‘Twas the Night Before XXXmas

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, I was tired and horny and fairly well soused!

The presents were wrapped and under the tree, but I needed a man to satisfy me!

The kiddies were sleeping and the hubby was out – he had cum way too quickly so now I feel left out!

So I walked around naked and pulled out a toy. I had plenty of batteries to bring me more joy.

As I rubbed round my nipples and fingered my mound, I was startled and thrilled to hear a man’s sound! So I walked to the window, exposing my body, and hoped for a gentleman … who could also be naughty.

The moon on my breast and freshly shorn mound, was exposed for the viewing by any around. As the prospect of flashing began turning me on, I noticed a dildo hanging over the lawn.

With a wicked sly grin I saw my friend Sal, a bud down the street who’d become my fuck pal.

He had always been nice and helpful ’tis true … but last summer I learned of his naughty side too!

So I opened the door to admit my man toy, and began getting wetter – my body felt joy. As he passed me he whispered so I leaned with intent, and shivered with excitement at the instructions he sent.

“Get the scarves and the mask as I dont have much time. Grab the spreader and lube so you will be mine. Let me tie you up tightly, spread out by the tree, so then I can take you … a present for thee.”

My willpower wilted as I fetched all the needs. I am usually much stronger resisting his pleas. But tonight I needed it … and him to please me, so I returned to his side and sunk to my knees.

I unbuckled his pants and inched them down his legs, til his nice cock sprang internet casino forth and elicited my begs. “Please, Sal, may I place my mouth upon you?” “Yes dear, you may. And you can have my cum too!”

I was thrilled that this time he would let me fulfill. So often he would tease me and deny me that thrill. So I cradled his smooth balls and reached around with my hand, to diddle his bottom as I sucked on his gland.

I worked my lips quickly up and down his stiff log. And looking up I smiled as I took all his nog. He was moaning so loudly I was scared they would wake, but now it was my turn – for my legs to shake!

He helped me stand up and then gave me a kiss, knowing it turns me on for him to taste himself like this.

Then without much ado he positioned me so … on the couch and restrained for more fun don’t you know.

My wrists tied apart didn’t hurt but were tight and my legs spread wide open must have been a keen sight!

So when Sal kissed his way from my feet to my knees, I moaned in advance, knowing he aims to please.

His tongue danced so close to my nub … but not quite. He roamed ’round my bare loin as I pulled my arms tight. But try as I might I could find no relief … until he drove in and stole my breath like a thief!

He ravaged my pussy like ne’er before, amid all the presents strewn over the floor. And with one heartfelt shudder as he quickened the pace, I lifted my hips … and came on his face!

He prolonged my sensation with a finger or two, so by the time I came down I was ready for round two! He undid my restraints and I stood in his arms – a willing new lover for his experienced charms.

So canlı poker oyna imagine my surprise as he turned me around, bent me over double, forcing my hands to the ground. Then walking me forward (though I couldnt see) he slapped my ass cheeks till I ran into the tree.

“Reach up,” he commanded and I wanted to freak, “grab the trunk,” he continued and I dared not to speak.

So I snaked my arms in towards the trunk of the tree, with the needles and branches scratching all over me. By the time I had both hands around the tree’s core my face was also in pine to be sure.

The aroma was lovely, though the sap was like glue, when I felt his rough hands strike my ass hard and true.

“You’ve been naughty this year!” was the next thing he said, as he grasped my long hair at the back of my head. “So what do you want?” and he pulled my head aside.

“To be fucked,” I replied, “and to feel your cock slide.”

He let go of my hair and I sensed him kneel low, then his tongue found my slit and I stood tippy-toe. He licked down to my clit and circled it round a few times, then kissed up to my rosebud and licked it in kind.

Then he stood and I felt him, his cock at my door. It swayed on my hips as he prepared for more. As I felt his dick parting my lips full and red, I still gasped as he pushed in, just the tip of his head.

He’s a teaser, this Sal, and he likes to go slow. A control freak, for sure, he runs the whole show. But right now I wouldn’t change a thing you can trust … because I know he would enter with a welcoming thrust!

My waiting was over and as I felt his hands pull, he pushed deep inside me, stuffed me so full! poker oyna Then he withdrew so slowly I wasnt sure if he did .. until I felt his round cockhead diddle my clit.

Then he pushed in again and I growled right out loud as his length felt so deep … then further he plowed. He began a slow rhythm that felt good – not too fast, as I wanted this feeling to grow and to last.

I looked up as we fucked and saw the ornaments shake, the star on the top was starting to quake. The bulbs, lights and tinsel, and the garlands above were all trembling as we shook in our making of love.

He spoke not a word as he thrust into my hips, then I yelped as he placed clamps on both of my nips! This Sal is a freak I reminded myself … as I tugged and twisted them in spite of myself.

He was pounding me good and was working his rod. I backed into him harder to feel the weight of his bod. Then his hand gathered mine and went straight for my mound and wet full pussy lips are what our hands found.

The combined attack was now taking its toll and he hurried his action in taking control. So it was in a frenzy that I started to cum and did not stop for many minutes, down my leg did it run.

And then Sal exclaimed he was close to cum too and I flooded his cock with a small squirt or two. As he began to unload and shoot me with sperm my whole body shook and my legs did squirm!

I reached back with one hand and took hold of his balls, and with a firm squeeze made him clench his strong jaws. For all of his pretense of being in command … he is just like a baby with his sac in my hand!

As our climax subsided and we came back to earth, I could barely stand still for all I was worth. Then he kissed me quite strongly, yet tenderly too. And I knew in a flash that the magic was through.

And I heard him exclaim ere he took of his leave, “Rest up for a week – I’ll be back New Year’s Eve!”

The End

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