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True events15 years ago, I’m in my late 40’s at the time.She started working at the oversized convenience store where I worked as stock clerk. She is cute, auburn hair in her mid 20’s.My current wife is terminally ill, and I know she will be gone soon, so I just converse pleasantly with Auburn.We talk almost every shift when we are scheduled at the same time. I learned that we shared a dislike of the lazy teenage boys who work opposite me. That isn’t very difficult of a coincidence, they leave their unfinished work for me to complete and they try to pick her up, as if they were of any value. We both laugh. Auburn is still forming some of her views on life, but has a solid start.A few weeks after Auburn started working, I noticed she walked home after work. 11 p.m. closing means she is walking on unlit town streets at nearly midnight. I offered her a lift home one night.Auburn mentioned that her boyfriend could come and get her if she called bursa escort him, but she felt safe, enjoyed the walk in this, her home town, and so forth. No problem.A few weeks later, we were talking again, I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts and my eyes unintentionally drifted down towards her cleavage. She noticed I was checking out her chest. She flipped back her hair, and she said to continue. I’m thinking that was a gesture of her accepting me looking at her. We talked for a moment more, then I went back to my tasks.Weeks go by, we got to talking about relationships, Auburn knew my wife was terminal, she apologized for reaching too far, but Auburn then said she might need a ride home tonight, because there was to be a snow storm and his car wasn’t working. I said sure, and went about finishing my night tasks. Unfortunately, she chose to walk home, because the storm hadn’t yet started. She hadn’t acted offended, never brought the bursa escort bayan matter up.10 or 11 months later, my wife had passed, and I left the store with much sadness from my coworkers. On that last day, I noticed it seemed Auburn had put on about 20 pounds since she started. Her chest was a tad bigger (or were my eyes fooling me?), her belly was definitely starting to go beyond the top of her jeans. Well, I’ll have to keep in touch, I thought.I met a woman online, we hit it off, and I sort of forgot about Auburn.About a year later, I returned to the same store to get a snack, and Auburn wasn’t on duty. I asked about her, and another woman told me she was scheduling herself at night, and she had become a shift manager since I left. I really wanted to chat with Auburn once more, before I got more serious with the online woman, just in case Auburn had had any changes. I stopped in later that night, and wow, was I impressed!I found escort bursa Auburn had gained maybe 80 pounds since I left. Her chest was quite a bit bigger. If I had to guess, she went from D to maybe H since I had left. Her jeans were much wider on her backside. The weight looked good on her. I complimented her and she grinned and slowly turned to let me take in her new figure. If that isn’t a flirt, I don’t know what a flirt is.We talked for a bit, she asked how I was doing on settling the estate, I mentioned that I was alone in the house, had a lot of stuff to do, but it is very quiet, so I’m able to run my stereo loudly for the first time in over a decade.. She indicated her boyfriend and her were good, though she had briefly split from him for a few months and then reunited. I asked when that had happened and she said right after I left. Damn! Was she hoping for a different partner? Did I miss something?We never conversed much after that, but she was definitely part of convincing me about BBWs and from what I can tell, she was probably getting into what I later learned was feederism.I count this young woman as my first direct contact with that lifestyle.

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