uncle mike takes a turn


uncle mike takes a turnUncle Mike and I were driving to the family camping reunion when he surprised me.”So Bill’s been telling me some interesting stories about you…”I got nervous, not knowing what he was going to say next. Bill and I had been having sex for quite some time and every now and then Bill would mention how badly my Uncle Mike wanted me. he said that Mike was always talking about my tits and how good I must be in bed. Uncle Mike had never let on that he felt this way so half of me was wondering if Bill had made it up to turn me on. It was very effective! Thinking about any kind of sexual relations with my Uncle started my pussy muscles twitching and my nipples stand on end. “Uhhhh…yeah? Like what?” I asked. I had recently gotten caught skipping school which landed me in a load of trouble (earned me a wonderful spanking from Stepdaddy Bill in front of my mother and later a deep anal fucking from him in the guest room!) and Uncle Mike could easily be referring to this incident. “He says you’re pretty…talented…”My cheeks grew pink with embarassment. He was definitely referring to my sexual skills. “He says you like it really rough. Rougher than your Mom likes it, rougher than your Aunt Cindy (his wife) likes it….”I smiled a little.”…he says you’ll do amazing things to me if I tell you too..”I smiled very big at this. My nipples were growing hard and my crotch began to get damp. I nodded shyly. He smiled, “excellent.” He paused for a second, eyeing me up and down.”take your panties off” he insisted, “Uncle Mike wants to see that sweet pussy”I grinned and gladly slipped canlı bahis siteleri my panties over my knees and onto the floorboard. “I’m getting kind of wet already” I commented.”Good. Face this way,” He pulled on my left knee, indicating for me to put it on the seat of the car so he could get a good look. “Rub that pussy, baby” he said hotly. I did as I was told and ran two fingers over my pulsating mound. Mmmmm, it felt so good. My Uncle watching me was a real turn on and I touched my pussy hole, getting my fingers wet and spreading the pussy juice over my hairless mound. “what a slut you are, letting your uncle watch you like this.””yeah,”I moaned, “I’ve been wanting you to watch me, uncle mike. it really turns me on.””I can tell, baby. You like bill too, don’t you sweetheart? Tell me what he does with you.”I moaned and rubbed my clit, the memories of my encounters with my stepdad coming back to me. it made me very excited to share them with my Uncle Mike. As I told him about one horny incident after the other, my Uncle got more turned on. After a few minutes, he began to turn off the highway. “I know of a little private space back here, sweetie. it’s such a long drive, they wouldn’t be surprised if we said we got lost.”He pulled back behind a run down gas station and I continued my story. Uncle Mike unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. it was thick and rock hard. he rubbed it up and down, staring at me as i narrated the first time bill fucked my pussy. I told him about how much I loved to be held down and fucked, how much I loved to suck cock, and how daddy tipobet wanted to share me with uncle mike.”After Daddy said he wanted to share me with you, was the first day he stuck his penis in my butt.” My tits were nowo hanging out my shirt and I played with my nipples while i rubbed my mound with my palm and stuck a finger into my gaping pussy. “Fuck, he didn’t tell me that. he’s fucked your ass?””yeah”I giggled.This news clearly sent Uncle Mike over the edge. “Fuck, that’s so hot. You call him Daddy?””Only when he fucks me.”This excited him as well. WE both sat there for a few minutes, touching ourselves and watching each other. Although Uncle Mike wasn’t much to look at, there was something very sexy about him. he was about ten-years older than Bill and where Bill was fit, Uncle Mike had an older man’s belly. He was definitely overweight, no doubt, but not so overweight that he couldn’t give a girl the rough fuck of her life. His arms were strong and hands were big, exactly what I wanted on my teen body. “Let’s get in the back” He said and we both got out and into the back seat.”we can’t spend too much time so I’m gonna fuck you quick and hard.” he kissed me hard and squeezed my tits, thinking better of his decision.”You know what, i just can’t pass up that mouth.” He took my head and forced me onto his dick, pushing my head down. “Suck me” He let me start out softer but it wasn’t long before Uncle Mike was fucking my mouth like a pussy. “fucking little whore” “Uh yeah, all the back in your throat, baby.””fuck your mouth is nice””i’m gonna cum in your mouth sweetie tipobet giriş or maybe on your tits. wouuld you like that? Uncle’s cum on your tits?” I moaned at the thought of both and sucked dutifully.At one point, his fucking was too much and I tried to pull away a little bit and stop him thrusting.”don’t pull away.” he said and grabbed my hands, pushing them away while pushing my head down again, “you need this cock, baby. suck like a good girl” this really really made my pussy wet and i sucked him like a very good girl. after a few more thrusts, I pulled all the way off. “uncle mike, please fuck my pussy, please. i’ll give you a blowjob and let you cum where you want on the ride home.””Alright. Lay the fuck down, then.”It was a tight squeeze in the car but I laid down and stuck my feet in the air. Uncle Mike positioned himself at my pussy and guided the tip of his cock in my hole. He moaned upon entering and so did I. he put himself all the way in easily, his big belly rubbing on my mound while his balls rubbed gently on my ass. he filled me very well.”Uncle Mike, yes, fuck me, please. fuck me like my daddy does!”this got him thrusting right away”you like uncle mike’s cock, sweet girl?”‘yes, ohmigod, yes’he leaned over me, pushing my thighs into my face.’what a nice pussy. oh baby, i have to cum real quick right now”‘yes, uncle mike, cum inside me. cum in my pussy’he fucked me in and out. my pussy getting closer to climax. i watched his face get pink from the fucking and the heat in the stuffy car. he moaned and moaned at how good it felt. and finally we both came at the same time. we quickly got dressed and got back on the highway.when we pulled up to the park, we exited the car and apologized for having gotten so lost. he put his arm around me once we saw Bill and Uncle Mike told me to be sure and tell him where we really were.

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