Unexpected surprise


Unexpected surpriseI am Jenny, and my husband Craig have been married for 18 years, and we have not explored too much outside of just us, but recently we had a really hot experience, quite unexpected actually. We had a party at our house some friends and neighbours came by, it was great. It went really late and we all had quite a bit to drink. As the night came to an end, everyone left, all except for one of our recently divorced friends who Craig works with Katie. I am about 5’1” 129lbs 34b sexy rounded ass, Katie is maybe 5’5” 110lbs slender with 34b maybe too. She has started to drink a lot since the divorce, and was pretty out of it. I didn’t even really want to invite her as she usually drinks too much, and needs to be taken care of, plus I think she has a thing for Craig. So as everyone left Katie is passed out on the sofa, and I say I guess we have a sleepover guest. I get Craig to carry her up to the spare room which shares a bathroom with ours, Craig lays her down, and leaves to clean up downstairs. As I look at Katie her dress has slid up from being carried, and shows her sexy little silk thong under and her small breasts are almost hanging out. I have never noticed a woman that way before, and it kind of made me hot. I felt guilty and I was going to leave staring at our friend looking so sexy, but passed out. I figure she can’t sleep in the dress, it might wreck it, so I decide to take it off her as I peel it off revealing her slender sexy body and her well, I notice her sexy silk panties hugging her pussy so snugly. As I took her dress off, I grazed her silk covered pussy it felt so warm, she stirred and moaned a little. I have to admit it made me hot hearing her moan. I knew I had to get out of there before I did something silly or embarrassing. I leave her in her bra and panties, and cover her up and head to bed and find Craig sleeping. güvenilir casino So I am heated up and no one to play with, so I slip into my pjs, a lace thong, and matching camisole, and slip under the covers behind Craig with my hard nipples poking at Craig’s back. I drift off to sleep. Maybe 2 hours later I hear something in the bathroom, it must be Katie, she’s in the bathroom, and then I hear a flush and then I guess in the dark she goes to the wrong room, she comes into our room and climbs in the king size bed, not realizing. I don’t say anything kind of excited at the thought of her being there with us, next to Craig and me on the other side. I decide I will lay there and see what happens.I am wide awake, and am feeling so hot knowing that our friend in her bra and panties, is right next to my husband who is in only boxers as she must have drifted off to sleep. Im stirring as my pussy is getting so wet I rub over my clit a little over my lace thong feeling my panties dampen. Im thinking I shouldn’t do this, but I cant help it. I let out a slight moan as my hand slips under my thong and feels my moist slick pussy. As I moan it makes Katie stir, maybe remembering the grazing of her pussy earlier, as when I felt it, her pussy felt so hot. As she stirs she moves her ass back as I feel Craig push back on me, as she wiggles her sexy tight ass against my husband. I daringly reach over Craig and reach between them feeling his cock growing against her ass. I rub my hand on her ass and against his cock, he grows harder and she wiggles and moans. As I get even more daring I have one hand on her ass sliding towards her thighs, and her heated pussy, as I feel the warmth and dampness through the silk fabric. I rub over feeling her pussy lips clinging to the smooth silk. My other hand is rubbing my clit as I do. Katie moans louder starting internet casino to wake a little, but she might think she is dreaming, I slide her panties aside as I need to feel her pussy, as I do I feel her hot slick shaven wetness it is amazing, it sends a sexual rush through me like never before, as I have never felt another womans pussy before. Craig is stirring as well in the darkness probably thinking it’s me rubbing my ass against his cock, which is rock hard. He reaches over and runs his hands over her small but firm tits, which resemble mine maybe 34b, she pushes her ass back more, as I have my hand on her pussy and his cock, I slides his cock out of his boxers, and hold it against her bare wet slit. I can’t believe im doing this, holding my husband’s hard cock against our friend Katie’s wet pussy as am feeling it and rubbing it. I am worried what am I doing, but I can’t stop myself as lust has taken over me. Both Craig and Katie are now waking, and realizing what is going on, not a word is said, as Katie raises her leg making her pussy available for Craig’s cock as I guide it into her sopping wet pussy from behind. I feel his hardness slip past my fingers into her tight pussy, as she said to us that she has not had much if any sex in the last year. He is now fully inside her, as I’m rubbing her clit as she moans. Now Craig is thrusting slowly inside her as I rub his chest and kiss his ear and neck watching in the dim light as he fucks our friend from behind. I’m curious now to see what it looks like up close so I climb over them to watch his hard juice covered cock slipping in and out of her pussy as it wraps around his cock. I rub her clit as he fucks her a little harder now, and I now daringly lick her clit and taste her juices on his shaft as it slips by my tongue, loving the taste of my first pussy. Not ever really thinking canlı poker oyna about tasting a woman’s pussy before much less watch my husband fuck it at the same time, now I’m doing both.I lick Craig’s balls as he fucks Katie as I feel hands on my curvy ass and they are soft, they are Katie’s, as I lick and suck her clit, she’s rubbing my now exposed pussy as she pulls aside my wet lace thong. Oh god I feel her fingers rubbing me as I rub her faster, and taste her juices on his cock as he fucks her faster, I feel Katie tense up, as I feel her cumming, as she cums, it’t too much for Craig as I see his cock stiffen and begins to shoot a load of cum deep in our guest. He slides his cock out of her, as I watch his huge load of cum ooze from her hot well fucked sloppy pussy. I then move in to clean up the mess my husband made on and in our friends pussy. I still can’t believe everything that is going on, but I feel like an a****l in lust as I clean and lick cum from Katie’s beautiful pussy. I taste her juices and his cum mixed together as Craig now takes his cock to her mouth for her to clean his still hard cock off. As she sucks his cock clean tasting her own juices mixed with his cum, he fingers my pussy from behind, then he pulls from her mouth and slides his cock into me in one long hard stroke. As he begins to thrust in me driving my face into Katie’s pussy hard, he continues this for another while, as I’m moaning into her pussy feeling my own orgasm build, as I rub and lick Katie’s pussy. I feel her raise her hips to my mouth as she is getting ready to cum again, and I’m about to cum too. I cum first tightening on his cock as he slides in me, almost popping him out as I do, this drives him to shoot his second load of cum into me now, as we all collapse on the bed, spent from this intense experience. Katie gets up kisses me as our tongues dance together, says a quiet thank you, saying she needed a good fuck, then leaves and goes to her room to sleep, leaving me and Craig wondering if she had planned this all along. Either way it was the hottest experience we have ever had. sleepovers can be fun.

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