TRIXIE IS MY SLUTWIFEFor several years I had fantasized about my wife Trixie being part of a threesome. I finally set it up on New Years Eve and Day (2015/2016). I posted a personal ad on a swinger’s web site asking for a single male to be part of the experience. A military man named Jim replied to the ad and we set up to meet him at New Years Party at the Hotel . We weren’t sure if we were ready to go through with this and told him so, but we wanted to be ready if Trixie got turned on. Trixie is 50 years old but looks much much younger. I am 10 years older and am always being accused of marrying a younger woman. She has beautiful all natural breasts and has a huge gaping pussy and long platinum blonde hair. She would best be described by her looks as a perfect “slutwife”. Before we were married she had been married and then divorced to a very famous NFL player based in New Orleans. Between the two marriages she dated a lot and was described by her dates as “very fuckable.” In fact, it was not unusual that she fucked or gave a blowjob on the first date. While we were screwing I would often talk to her about her past boyfriends and all the cum that had been deposited in her over the years by them. She loves the nasty dirty talk and would call herself as a “cumbucket” and “cunt” during our sessions. I dismissed those statements as nothing but fantasy talk. Then one day, she was slightly impaired and while laying naked at the hotel balcony, she told me that when she attended Ohio State, she was cheerleader for the football team. One time, in her freshman year she went on a date with, a football player, to a fraternity party and later that night she fucked 9 different guys all through the night and many of them came twice or three times on her… …She had swallowed lots of cum while others fucked her cunt and deposited their cum into her or on her body. Trixie is gifted with a vey beautiful gaping cunt and one of the boys actually put his whole fist inside of her and everyone was watching and cheering. Her boyfriend football player had purposely arranged for her to be impaired and shared with his frat boys….. Needless to say, her reputation of her sucking abilities and her enormous cunt had spread around the campus….they would refer to her as “Cum Bucket” , Slut and some other exciting names. Her confidence was so revitalized, that guys were excited just to be with her, and therefore guys hung around her. She literally had a new guy every night and floated openly several boyfriends at the same time. She confessed and bolu escort estimated when she read her old diary, that she had fucked/sucked over 1000 guys consisting college students, professors, and some women too…lol… . Trixie picked a short skirt that showed off her legs and a top that was loose and low-cut. When she leaned over, it was very easy to see her tits. We met Jim at the bar during the New year celebration and ordered more drinks. Trixie was in prime form. She was witty, alluring and sexy. Before long Jim asked her to dance. I watched as they danced. First Trixie pressed her breasts against his chest and then ground her pussy against Jim’ leg as they danced. Before long they were kissing, with Jim’ tongue pushing deep into her mouth. They returned to the table and we talked a little more. I then excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I returned to the table they were kissing again, with Jim’ hands stroking Trixie’s breasts. They stopped as I walked up. I sat across from them and they sat very close. I could see that one of Jim’s hands was on Trixie’s thigh while the other was on the table, his arm brushing her left breast. Trixie signaled to me that she was ready to go to the room and excused herself. Jim and I gave Trixie some time to change into something sexy then went to the room. We knocked and Trixie stood there wearing the outfit we had picked the night before. It was a very revealing sheer red lace slip from Frederick’s of Hollywood with string bikini panties underneath. Jim immediately advanced to her and began kissing her while I watched. I continued to watch as Trixie undressed him, stroking his hard dick with one hand. Then she came to me and undressed me as well, kissing and stroking me. Jim could hardly hold back when she returned to him. He pressed his face into her breasts and fondled her ass. Trixie whispered, “Do you want to fuck me?” “Oh yes,” he replied. He pulled the slip over her head and untied the string bikini, which fell to the floor. “I’m wet and ready,” Trixie murmured. “Take me doggy style.” She kneeled on the bed and spread her legs. Jim shoved his large dick into her pussy. Trixie moaned. Then I shoved my dick into her mouth and she began to suck on me as this stranger was fucking her. With two dicks in her, Trixie was experiencing pleasure unlike she had experienced since College days…. Then Jim flipped her over on her back, pushing his large cock deep into her pussy like piston. With each thrust, Trixie gasped with pleasure. I stood back and burdur escort watched my slut wife being fucked by another man. She was so into being fucked that at first she didn’t