Twin/cest Sabrina and Katrina’s Story


Twin/cest Sabrina and Katrina’s StoryBeep beep beep…Sabrina’s eyes cracked open slightly and she turned a hateful glare at the tiny alarm clock on the other end of the room. She stuck her head under the pillow and hoped for some act of god that would shut the damn thing up. Maybe a tiny bomb would fall from the sky and blow the dirty thing to ity bity bits or an earthquake could shake it off her dresser and it would smash on the floor. Beep beep beep…Even through her pillow she could still hear the insistent sound from the clock. Why did she put the stupid thing on the other side of the room? If it was right next to the bed she could easily grab it and smash it on the floor like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Thinking of that scene reminded her why it was on the other side of the room… because she had smashed her last two in exactly that way. Those two occasions had caused her to be late for school which in turn caused her to have extra homework. Even more than the alarm clock Sabrina hated homework. She figured she already spent eight hours of her day at that hell hole known as school, why should she have to waste her precious free time doing more school work. She gave one last thought to chucking her pillow across the room and seeing if a direct hit would destroy alarm clock 3.0. Giving a big huff that made her feel like she was three again, she threw the blankets off her body and scooted to the edge of her bed. Her feet hit the cool hardwood floor just as a knock sounded on her wall “Bree get your lazy ass out of bed and shut that fucking thing off”! It was her sister Katrina’s voice coming from her own bedroom. Bree picked up speed and reached her alarm just as her sister’s fist hit the wall for three more solid blasts. “Sorry” Bree shouted through the wall. She smiled knowing that her sister would hate the sound of her shouting as much as she hated the alarm. Bree finally took a second to look at the clock and saw it read 7:25. Shit the damn thing had been going off for 20 minutes… no wonder Trina was so pissed. Her room was right next to Bree’s and even though the walls were solid and thick her alarm clock had a volume just below “leave your ears bleeding”. She had no doubt Trina was using every last ounce of her willpower to keep from pulling her perfect hair out by the handful. She walked over to her dresser to search for some clothes for the day. She settled on a pair of loose blue jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. She knew Trina wouldn’t be caught dead in such clothing which was one reason she wore them. You see Katrina wasn’t just her sister but she was her identical twin sister. People always confused the two of them when they were little and their mother would dress them alike. As they got older and started dressing themselves to their own tastes, nobody who knew them at all confused them. Bree figured Trina would be wearing a top that would show enough damn cleavage that she should be sent home from school. Any shirt she owned that had buttons always seemed to be missing at least two on the top so the tops of her smooth, pale breasts would push out. If they were an ass they’d always be considered a half moon. Oh and speaking of asses she’d probably be wearing a pair of tight pants that almost always seemed to slip off her hips to reveal her thong and a touch of her ass anytime she bent over. Only a crescent moon in this case but booty is booty. All the popular guys in school would stare and give little whistles of approval as they high fived one another like hillbillies that had just won the lottery. While all the dorky k**s would sneak peaks and do their best to hide their tiny little boners to keep from being punched by the cooler guys. Couldn’t have the nerds staring at a girl out of their league now could they. The less popular girls would make disgusted faces and secretly pray that someday they would have a body that would warrent so much attention. They were smart enough however to know they probably never would so they just sat back and let their hatred grow. This would be happening while all of Trina’s brainless but beautiful friends would watch and take note of all that was happening. Then they’d all get together and her friends would tell her all about which guys stared and then they would laugh about all the little nerds who pitched tiny trouser tents. Bree also figured her s*s had been up since 6:30 putting on a few pounds of makeup and making sure her long blonde hair had been brushed and styled to perfection. Bree however just looked in the mirror over the dresser and figured her hair wasnt quite messy enough to be brushed so she pulled it into a tight ponytail and considered herself ready for the day. Bree got to school in time to grab her books from her locker and say hi to her nerdy friend Mike (one of many known to have pitched a tent for Trina) before the first bell rang. She unlike her sister didn’t have any reason to get to school early. She had a few friends but there was never a crowd hanging around her locker waiting for her like she was some celebrity. Trina rarely acknowledged her presence in school. Bree figured she didn’t want to be caught with someone from the “the lower half” of the school. This was fine with Bree since being around Trina and her friends made her deeply uncomfortable. It was always as if there was a big joke going around that she was unaware of and the joke was usually Bree