TRUE Hotwife/Cuckold story – this happened six hou


TRUE Hotwife/Cuckold story – this happened six houSo – Last year I found out that my wife of 16 years and mother of my c***dren was planning to cheat on me with a work colleague. I had my suspicions when she started taking a huge interest in cycling (his favourite hobby), and spending a lot of time texting, using the ‘Viber’ app. Back then the security was pretty poor on Viber and I was able to clone her account on my laptop.She took up cycling and would go for long rides with him, to train for upcoming events.I didn’t have to wait long after hacking her account to see the kind of messages they were exchanging. It was obvious that they had kissed, while drunk, at a staff christmas event.(In fact, she had confessed that to me on the night, as I drove her home – I had been annoyed, but couldn’t deny a stirring in my loins when I pictured the scene in my head).Anyway, they were flirting like crazy (I did screencap some of the more racy stuff for future use, but that’s another story). and then they began to plan a ‘dirty weekend’ together away in a country inn.My wife would say, ‘we’ll say we’re going cycling with a load of your mates in that area, and staying at one of their houses’, and they would sext to each other about what they wanted to do to each other’s bodies. Now this was tearing me up inside – I now know what it means when people say they feel ‘gutted’, but again, my rock-hard cock, straining at my zip couldn’t be denied….anyway, time went on, I gave her so many chances to come clean (without revealing my actual knowledge, or its source, of course), but she pretended to be outraged and upset that I could even suggest such a thing – she was a very good actress. It was this betrayal, to my face, that actually upset me more than anything. But I didn’t directly challenge her, wanting to believe that when it actually came down to it, she would step back from the brink.She didn’t.They got into his 4×4, with the bikes on the back and drove off merrily. I was in bits. Unhinged. Beside myself. I texted her like crazy, but got very little back, and that was evasive. Two days later he dropped her off. She went and got a shower and I logged-on. As soon as she locked the bathroom door, she was texting him about the great time, the great se, how sore her pussy was etc. I felt sick. I couldn’t believe that she had gone through with it. I thought our love was like no other. My sincan escort cock was straining against my fly once again. I left the laptop on the sofa, and open on her texts to her lover. She came down from the shower and saw it all. She started to be angry at my betrayal, but I dismissed this with a laugh. Compare the betrayal, I said – yours and mine!Anyway, it was a rough week or so, but we agreed to try and sort things out. She stopped having any contact with him and we spent a lot of time talking and showing love.Maybe three weeks after the showdown, we were in bed, getting a little touchy-feely and I confessed to her that I had got hard when reading her sexts and thinking about them together. She couldn’t believe it, but we went on to have absolutely fantastic sex. Wwe played with it as a fantasy for a few weeks, and then I was going down on her one day and said ‘imagine if I went down on you and found your pussy full of another man’s spunk’. Well, she went wild and had an enormous orgasm.We agreed that she should start to fuck him again, but that I had to be involved – he agreed and we set a date. One week from that day.On the day of her first ‘fuckdate’, I helped her to choose her panties and bra, watched her shower and shave her pussy, then waved her off. He lives about ten minutes from us. Twenty minutes after she left, i received a viber image of her, naked, in his bed. I nearly came right there and then. I recieve a few more images, of him going down on her, his fingers on her pussy etc. and one final one of her red, engorged pussy. She came back to me after two hours and we got into bed together. She told me he had made her cum twice before he even put his cock into her. Twice more while fucking her, then once more after he came, by going down again. thats five orgasms in total! I was so hard after hearing this, and I pushed her on her back, slipped the gusset of her panties to ine side(noting how slippery the cloth was) and slipped my cock into her sex. It was unbelievable! Now I have fucked her pussy (and ass) many, many times, but it felt like a different pussy! She was swollen and engorged, slimy and slippery, but most of all – Hot! I couldn’t believe how hot and tight, yet well-lubed she was (we both fuck her bareback, because we both have had vasectomies). It is a feeling like no other – I used to be grossed-out by the idea of ‘sloppy seconds’, but escort sincan I now prefer it – I think its just that society tells us these