused, huh?.. aint you tired? i tried again.’Maybe’, she pecked my cheek and skipped to my room.I followed her, ‘what did I do to deserved that?”Well, just you being you and probably thanking you for some stuff…”hmm.thanking me for what? you thanked me enough with your companionship. really enjoyed the time spent. you should get some sleep, its early in the morning now.”Ya, still early…’I turned on my cd player with the remote on the bed side. I remembered it was ‘Ode to my family’ and switch on the bed lamp. Under the dim light, she looked quite innocent and welcoming. I brushed her hair aside, ‘why did youappear again?’ She shrugged and smile at me, we kissed and the warmth of her body pressed against mine. She placed her hands on my chest and I proceed down to her neck. She smelt lovely, I whispered in her ear,’ you sure?’ She squeezed my back lightly in reply.I slowly caressed her body and blew gently into her ears, never once going for her breasts as I kissed her all the way to her belly, laying her down on the bed. Ever so slightly, I lifted her shirt up and continued kissing her, she giggled. I went further south to her pelvis, placing my hands on her hips as I did so, and she shuddered a little. Her hands were in my hair and rubbing my head, and after a moment she pulled my up and we kissed again. I lifted her(or mine since she was wearing my shirt) till the edge of her boobs. She was not wearing bra thus I started to squeeze her gently. I broke off the kiss and worked on her neck again while fondling her tits.’Just go ahead and suck it.’ This time I lifted up her shirt all the way to her neck to expose those peaks, and twin C greeted me. Oh boy, I din realised how delectable those looked previously.( By no means that she wasnt good looking, but I had up to then, always focus on her eyes) I licked her tits and her started to moan a little, I cupped her left boob while sucking on her right. Heavenly, was slightly pinkish-brown and I was thinking to myself ‘No wonder’. As her moaning grew heavier, my right hand slid into her panties. To my delight it was clean and quite wet. I rubbed her clitoris gently and she started to jerk.I kissed her on her cheek, and she smiled, those eyes greeted me with a smile too as she did so. I was enamored with that smile.’ You know, I din recognised you instantly, but when you smiled, I instantly recalled you. I love your smile.”I felt the same about you during our first year together but you were attached, I wasnt sorry about you breaking up. I’m sorry”aint you a silly girl, nothing to be sorry about anyways, I’m glad we met again’ and we kissed yet again. She proceeded to take off my shirt and her hands reached down to my member, it was at point unknown, already hard and wet. Her soft hands started to stroke it and it reacted vigorously to her touch. ‘Do you like it?’ she cooed. I smiled back at her and she rolled over to be on top of me. She slipped my pants off and started kissing my navel. I stroked her hair as she went along to my groin. Her hair was silky smooth.She kissed the tip of my dick and I moaned. I did a half crunch to look at her and she looked up smiling at me. ‘Oh my god’ I thought to myself. She started to lick and kiss the shaft of my dick while rubbing my balls. I was utterly enjoying every moment of it, savoring it. As she slide my dick into her mouth, I closed my eyes, and moaned even harder. She started flicking her tongue on the tip of my dick, all the while playing with my balls. I squeezed her shoulders gently and she started to give me a full blowjob. I shuddered as felt my orgasm, I flipped her over and removed my dick from her mouth, cumming on her boobs. It felt so good.I wiped her boobs with some tissue and kissed her. We talked with the lamp by the side while cozy up under the blanket. I was hugging her close to my chest, and she was ‘doodling’ my chest with her finger. I kissed her on the forehead and hugged her tighter, she was smiling at me again as we broke off from the embrace and I felt my dick poking her thighs. ‘That’s fast’, she exclaimed. I looked at her quizzically.’Do you want it?’ she asked.’ Is it okay?’ I rubbed her hair and kissed her on her forehead again.I reached for my bedside table to extract the condom pack, strawberry I remembered. She snatched it from me and asked cheekily if I did it regularly. I smiled and replied that I have not done it in a while already as it was about a year now. I capped on and slowly inserted into her. She grimaced a little and clawed my back, I kissed her again on the cheek and started to rock. Her eyes were closed at the moment I entered and I cannot help but noticed her dimples. I kissed her on her dimple and she opened her eyes, kissing me back, frenching. Her pussy was quite tight and I slowly inch myself into her, canlı bahis siteleri and built up the momentum. She started moaning a little and clenching her teeth, alternating between the two. I asked if she was alright, and slowed down, but she shook her head and smiled back, ‘its ok, I’m ok’ But i still maintained a slower rhythm. Her pussy was smooth and tight, enjoying every moment of it. After bout a minute, I couldnt control anymore and started pumping her, she moaned and yapped a little, startled by the sudden change of pace. I felt myself on cloud nine moments before I cummed into her pussy, feeling hot and electrifying.I kissed her after I shook the last drops into her, and slid out of her.No words exchanged between the both of us as we hugged under the blanket.I was a little sweaty despite the air-con being quite cold. I looked into her eyes and stroke her hair once more. We kissed again and after awhile drifted off to slumber-land.Next morning, I woke up to the sound of door opening, I peeked to check that my room door was locked and slipped myself out of the blanket. It was 11.30 already. Damn, my parents were back. Jane stirred from her slumber and with dopey eyes, searched for me. I smiled meekly at her and told her my parents were back. She dressed up to the clothes spew on the floor and straighten her hair. I tossed the condom and the pack into the trash and dressed up too. After we were done, there was a knock on my door, my mom ‘are you home dear?’. Jane jumped back under the sheets and I opened my door to greet my mother.’Oh hello, there.”Morning aunty’…her voice crisp yet melodic to my ears.My mom looked at me questioningly but I just smiled back.’Let’s go out, and get something to eat.’ Jane nodded back and jumped out of bed. ‘Em, you might wanna wear a pants even though the shirt covers”Oh right’ she smiled at me sheepishly.I cooked american breakfast and we ate at the dining table. My dad came over and asked her for her name.’Oh, Im Jane.”Girlfriend?”Yup, I guess so’ I pinched her under the table but she just smiled away at my dad.’Oh, you are quite lovely’ as my dad land his hand on my shoulder.After he left, I whispered,’Girlfriend?”Em, dont you want?’, I just smiled back at her,’Girlfriend…’We went back into my room, the moment she closed the door, I smacked her on the ass.’The nerves of you’, I exclaimed, ‘who said that we were or are even in a relationship?’She just giggled, ‘oh don get so uptight about that, you obviously suggested that last night.”I…I…, sure, I din regret that.”Of course not”How silly of me, I’m sorry , but at least pre-empt me about it, I must say I’m shocked things happened the way it did.’ I slowly blurted.’To help you get over your shock,’ she proceeded to wriggle out of her shorts exposing her ass with her panties pulled to her thighs, ‘take this as an apology?’I looked at her bent over frame, her head turned towards me.’The nerve of you girl,’ I walked over, spanking her as as I reached for my drawer to retrieve the condom.I guess she likes to be dominated, s I put on my condom, her pussy was glistering under the sun filtering through my window. I slowly entered her behind, and started my engine all over again.’You naughty girl’. She moaned in reply, ‘you gotta keep your volume down, no crying while I discipline you.’She placed her fist into a mouth as I fucked her. I reached over to her front, lifted up her shirt to squeeze her breast. Man. After about 3-5min, I felt her cunt growing tighter and her muffled screams could be heard, oh how the pressure felt as it tighten around my shaft, the friction was almost unbearable. I felt my dick starting to spasm and I released my load inside.We dropped onto the bed, as I caught my breathe, she kissed me and I returned the deed. After a while we broke apart. I asked about her past, and my suspicions. She told everything about being dumped after losing her virginity to her first boyfriend and the shame she felt after. It was during her secondary school days. And that was hurt by that experience, saying that I am her second attempt at a relationship. I helped her wear back the shirt and hugged