True Story – Bottoming


True Story – Bottoming
TRUE STORY – First time I truly knew what it felt like being a REAL bottom

I met Joe (Can’t remember his real name) on a chat room on Yahoo! I believe it was Tops for Bottoms, Tampa bay. After chatting a few minutes, I was already feeling horny, my dick was really hard. I wanted to feel him suck me, then me him and I could one more time try to get his cock in my ass. Prior to this moment, every single time I tried bottoming I failed, it was always too tight or not clean enough.

The drive to his place, I felt as though I might end up not wanting to go all the way. I pulled up to his driveway and he opened the door, he was an older gentleman, was wearing only shorts, no shoes or shirt, he waved for me to pull in on the grass. When I parked, he asked me to wait so he can put his dogs away. I türkçe bahis saw two black German Shepherds inside. A few seconds later he asked me in, the house had a bizarre smell, he was smoking… that was the first time I smelled weed… He was rather small in frame, skinny and huffing and puffing away, he handed me a medium bottle of rum which I started gulping down right away. Now the smell of smoke and the drink mix together really got me wild up, I remember giggling to nothing, that’s when he moved close to where I was sitting and pulled down his shorts, for a short skinny dude his dick was hanging halfway low to his legs, he grabbed my head and pushed his cock in my mout… I nearly threw up… I sucked for a couple of seconds, he got hard really quick… He pulled my head back and asked me to undress… I rushed güvenilir bahis siteleri to do as I was told, then he turned me around whipping some lube on my ass, before I could say anything I felt his cock push in my ass.. I remember taking a deep breath, he pulled out at first than poured some more lube on my ass, pushed back in again… he repeated it for a few time, all the while he was still puffing on that weed. I remember one guy told me once to relax my hole when the cock was in, so I tried to relax as much as I could… his skinny body was against my ass, now I knew he was deep in my ass, I felt his skinny long cock in my gut.. I remember gripping the carpet on the floor, this little old man started picking up the pace. He fucked fast and hard, I fell to the floor but he followed me down… güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri still in me he pushed my head down on the carpet, what I thought was his hand came out to be his foot on my head, he was going faster now, I squeezed my ass but it was so lubed up it didn’t stop him, I remember moaning loudly..

My ass was burning from him going in and out so fast. Now he was squatting over my ass, he grabbed my jaw and I heard him started to breath hard through his mouth, I was sweating by now, he never slowed down once, that’s when I heard him say “I’m gonna cum” he pushed his dick hard in my ass, I know I screamed on that one, I felt my stomach get warmer with his liquid pushing inside of me. “Shit” he shouted, he shook over me for a few seconds than sat on my ass with his cock still inside.

I lied there catching my breath when he started again. That day made me fall in love with bottoming, I love and enjoy fucking asses but nothing beats taking a good dick in your ass. After that day I decided to not be vers anymore, I am a TOTAL bottom. Dick in Ass is the way to go ?

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