things are bad, so we just kind of accept it. Anyway, she came almost immediately my cock touched bottom, which was new to me, and then again when I came a few minutes of fucking later. That’s 7 orgasms she had in around two and a half hours!After we cleaned up, she went to the shops (it was now around 1:30pm, lol). she rang me from Wilkinsons, to whisper that, as she crossed the car park, she orgasmed and had to stop, staggering into a parked car for support. :)What a day that was!Anyway, many such fuckdates have occurred between then and now, all with the same guy, but up until tonight, he was nervous about having me in the room with them – they have been away to various hotels, have fucked in our marital bed when I’m away with work, have fucked on his stairs, even, but tonight was different.My wife and I arrived at his house around 9:15, in separate cars. She was busy doing a job for about the first hour and we just watched HIGNFY, and some other Christmas show on TV – Morcambe and Wise rebooted again! Anyway, as I reached the end of my second beer, she had been sat on the sofa next to him for maybe half an hour, but had only got as far as lying down with her head in his lap (we all felt a little awkward). I said ‘well, I’m going soon, but Ill just use the toilet first’. as a hint and an opportunity.I took a minute or two longer than I needed to and then walked back to the lounge, hopeful that some time alone would give them the chance they needed to get over their awkward feelings.I wasn’t disappointed.I opened the door and walked in, to find her twisted onto her back, facing him and they were kissing passionately (see the videos and screen caps). After a while, he put his hands down the front of her jeans, and rubbed her pussy, making her groan. ‘you’ve got me so horny’, she said.A few minutes later ( I was sitting on the other sofa by now), and she started to peel her jeans and socks off.I jumped up to help her remove them, making a joke and saying something, but she didn’t even look at me, never mind answer me!I saw she was wearing a beautiful pair of grey lacy panties and matching bra from Marks and Spencer’s. She got up and straddled him, rubbing her crotch up and down his hardness, barely contained within his trousers, sincan escort bayan (again, see my pics and movies). By doing this, she brought herself to orgasm, shouting and crying out in a way which she has never done with me, which hurts, but is also so horny – I just love to see her release the sexual b**st within.After a brief respite to the grinding, she started again, soon reaching down between her legs and fiddling – I thought it was just his belt she was undoing, but it turned out that she was much more proficient at getting a cock out of a man’s pants than I had realised. It was only when she moved up and forward slightly, and I could see her lining-up his hard, thick, and surprisingly veiny cock, tha ti realised how adept a cock-handler my wife is!She lowered herself about an inch and a half onto his length, moaning, lifted off a little, then sank down its entire length, until her asshole was pressing onto his balls. she soon picked-up a rhythm, humping up and down, and rocking her pussy and clit against his shaft. I moved myself to get a better view (see the pics) and was quite taken aback at the sight of his cock pounding in and out of her stretched fuckhole. She had previously told me that he was quite self-conscious about getting his body out on front of me, or in front of anyone, for that matter – and I had assumed that this was because he had a smaller than average cock (Mine is strictly average – 6 inches on a good day, although she had always told me I was quite girthy. However, His cck was a bit of a monster! Thicker and longer than me, by perhaps 1.5 to 2 inches in length, and really veiny, with big, thick, nobbly veins spiralling and branching along its length. It was very hot!Anyway, after a few minutes of this, she came again, loud and hard, shouting and wailing. I was beginning to feel a little upset, because when we fuck, as soo as we have both come, she wants to stop. here she was on her second orgasm. I presumed that was it, but then she started to hump him a third time!. after a while they stopped and she ‘dismounted’. I stopped the video then and went home. She told me on the way out that he hadn’t cum yet, so I suggested that she ‘bring him off in her mouth and send me the video’ but she said she was too tired. I am hoping that they will be feeling horny in the morning though, and she will do that little extra job for me!Anyway that’s about it for tonight. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Thanks to my XHAMSTER friend for suggesting I write it down – I shall be able to read it in the future, when its all gone a bit fuzzy in my memory!

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