her. She told me the whole story about what, how and when it all happened, and cried in my embrace when I chided about it. I felt a tingle of guilt crept up to me and told her about my feelings.We were attached.During the days that followed. After that event died down, we hung out in campus almost every other day. I changed my classes to sit in during our two common mods. I donno why, but somehow being together with her brought a feeling of puppy love all over again. I think it was how we began, and somehow felt I must cherish this relationship. I asked her during the subsequent class break about her approach. She noticed me while walking passed the cooler and wasnt thinking about anything when she smiled at me. She was a little apprehensive when I walked over and asked for her number. And that she really took a liking to my humor over dinner. I replied that I really loved her smile. One day, while I was on my way to class,she text me, asking me to meet her on the sixth floor. I questioned her but she did not replied. With curiosity mounted in my mind, I proceeded to the sixth floor. I called her when I did not see her.’Come into the toilet”What?’ I asked.’Go into the female toilet you dummy”Em, are you sure?”Ya Im sure u dummy, nobody’s inside’Thus I walked into the female toilet and she beckoned me into a cubicle. As I entered, she pulled me in and closed the door, she was wearing a red dress that zips in front with boots over to her knees,’shhhhh’, with her finger over her lips, she un-sling my bag and knelt down. She unzip my jeans and pulled down to my pelvis, and started to give me a blowjob right there in the bloody school’s toilet. I immediately had a hard-on and felt it grow inside her mouth. As she sucked my dick, her hand guided mine to her zip, she unzipped her dress and removed the nipple tape, as I squeezed her boob, she started to licked my balls, rubbing my shaft with the other hand. I was stunned but somehow my body just went along with it. Within two min i guessed, I felt my dick jumped inside her mouth, I was cumming into her. She sucked my dry and with speed zip her dress and took her bag. She smiled at me as she unbolted the door,’ Happy one month dummy!’. I just stood there, slacked-jaw at what just happened. After a moment I tidied up and rushed to my class, mind not focused.We met after school, as I drove to a restaurant for our month-sary, I looked at her at the traffic light. “hmm, did you like your appetizer silly?”You are very yai today, but I did enjoyed it very much’After we got back to my house, we went back into my room. I was exhausted and propped down onto my bean chair.’Are you sure you wanna rest?….’As she wriggled herself out of her dress and walked into my shower. She smiled at me as she closed the door, and my dick gave me nudge.Following her into the shower, she was completely naked showering. I undressed myself and joined her inside. As I stepped in, she squeezed my dick as I hugged her. ‘Love you my dear’ I whispered. She giggled, ‘You love this dont you?’ She started to give me another oral, but this time, she took it slow and licked the glens of my dick. I started to grew wet(not owing to the water), and she tease me by stopping halfway, soaping up her body. I kissed her nape as she was facing away from me. Just when I thought that it was the end of it, she turned around, going on her knees, and began to rubbed her cleavage to my dick. She squeezed her boobs with her hands as she rubbed her breast against my shaft. She was smiling at me with her eyes squinted. My dick danced with glee between her bosoms, after awhile she stopped, and remarked with grin,’Damn, that was harder than I thought.’I grew hornier at the remark, and we quickly showered and ‘dried’ off on the bed.On the bed, she took out a lube from her bag, and applied it to her breast to continue giving me a boobjob, I felt the softness pressing against my dick and it was reacting vigorously to the sensation. As she rubbed, she constantly asked me how I was feeling and adjusted the motion as I gave her feedback. She went into overdrive as she felt the tension growing and my dick started to jerk, as she had lowered my fore-skin, my cum shot onto her face, and I watched her face covered with a glistering coat of my hot passion. she continued rubbing despite being startled by it and licked some of my jizz off her lip.Hey guys before I proceed, please support the petition on my other