even notice I wasn’t participating. Then she beckoned me over and began to suck on my dick again. After around fifteen minutes of fucking, Trixie grabbed Jim by the hair and gave him a deep tongue-kiss. “I want you to come inside me,” she breathed, “Give me your cum.” Jim already rapid fucking quickened and he soon moaned as his cock emptied its load inside my wife. This was the first of two times he came. After a brief rest he fucked Trixie again, shooting his cum on her tits. Then I fucked Trixie after he left, depositing another load of cum inside her. This was the first in a series of Trixie’s new sexual adventures. I soon discovered what I had suspected, that she was a slut of the highest degree. She progressed quickly when we would go out with other couples, she would attempt to seduce the husbands. Then I took her to a gloryhole in Tampa and I made her suck my cock while she was masturbating the cocks through the hole. Then we went to Sturgis and took our RV She walked around the town braless in the most exciting sheer and seethrough blouses which resulted so many escapades with men and women….Trixie was even featured in a Sturgis calendar. One Biker named David, who was in a RV next to us, took Trixie for a ride while I was repairing my Harley. They came back about 3 hours later without a skirt or her shoes……….She demanded that I eat her cunt………as I was eating her extremely wet and soaking gaping cunt……massive white cum was continuously leaking…as she told me that David took her to the infamous motel in town and met his 5 friends at the room…They seemed very nice and friendly, and one of them named Richard from Canada teased Trixie that he would pay her 500.00 if she would pose naked for a picture so that he could show off to his friends back home…She said for 700 dollars he could take 5 pictures…Trixie was shocked that he just plowed down the money so fast and… she started to undress…and he was naked on the bed…..and he said he wanted one of the poses to be with her few inches above his cock….So she climbed on top of him and straddled and hovering over his cock while David took the picture in her compromising position…Next thing he grabbed her hips and pulled her down unto his cock real deep into her cunt in one stroke. As she started to fuck Richard, another guy Jason undressed and brought his cock escort bayan to her mouth…meanwhile 3 other guy in the room opened the windows and front door which was on the ground floor…….. frenzy took place as bikers from the street or from the motel swimming pool s entered the room….they were jerking off and cocks everywhere near her body…..They had cum on Trixie’s face, hair, breast and eventually two bisexual lesbians had spread her legs real wide open and fisted her cunt……while several guys took turns to put their hands and cocks into her cunt and calling her a “real Sturgis cunt”… ….. Trixie eventually was turned around and forced eat the soaking cunt of another biker chick with cum that was just deposited by her black boyfriend…..Trixie was kneeling doggie style and the next thing she realized, a Black guy was with huge cock was fucking her cunt…..while he put his thumbs into her ass …and as he was pounding her, he stated to tell her that she was a “nasty slut” and she was meant to be fucked by him …. Then she responded back and caught the room of guard when she stated to him: “fuck me like whore”, “fuck this cumbucket”, “fuck this cunt”, “fuck this dumpster slut”, “I want cum”, “give me cum”, “treat me like your personal whore”, “fuck this large cunt”….I think you got the point…..he came deep inside Trixie’s cunt… he pulled out from her. He said, “I put enough cum inside you to fill your cumbucket” ……….another Black guy immediately, took his place and grabbed her hair and said to Trixie, stay with me tonight and you get to fuck all my friends….he slid his cock into her cunt and he expressed OMG you have a such a “loose cunt”….The management team arrived letting everyone that the police was arriving….. …. And Trixie quickly got up and realized that her skirt, panties and shoes were missing and had to walk couple hundred yards with no skirt nor panties covered with cum on her hair and face and thighs and everywhere else….. …..David decided to have fun, and drove the main street with Trixie siting behind him but she had to spread her legs apart while ridding with him and only wearing a sheer blouse and Braless. She had heard so many whistles and cat calls….David told her that he had used his Iphone and used up 30 minutes of his phone to video her….and told her that it was the best pornography he has ever seen…and never seen such a beautiful gaping pussy in his life….and loved her filthy dirty talk. On the last night David, Trixie and I got to watch the video and Trixie said WOW I look good….She said I look like a pornstar….. lol….If you want….I told her…that I would video her and post her to some of the videos with Xhamster… Our next plan is to get a group of men together and have them give her a cum bath on video. She is my perfect slut wife. !!!. seethroughlover

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