Two Teen Nymphos At The Ice Cream Stand


Two Teen Nymphos At The Ice Cream StandChatting with a nubile on here the other day inspired this one… God I hope she likes it!!+++++++++Stepping out of the shower after a long hot day of landscaping and I figured I deserved at least some ice cream as a treat since the wife was out of town. I slipped on some shorts and went commando since I did not plan to be out long before coming back and going to bed.I pulled up and ordered my ice cream. While I waited I looked over and saw two girls with “Congratulations grad“ shirts on. I smiled, they giggled. The blonde was in a miniskirt, the brunette was in cut off shorts that from where I stood showed a lot of ass. She had big boobs that moved freely in her shirt. The nips of the blonde were drilling holes in her shirt. Just as I was about to turn away, the blonde dribbled some ice cream over her lip and down her chin… then her sexy tongue snaked out and she sucked it back in. I know I stood there staring like an idiot but I could not help it. They both burst out laughing as I turned back around to get my treat.Now on the wrong side of 50 from them, it is not every day that ANY woman flirts with me! To have two nubile ladies acting that crazy for me… well shit, Of course I got hard! I tried to conceal my hardening dick but I had grabbed a well-worn pair of khaki cargo shorts and the rubbing of the material on the underside of my erection was not helping the situation! As I went to sit down I glanced over and saw the blonde nod toward me and the brunette turned looked and almost snorted her soft drink out her nose trying to not bust a gut laughing! The blonde licked her lips in a lascivious invitation to experience the joys of youth. I almost had to go over and ask if I could retrieve my contact lenses since my eyeballs had to be bugging out of my head!I turned and tried to think of other shit but I could hear one of them saying, “I wonder how much he would pay for both of us….” I bet he would pay for our dessert!” My imagination of cars, hunting and plans for the backyard were no competition for the words I was hearing!!!Finally I turned around and said, “Girls, getting a man hard is not an accomplishment. Knowing what to do with it makes a girl a woman!” I figured that would shut them up.But instead the brunette turned around and said, “If you can last 8 minutes with us, it’s free. If not… $30 a piece.”I know my jaw hit the ground! Since the wife started menopause almost a decade ago, having real dick quaking sex has been rare for me! The idea of having two sets of mouths, tits, pussys and asses doing their damndest to make me cum… Hell I was ready to blow the load in my shorts!!!“Deal” I said. They got into their car and drove down to the ball fields just a half mile away. I followed. They got out and were carrying a couple of blankets so I followed them. There was a small path behind the third base dugout that led through some trees. There was an open space that then led out into a hay field. They were already spreading the blankets. “You get to keep time.” The brunette said. The sun was setting behind her and all I saw was a silhouette of her taking her shirt off and those nice young perky tits popping free and bouncing in the cool evening air!The blonde knelt down on the blanket and said, “As a safety precaution, you need to lie down. We don’t want you to hit your head if we make kastamonu escort you cum so hard you black out!” They laughed and I joined in, but I was not so certain it was not a prudent thing!As I lay back and undid my belt and snap on my shorts, I watched as the blonde hiked up her shirt! Her tits were little more than nipples jutting straight out from small swells on her chest! But the contrast between them and the firm full breasts of her friend with their puffy nipples had my cock dribbling before I was even naked!They both tied back their hair and the blonde said, “Alright, start the clock!” I did and they both went face first toward my freshly showered cock!I have no idea if they had ever shared a cock before, but if they had not, then they were incredible naturals! As one licked and sucked on my balls, the other would throat my dick! Then they would start licking my shaft at the same time and giggling. Looking down I saw these two sexy as hell asses up in the air and so I decided, “What the hell” and landed a hand on each simultaneously, my thumb in the long divide of their sweet round asses and my fingers wrapping around to press on pussys that were obviously wet even through their panties!“Stop!” the blonde said quickly moving away and looking at me. “No fingers and nothing in either my pussy or ass! That was not part of the bargain!” Her friend pushed her hips back into my left hand and rested the side of her face on my belly as she looked up at her friend. “Damn E, let him finger your holes! It’s about time you gave up that virginity of yours anyway!” She giggled and the blonde glared down at her with daggers.“I am not a slut. I love to get guys off, but what’s mine stays mine or I’m out.” The blonde was shooting daggers at both of us and to be honest, I was starting to lose a little of my metal!“Hey, I did not know. No penetration on you! Your friend on the other hand… “My thumb slid inside the leg hole of her almost not there shorts and immediately was pressing flat on her bung hole! She groaned and grabbed my cock and started jerking me. The blonde hesitated a moment more and then leaned down and wrapped her extremely talented lips around the crown of my cock ridge. To say that it felt good would be like saying the Grand Canyon is a pothole!! I mean that was a sensation like none I have ever had and with her tonguing the slit on my cock, I was going nuts.My fingers were outside the panties on both girls and I was doing my best to distract them by rubbing sensitive young clits and shaking the soft wet lips inside the fabric until the small triangles of material were sad excuses for barriers to say the least! The brunette put her lips onto my nuts and started humming and moaning into them, slipping her tongue out to lick my bag tighter up against me as the blonde began sinking more and more cock into her hot and wicked mouth. They were both working furiously now and my fingers were no less busy! I felt the twisting on my testicles in my scrotum and I groaned. Grabbing my phone, the alarm that had been set for 8 minutes went off and two seconds later I exploded.The blonde caught a lot of my cum in her mouth, before directing the last few shots into the eager mouth of her darker haired friend. The blonde then leaned over and dropped a long string of snowball into the other girl’s open mouth as I watched! escort kastamonu I thought I was going to cum again!! It was one of the hottest things I have ever seen as the brunette wiped the cum from her face with her fingers and offered the thick globs to her friend who eagerly sucked her fingers clean.