tread. Really, that guy is positively evil without any doubt. I do condemn his methods and ideas about sex, I believe that sex should canlı casino be mutual agreement, not brainwashed to the extend of flirting around ****.Thank You.Anyways, it was a week after final exams, my friends and I decided to drive up to Malaysia to unwind. As one of them(total 8 of us) just got his license, he was quite eager to drive up. During the days leading to the trip, Jane did not meet me, she was awfully quiet about the whole trip. I messaged her and called her a couple of time asking if she was ok and stuff, but each time, she only gave me a fleeting reply.We went out a couple of times during that week, and she refused my advances to touch her nor did she come over to my house. About 2 days before we set off, she messaged me, informing me that she did not feel like doing it during the trip, and specifically warned me not to bring any condoms. I was a little disappointed and very concerned, but she was silent on the topic.Thus the day came, with quite a chatter in my car, 4 people in each car, we drove to malaysia. 1st stop was malacca, we booked Equatorial, taking bout 2hrs drive. During the whole drive she was a little responsive to conversation and chose to sleep most of the journey. When we checked in, she went into the toilet almost immediately, out of concern, I asked her if she required any medication, and was about to leave the room when she called from inside, saying she was fine, asking me not to bother. Thus I sat on the bed, and switched on the tv. It was around 1.10pm and we had agreed on 2pm for lunch as I told the gang that Jane wasnt feeling too well.After a couple of minutes, Jane emerged from the toilet, decked out in a nurse uniform coupled with a plastic syringe, I gasped as I looked at her, half smiling half laughing.’I heard you are unwell sir, how about a little medication for you?’ she purred.I fumbled with the remote a little and muted the tv, ‘oh boy’ was all I managed as she walked over.As she crept over to me, I whispered,’You naughty girl gal”Shhhh, you are sick, now be a good boy and take you medicine.’She guided my my hand to her breast, the uniform was silted at the chest, exposing about a quarter of her boobs, she wore a half cup red bra underneath and boy was my dick stiff like attending a parade inspection.She flipped me around and mockingly ‘injected’ my ass with the injection, commanding me to remain on my front, she started to kiss my ass, working slowly up to my neck, as she kissed my neck, i felt my shirt being pulled up and a zipper sound. I felt her boobs pressing against my back as she kissed my head. My dick was fucking wet at this point, not only did I not masturbate for a week, it was totally unexpected turnaround from the attitude I faced the past week.She got of me and asked me to face back up, she was standing in front of the bed, licking her fingers as she unzipped the uniform all the way down to her panties. She was wearing red underwear and black stockings. She wriggled herself slowly out of the uniform, letting it rest on the floor, I was clamoring for more, and inching to touch her, but as I crawled towards her, she shook her head, pointing at the bed. I was on fire, she started to tease me as she crawled onto the bed and touching my thighs and bending down in the doggy position, kept prostrating herself near me, boobs right in front of my eyes. My hand moved towards her boobs, but she slapped it away, slowly she rubbed the top of her boobs as she kneel inches from me, her other hand caressing the bulge that was my dick trapped under my jeans.When I started to wriggle from both pleasure and discomfort from her touch, she started to unzip my jeans, she released my dick from the ‘cage’ and ever so gently stroked it. I tried to grope her yet again but she shoo me again, only smiling at me as I retreated. Under her mercy, I shut my eyes as I couldnt resist the temptation of looking. I felt her boobs touching meatus of my dick, her boobs was sliding around my dickhead,’Oh my, you are really sick’ ,y dick was insanely wet,’let me do something about it’ With that, she started to lick my dick and literally stuffed it into her mouth. She took in the whole of my dick, and gave away some retching noises, as I felt her throat encase my mushroom. She was bent over, stockings and bra opened at the front,ass up and giving the blowjob of my life. Within seconds, I