UK feminized experience


UK feminized experienceHere i am on another business trip for England on my first night in a new city all alone i? a local bar drinking my bear just before i leave to the hotel.suddenly a tall lady come in and sitting next to me she looks very tough and she just caught me looking at her glowing high heels.then she was staring at me and i immediately looked away , do you like my high heels honey? she asked.i couldn’t open my mouth just thinking for my self that she caught me.what happened honey do you afraid i will find out the true…i already know. she came and whisper in my ear.i was still unable to speak as she grad my hand softly and said come honey we are going to have some girls fun tonight. i just did what she told me and start walking after her.what is your name she asked me and it was my first word in the evening. Ben. that a nice name but i will call you Beth and she squeezed my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ass like we had an agreement that’s my new name.all the long way to her place we didn’t had much talking and i was thinking about what she said what is that mean a girls fun and why did she called me Beth.we arrived to her place and she said don’t be afraid Beth i will be nice to you.she showed me her room and told me to undress and left the room.i did what she said and said only with my underwear.then after a few minutes she walked in all dress up with a black leather pents a very high heels a corset and a strapon.i was shocked and i didnt know what to expect..why didnt u undress take off your underwear! i did what she asked and she came really close to me and stroke my cock gently whispering in my ear dont be afraid i know you like it i can fell your hard cock.. let Beth youwin out..she went to the closet taking some sexy lingerie , put it on.while you are dressing i have a surprise for you.. like i wast surprised already.i was humiliated with a sexy lingerie cant even understand how did i got here.she came back with a chastity cages put this on.i didnt want to but she was so demanding i couldn’t resist honey we can have some fun.. get on your knees and start stroking my not time i was with my hand on her cock stroking it slowly.. now suck it honey just the way you dreamed about and make it all wet because its going to be in your man pussy soon.started to suck het cock and she garb my head pushing me on her cock making my gag on it laughing at me. do you like that honey??i didnt response so she slapped me really hard in my face, i asked if you like it?yes i youwin giriş like it.i want to hear you say it louder honey.YES I LIKE IT!what do you like honey i want to hear you say it.I like to suck you cock.i know you do honey. look at how your cock is dripping.i was really humiliated but i actually liked lets see who good you can take it in your fag pussy she said laughing again.bend over and let me see that nice ass pussy of yours..i felt her fingers starting to lubing ass , then she put tow fingers starting to widen my ass getting me ready for her cock.her it come honey. then i felt her cock starting to get into my ass it felt good but also hurt. pushing it all the way in you like it honey.. YES! i know you do..starting to go faster pulling my hear giggling.. look at you , you dirty slut you like it so much your cock is dripping like a leak!she fucked me good and hard for some time laughing at how slutty i am and how i like to be her bitch.then she got out of my ass and said im done with you for today honey… if you want me to take your chastity off before you leave England you will be here every night all dress up and ready for my cock.

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