“Ladies, you were incredible. And though I won, it was worth every cent of this.” I reached down and fished out the two $20 and $10 bills and handed one of each to both.As the brunette was pulling herself together, her phone rang. It was her mom and she had to get home pronto. “Will you be okay?” she asked the blonde. I can drop you off in the middle of town but I was supposed to be home 20 minutes ago!” “I will take her wherever she wants.” I said as I used a corner of the blanket to wipe off my cock.“Go, I will be fine.” The blonde said. “We drained him; I think I will be safe!” We all laughed and the brunette grabbed her blankets and sprinted to her car and was soon gone.“I have another offer, and you can say no, but I have to ask.” I said to the blonde as we walked to my car.Uncertain of what was to come she said, “Okay….”“I will pay you another $50 if you will let me eat your pussy and clit. I have not tasted virgin cream in 35 years and I doubt that I am going to have many more opportunities.”“I don’t want you in me, sorry.”“I know, and I appreciate that. What I am offering to do is to give you the orgasm that shatters all orgasms you have ever had and not put anything in where things have not been before. I have always had an oral fixation and the idea of eating you out… I tell you what; you can tie my hands behind me with your panties and make me lie on my back in the car, hands beneath me. You control everything then.“Make it $100 and it’s a deal.” She shot a sly smile at me and I smiled back. “Deal.”She did not tie my hands, but I laid down in the back seat of my car with my head hanging almost out the back passenger door. She dropped her panties on my chest and then turned around and squatted over my face! I had not noticed how perfect and firm her round ass was before, but as she moved over my face I swear it was the most beautiful ass I have ever seen!Then the sweetest set of wet pussy lips slid past my eyes, nose and mouth to rest on my chin. My lips pursed around the larger area of the top of her pubic region and I sucked her down to me as my tongue danced and explored the folds feeling for the spot that would change her life! I heard her gasp and felt her stiffen and I began slowly swirling my tongue around the small zone. She moaned and I felt a small pebble beginning to harden near the center of my tongue’s circles!Her juices began as a trickle on my chin and into my bottom lip. They were thick and slick. She tasted of desire and lust and the warm liquid lit fires of need in me like gasoline on a bonfire! I began “munching” and sucking her little clit and her fingers grabbed my hair as she moaned and she began truly riding my chin and face fucking me! I grabbed air where I could and cupped her ass and squeezed that round ass of hers.I felt her hand reach back and I will be damned if she did not grab hold of my cock and it was hard again! She was jerking me as she told me to lick her and make her cum. I was going ape both from the experience of once again drinking from a virgin snatch and having a second kastamonu escort bayan hardon be a gorgeous young nymphomaniac!When she came, the hot juice ran over my face and into my nose and eyes… God it was incredible! I think she screamed but her thighs were wrapped so tightly to the side of my head that I barely heard it! I drank and sucked and gasped for breathe! Then she got up way too soon and on shaky legs stood leaning against the door going, “Oh my god. Oh damn. That was….. Oh my …”She looked into the car and by then I had wiped my face mostly clean and was pulling my dick out to jerk it off. Before I knew what was happening, she was crawling over my body and her luscious quivering soaked pussy lips and ass were soon above me as I felt her inhaling my cock into her divine throat. I wrapped my arms around her hips and ass and pulled her down and started giving her long slow licks that ended by circling her puckered ass. She was squealing like a pig and moaning like a whore while I rutted like a bull in heat and need of fucking her throat.She was beginning to settle into a normal fucking rhythm when I dipped my chin and latched onto her pearl again and tongued it just as her lips were doing my cock! She shrieked and clamped her body down against me like a vise and I could feel her whole body tremble as another orgasm overtook her and she bucked her hips madly over my face!I slowed and she grabbed my cock and I heard her say, “I’m going to blow your fucking mind for that!” The next thing I knew my cock was sliding back into her mouth, past her tonsils and she was gagging and throat fucking my cock as if she wanted it to go all the way through her! I did my best to concentrate on licking her slit, but honestly, the friction and pleasure she was getting had to have been as much from banging my chin as from anything I was actually doing. My mind was being smashed into infinity by the feeling of repeatedly being dipped into the most incredible rippling throat muscles ever and then before I knew it, I had her pulled against me and I was pounding load after load into her throat and then into her hair as she began gushing one more time into my eyes nose and face.I think that we each lost consciousness; I know I did at least. When my eyes fluttered open I could feel both of our hearts pounding like the wheels of a speeding locomotive across a railroad track. She peeled herself from me and slowly stumbled backward into an almost upright position. Her hair was a mess; she had cum on her face and in her hair. Her bare snatch was plainly visible and glistening in the dying light of the day. I slowly sat up to the other side of the car. I got out, retrieved a towel from the trunk of the car and wiped off my face before handing her the towel. My shorts were covered with cum and spit. So was most of her clothing and despite our best efforts at cleaning up, no one would have been fooled had they seen us.I wiped out the back of the car and then helped her to sit in the front seat. I then went around and got in the driver’s side. She had picked up a pen and some paper I had on the dash and was writing down something. As I fumbled with the ignition, I looked over and read her name, address and phone number. “Any time you want to do that again, or anything else, just call me. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I want to be the one to make your dreams come true because no man has ever made me cum like that before.That was three days ago. She should be showing up at the ice cream parlor any minute now…..+++++So did you like it? I sure as hell did!Comments and votes always appreciated

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