Unexpected visitor


Unexpected visitorJust for some context, Nirosha was my milf of a neighbour who I used to have sex with. She would let me do anything to her as long as I promised to fuck her. Nirosha’s husband called me over one day. Our family always helped each other out or enjoyed each others company. Nirosha and I have been having sex for about a 4 months now and I was scared that he found out. I went over thinking of what I would tell him, when he confronted me. “I know that you are tech-savy. We bought new computers for the family and we have no idea to set them up. The shop quoted us that they would take 3 days and it would cost us a few hundred dollars. I was wondering if you would be able to help us set them up?” I was surprised and caught off-guard. I was so convinced that I was caught sleeping with his wife. “Of course I will be able to help” I blurted out, just happy that I was not in trouble. “Thank you, here’s the key to the house so you can come and go. The c***dren and I are going to go to visit our grandfather in India. Nirosha is staying back to help with her mum’s birthday celebration, so I don’t think you will see her. I left some food int he fridge for you and feel free to help yourself to anything in the house.”Is this really happening? Is bahis siteleri canlı he going to leave his wife here alone for 3 days? Does he know that I was going to cover his wife with my cum? I couldn’t believe my luck. “We will be gone tomorrow morning, you can start then. Again, thank you!” he said. I am the one to be thanking you. As I left, I got a message. “Sorry I didn’t see you. I was in the shower. I hope you are looking forward to the next 3 days, I’m going to fuck your brains out.” I was so excited to see her and have Nirosha sucking on my dick. The very next day, I got up early and told my parents that I was heading back to my camp (I was in the army at this point). I was at Nirosha’s house bright and early to begin my 3 day fuckfest. I walked in and looked all over for Nirosha. She wasn’t there. I called her and she said that she stepped out to pick up stuff for her mum’s birthday. Realising I had time, I decided to start assembling the computers. 4 hours later, I was done. most of the hardware already came installed, the shop was trying to pull a fast one I guess. I cracked open a beer and waited for Nirosha to come back home. She came back soon after, and to prepare I stripped down to my boxers. Nirosha walked in wearing casino şirketleri the loosest dress in the world. She was not skinny, in fact she was was short and slightly chubby. But she had big floppy tits and I got a good view as her dress had a deep cleavage cut out as well. “You ready to explore my body? Man do I have an exciting 3 days planned out for you” Nirosha said as she came closer and hugged me. We locked lips and our tongues were fighting against each other. I started to get hard straight away, and Nirosha noticed. She grabbed me by the dick and led me to the couches. I sat down and Nirosha seductively took off her clothes. “I need your dick so bad! You have no idea. I tried to get my husband hard to fuck me, but he couldn’t get hard. He’s too fat and he can’t even get his 4 inch dick hard. You and your 6 inch dick is already throbbing for me, and as a reward, I’m going to let you do anything you want to me.” She knelt before me and started to suck my dick. She was an expert, and made sure she was sloppy, just the way I liked it. I pushed her head down and she started to gag, turning me on even more. I was like an a****l, I grabbed her and carried her and placed her on the couch. I was hungry and needed to feast. I canlı casino siteleri went down on her already wet pussy while I played with her nipples. I knew what she liked and how to control her. I was licking her clit while fingering her. She was so wet and came after a few minutes. I needed her to fuck me, I shoved my dick into her and started to thrust violently into her. It was such a turn on to see her roll her eyes back and watch her floppy tits bounce all over her. She pushed me out and told me to lay down. she got on top and started to ride me. She started off grinding me and hearing her wet pussy rub against me was insane. I was shocked that I was able to make her so wet. She brought her knees up and started riding me. It was an unbelievable experience. After a few minutes her moans started to shorten, as if she was out of breath and she started to get tighter. I knew what this meant, she was going to cum. I started thrusting into her as well and going deeper. Nirosha let out a a mighty sexual scream. It sounded as if she was on a sex high and so satisfied. I picked up the pace. I needed to cum after a few more minutes. I told her and she said, “I want to cum on your tits.” She got off me and i stood up just in time as thick white ropes flew out and covered her tits. It was an amazing sight to see my cum cover her huge tits.”What a way to start. Also, remember when I said we can do anything? I meant it. I know you haven’t done anal before or made a sex tape. We are going to do those in the next 3 days.”

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