Turkish Hijab Girl-Real Story


Turkish Hijab Girl-Real StoryI am going to tell you a real story where was be lived in Turkey.In 2009 I had just leaved ex my lover. My life also had nobody. But I had been talking occasonally on telephone to with a hijab girl. Her name was Ayşe and aged 25. I had met approximately two month ago and not leave ex my girlfriend yet. We were not lover.We had started talking more long time after I leaved my ex girlfriend. We had decided coming face to face. I had went to 500 km away seeing her. I have been came to Elazığ. I taken with my car her from where she said. We sit in a cafe and talked. We decided pass anywhere can talking private after drunk tea together.By the way she was roughly 160 cm talling, so slim and brunette a girl. Her face wasn’t so beatşful but her body measures was so good. She had worn black a pant, white a skirt, grey coat and a hijab.After we gone a bit desolate a sit where behind Harput Castle. There had only several couple. All of them been there for stay to head to head.We had been sitting there for 30 minutes and was heated more and more each other us. I said that I like her after it romantic talkings and her so beautiful. She believed me and been very sentimental. At that time I kissed her lip. She was astonished from this kiss because of we seen each other first time. But I didn’t stop and I gone on kissing her lip. She had been responding me with her lips now. While I had been kissing her, I inserted my hand to her shirt and I attained her nipple where under bra. She taken a deep breath and her head been down back. At that time I unbuttoned her shirt and pull down her bra. Afterward I sucked her nipple. She had taking for breath fast and unremitting. Abruptly I laid my hand on her pant. Although she had pant, I started caress her vagina. Afterward I stung my hand in her pant and panty. Her vagina was shaved and been wet a bit. She had been fearing from this situation. Because she was a virgin. She pulled away back my hand after I caressed her vagina. She was looked like satisfied and relief with my caress. And we leaved for there.She been angry me after this short and tasteful time. Because it was a sin and don’t had to its. I was get tried calming down her that it with marry anticipating. She believed me.We got finish our day and I turned home. First dating was rather nice.Second datingIt had passed one month and we didn’t ever seen each other. Because we had living away. It had been a miraculous. She had came 200 km near where Gaziantep and she would stay beside sinop escort of her sister. So that we more frequently would met after this.I gone to Adana where she lived at that time. Eventually I had seen her again. She had worn a long skirt this time. Other her cloths was same or similar.She got on my car and we started going to where a desolate. During to journey, I lifted her skirt to up with my right hand and caressed her leg ago. She had worn tan colours pantyhose.My hand attained toward her panty slowly and it touched her vagina. Eventually we arrived where would made love. Ago I kissed her lip long time. On the other hand I had been touching other of her body. I had caress all side her body.We passed to back seat after. Nobody didn’t there. We would done whatever our will. Firstly I taken off her shirt and bra. Her tits been across me. I sucked till satisfied her. Nipples completely had stiffed. She had take very relish with small bites. Shortly after, I lifted her skirt up and touched her vagina. I taken off her pantyhose and panty. Her vagina also been across me now. It been wet more and more after I played with my hand. At that time Ayşe had feared very that her virginity membrane could tear. She didn’t want to that is touched more than. I didn’t hard her. I pulled away my hand back and continued touch her other spots of body. Her vagina had quite been damp.I wanted to that my penis is taken her mouth by her. She accepted. I had sit on seat and my back to leaned to behind. She leaned and taken in mouth my penis slowly. I estimated inexperienced her for she was biting. Obviously she had been sucking a penis first time. After a while Ayşe lied span toward seat. I was on her. I inserted my penis her mouth and done ceaseless forward and back. Eventually I was ejaculeted. But accidentally I had erupted in her mouth and on face. In despite of I sorrewed, she was look merry.We been happy that done thing for each other.Third date or last datingBy the way I wanting mention a bit myself. During I couple with Ayşe was been Gaziantep, in Turkey. I am professional soldier and was been many place in Turkey and due to I have meeted variety girls.Ayşe was one of three hijab female that was fucked by me. I have not thought ever marry her. But I have tricked with marriage promised and done anal sex with her. Probably it doesn’t true conduct. But if I didn’t say lie, could not made sex with her.She had relaxed that for will marry to me. So that she accepted to coming my home. But she didn’t escort sinop think that will be fucked. I set to way early morning and went to Adana. We met with