Under the Moonlight: Latina & German Lust


Under the Moonlight: Latina & German LustStory by MariaI had just gotten out of my car in Gatlinburg Tennessee and began walking to the door to the the cities Event Halls. My name is Leya and I was heading into a Colombian cultural festival. There aren’t often many Colombian people in this area so it was a little bit of a rare event for me as a Colombian woman.My family came to the states when I was just 4, now I’m 26. I still maintained my tan bronze skin and straight black hair that falls only 5 inches from my ass, giving me a very Native Indio look.I was wearing at tight black typical night club dress that barely covered my ass and chest complimented by my long black hair in a bun with hight heels and a bracelet.As I entered the party around 10 pm I saw about 50 people in the building as the loud bachata music played. However, I only saw one person I knew. That person was Jose, a dark skinned guy who always had a crush on me but I never gave him the time of the day. I would often abuse his admiration, making him do things for me in Highschool with nothing in return.“Nice to see you Leya!” he said walking up to me.”You look beautiful.””Thanks, nice to see you too.” I replied. I knew this would be a pretty boring night already. The dancing and music was nice, but I had no one to go out there with. I sure as hell wouldn’t go out there with Jose. So here I was, sitting at a table, while a bunch of people I didn’t know danced around me. Sitting next to Jose who seemed too eager for me to say something. I started to contemplate leaving.Just then, someone caught my eye from across the room. A man in an open white collared shirt sitting in a similar circumstance to myself across the auditorium. He was very handsome, with pale skin, combed blonde hair and blue eyes I could see from across the room. Features that drive us Latinas crazy. Like me, he looked bored as if he was wondering what the Hell he was doing her.I leaned over to Jose “Hey who’s that guy at that table over there?”Jose seemed quite frustrated that I asked this while he was trying to hit on me. “N-n-no idea. He looks lame though” he said sounding like a jealous loser.”Can you introduce him to me?” I said to Jose in a manipulative manner. He gave some resistance to it, so I put my hand on his shoulder. “I would love it if you would, it means so much to me.” I got him. He got out of his chair and walked over to him and sat next to him for two or düzce escort so minutes. As I watched them talk I saw Jose point to me as the man looked towards me. I gave a smile and a slight wave of my hand. Jose looked frustrated and walked back over to me. He knew I was just using him.”He said his name was Klaus, he’s from Germany. He is interested in meeting you.” he said in a defeated way.”Great!” I said as I got up and walked over to him, not knowing Jose was still following me like a parasite follows a shark. He should have known by now that I don’t like Hispanic men. And that white men are always the top preference for us Latinas.Klaus smiled at me and was a bit surprised seeing my beauty up close.He got out of his seat and kissed my hand which caught me by surprise making me blush. “Pleasure to meet you.” he said in a thick German accent.”Believe me, the pleasure is all mine.” I said looking into his oceanic blue eyes. “I’m Leya”. We looked at eachother for a bit until Jose rudely interrupted with a cough.”You’re still here?” I said angrily.”You can leave us now.” I said, turning back to Klaus smiling.”He’s a bit of an annoyance.” he seemed quite confused, so I just wanted Jose to leave.”But I-I-I.” Jose said.He served his purpose. “Just go.”He slouched and turned to walk back to the table where he watched us that night.”Is he okay?” Klaus asked as I pulled a chair next to him and put my hand on his leg in a playful manner. “He’ll be fine.” I responded. ” So what is someone as exotic as yourself doing here?” I asked.”Visiting friends who were international students during school.”We continued our conversation for a few minutes until I asked him something. “Do you want to dance?””I’m not very good” he said in a cute embarrassed way.”Come on just follow what I do.” I said as I grabbed his hand and we walked over to the dance floor. We proceeded to dance for 15 minutes,where he had his hand on my tight ass the entire time and I could often feel his cock protruding onto my waist as we danced. I also saw Jose who was still at the table watching with a sad look. “Lets go somewhere quiet.” I whispered in Klaus’s ear.I took his hand and led him out of the room, which made Jose even more frustrated. While leaving the room I grabbed a tablecloth. As I led him out we exited the building into the brightly illuminated night. It was gorgeous. The moon was full and you could see everything in the darkness with escort düzce vivid detail from it’s light. “Come” I said leading him over to a ladder