Truck driver’s role play.


Truck driver’s role play.Scuford looked at the iridescent bubble of his tea bursting as he turned his spoon in the cup. It was 2 o’clock in the morning and he was on duty at the gas station. This summer, Buford and Scooby found him a somewhat stressful job: night attendant at a gas station that was open 24 hours, 7 days. It was located just outside the city. Before taking the highway, many truck drivers were filling their tank there or even spent the night at the parking lot. Nowadays however, the station was declining and customers weres becoming increasingly rare. Scuford worked between 22h and 6h, he took care of the light vehicles, while his colleague was in charge of the heavy weights. He had taken up the pace of this life, but between 2 and 5 am, there were few customers and he felt drowsy. To keep himself busy and to earn some extras, he would clean the pumps and tidy the shelves. He was often bored at work and so he and R Tur decided to lively up things a bit with some role play. The day before R Tur had borrowed Blitz Boar’s truck.Scuford heard the door open and saw R Tur enter, pretending to be a truck driver, messy hair, a small beard of a few days. He was dressed in jeans and a dirty tee shirt, not particularly nice but it had charm. R Tur held his toilet kit and a large white towel. He nodded to greet Scuford and went to the coffee machine. While he waited for his coffee, R Tur stared at Scuford from head to toe. He took his cup, hesitated a little and went for Scuford’s table, putting down his coffee, his toilet kit and the white towel.“Habla español?”, R Tur asked Scuford in a rough whisper.“Un poco,” Scuford answered with his most beautiful English accent.R Tur stared at him. His eyes were very dark brown.“Inglés?”, he went.“Yes.”R Tur drank his coffee slowly, continuing staring at the beardog.“I’m going back home.”“Ah …,” Scuford said rather stupidly.They finished their drinks, continuing staring at each other. Scuford got a shiver through his spine as he perceived the desire of the bull sitting in front of him. He felt his cock swelling up as his blood pumped through the veins.“Where is the shower?” asked the bull, rolling his r.Scuford showed him the men’s room.“Go there, I must open the door.”The showers were not freely accesible. He had to open them and ensure that they remain clean after use. Silently they made their way towards the showers. Scuford took out his electronic key and opened one of the two cabins, entered and pressed the light switch.“You have 15 minutes,” he declared.The cabin wasn’t very spacious. It had two parts: a locker room and a shower. It smelled like a mixture of soap, cheap perfume and cleaning products.R Tur turned to Scuford.“Do you want to join me?”, he asked suddenly.Scuford blushed from ear to ear. Taken aback, he looked at his watch. He didn’t have much time left of his break. The bull stroked his face with his hand. This caused an electric shock. Without further ado, he entered the cabin and closed the door. R Tur undressed quickly. His dick was already erect, very thick and of a respectable size.“You too, undress,” he ordered softly.Scuford’s shoes flew thru the locker room, as did his shorts, underwear and shirt. R Tur embraced him and kissed him. His tongue felt thick and warm inside the beardog’s mouth. His vigorous body ablaze their senses. Their dicks were rubbing against edirne escort one another, their testicles bouncing. They caressed each other’s body, stopping at the buttocks they started to knead. R Tur’s scent was musky. His hand grabbed Scuford’s thick dick and he started to rub it slowy up and down. Scuford took R Tur’s cock tight and did the same. He imposed a rhythm just sufficient to make the bull tremble with pleasure. The bull bowed slightly, seeking the beardog’s nipples. His chest was so hairy. The emanating male scent intoxicated him. He stimulated his lover’s nipples with his tongue and chewed softly, passing from one nipple to the other. His hands traveled from hair to neck and shoulders.R Tur kissed Scuford’s belly and navel and then he knelt. He saw an erect penis midst a pleasantly scented black jungle. His testicles were large and prominent and he licked them ferventely. With one hand he masturbated Scuford, while his other hand was massaging his balls.With his lips he stroked the big dick and his tongue went round the top. R Tur opened his mouth and completely swallowed Scuford’s majestic dick. He pressed his lips and let it slip out slowly. Arrived at the top, his