her and set to way toward Gaziantep. It was to for two hours.She had worn same species attire.This time she had not wear pantyhose. There had been a white panty under her skirt, half transparent. In during way, she sucked my penis and I touched her vagina and tits. I fully been full and prepared.At last we had came in my home. I clinged to her lips as soon as we arrived in flat. I taken up lifted hugging her before I taken away her to my bedding room. Finally, we came my bedding room.I got her sit her on knees after I got her taken down. I taken out my penis and abruptly inserted to her mouth. My eyes filled with desire. I inserted mine till her throat. It flowed a bit tear from her eyes. I got her stand up after. I got her take off panty after get I lifted up her skirt.I got her lay to my bed that her face on bed. Her knees was on ground. I taken abundantly vazelin and creamed her butt hole and vagina. She was wanting only that it was be caressed her vagina by me. But I was adamant to fuck her. I touched forcefully her vagina and butt hole. I slapped to her ass and vagina.Firstly I said with hard a attitude that I will fuck her pussy. She begged me and said”Please don’t you. I am a virgin.If you do me and leave after, my family can would die me. Please, you must not insert it in my vagina.”I said”I will not leave you at all. Don’t worry. Anyway, if you don’t want to vagina, I will insert your butt. Is okay?””Okay. But do you very slow.” she replied.Her pussy and ass was red. Interesting. Normally they was brunette. But they was so red at that time. It had been glowing with vaseline’s action.I inserted my thumb to her ass slowly ago. She screamed a small and said “Please, more slow”.”Don’t ever frighten. Only it will pain a bit. After you will get pleasure so much. The your butt also very sweet like you. It doesn’t possible that I will be able to restrain myself.” I said.Afterward I abruptly inserted two fingers her ass hole. She screamed a so noise. I didn’t stop. I got move my fingers forward to back and got stirred her hole. I was touching her vagina with my thumb on the other hand. She was taking pleasure now.I pressued to her nape with my other hand while my fingers moved forward to back her hole.I taken out my fingers from her in after. Afterward I leaned to toward her and started licking Ayşe’s ear. In during sucking to her sinop escort bayan ear, I started rubbing with my hand to her vagina this time.She was trembling with pleasure. I was feeling her vagina wet more and more.I had prepared her for anal sex fully. And I got my penis place her butt’ hole slowly. Her screams was increasing more while I was entering her depth. Eventually I inserted my penis till the end and stayed a bit there. She was getting screams and begging me. She wanted to get rid of but I had pressed with my hand her back. She could had not moved. I started go forward to back. After again I inserted till the end. At moment I started rub her vagina. Her vagina was so wet. She had started pleasure. She said after I stopped rub:”Oh very good. Ohhh.. Very good my lover…. Please, you go on…. Go on… ” I said:”Don’t wonder. I am going to fuck you a long time.”After 3-5 minutes, I got her standing up. I taken off her shirt, bra, skirt and panty. She was naked fully. In this position, both I was kissing her lips and rubbing her vagina. In other hand, I also was sucking and biting her tits.After several minutes, I put to bed her. Her face was looking me. I lifted her legs and put to my shoulder its. In this position, I inserted her ass’ hole. I pressed her legs and push towards her abdimonal. Both I was fucking her and was caressing her clit, vagina lips. She had attain pleasure’s top. In this position I fucked her about 5 minutes. She was begging me for it finish at that moment. I negotiated with her. If she accept swallowing my sperm, I would free her. She accepted provided it be in bath. I exited her ass and we went to bath. She neatly washed my penis ago. Afterward she started oral sex me. I had been available for spraying already. I emptied her in mouth my sperm shortly after.Really she kept her promise and swallow it. Only several drop went out. She washed also it. We relaxed after we have a bath. But both we exhausted. We was been red. We went to bed and I smoked a cigarette. She was not abashing no longer. It was passed 5 hours in home nearly toward. She been full naked. Sometimes kissed or done oral sex me. But I didn’t ejaculete again.While we came back to Adana, we given break anywhere. I fucked her ass again. But I didn’t cum in her mouth.We arrived to Adana and leaved. I closed my telephone a long time. Approximately I opened two month later and she called me. She was very sad for I didn’t call her. I said been military tenure. She didn’t believed me. If I didn’t married her even she wanted to couple with me again. Once she said that I can fuck her vagina when we was talking telephone even. But I generated pretex and never didn’t face to face her.I apologize for grammar fault. You thanks for reading.

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