on the side of the 3 story building.I stopped at the bottom of the ladder and looked over my shoulder at Klaus. He slowly walked closer to me as I let out a deep breathe. He put his hands on my slim waist. I pulled my long flowing hair out of it’s bun taking him by surprise. I then pulled up the bottom of my nightclub dress, exposing my ass and pink thong. Klaus started salivating at the site and started rubbing my ass.”Nah- ah -ah” I said teasingly. “We’re not there quite yet.” I said making him excited. I left my dress pulled up, and started to climb the ladder with my legs and ass fully exposed to him below me. I made sure to go first so Klaus could get excited looking up at my exposed goods while climbing. I slowly ascended and he followed in a hypnotic gaze. “Try not to let the sights distract you too soon. ” I said in a sexy soft voice. We arrived at the top and we both stopped at the sight of what we saw. The town lights all seemed to be off. The town, forests and mountains were illuminated by the moonlight in such a beautiful way. We could even see thousands of beams of lights shooting down in the atmosphere from the moon. It was truly a beautiful thing to behold.”What a beautiful place…” Klaus said breaking his gaze from the scenery and slowly turning his head towards me.” It’s a beautiful place to be with someone as beautiful as you.”I turned to him and smiled as I dropped the tablecloth. We slowly embraced each other under the moonlight locking our lips in an unbreakable passion. He rubbed his hands through my long black flowing hair reaching down to grab my ass. It felt magical.We slowly laid down on the tablecloth as he started to kiss my neck and proceeded to pull down my dress. Klaus then started kissing my perky breasts making such manly grunts.As he proceeded, I started unzipping his pants revealing his huge white cock. “So big” I said to him with a smile.”It’s all yours.” Klaus said as I started stroking his thick juicy dick.I then started sucking him with a soft tender motion that I could tell drove him wild with his moaning. His dick tasted so good. I could almost feel his heartbeat and pulse in my mouth with how much bloodflow he had in his meat stick. Afterwards he got me into the missionary position where he pummeled me like the düzce escort bayan good Latina slut I am. For almost an hour we fucked quietly in the moonlight. It almost seemed like a dream. Klaus could go on forever and the moonlight illuminating the world made everything seem so surreal. I then had a revelation. I always had wanted to get pregnant somewhere magical like this night and place. I also wanted to get pregnant by a man who was gorgeous like Klaus, not some Jose. As I got on my knees for doggystyle, I asked Klaus when he was gonna cum. “Whenever you want my frauline” he whispered in my ear as he placed his dick into my pussy. He then started to pound away inside me. I was very nervous to ask him to cum inside of me but after two minutes or so I could tell it would be soon.”I’m gonna cum soon.” he said breathing heavily as he plowed my pussy smacking my tight Latina ass. “Tell me where.””Cum in my pussy” I said in a whiny moan as he plowed me like a truck. I wanted this night to end perfectly.He smiled as I said “ make me yours.”He continued plowing and then he and I let out a loud howling syncronized moan as if we were two wolves howling in the night. His cum started shooting up into my fertile womb blast after blast. I could feel each individual pulsation as I was still in doggystyle. After 10 long seconds of him cumming inside me he pulled his penis out with a huge flow of cum pouring out of my pussy.”Oh my god baby.” he said panting sitting down.I laid back first on the floor to keep his beautiful seed from falling out, as if I was protecting genetic gold. He crawled on top of me and we spent the night embraced in eachother’s arms.Klaus left back to Germany shortly after. That night he promised he would come back. However he didn’t know that he left me with a parting gift that night. My stomach started to grow at a huge rate, as I found out that I was having twins. I couldn’t be happier, especially since they would end up getting their fathers aesthetic Germanic looks and their mother’s fiery Latina spirit. I would also at one point humiliate Jose. When I met him about 8 months into my pregnancy, I made him feel the twins kicking and moving inside me. I knew he wanted his offspring in their instead.”Who-who is the father?” he asked as if he didn’t really want to know”You remember Klaus from the fiesta?” I said with a huge smug grin on my face. He looked devastated, because he knew he caused it.I never saw him again. I did however see Klaus again one year later, as he came back to Tennessee to be with me after finalizing his transfer. Just as he promised on that night one year ago. We finally could be a happy family.

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