closed my eyes involuntarily as I shot like never before into her throat. She started choking a little but continued sucking my dick, cum dripping out of her mouth as she ate my dick. She laughed after she stopped, meekly exclaiming that it was a little too much for her to hold everything in. I stretched for tissue to clean her mouth, her whole mouth was moist, saliva mixed with my thick cum. I hugged her and spank her ass.’You are naughty, you know, very naughty”Ya, I know, I love you,’ she gave me a kiss on my cheek.’As punishment, you are not allowed to wash your mouth for lunch’She just smiled at me, kissed my cheek again,’anything you say’.Thus with that we dressed up, and proceeded for lunch. My friends asked her if she was feeling alright. She could only nod and smile at them as she feared that the smell would give the game away. She was truly uncomfortable during the short drive to lunch, and I could only chuckle at her ordeal in the car. My friends thought I was being mean to her, ‘protecting’ her in the car, but they had no idea.Gonna make it quick today. Shag.After a full day out, where we went for massage, eat, eat and eat. We got back to the hotel. It was already 11pm when we got back, I was totally exhausted. I got into the shower immediately. As I was showering, I heard the door open, she was wearing the red.But at that point, I was dead tired and was not really in the mood.’Why din you wait for me dear?’ she asked melodiously.’I’m dead beat love.”Really?’ as she entered,’ real tired?’ as she reached for my cock.It was instantaneous magic, my dick reacted to her touch and it was hard before I even realised it.’But he don seem tired at all,’ she grinned.’No seriously, Im tired.’ it defended myself.’Alright, let me help you shower then.’She started soaping her boobs and rubbing my whole body.’What the hell?!’ I exclaimed, ‘woah”I learnt it from your porn I found in your laptop”Oh fuck, you wont suppose to see that!’ my face turning tomato.She only laughed, and to be honest, her soft boobs all over felt like heaven, she was a little awkward at certain points, but overall I was in cloud 9. With my dick throbbing, I washed away the soap and attempted to pull her to the bed.’Wait my dear, fuck me here.’ she pulled me back into the shower.’What…you serious?’ I was flabbergasted.’Ya, my mens just ended and I’ve taken the pill just now’ she replied.So there I was standing face to face talking to her. My mind was racing, to be honest, I was a little scared, a little apprehensive.But what the hell, I thought. I turned on the shower, turned her around and started to rubbed her pussy as I fitted my raw cock into her vagina. Oh boy, her pussy was wet, my foreskin rolled back as I entered, and that sensation was never before experienced. I started pounding her ass hard as she cried out with each thrust. I did not even bothered asking if she was alright, but I assumed all was fine when she started moaning in between the cries. All I can say, wet + wet = fucking good feeling as dickhead felt that tight tight pressure at the end of the ‘tunnel’. She suddenly changed her moaning to iie iie. At that moment, I felt my dick jerk inside her pussy, as if it was growing bigger. I started to feel the tension building up quickly, I closed my eyes as I cummed into her, and she shouted ‘Kimochi,kimochi’ I just stood still, my hips thrust-ed to her butt as I unloaded my every last spunk into her vagina.I shook the last bits into her, and came out, exhausted to the bone. Her surprise wasnt done; she fingered her pussy, and placed my cum into her mouth, licking her fingers as she grinned with her eyes forming a smiley.’What the hell, fucking hell, what the hell….’ was all I managed as she squatted in front of me..As I stood there looking at her, awe-struck, my dick refused to go down. This is one hell of a trip, not only is it just a treat visually but experience was out of this world.She smirked at me as she noticed my little brother,’ Wow, you are looking healthy.’ She continued licking her fingers, ‘I like.’Pulling me into the bedroom, and pushing me over the bed, I was at her mercy. She slowly crept up my legs, passed my thighs, caressing every inch of the way. I was a little scared but what the hell, I guessed I was tired or something..I just stared at her intensely, like a prey cornered by a predator, apprehensive kaçak casino about the next move. She blew my dick and by pass it, taking care not to touch it, with a fingers wriggling, indicating that I should not move, she kissed my body, all the while caressing my inner thighs. Taking her time up my neck and ending up beside my ears, she whispered, ‘ I’ve been a bad girl, punish me..’ She lied on her back, and reached for her sling bag on the floor. It caught my attention, as she pointed at it. I opened the bag, inside were handcuffs, ropes, baton and all other SM goodies.I emptied the content and she wriggled in fear.I forced myself on top of her and slapped the handcuff on her hands. With the ropes, I tied her legs spread eagle to the bed legs. All this while she kept wriggling and calling out, ‘Please, let me go…I beg you…dont.’I blindfolded her, and touched her body. With every touch, she struggled to get away, I rubbed my brother against her boobs and she whimpered. ‘Shut up,’ I cried, mock slapping her a cushion. She quieted down as I rubbed my member in her cleavage, she sobbed and begged me to stop but it only fed my desire. Slowly moving up, I placed my dick near her mouth, she turned away from it, and I pulled her head back straight, ‘If you don suck it, I’ll kill you!’ She hesitated for a while,’ Please don kill me, I’ll do it.’ With that she licked my throbbing member and raise up her head slightly to suck me.After a while, she started choking, her mouth all slimy with my wet dick all over her face. I remove my dick from her mouth and rubbed it all over her face, ‘Please, stop, no more,’ she begged. I just laughed as I groped her boobs, sucking her tits as she sobbed. When I finally could not stand the delay any longer, I went down and with my dick rubbing all over her vagina, ‘Please, dont, dont….’ She whimpered. With that, I entered her once more, as she cried and sobbed, wriggling against the restrain, but to no avail. I started thrusting, and she cried even harder, I cupped my hand over her mouth to muffle the sound, and she started to gasp for air.I released my hand and she kept crying,’ Please stop, I beg you, dont..”I am going to cum into you whore’ I snarled, pumping harder and faster.Grabbing her boob with my right while supporting with my right, I thrust faster and harder.’Nooooooo…..’ as I cummed into her, my second time raw, I just stopped at that position for a good halve a minute, as I felt every jizz flow into her. She continued to sob.I lifted up her blindfold, perspiration dripping onto her, I was totally wasted. She grinned at my sweaty face, her arms across my neck, as she got up to kiss me. ‘Did you enjoy it?’ she asked sweetly.After untying her, I head straight back to the shower again with her in tow.’Let me showered you, just sit in the bathtub my dear.’ I could only sit in the tub as she washed my body, laughing at my state.Totally expanded.Going to fast forward. Our trip was 2 weeks long. So only juiciest part now of that trip(Anyways, I cant remember every single shit).Anyways, we were at KL after Malacca, we decided to hit the club after arriving. Only 2 couples and 4 guys. I guess it was a little too…..for them. Thus we agreed to ‘chill’ at the club while they hit on girls that evening.After a light dinner, we drove to Zouk. Being eager Stevens, they arrived at the place before us, I chuckled at their ‘hunger for love’. As we made our way to the entrance, my friends came out from the club.’That’s fast, got chucked out already?’ I hollered.’Woah, you wont believe for we saw’ Tom called back. ‘Fiona Xie’s kissing girls as they enter!”That’s not surprising, I heard she’s quite promiscuous.’I have indeed heard from an uncle driving the artist around mention it before.’You talked about The Game, why not demonstrate?’ Another friend asked.’What are they talking about?’ my girl asked,’What game?’I had to spend a good minute explaining myself, explaining about the techniques employed to sarge girls.As we entered Zouk, F came towards my girl, and planted a kiss on her lips.Me:Hey, what’s the idea, hands off my girlI gently pushed her away, grabbing her shoulder.F:Oh, I’m sorry. hope you don mind, just a dare from friends.Me: Nah, its cool. Just a little shocked. But now I’m a little jealous.F: Im sorry, i guess.Me: Hey, you know, you look a like a bunny, and that smile, you have sort of a C-shaped smile.F: Oh? What about it.Me: Just looking at cover girls on magazines, the smiles set them apart. Those girls with C-shaped smiles always looked better. Those with U-shaped smile always look