tongue went into action. Again he swallowed it whole and let it out slowly. Scuford started to ride R Tur’s mouth, saliva lubing his dick each time it went in and out. The pace of his sucking became faster, Scuford’s holding his lover’s head in his arms to dictate the rhythm and making sure that it went deep inside R Tur’s mouth. He was breathing heavily and then he came abundantly.The beardog made the bull get up and kissed him passionately, taking his dick in hand. At his turn, he too started to bite and lick R Tur’s nipples which stood erect. While he was rubbing R Tur’s dick he caused more waves of pleasure. Then he knelt. He stared to tease the bull’s top of his penis, taking the rest of the rod in his hand and beginning a back and forth. He sucked divinely and the variation of his oral caresses send electric shocks in R Turs sides, while pinching the nipples to accompany the oral sex.“Where are you? What are you doing?” The voice of Scuford’s colleague braught them back to reality. They stopped immediately. They heard the toilet doors swing open and closing again. R Tur rose. Scuford kissed the bull’s big cock and started to rub it quickly, accelarating. R Tur felt the pleasure welling up. Scuford kissed his neck and then returned to the lips. R Tur trembled. There was a jolt and Scuford felt R Tur’s cum flow into his hand.Scuford did run the water to clean himself of the very thick and sticky sperm. Then he got dressed quickly. R Tur stroke the beardog’s ass.“Go to my truck after work.”Scuford nodded and kissed him in response.“See you later, at 6”, he said, closing the door.Scuford felt hot, he was sweating. He threw cold water on the face. Then he joined his collegue who asked if he was sick. The beardog reassured him and pretended fatigue of this offbeat rhythm, and the heat of the day which prevented him from sleeping. While they were washing the pumps, he saw R Tur, washed and clean shaven, walking to his truck. He threw a plastic bag in the nearby trash can and climbed inside his truck. Scuford could not wait for the night to arrive.His service ended, Scuford greeted his collegue and went to the cafeteria for two hot chocolate. escort edirne He walked to the parking lot, holding two cups of warm liquid. Arrived at the truck, he saw all the curtains drawn. Somehow he managed to knock on the driver’s door despite the cups that threatened to fall at any time.R Tur opened the curtain slightly and took a look. The door opened. He was naked. Smiling, he took both the hot chocolate and Scuford climbed in the cabin. It was pretty clean and tidy. R Tur sat on the passenger side and Scuford took place next to him. The bull stroked the beardog’s thigh and approached his lips to kiss them.“Very nice, thanx”, he said, pointing to the cups.“Take off your clothes”, he said invitingly.Scuford took off his baskets, pulled out his shorts, undies and tee-shirt. Both of them were stark naked. R Tur approached Scuford, thigh against thigh. They were already in full erection. When they were kissing, their breath smelled the hot chocolate. Then R Tur stroked his lover’s neck and shoulders and his hands slid to his nipples. They went down to his pubic to finally end up at the balls. Scuford pulled his legs so R Tur’s hand could reach well. They continued to kiss softly as his hands roamed the body. Scuford rendered his carresses, on soft skin turned silky by the nightly shower. R Tur now massaged Scuford’s balls, his fingers trying to get down deep in him. They were rubbing their dicks slowly and sensually. Scuford felt one of R Tur’s fingers massaging his anus. It was hot in the cabin of the truck and the two lovers were bathing in a sea of hugs.R Tur pointed at the bunk. He climbed up and sat in the cabin background, where, at his turn, Scuford settled down. They were laying on their side, facing the narrow seat. They hugged and started kissing again. R Tur’s fingers brushed the beardog’s skin, slaloming on the curves of his back and buttocks. Their dicks, hard of desire, were rubbing each other. Scuford stroked r Tur at the same time, from the line of his ass up to his neck and his hair. He felt a finger caressing his anus, going up to his balls and then back to the anus. He massaged it gently, and made his finger slightly penetrate by touching it.R Tur laid Scuford on the back and he rolled over him. The beardog pulled up his legs as much as he could to welcome the weight of R Tur’s belly. Their sexes mingled. Scuford held R Tur’s buttocks firmly while he gave the beardog a battering on his lower abdomen. He approached the nipples and licked and nibbled. They were hard and his whole body was but desire and pleasure. Scuford arched slightly to vary the pleasure and he accompanied the to and fro by undulations of the basin.