Unexpected Jamboree


Unexpected JamboreeUnexpected Jamboree———-A bus filled with noisy teenagers rolled into the parking area towing a white enclosed trailer with local lettering. They were all wearing matching uniforms, scarves and caps from a nearby town’s scout troop. Dad and my brother walked out to greet them and directed the bus into a grassy field next to the pool with picnic tables and a large fire pit. There was a frenzy of bodies pulling gear out of the trailer and soon the field was dotted with small pup tents looking like a swarm of blue ants as they moved about.The logbook of scheduled visitors is always out on the counter allowing the farm help add entries when I am at lunch or in town, and I check it religiously to insure we are staffed and have plenty of supplies. I was a bit pissed that this group showed up and I had no idea they were coming, I did not think it was in book yesterday afternoon when I left work. Nevertheless, there scrawled in my Dad’s handwriting, was ’10 Youth + 1 Adult’ for 2 days starting today. Somehow, I had missed the entry amidst the mass of lines following a busy week.Once their camp was organized, they rushed to the pool area, cleaned up and clamored into the pool to swim. My best friend Kelly was sunbathing and immediately became a major attraction at poolside. She had pulled her lounger close to the edge of the pool. I was sure she was exposing her 36DD breasts from the side with her top untied to catch the sun, and now, to also enjoy all the scouts’ eyes on her. It did not take the scouts long to see if they did cannonballs she was splashed. And, of course, her immediate reaction to being splashed was to jump a bit, which tended to expose much more than just the sides of her breasts. It was like a cat and mouse game with the mice trying to get cheese away from the cat, and judging by the little smirk on her face, she was enjoying showing them the cheese. By the time, the afternoon was over and she came in, I could see that her tan line had disappeared almost up her nipples.The Next Morning, after breakfast, Kelly told me she wanted to take a long relaxing ride. We had just opened up a few new longer trails that went to the adjoining property. They were not open to the general public, but I had made maps already and gave her one to follow. I pointed out the best long ride available before she left disappearing down the trail.About an half hour later, here comes my brother with the scout troop filing behind him. I quickly rounded up the farm girls and had 10 horses equipped and ready to go. Brother had already dealt with his own horse, and they all rode out to the trails. I had not noticed that my brother picked up one of the new trail maps from under my private desk.Kelly is not an experienced rider, but able do pretty well negotiating the rough new trails, referring to the map frequently to not miss the sites I had marked on the map; small springs and resting areas, rocks overlooking fields of flowers frequented by deer and other a****ls. The horse had just climbed a steep creek bed trail that opened into a grassy field, when a fox or some other a****l, ran in between the horses front legs and spooked her. The horse reared up on its hindquarters, catching Kelly unexpectedly and tossed her off backwards. She lost c0nciousness; lying still in the tall grass, almost invisible, as the horse ran away and headed back to the barn on her own.As it happened, Steven and the 10 scouts, were slowly plodding along the very same trail, carefully negotiating it, stopping to take leaves from the trees, pick flowers and other items up to help them qualify for scouting badges. They emerged from the creek bed and started across the field when one of the boys spotted what he thought was an unusual red flowering bush. He dismounted and took three steps, and realized that it was Kelly’s red bandana, and immediately rushed to her excitedly yelling for Steven to come there.Steven came back and saw Kelly lying there, breathing but unmoving. Her eyes were closed, breathing easily thru her slightly open mouth. Her hair lay like an angels halo around her head; some of the small flowers had pushed between her locks, accenting her like a bouquet. He knelt at her side and shook her, thinking perhaps she was asleep, but she did not respond. He lifted her türkçe bahis head gently, and felt under her hair for any lumps or bleeding, but did not find anything unusual. He was puzzled and continued to run his hands over her extremities checking. It was impossible for him and the other boys to not see her ample cleavage and one of her nipples was peering out of her blouse.”What should we do Mr. Steven? Some of us have life saving badges, should we try to use our skills on her do you think?” one boy wistfully thought of pressing her chest with his hands on those lovely breasts. “We should loosen her clothing to allow her breathing to be unrestricted.””Hmm, yes, your are probably right.” Knowing full well, that her breathing was fine, he decided that unbuttoning her blouse to allow him to see her naked, was a very exciting prospect. He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off of her. Her light tan bra was intimidating to all of the boys as it was one intended to shackle her 36DD breasts for the ride, and it was perhaps the first time many of these boys had ever seen one other than in a catalog. “We better do this right; I’m sure her jeans are too tight as well.””That ‘over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder’ thing looks like it is scrunching her chest. I think we should take everything off her,” another boy chipped in and all the boys started nodding and agreeing verbally. Steven smiled to himself and nodded at the boys as helifted her by the arms, and a pair of boys wrestled with the