herself. She made it through her first three classes without having to see her sister but knew it was just a matter of time before she bumped into her. That time came shortly after 3rd period. She was curled up in the lap of her super hunk slash super asshole boyfriend Brad next to their lockers. Brad was of course the captain of the football team, from a super rich family and the biggest bully in the school. Which of course made him the most popular guy and that meant he had to belong to Trina. Just like last year’s most popular senior boy Will and James the year before that. Bree could tell they didn’t even like each other and to be honest any time she came near Brad her gaydar went insane. They were only together because he was the most popular guy and she was the most popular girl. Sickening really. Trina hopped off his lap and ran over to her. “Hey tell mom I’ll be late getting home tonight.””What makes you think she’ll even be home or if she was that she’d give two shits about you being home or not?” Trina huffed and said in an exasperated voice “just do it”.”Fine” and with that Trina turned and rushed away like she was embarrassed to be seen with her less popular twin. The rest of the day slowly churned by but was pretty uneventful. That is until right at the end. Bree had to pee. Quite desperately in fact. She always hated using any kind of public restroom but she also had kaçak iddaa a stupid weak bladder that told her only at the last minute that it was time to go. It never gave her time to plan. Never said “hey Bree in a few hours you’ll need to find a place to go to the bathroom”. Oh no. Nothing so subtle. What she got was “LISTEN I DON’T CARE IF YOU PISS YOURSELF AND SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE KNOWN AS LITTLE MISS PISS. FIND A BATHROOM NOW OR I’LL JUST LET GO”. She hated her bladder’s stupid voice…So before leaving the school she went to the girls bathroom and “took care of business”. She washed her hands and opened the door. She only took one step into the hallway before she felt a strong hand grab her behind her waist. Instinctively she closed her eyes and cursed herself for not instinctively kicking her foot out or even throwing a wild punch. Nobody in school would just grab her like this to say hi, so whatever was about to happen had to be bad, so why not get a good shot in?She felt herself pressed tightly against a firm body that held her close in a strong unwavering grip. When her eyes opened she took in the form of Trina’s smiling boyfriend Brad. He was not alone either. Three of his football buddies (who’s name’s Sabrina had never bothered to learn) stood near by laughing. “Hey Trina”. He leaned in and tried to kiss her cheek but she squirmed away. “Oh come on baby. What’d ya say we go back in the bathroom and have a little quicky”. He winked at her and his tongue peeked out to lick his lower lip. “You know I’m not Trina asshole so let go” Bree said while increasing her struggles. He was so much stronger though. His rough hands held her so tight that she could feel her skin chafe every time she moved against him. “Oh yeah… I forgot. The weird twin” he said and rolled his eyes theatrically while his buddies howled in the background.His grip loosened and Bree turned to run away but before she took a step he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to him. He moved one hand behind her head and grabbed a handfull of her blonde hair. “Don’t struggle” he said giggling. She looked at his eyes and realized he was high as kite. Which probably meant all of his circle jerk buddies were too. He pulled her head to his mouth like he was about to whisper a secret to her. “Maybe if you learned to dress like your sister you could have some of this” he moved her hand down to his cock which was straining against his tight jeans (must have ended the circle jerk early she thought). Of course he said this in a voice that was far from a whisper and his friends lost it. Pounding on the walls like they had just heard the funniest thing ever. Bree felt her face turn bright red as he moved her hand roughly over his swollen penis. She was about to grab for his balls and squeeze them till they burst when he pushed her roughly away. “Get the fuck out of here freak” he said as she walked as fast as she could without running. She was about to burst through the doors when she heard one of the morons yell after her “hey I don’t care what kind of clothes you wear”. This was followed by more laughter that finally drowned out as the doors closed behind her. Thirty minutes later Bree finally walked through the doors of her parents big empty house. She was slightly out of breath due to her alternating between walking and running home. She had been frightened that Brad and his buddies would decide that her clothing indeed didn’t matter and chased her down on her way home. Clothes wouldn’t really be required for what they obviously had planned after all. What an asshole she thought as she made her way upstairs to her bedroom. Would he really have ****d her or was this just some way to prove how macho he was in front of his butt buddy friends. If he did he’d probably get away with it. She wouldn’t really have anyone to go to for help. Her parents didn’t give a shit about her. Their mother had them when she was sixteen and always blamed them for stealing her youth. Not openly of course but she showed her disdain through her total lack of caring. Her footsteps echoed loudly through the empty house