intimidating. That’s why Rui En always have the cool image while Dawn Yeoh is girl-next-door.F: WowMe: Look gotta go, looks like the party started over there.F: You wanna join us?Me: I donno, gotta ask my friends.I turned and gave my friends the thumbs up. We followed her to the table. I cant say who was at the table(some of them are still in Mediacorp)So there we were seating beside people my friends were dreaming about. Mingling with them and playing some drinking games.I excused myself after awhile, pulling my girl along. She whacked me on my back, giving me the quizzing look. I had to spent another moments explaining. Giving alot of excuses about the Game, but after awhile convinced her I was not ‘evil’.We headed back, my girl going over to the other couple, while I joined the singles at ‘attracting’ the desired girls.Around 2hrs later, we were out of Zouk, we were out with F, Y, Z(I will not reveal who). We booked into new rooms and started making out. I pulled Y to the sofa, but suddenly guilt crept up me as we kissed. I stopped and thinking about my friends in the rooms, they were getting on with it, I’m sure. What the hell, I was holding onto Y, it just does not get better than this. I ruffled her hair as we kissed. She pulled my shirt as I kissed her neck, she smelled smokey(really, out of the club) I suggested to shower and wash away the smell. She led me to the bathroom and we ran the tub full of water. Soaking in the tub, I began to rub her back, massaging her neck, smelling her hair. She moaned under my touch mixed with the steaming water, quivering. I hugged her from behind,’You are so tensed, relax more’ I kissed her ear. Turning around, she hugged me and we kissed again, this time my hands went down to her breast, cupping it and playing with her tits, she wriggled a little as I sucked her tits. She grabbed my dick in her hands and starting toying with it, I moaned in her ears as she rubbed me. I caressed her cheeks and lifted up my hips, gently pushing her head down, she looked at my member for a brief moment before sliding it into her mouth. I moved to the end of the tub, sat up as she sucked me sprawled in the not so steaming water. I stroke her hair as she looked at me, I smiled at her, and she used her tongue to tingle my dickhead. The ecstasy, indescribable. Slowly I felt the tension creeping pass my shaft. I told her I was about to cum, if she mind, I would do it outside. Nodding, she pulled my dick out from her mouth, and I cummed on her boobs. Washing off, I led her to the bed and we chatted a little about everything, all the while hugging her and playing with her pussy.It was getting wetter by the second, I slowly kissed her down to her belly and down to her pussy. It was clean and smooth, I licked her and she quivered. I gave her a oral like no tomorrow. Felt her wriggling and moaning , her hands pulling my head, rubbing my hair. It grew intense and her moaning turned into screams, her pelvis convoluted, wriggling. She gushed into my mouth, and boy was it a flood, the bed sheet was wet as I finished lapping the final drops. She smiled at me, pulling my head up. We hugged a little as we just basked in each other presence.With her nodding, I fished for the condom in my wallet. She helped me to wear it while rubbing my dick to make it harder. I was nervous(I donno, maybe its a dream…) She guided my dick slowly into her vagina. It was heavenly, warm and inviting. It was still wet and bulging from the oral I gave her, as I slipped in, it enveloped my dick like a long lost lover. I thrust a little, and she moaned. I rocked some more, and she cried even louder. It was music to my ears! She rubbed her pelvis as I rhythmically thrust into her. She turned me around as I felt her pussy tighten around my dick, started to ride on me, her hands on her neck as she went up and down. I watched her bosoms bounced and I could not resist catching them in my hands. She moaned as she went faster, moaning catching up to the ride. Feeling her pussy suffocating my dick, the pressure was just too great. I felt my dick shrink back and fired my army into the hot hole, only the plastic keeping them from invading.We laid on the bed a little, I turned and asked if she needed to go. She nodded slowly and with a hug, replied that she needed to get back to her hotel. We got dress and sadly, I sent her back to her hotel.Last post for this trip.

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