“I wanna fuck you right here right now”, said the bull.“Yes, you must!”R Tur let Scuford go back on his stomach. He spat on his buttocks and his fingers reached out for his ass. First one. Scuford felt that he was opening. He entered a second one. It didn’t hurt and he loved feeling the rough fingers come and go. Then he stopped and pulled his fingers out. Scuford stuck up his butt, which R Tur spread open. The enormous bull put his big cock between the beardog’s buttocks, gnarled and lay down on him. He started kissing the beardog’s shoulders, sliding his dick between the fleshy parts. R Tur was almost standing on his knees. He presented his cock at the entrance of Scuford’s ass edirne escort bayan and went in slowly. The beardog could feel the girth in his lower abdomen. Of course, he was used to it now, but the bull’s penis was really very thick, almost as wide as that of Scooby he’d seen several times when his daddies were making out. When it entered completely, he lay on him to kiss his neck and caress his shoulders. R Tur began to grind him slowly while continuing his caresses. Waves of pleasure swept over Scuford. The beardog let out a small groan every time R Tur was inside him. The bull’s hands on his back accompanied the penetration. The sensation of pleasure was overwhelming as their rhythm was just and perfectly synchronized. He took the time to fuck him slowly.R Tur pulled his dick out off Scuford’s ass, who turned half and kissed him greedily. He went laying on his side against the wall of the cabin and also turned Scuford on the side. He penetrated him again, while he was still opened. One hand hold Scuford firmly by the shoulder while the other was rubbing Scuford’s dick. He continued to kiss his neck. It was heavenly! He was lost in a sea of intense pleasure, groaned, moaned, breathing hard. R Tur quickened the pace of his thrusts, adapting the pace of his masturbation as well. His ass banged against the wall of the cabin and their pubis slammed against each other. He slowed down to nibble the beardog’s ear lobe and then accelerated again. He was breathing hard, Scuford felt his comings and goings, he was pounding inside him full of energy. Then he put him on the stomach, lifted his back, penetrated him again and clung to his ass. He frantically shook his big cock inside the beardog. He lay down on him and one of his hands masturbated Scuford while fidgeting in Scuford’s ass. The bull took him to the seventh heaven and the beardog felt a relief of a million volts running through the lower abdomen and the rest of his body. In a wild scream, Scuford shot out his sperm like hot lava. R Tur tensed suddenly, impaling Scuford thoroughly and letting out a growling sound. Then he collapsed on Scuford.After an indeterminate time, he pulled away from him. He put Scuford on the back and lay on him. Scuford was lying on his sticky sperm but that didn’t bother him. The lovers kissed again while caressing each other. Their dick began to harden again. With his groin, R Tur kneaded their dick. The bull kneeled: Scuford’s dicks was near his mouth and immediately he swallowed it. Scuford reached for R Tur’s ass. It was tight but flexible. They were laying in a 69 now. Scuford leaned toward R Tur and his tongue licked the hairy stripe. When he reached the anus, his tongue searched to penetrate, massaging him from the inside. His pelvis waved.At the same time, the bull’s expert mouth sucked Scuford’s cock who felt the cum building up in him. He was pumped up and seemed ready to explode. In a great trembling that ran through his body, he unload his cream in the back of the bull’s throat, who was swallowing everything with delight.They stayed a while in a half sleep, exhausted. Then they came to their senses and came down from the bunk.“We have to go now, sorry, Blitz Boar is waiting for his truck”, he said, stroking Scuford’s wet penis. They looked at each other with love in their eyes and kissed one last time.Scuford quickly got dressed while he was wiping off the cum with paper tissues.He would have liked to enter those hairy buttocks that were inches from him but all good things come to an end.Then the truck started and with a loud blowing of the horn the two lover boys took the road.

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