as she climbed the last few steps. She hated how quiet it was here. Her parents were almost never home and her and Trina (who was never home either) were their only k**s so after school Bree had the place pretty much to herself. She opened her bedroom door and plopped down in front of her computer hoping to loose herself in a fantasy online RPG. She would have done this anyway but after her little encounter with Brad the super douche she needed the escape. She had always loved games. All sorts of them but the ones that really drew her were the ones that allowed her to be something else. Fantasy was what she needed since reality often sucked. Normally the game would consume her and her mind would drift from all of the crap of the day. This time however she couldn’t shake what had happened to her in the hallway of the nearly empty school. Brad had always been a dick head but mostly when it came to her, he just chose to ignore her. This was something entirely different. She wondered if she should tell Trina about what her ass face boyfriend had done to her but knew it wouldn’t matter. Trina had a good heart. Bree knew this but she also knew that her sister’s good heart was buried under a few pounds of makeup, pretty clothes and all the sparkly things she could buy. Maybe someday Trina would grow out of this and the two of them could talk about such things. Maybe over coffee and they could both agree that Brad had shit where his brain was supposed to be but for now… well she would either call Bree a liar or agree that she should try to look more presentable. Which in Bree’s opinion meant to look like a whore. Bree sighed out loud as if someone might hear her so she’d have a person to share her thoughts with. Sadly like always there was nobody else. She found herself pacing her room wrestling with her thoughts. She stopped in front of the mirror and stared at her reflection. She started up a mental conversation with her it. What kind of world was she living in? Since when did being nice to people mean you were uncool? Why did it matter if you liked to dress in clothes that were comfortable instead of dressing like a skank? She smiled at the use of the word skank. Bree had always found it to be a funny little word. Her reflection had no answers for her questions and always seemed to argue with everything she said anyway. When you argue with yourself in the mirror you may be speaking from two different perspectives but they’re both your own. She was about to turn away when a thought hit her. She had been playing nice her whole life and maybe it was time she started to get even. Her reflection did offer up an answer after all. A plan started to form in canlı bahis her mind. She would take Brad’s advice. Oh yes. Just steal some of Trina’s clothes god knows she had plenty. Then tomorrow she’d set her alarm for 6:10 so she could get up before her sister and do her hair and makeup in a way that would leave her looking just like dear ol s*s. Then she’d get to school before her since she knew Brad was always one of the first people there. He liked to keep up his appearances. Then her and Braddy boy would have a nice little chat. Maybe if she was lucky she’d get him to admit he was gay. Ok so it wasn’t a complete plan but at least she had something to work with. She started giggling uncontrollably as she made her way to Trina’s room. Her sister’s room was immaculate. Everything was put in a proper place and neatly stacked. Her bed was made and there were no marks on her bright white sheets. She even had a little white teddy bear propped up on her pillow as if the bed actually belonged to him and not her sister. She had gotten him when she was seven… Bounce was his name if she remembered right and like everything else he was spotless. Her dresser sat in the corner and she knew it would be packed with all kinds of wonderfully sluty tops for her to choose from. First however she’d need a nice short skirt. She opened up Trina’s closet and started her search. She found a light little cotton skirt that only went to the middle of her thighs. Perfect she thought plenty of skin showing and surprisingly comfortable. The top she chose was nicely low cut and allowed her breasts to peek out from the top revealing plenty of cleavage. She opened the top drawer just in case there was a bra she could steal. She was shocked to see how many kinds of underwear her sister owned. The drawer was packed full. She reached in and pulled out a skimpy pair of black lace panties. It was of course one of those butt floss thongs her sister loved so much. Bree looked around even though she knew the house was empty. After a few seconds she stripped out of her own (plain white) panties and slipped her sisters on. The feeling she got was something she hadn’t expected. No it wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling of having a string up her ass. She felt turned on… something about wearing a pair of panties that (even though they had been washed) had once touched her sister in the same private places had her heart racing. Her rational mind seemed to shut off briefly as she had a sudden urge to touch herself. Bree let her hand slip down and cup her pussy through the thin lace material. She could feel the heat of her skin and the warm wetness of her arousal soaking into the lace. She let her middle finger stroke gently up between her lips until she reached her clit. She felt a strong rush of pleasure rush through her body before reality came crashing