clasp on the bra, as the remaining boys crowded around and removed her boots, undid her belt, unzipped her jeans, and pulled her jeans down and off her, leaving only a very thin white thong, which barely covered her pussy. There was a moment of silence and awe, followed by a whooping ‘Holy Cow’ as all her assets tumbled into sight.Their eyes told the tale, she was being ravaged intimately by them all, and I am certain that, each and every one had immediately gotten a hard-on. Steven’s crotch showed the largest bulge of all, being the oldest of them and the closest to her breasts and face.”I’ll try deep massage and see if she will come around,” as he put his hands over her breasts. The other boys watching with jealousy as he began pressing and massaging her breasts repeatedly. She continued to lay still with her head moving some side to side with his strokes downward on her. Her mouth was slightly opened and her breath escaped thru her lips.”Help me boys, it might take all of us to do this.” He did not need to repeat himself as the boys crowded around her on all sides, their hands reaching out and fighting each other for a handful of her glorious white mounds topped by her fantastically large areoles, almost the size of small pancakes. The boys hands were so small, that even with all of them, they seemed to not be able to complete cover her breasts.”It’s not working boys. I have to try mouth to mouth,” as Steven leaned forward and began to kiss her soft lips, savoring the subtle taste of her lipstick, his tongue flashed out, lightly running along her lips, opening them. His tongue ran along her teeth and then probed between them into her mouth. His tongue reached hers, and he felt it move with his as he pressed more and kissed her deeper. “Look, it must be partly working, her thingies are standing up on her boobies now,” and sure enough, her nipples had indeed stiffened and were now standing up, erect like tiny towers. Her areoles had tightened and shrunk in size, getting smaller while accenting their nuances of tiny rigid bumps on them.While her eyes were still closed, her mouth and body were reacting to Steven, however slightly that might be. His cock was stiffened like a rod of steel, pressing hard against his shorts pant leg. He reached back, pulling his shorts up and underwear aside; he released his cock into view. A few of the boys saw his cock bounce into view and they rubbed themselves with their hands. Looking around, Steven saw a very large tree that had fallen down; it’s huge tree trunk appeared to be the perfect height to d**** Kelly’s body over, leaving her ass, tits and mouth available. Walking over and pulling a blanket off his pack on his horse, he spread the blanket on the tree trunk. He lifted Kelly’s limp body up effortlessly and d****d her across it with her güvenilir bahis ass sticking prominently up on one side. Her arms hung limply, with her head resting like on pillows, on her dangling breasts, a most erotic sight.”I’m going to try something that is not documented in the advanced scouting manuals, but I’ve seen it have success somewhere.” Steven undid his shorts and pulled them and his underwear off. His cock stood straight out looking like a 4in summer sausage and it was significantly larger than any of the boys’ cocks. Grabbing her by the hair, he lifted her head up pointing his cock at her mouth, letting the tip touch her lips. Rubbing his length across them and alongside her nose till his balls were on her chin, the boys about went nuts.As Steven slid his cock back down, he rubbed the tip again against her lips, opening them further, and felt her teeth with the tip. Her tongue reacted by licking the underside of his head and her mouth opened more, letting him slip the tip between her lips. He felt her tongue licking at the tip, swirling around it, teasing it as he remained still holding it barely in her mouth. He looked down at her eyes and was surprised to see they were now little slits, barely open, but enough for her to most definitely see what was happening to her even if she did not move. When she saw him looking, she pressed them shut again, feigning to be still out cold. Emboldened by her look, he reached down and pulled her head further onto his cock. Slowly he started sliding it in and out of her mouth, enjoying her now sucking and locking her lips around his shaft.”Boys, I think you should all take your shorts off and get your cocks ready for action. This seems to be working, but it requires more than just me doing it. We can take turns; I think she needs it badly.” Steven looked down because he felt a big increase in the sucking and licking activity as soon as he told them they needed to help, and her eyes opened wide and looked yearningly toward his. Seeing this, he began to vigorously pump his cock into her mouth, harder and harder, feeling himself getting ready to cum.”Should I cum in her mouth, tell me quick guys, I’m very close now,” and almost like lightning, all of them screamed ‘shoot in her mouth.’ Within moments of their response, he felt her quiver and start chewing on his cock with her teeth, rapidly licking and tonguing his cock as he started cumming in her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out, small bits of sperm dribbled around his cock at her lips running down on her chin and onto her chest. He pushed in and out a few more times, each accompanied by more cum, and she swallowed every drop except that which escaped her lips.Pulling his cock from her mouth still dripping a tiny bit of cum from the tip, he turned to see the boys all were naked, circled around him, playing with themselves close looking at the semi-unc0ncious girl. Holding her hair and pulling her head up, showing the cum dripping from her mouth, he stepped back. One of the boys quickly replaced him, pulling her head up and began started face fucking her. Two other boys flanked him using one hand to play with themselves and the other to squeeze and play with her tits.As Steven stepped further back into the crowd of remaining boys, he could tell they were all quick learners. One pair of boys had started playing with each other’s cocks, pulling on them and cupping the balls as they dropped to the ground next to each other. They rotated around and began sucking each other performing as if this was not their first time. Each on their sides with one leg up, their heads bobbing up and down with mouths full of cock. Their slobber was flowing like a faucets running down each other’s cock and balls ending up between their ass cracks. To his right, one boy had sat down on the ground and his friend was on all fours leaning down. Steven watched as the sitting boy’s cock disappeared and reappeared from the other’s mouth. Steven started to turn away, when another boy knelt behind the sucker, using his hands, pulled his white ass cheeks wide open. His forefinger was manipulating the boy’s anal star until the finger sank into his ass. He began finger fucking the ass, slowly at first, then more rapidly. Moans were escaping from the other boy’s mouth, youwin which was filled with cock as his ass was penetrated by the finger. It was not long at all until the kneeling boy pulled his finger out of the ass and replaced it with his stiff little cock. He rammed it deep and hard into the waiting ass with no hesitation while grabbing his waist to keep him from pulling off.Steven was becoming hard again when he felt a pair of sweet young boy lips enveloped his fat short cock. Small hands cupped Steven’s balls, lifting them up; licking them, sucking each ball into his mouth, looking up meeting Steven’s eyes with every motion. Steven’s hands went around the boys head, caressing his ears, coaxing him along, pulling his mouth onto his rod. The boy’s eyes never left Stevens as he sucked his cock deep into his mouth, his tongue whipping around the tip and undersides of his cock.Looking over his shoulder toward Kelly, he saw her eyes fully open, darting back and forth, watching the various scenes of sex acts around her. Her head was bobbing on it’s own power on the cock that was in her mouth and she was enjoying the touch of the boys on her breasts. Her hands had reached out and gotten a hold of the two boys’ cocks at her side and she was jacking them off rapidly, pulling them closer to her face as she felt them stiffen and begin to shoot their loads of Boy Scout cum all over her face. The boy fucking her mouth must have also cum at the same moment, as she gagged and coughed. She managed to swallow most of his cum, and then turned and started licking the other boys whose cum was all over her hands, savoring the taste of the sweet boy cum.Steven pulled his cock from the kneeling boy’s mouth and moved swiftly behind Kelly. Opening her legs wide, he pulled her butt cheeks open, his fingers deftly dipped into her cunt, which was totally dripping with her own juices. The boy that had been sucking him had followed and was watching with interest as Steven used the wet girls own juice slicking her ass hole. Raising one leg up high, and guided his fat tip to her anus, moving it in little circles around her, until he sank it balls deep into her ass. A large moan was heard by all escaping from Kelly’s mouth as Steven jammed into her ass.Steven pointed to her pussy, and the boy beside him, knelt down and immediately started licking at her wet pussy as eager as ever to taste pussy for the first time. Steven’s balls were banging against Kelly’s ass and the boy’s nose as her pussy was licked. The remaining boys in front of Kelly quickly pulled their buddies from Kelly’s face and began to assault her mouth. Steven, I am sure, thought to himself this was like a three ring circus, watching groups of boys that were blowing each other and fucking one another’s asses, as they began switching places with each other, letting each of them get a turn at their asses and cocks. Soon there was a train line of the boys fucking the boy in front of them in the ass while the others knelt beside then and jacked themselves off. Steven shot his load again deep inside Kelly’s ass, his cum squirted out of her tight ass and covered the face of the boy licking her pussy and he licked and swallowed all the cum. Steven pulled out, stepping back; the boy stopped licking Kelly and sucked Steven’s cock into his mouth. The other boys, seeing Steven was not fucking Kelly now, quickly got behind her and took his place. As a group, they took turns fucking her ass and pussy, one right after the other, ass to pussy and back again, each of them cumming in one of her holes. Kelly was almost continuously moaning with pleasure from the frontal and rear attacks, and her body was quavering repeatedly as she orgasmed over and over.It was about an hour of sex, Kelly’s asshole and pussy were bright red and sore dripping profuse amounts of boy sperm running down her legs. Her tits were completely covered in dry crusty sperm as was her face. Her tongue was trying to lick at the cum all over her, as if she wanted more, but the poor scouts were spent entirely, having cum more times than they could have imagined possible in jerk-off sessions they had before.As Steven moved in front of Kelly, she reached out, surrounding his waist with her arms and pulled herself weakly off the tree. She knelt at his feet still holding him, looking up at him with her eyes.”Thank you Steven, and you too boys, for rescuing me. If I ever fall off a horse again, I will certainly hope that I get exactly the same treatment again.” Kelly spoke loud enough for all of them to hear.

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