Trip to Hedonism continued


Trip to Hedonism continuedIt was a long day yesterday and we wer tired we went to bed because tomorrow was Auction Day. We got up around 7 and showered placed collar and leash on sub wife she had some head subble so we had to do a quick touch up as well as her pussy. We walked toward the breakfast and saw the stage being erected for the auction. We checked the front desk and we had an envelope of play money for the auction. We walked in and saw Mary the young sub and her master we sat with them and we said let auction them both off together so someone will get two subs to play with. The resort director walked over. And handed us the rules for the auction. As I read it it said that you can dress your sluts and attach anything you want to them. I talked to my sub and said to her we will dress you up as a true sub.the auction started at 10 so we had some time to change so I told Mary and her master we will meet you back stage. We left and walked back to the room I pulled out our suitcase and pulled a corset and grates 7″ heels nylons and told her to get dressed.when she was done I told her to bend over and took the inflatable butt blog slid it in and enlarged it and the removed the hose leaving her ass filled. Her breast were on the shelf of the corset a arrached a gold chain and alligator clips to,nipples. The attached a studded collar that said slut whore on it and the attached a mouth spreader and opens so her mouth was stretched wide open.i illegal bahis led her out the door she had to get used to the heels but we arrived at the auction and walked up to Marry and her master. The director walked to me and said very nice your sub will go dor a lot. He handed a clipboard and asked us to check off what sub would be up to if purchased. I looked at her and checked the following, bondage, humiliation, written on, clamps, plugs, flogging, anal, oral, straight , snowballing, torture, bukkakes, bi, and tied in public. I handed the the clip board back and he said for us to go to the front to bid. He said you cannot bid on your own sub.tha auction started with a older sub who was also bald and she went for only $50.00the next was a large breasted sub with a leather corset on with he nipples poking out. She sold for $150.00the director we has a special 2 subs sold as one. We were led out with a chain between our collars a real contract older sub in me and a young girl sub he read of what the subs could be used for and the bidding started at $500.soon went to $2,,000 then $4,000 and we were sold at $4,000 they were led to a Mistress who smiled at me and said they will be back tomorrow at 10. I bought an very young sub looked like she was no older than 18 and my friend master bought a sub that was I would say 60 but in great shape.ii said lets get them together tonight. I took the sub I bought back to the room and had her kneel illegal bahis siteleri and asked what has Ben done to you. She said she has been a sub to her father since she was 14 and she has done about everything except s**t and golden. I said great. I sat in chair and she crawled over to me ans started licking my feet and licking up my legs and thighs and then she stood some and kissed my nipples as she did this I tweeted her nipples and she jumped back. She then slid back down and started to side my cock in her mouth and soon I was wet and erect. She stopped sucking and rimmed my asshole and tea bagged me and soon I was close I said I am going to make you were a load on your face in then she knelt back on her legs and stroked me till I was close and then I grabbed my cock and exploded on her face in her eyes nose across forehead and all around mouth. It was a massive load. I rested and said lets go out and take a walk. I led her from the room still coated in cum and as we are leaving I see my sub hanging between two palm trees covered in what looked like oil but it was a mixture of butter and olive oil and she had a male sub sliding a dildoes in her pussynis and a large neck of a bottle in her ass she as struggling. They other young sub tha was sold with my sug was kneeling between the mistress legs licking her cunt. And the mistress wa sushi get a riding crop on her ass from time to time. I looked at her and smiled. I led my canlı bahis siteleri sub toward the beach and asked any of the guys or gals whatnot use her one guy say yes he asked if he could fuck her in the ass I said sure. My sub knelt down and this guy dropped he pants and omg what a cock must have been 9″ and 3″ in girth the sub looked at it and said omg it will not fit. The guy spit on heras and worked two fingers in then 3’and she was soon loose he bent and slid his cock intomherbshe screwmed but soon she took the entire thing it only took him a few strokes since she was so tight to unload in her ass. He pulled out and walked to her face and said clean me off and she licked the spent come and juices form his of. I stood her um and noticed cum dripping down her legs. We walked a little further and ran across the other Dom that bought the older sub and she was on her back getting fucked by many guys. I asked if I can have my sub join he said that she does not like the taste of cum so yes the the guys are ready to cum yours sub can’t catch their loads in her mouth and not swallow. We counted six guys they all chummed in my subs mouth and she had a mouth full of cum. The other master took a mouth spreader out and opened her subs mouth and said the the cum in my subs mouth he wants it to be put in the other subs mouth. The older sub tried to refuse and he slapped her tits had and said you will do as told and if you do not swallow all the cum now tonight I will bind you to the punishment table and let anyone and everyone use you in any way they want. My sub walked over and poured a massive load of cum down into her mouth andmkissedbher so that she could not spit it out.More to come

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