down on her. Bree quickly stripped off the panties and threw them across the room like they were on fire. What the fuck just happened? Had she really just gotten turned on by her sister’s panties? Her mind raced to find a rational explanation. She settled on the idea that it made HER feel sexy not the idea that her sister’s pussy had once been in the exact same spot. That would just be crazy right? She forced her breathing to slow and eventually her head stopped spinning. She needed to take the panties with her now. Trina would know if she found a pair of slightly wet panties on her floor that she had been in her room fucking with her clothes. She put her jeans back on and stuffed the panties in her pocket. Bree went back to the dresser to close it when she saw the corner of a book poking up from the back of the drawer. She reached in and pulled it out. It was big and decorated with tiny white flowers. It had maybe three hundred pages. A small lock in the shape of a tiny heart was on the front. Must be Trina’s diary she thought. Curiosity overtook her mind and she knew it wouldn’t go away until she read at least some of what was in there. She began searching Trina’s room doing her best to put everything she touched back in its original position. Her drawers held different little treasures that she had collected over the years. One was specially for things that she’d been given as awards for dance royalty. 7th through 10th grade homecoming attendant which was just a cheap little sash but she remembered Trina wearing it around the house for days. Then 11th grade homecoming and prom princess tiara and crappy sash. Plus her most recent 12th grade homecoming queen crown. She even a space open for the prom queen crown that she’d no doubt soon win as well. Bree on the other hand hadn’t been to any of the dances…Her search continued and she found pictures from parties. Trina with Brad this year. Trina with Will (a douche nearly equal to Brad) from the year before. She was running out of ideas of where to look. She checked under the bed to find it spotless. A thought came to her as she sat on the floor by her sisters bed. She lifted the matress up and bingo. The key shined brightly back at her. She grabbed it and nearly ran back to the dresser. Her hand was shaking as she turned the key and felt the little click from the lock releasing. Once she had it open she started scanning the pages for anything juicy. She had started writing in this one about five months ago and the first thirty pages looked like nothing but stupid school gossip. “This guy’s cute. This guy is not. This girl’s a bitch. Now she’s my best friend and now I hate her again.” She had decided this had been a waste of time and was wondering what she had expected to find in there in the first place. Bree was just about to close the book and put it back when she saw her name on one of the pages. Part of her wondered if she really wanted to read what her sister wrote about her. It couldn’t be good that was for sure. Their relationship had been strained at best for a few years now and recently Trina had started acting like she didn’t have a sister at all…Her curiosity however would not be denied. Bree closed her eyes, took a deep breath and then released it. When she finally opened her eyes she let them fall to the pages and began reading. August 3rdI don’t know where to begin with today’s entry. I wonder if I’m loosing my mind or maybe I’ve always been a sick weirdo. I’m so ashamed of what I did yet I can’t get past what it did to me. I guess I should explain. The other day when I was in the bathroom I saw a pair of Bree’s panties in the corner. I dont know what came over me but I picked them up and the next thing I knew I was breathing in her scent as I touched myself. Part of me was so disgusted with myself but another part of me was panting with excitement. Twice I stopped what I was doing as the part that felt disgusted won out over bahis siteleri my excited side. The third time however I was unable to stop. I held them tightly to my nose for a little while. Her scent intoxicated me and eventually I was rubbing the crotch of her panties against my clit. Every strange act brought me closer and closer and when I reached the end my orgasm was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. When it was over I went back to my room and cried for over an hour. What does this all mean? Am I gay? Do I want my sister? I’ve always been so sure of everything I’ve ever done and now I find myself full of questions that I can’t answer. I hope that soon I’ll find answers to them and things can go back to normal. That is of course if the answers I find are normal…TrinaBree felt dizzy when she finished reading and realized that at some point she had stopped breathing. She took a few deep breaths and read the entry two more times to make sure that what she had seen had actually been on the pages before her. She found there was no mistake and wondered if there would be anymore revelations in her sister’s diary. Maybe she would find out that her sister had wrote it as a joke and wasn’t sure which she hoped for…She had to flip through several pages but she eventually ran across her name once again.August 12thI’ve tried for over a week now to ignore the strange new feelings that were awakened inside me but the more I try the more they fight to the surface of my mind. I thought that maybe I just liked girls. The other day I tested my theory by staying after cheer practice and