Ture Video booth adventure.


Ture Video booth adventure.My husband and I went to a German video store that had a few booths in the back. I wore a cotton flowery dress with a lace front covering my boobs and again, nothing underneath. We walked a around the shop looking at the videos and toys. There were four guys shopping around and a older lady as the shop clerk. The guys acted as if they didn’t noticed that I had unlaced the kocaeli escort top part of my dress. I entered the largest of the booths with my husband but left the door partly open. I popped out my boobs and didn’t have long to wait before one of the men came in. The first guy was a strong dark hair guy and he immediately pulled out his cock. I sat on the bench in the booth and sucked his escort kocaeli cock while my husband took pictures. My husband used a 35mm Cannon with an automatic advance that made a lot of noise. After I first the first guy the second guy who was waiting outside the door came in. He pulled down the top of my dress and fondled my boobs while I sucked him. He was a older man, very tall with kocaeli escort bayan a good size cock with a lot of cum. My husband continued taking pictures with the noisy camera. I swallow him and he thank me and gave me 20 marks and left. I did not know how to react when he gave me money. We then left and used the money to buy a video. While I was paying the sales lady handed me a napkin and with a smile motioned to me to swipe my lips. I had a large drop on cum on the corner of my lips. It was embarrassing but fun. The guy who gave me the money met us outside and took us over to a cafe for coffee. But that is another true story as well…

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