Uncles ex wife


Uncles ex wifeWhen was about eight my dads brother married married someone about 10 years younger than him. His k**s were my age. I stayed with them a lot. She was 11 years older than me. She became very close to his k**s and my self. She took us many places to have fun. After about six years they divorced. My cousins and I were very sad. She was a petite 5ft tall very beautiful women. Fast forward twelve years. I stayed close with my cousins. I was 28 now. One day my cousin called and said M had moved back to TN and had looked her up. She said M had ask about me and what I was doing now. She gave my cousin her nimber and told me to call.I gave her a call. Her voice was the same cheery voice that I remembered. We chstted for a while. She invited me over to visit and canlı bahis şirketleri meet her hubby.Later in the week I went for a visit. When she answered the door, she was wearing shorts and a halter top. She was as hot as I remembered, petite and built like a brick shithouse. She gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. She offered me some wine. I declined saying I was a beer guy. She said come meet D. Grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. She led me thru the bedroom to a small room with two recliners and a tv .D stood up shook my hand. I sat down in one of the recliners. M sat on the arm of my seat. After talking a few minutes M ask if I wanted to smoke a joint with them. As we passed it around M was still sitting on the arm of my seat. Her very nice perabet güvenilir mi breast were rubbing on my arm as we talked. D decided to make a beer run. We continued to finish the joint. Still sitting on the arm of the chair she leaned over and kissed me on the head saying it was great to see me. Ad we parted our eyes meet and we kissed. We continued to kiss giving me an instant hard on. She slid into my lap as we embraced. My hard cock poking her ass. She began rubbing my hardness. She slip to the floor and began undoing my pants. As it slid out she looked up at me as she licked the head. I almost exploded. After a few minutes . She stood up and undressed in an instant. She had the most amazing breast, she mounted me sitting down on perabet giriş my hard throbbing cock. She put her feet on my thighs and began riding me. Her breast in my face. It was two minutes and I exploded deep in her tight pussy. She moaned give me every drop. It was amazing. She unmounted and tol me to sit still. She came back with a hot washcloth and began rub my cock. She licked me as she rubbed eith the hot wet cloth.She stood up took my hand and led me to the bed. We slid between the sheets embracing with the most passionate kisses ever. My cock immediately got the biggest hard on I ever had. I rolled her over and put my cock against her shaved wet pussy. As I pushed inside her she moaned deeply. I began to thrust deep into her tight pussy she wrapped her legs around my hips and began to fuck me back. She whispeted in my ear” your sooo deep ” as she exploded in what seemec to be an endless orgasm. She begged me to fuck her harder. I couldnt wait any longer I exploded deep in her pussy. As we slumped together. D walks in with the beer.

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