showering with a few of the other girls. I peeked at them as they washed their bodies but I felt nothing. I even tried running a finger over my clit when one of my friends had her back turned to me and was bent over washing her feet. Still nothing close to what I felt the other day with Bree’s panties. I’ve come to the conclusion that its just her. I don’t know why or how this happened. In the end though I know that nothing could ever happen between us. If my feelings ever became known it would ruin any chance of us having a normal sisterly relationship. I’ve decided to be even more distant with her. It may ruin our already strained friendship but these urges are becoming to much to bear when she’s near. I’m willing to ruin the friendship for now to save our relationship as siblings for the long run. TrinaBree was stunned by what she was seeing on the pages. She couldn’t believe her sister could have these kinds of feelings… and for her of all people. Trina had always been the type of girl who dated for reputation rather than for any deeper reason. Bree didn’t think she was capable of having these kind of feelings to be honest. As surprised as she was to find these things out about her sister she was even more surprised by the reaction her body and mind were having to what she read. Her head felt light. Her heart was pounding like she had been running instead of reading. There was one more thing that she was trying desperately to ignore but could not. There was an intense tingle traveling up her thighs in a direct line to her pussy. It was getting worse every time she reread what was on the pages and it had her crossing her legs tightly. September 7thI’ve tried everything I can think of to drive any kind of wedge between my sister and I. I stay out later and later every night to avoid seeing her but I still feel her presence every time I return home. I have to pass by her room every single time I go to mine. I see her light coming from under the door and my mind can’t help but think of what she’s doing in there. What she’s wearing. Is she wearing anything at all? I feel sick with guilt and worry every day. I try to shut these thoughts off but I cant. I’m seriously lost…TrinaSeptember 18thI’ve come to a decision today about my situation with Bree. I can no longer fight the feelings I’m having but I can’t risk the damage it would cause my family if I were to act on them in any way. So I’ve decided to spy on her. Yes I know its a terrible thing to do and I really do feel bad about it but I figure if I can at least somewhat satisfy them privately I can keep myself from doing anything too stupid publicly. I have two ideas right now. First I was thinking about setting up her Web Cam on her computer to feed video to mine. I’ve been reading online about how to do this and think I’m entirely capable of doing it. Also I’ve been scouting her room for possible places to put a peep hole. I think I may have a good spot that she’d never notice and in which I’d have a perfect view of her room. Hopefully this will help me. TrinaBree felt her face get hot at the idea of what her sister could have seen if she was able to successfully spy on her. She didn’t stroll around her room naked but she did masturbate from time to time. Could her sister have seen that? Her hearts pace picked up even more as she searched the diary for the answer…October 3rdToday I feel light as a feather. Like a giant weight that had been crushing me finally crumbled away and now I can be free again. This confusing business with my sister has put so much pressure on me lately and now that I’ve had some relief from it I feel like a new person. I guess I should explain huh. So over the last few days I’ve put my plan into action. I set up her Web Cam and I’ve been watching her for days now. Sadly its mostly picked up videos of her playing games on the computer but last night all of my efforts finally paid off. Just before bed Bree stripped down completely naked right in front of her computer. I had a perfect view of every inch of her. She stood there for a few seconds just staring off and I wondered if she was going to turn the light off and go to bed. Luckily for me she didn’t. She sat down in her computer chair and propped her feet up on the desk. I couldn’t have asked for a better view than the one that presented. I found myself trying to mirror her every move as her hands ran down from her breasts to her tiny tummy before finally reaching her wet pussy. I was surprised to see she shaved down there. I may be attracted to her but still I know how my s*s is. Anyway it was the most exhilarating moment of my life. Watching her face as she neared orgasm. Her fingers picking up speed as she pushed herself closer and closer. In the end we came together. Not an easy task since I had been ready since she first began removing her clothes but it made the end result that much more satisfying…Bree was lost in her reading. Finding these hidden truths about her sister and discovering some truths hidden deep inside herself as well. She was so lost in the words that were written out before her. So wrapped up in the tingles of excitement that ran down her skin like finger nails, intense but pleasurable. So lost in all of this that she didn’t hear the footsteps in the hallway. She didn’t even notice when the bedroom door opened and Trina walked in. She did however hear when her sister screeched her name.BREEEE!!!!End of Part 1

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